11 Jay Cutler Pictures You Can’t Believe Aren’t Photoshopped

These are some unknown facts about the Bears quarterback that it’s time the public knew.

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Did you know that Jay Cutler is the reason that the Chicago Bears won’t make it to the playoffs anytime soon?

It’s true. The pictures below are proof.

Let’s take a look, shall we?


1. Jay Cutler collects American Girl Dolls

Number 6 has a huge collection. You might say he’s an AGD addict, actually.

2. Jay Cutler shops at Kmart

Jay Cutler does his own shopping at least, which makes him an every day guy.

3. Jay Cutler squats when he pees

This is true. No wonder he has alienated himself in the locker room.

4. Jay Cutler stars in tampax commercials

“When the game is on the line, I need the best protection possible.”

5. Jay Cutler has a hard time reading

If you can’t read Dr. Seuss, you certainly can’t read stellar defenses.

6. Jay Cutler is an assistant manager at McDonalds

At least he has experience with the headset.


7. Jay Cutler spends training camp at the senior center

That way, he can show off as the toughest guy around.

8. Other players jock up on Jay Cutler’s woman

Can you blame her for wanting to be with a winner?

9. Jay Cutler can’t dance

You’ll never ever see him do the Super Bowl Shuffle.

10. Jay Cutler LOVES to knit

Supposedly he makes the players shawls during long flights.

11. Jay Cutler moonlights as a garbage man

If you don’t separate garbage from the recyclables, he might chew you out in front of the neighbors.

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