The Top 10 States For Catching An STD. Louisiana Tops The List.

These are the states where sex is transmitting diseases the most.

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It’s the dead of winter, and the time of year when the people are trapped inside because of the weather. And that means lots of sex. Did you know that August and September are the leading months for annual births in the United States? Those months are 9 months after winter, typically.

So, we were curious. Which states have the highest prevalence of STDs?

So, put on your medical gloves and try not to gross out while we explore the states that have the most cases of sexually transmitted diseases. After analyzing all the numbers, we came up with this list as The 10 states where you’re most likely to catch an STD:

  1. Louisiana
  2. Mississippi
  3. Georgia
  4. Alabama
  5. South Carolina
  6. Arkansas
  7. Illinois
  8. Texas
  9. New York
  10. North Carolina

Wow. It sounds like the south isn’t so…charming, right?

Read on below to see where your state ranked. If you’re curious, West Virginia is the place where you are least likely to catch a disease from unprotected sex. Who would’ve thought?


What disease spreading criteria did we use?

In order to rank the states where you have the best chance of being infected while having sex, we simply had to compile all of the STD data from the Center for Disease Control. That means looking at the states that have the highest number of the ‘Big 3’ STDs:

  • Cases of Chlamydia
  • Cases of Gonorrhea
  • Cases of Syphilis

1. Louisiana

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Population: 4.65 million
Chlamydia rank: 4th
Gonorrhea rank: 2nd
Syphilis rank: 3rd

It wasn’t even close. Louisiana is, by far, the place where you are most likely to catch an STD. The Magnolia State ranks in the top 5 for all three categories. Right next door isn’t much better; Mississippi ranks first in two STD disease categories.

Most of the cases of STDs are in the northern part of Louisiana, in places like Farmerville, Castrop and Homer. In fact, there’s almost a diagonal line of STD spread that goes from the northwest corner of the state, and down to New Orleans.

The area with the lowest STD spread in Louisiana is Cameron Parish and in the Lake Charles area.

The takeaway: If you live in Louisiana, you should probably be practicing safe sex a lot more than folks in many other U.S. states.

2. Mississippi

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Population: 3 million
Chlamydia rank: 1st
Gonorrhea rank: 1st
Syphilis rank: 11th

3. Georgia

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Population: 10.1 million
Chlamydia rank: 8th
Gonorrhea rank: 5th
Syphilis rank: 1st

4. Alabama

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Population: 4.8 million
Chlamydia rank: 3rd
Gonorrhea rank: 3rd
Syphilis rank: 15th

5. South Carolina

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Population: 4.8 million
Chlamydia rank: 5th
Gonorrhea rank: 4th
Syphilis rank: 13th

6. Arkansas

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Population: 2.96 million
Chlamydia rank: 7th
Gonorrhea rank: 7th
Syphilis rank: 9th

7. Illinois

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Population: 12.9 million
Chlamydia rank: 9th
Gonorrhea rank: 10th
Syphilis rank: 8th

8. Texas

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Population: 27 million
Chlamydia rank: 13th
Gonorrhea rank: 13th
Syphilis rank: 6th

9. New York

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Population: 8.4 million
Chlamydia rank: 11th
Gonorrhea rank: 16th
Syphilis rank: 7th

10. North Carolina

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Population: 10 million
Chlamydia rank: 10th
Gonorrhea rank: 6th
Syphilis rank: 24th

Climbing out from under the data

If you’re measuring the states with the highest number of infections per population, this is an accurate list.

If you’re curious, here are the states that get the least number of STDs per person:

  1. West Virginia
  2. Maine
  3. Vermont
  4. Utah
  5. Wyoming
  6. Below is a complete chart with the rankings for each state:

    State Rank
    Louisiana 1
    Mississippi 2
    Georgia 3
    Alabama 4
    South Carolina 5
    Arkansas 6
    Illinois 7
    Texas 8
    New York 9
    North Carolina 10
    Tennessee 11
    New Mexico 12
    Maryland 13
    California 14
    Delaware 15
    Ohio 16
    Florida 17
    Michigan 18
    Missouri 19
    Alaska 20
    Pennsylvania 21
    Indiana 22
    Arizona 23
    Oklahoma 24
    Virginia 25
    South Dakota 26
    Nevada 27
    Kentucky 28
    Colorado 29
    Rhode Island 30
    Hawaii 31
    Oregon 32
    Washington 33
    Massachusetts 34
    Wisconsin 35
    Iowa 36
    New Jersey 37
    North Dakota 38
    Connecticut 39
    Minnesota 40
    Nebraska 41
    Kansas 42
    New Hampshire 43
    Idaho 44
    Montana 45
    Wyoming 46
    Utah 47
    Vermont 48
    Maine 49
    West Virginia 50

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