The 10 Fattest States In America For 2019

America is the only country in the world where the poor people are fat and the rich people are skinny. Let that sink in for a moment.

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America is the only country in the world where the poor people are fat and the rich people are skinny. Let that sink in for a moment.

How about you. Are you fat? I don’t just mean “I drink a few beers every night and eat burritos every other day fat.” I mean, you get tired walking up the stairs to take a poop fat.

There are many famous fat people in American history. Our 27th president, William Taft weighed more than 300 pounds, and supposedly got stuck in the White House bathtub. Businessman Steve Ballmer is obese. John Goodman and Roseanne Barr made a career out of being fat, and Oprah Winfrey did too.

Now this isn’t going to make fun of fat people.

What is fat, exactly? Well, the US government defines overweight and obese depending on your height and body mass index. The average American is 5 9, so if you weigh more than 170 pounds, might be considered a little overweight, and if you weigh more than 203 pounds, unless you’re really tall, you’re technically obese.

But you can look at someone and tell if they’re fat or not.

Now, in order to determine how fat an entire state is, we just have to look at the CDC’s list of which states have the most overweight people. To do that, they basically do a poll, they don’t ask everyone to step on a scale.

That would break the scale.

So, grab some cheetos, a two liter of coke and some fast food as we visit America’s Fattest States.

10. South Carolina

We begin our tour of the fattest states in America in the state of South Carolina. Here, 32.9%, or about 1 in 3 residents is considered obese. To put that into perspective, our skinniest state, or state with the least number of obese residents, is Colorado, where 22.6% of residents is considered obese.

That’s still a lot.

A large number of Americans are considered obese, so don’t feel so bad, South Carolina. If you look at how America compares to the rest of the world, we definitely tip the scales in our direction. It’s not just our wallets that are fat. This chart shows the most obese countries in the world. A dozen or so tiny island nations are pretty fat, and Kuwait is too, but there we are, the fattest actual country in the world.

We should be proud.

The skinniest countries in the world? Eritrea and Ethiopia, where there’s not a lot of food. But that doesn’t really count. Afghanistan and Vietnam are the skinniest countries that have plenty of food. India and Japan are also skinny minnies.

So, back so South Carolina. As we’ll see in many of the states we’re going to talk about, it’s basically a poor diet that plagues the folks in the Palmetto State. South Carolina also ranks in the top ten in both diabetes rates and hypertension rates. What causes these? Basically a poor diet and lack of exercise.

We’re going to have to hop in a plane to visit our next fattest state in America. We’ll fly first class, because – why not, we’re YouTube stars, right? Our flight takes us to the state of Texas.

9. Texas

Here in the lone star state, 33% of residents are considered obese. Is much of that because of the delicious tacos and burritos on every corner? Perhaps that’s part of it. But look at how the obesity rate has risen in Texas. In 1990, 10% of Texans were obese. People are really eating a lot more and exercising a lot less than they were 30 years ago in Texas.

Nearly 1 in 5 Texas kids is obese. What the what the. Aren’t kids playing outside and staying busy like they used to?

The answer is no. No they aren’t. In fact, this chart shows that kids play outside in leisure activity only for about 23 to 26 minutes a day. Likely during recess at school. But Asian kids play the most video games by far, and they’re the skinniest, so you can’t blame video games, mister.

And when you look at the racial disparity of obesity among Texas kids (and likely many American kids), the African American and Hispanic kids are fatter than caucasian kids.

Since there’s such a small gap in the time kids are playing outside, it has to be the diet at home that’s making minority kids so much fatter.

We’re gonna leave Texas and grab a snack to tide us over as we visit the state that tips the scale even higher than Texas. That would be Kentucky, where 34.3% of people are obese.

8. Kentucky

Kentucky also has the 4th highest number of residents who have high cholesterol and the 4th highest number of obese children.

Maybe it’s the chicken? Or maybe it’s the big B’s – Kentucky is home to barbecue, bacon, biscuits and bourbon.

Now before, in other videos, we could look at names of people to tell if they were likely to be rich, poor, black or white. We couldn’t find a definitive answer as to what names people have who are likely fat or skinny, but my vote for fat names are Bluto and Ursula.

We don’t have to travel too far to get to our next fattest state in America, so we’ll take the train. Why is this thing moving so damn slow?

7. Arkansas

As we detrain, we look around for some vending machines, and find several in which to load up on some sugar and fat. Then, we head on off to look around Arkansas, our 7th fattest state.

Here, 35% of people are in the obese column. And, since 1995, Arkies are 80%! Fatter. What’s going on here? And, Arkansas continues the trend of other southern states that are on this list, with a high diabetes rate. In fact, there’s even a name for it. It’s called the diabetes belt.

You can understand why when you look at the number of people who actually exercise. Arkansas ranks third in America for number of people who are physically inactive.

A lot of this Arkansas? How about this?

Why don’t you guys do more of this?

Another problem plaguing Arkansas is diet. Arkansawers eat the third least number of fruits and vegetables of all Americans. Arkansas ranks first in America for rice production, so maybe they’re eating too many boxes of Rice Krispies.

Maybe we should rename them fat, crackle and pop.

What are other fatty foods that Arkansayers likely eat that are bad for them? Cornbread, pork jowl (yuck) and hoppin John, a dish made of peas, rice, fatback and peas and rice are also popular dishes.

What the heck? Fatback? Pork jowl. That sounds gross.

6. Louisiana

Time to move to our next fattest state in America. We could probably walk there it’s so close, but we’re starting to gain a lot of weight, and it’s bad for our knees. We tried to take one of those fancy electric scooters that are all the rage, but we broke it.

Our next stop is Louisiana.

Here in the Bayou State, 36.2% of people are obese. And that doesn’t even count the overweight people. Louisiana also ranks in the top 5 in America for number of residents who have diabetes, who are physically inactive, and who have high blood pressure.

But hey, there’s always a party, right?

You can be sure that a fatty diet is to blame for many Louisianans overweight issues, as is the large number of heavy drinkers. Or is it?

If you look at which states drink the most, Louisiana isn’t actually really all that high. In fact, a large part of the south drinks booze the least amount. Probably due to religious reasons.

Did you know New Orleans celebrates Fat Tuesday every year?

One study found chips to be the food most likely to cause weight gain.

5. Alabama

We’ll we’re halfway through our list of the fattest states, and we’ve already seen ONE of us has packed on some lbs. We’re going to remain in the south as we take a cruise through Alabama.

Here in Alabama, 36.3% of the population is considered obese. And, 7 in 10 Alabamans are considered overweight.

Alabama has the most diabetics in the county, with a more than seven percent increase since 1995, the most of any state. Alabamans also have the highest blood pressure rates in the country, too.


And, the fact that Alabama has the most fast food restaurants per capita than any other state in America certainly doesn’t help, either.

What’s also interesting about Alabama is that a quarter of Alabamans can’t afford food. So that means that statistically, 70% of the state is overweight, 25% is malnourished, and only 5% of people in Alabama aren’t either overeating or undereating.

Maybe the overweight people in Alabama can share some of their food with the poor people in Alabama who can’t afford their own food?

Sounds like Thanksgiving in Alabama is either a feast or a famine. What other holidays are obese people likely to love besides Thanksgiving? Likely Halloween, Easter and Valentines Day. Hopefully for Christmas, Alabamans ask for exercise bikes.

4. Iowa

Time to move on to our next fattest state in America. It’s pretty far, so we’ll have to fly. We used up all of our miles on the trip to Texas, so we’ll have to get a ticket in economy. We’re going to Iowa.

Iowans sure are a fat, happy bunch. At least when you look at the data. Iowa is one of the best places you can live, in terms of safety and affordability. It’s not necessarily the most exciting place to live, which is why many Iowans might choose to drink and eat in their spare time.

Here in Iowa, 36.4% of residents are obese. Iowa also has the 5th highest rate of people dying early due to obesity related issues.

What are people in Iowa eating the most of? They grow a lot of corn there, but that won’t make you fat. If you look at these two charts, 20% of American diets are fast foods, and sugar intake has skyrocketed.

And this chart shows that people aren’t burning as many calories when working, a sign that working at desk jobs is a big part of the problem.

You can bet the lines at Wendy’s, Chick Fila A and Hardees are deep in Iowa. B Bops. What’s that? Never heard of it before. Looks cool I guess.

3. Oklahoma

We’re gonna B Bop our way to our third most fattest – is that a word? State in the US and head on over to the state of Oklahoma.

Instead of the Sooner State, they should call this the Spooner state, since people are shoving food into their mouths at a high rate. A whopping 36.5% of residents are obese here.

Oklahomans waistlines have grown the fastest of any other state, just ahead of Texas. And, Oklahomans eat the least number of fruits and veggies of any other state, too.

That’s a big reason many Okies look like this instead of this.

It’s been scientifically proven that the best tasting bad foods for us are…in this order…burritos, ice cream Reece’s pieces and Cinnamon Toast Crunch cereal. Who wants to eat their fruits and veggies when we can eat this shit.

What’s your favorite bad for you snack? Let us know in the comments below

Do fat people have fat pets? Just wondering.

2. Mississippi

We arrive in Mississippi just in time for dinner. That is if they save any for us.

Mississippians are 37.3% obese. And, lo and behold, according to the CDC, they exercise the least amount of any other state’s residents.

Mississippi is also the poorest state in America. Are fat people poor?

Are fat people poor? Apparently so, according to this study.

Are fat people happy? Apparently so, according to THIS study.

But why are so many fat Americans in the south? I wanted to see why. What the heck. My fingers are too fat – it’s hard to type.

According to TIME magazine, it’s the poverty in the south, the southern fried food culture, and a lack of exercise during long, hot stretches of the year that traditionally plagues southern states. Things we’ve talked about in this video already.

1. West Virginia

Here in West Virginia, the obesity rate is 38%. West Virginia is also home to the fattest city in the country, Huntingdon, where 4 in 10 residents are classified as obese. And, despite the fact that there’s mountains and nature everywhere, West Virginians exercise the second least amount in America.

Is it really a lack of exercise that plagues states like West Virginia? It’s not just that. Part of the problem is we work long hours and commute and don’t have time to come home and cook so we grab something on the way home or throw a bag of something in the oven.

Americans are also depressed. Food is one of the easiest, most acceptable and most accessible self-soothing drugs that Americans can turn to take away their sense of lonliness.

And of course, Americans are lazy.

As Americans in West Virginia and the rest of the states try and mind their manners at the dinner tables, we’re constantly bombarded with commercials and messages about bad, sugary and fatty foods. We need to have some will power.

In case you’re wondering, the skinniest states are Colorado, Hawaii and Massachusetts. California is a close 4th.

It’s been a long, long day, and we’re tuckered. So we’ll just crawl into bed and try and rest. That is, if the bed doesn’t break beneath us.