These Are The 10 Cities In New York That Have The Best Lottery Winning Luck

The Powerball jackpot is more than a billion dollars. Here’s the places you need to get a ticket in NY State, according to science.

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Are you feeling lucky? You know, the Powerball is nearing a record high soon – it’s at $1.5 billion.

Chance are, if you live in New York, you’ve played the New York State Lottery at least once in your life. You may even have even considered your ‘luck’ factor when it comes to your chances for striking it rich.

But did you know that, statistically, some cities in New York have a greater chance of winning? Based on population numbers and winning results, some cities are ‘luckier’ than others. HomeSnacks is the first site to figure it all out, and we’ve got the winning formula below.

Hint: It’s certainly not any big cities. Not even close. Read on below to see how these cities ranked, and how we compiled the math.

According to scientific data, these are the 10 best places to play the lottery (and the 10 luckiest cities) in New York:

  1. New Hyde Park
  2. Farmingdale
  3. Webster
  4. Depew
  5. Middletown
  6. New Windsor
  7. Wappingers Falls
  8. Pelham
  9. Lindenhurst
  10. Westbury

How we compiled the luckiest cities in New York

In order to determine which cities are ‘lucky’, all we had to do was see how many winners there have been over the course of time, how much was won, and weigh in a population factor.

In this case, we decided that $25,000 or more winners on scratchers or draw games in the last ten years made sense. Then, we calculated how many $25,000 winners there have been per resident in New York cities. And just like magic, our winners emerged.

If your home town isn’t in the top 10, don’t worry, you can scroll to the bottom to see where all New York cities ranked. And here’s a tip: Smaller towns have much better odds, statistically.


1. New Hyde Park

New Hyde Park, NY. Google Maps

Population: 9,998
Amount won: $21,709,806
Winners of $25,000 or more: 43

The village of New Hyde Park in Nassau County on Long Island has had the 3rd most winners and the 11th highest number of payouts in the entire state of New York. Talk about lucky!

Statistically, you have a 1 in 2,125 chance of hitting a $25,000 or more payout here every year.

Perhaps it’s time to make the long drive down to New Hyde Park and stand in line when the next big jackpot looms.

2. Farmingdale

Farmingdale, NY. Source: Google Maps

Population: 8,191
Winners of $25,000 or more: 54
Amount won: $1,268,000

What’s up with this area on Long Island? Right next door to New Hyde Park is Farmingdale, which had the most big lottery winners in the entire state, period. Here, you have a 1 in 1,500 chance of winning $25,000 or more every year.

Sounds like people need to flock over the bridge whenever there’s a big payout coming.

3. Webster

Webster, NY. Source: Google Maps

Population: 5,438
Winners of $25,000 or more: 21
Amount won: $8,479,704

Folks in the Rochester area don’t have to drive too far to hit the hottest place in Upstate for the lottery. There has been more than $8 million handed out here in the last ten years.

Residents have a 1 in 2,500 chance of winning a pretty big chunk o’ change every year they gamble on a ticket here.

4. Depew

Depew, NY. Source: Google Maps

Population: 15,324
Winners of $25,000 or more: 49
Amount won: $21,895,568

Depew is also in the greater Rochester area. This small town has had the 5th most big lottery winners in the entire state of New York in the last ten years. The amount won per person here is the 11th highest in the state at $1,428.

5. Middletown

Harold Diamond and his wife bought a winning ticket in Middletown, NY.

Population: 27,956
Winners of $25,000 or more: 61
Amount won: $343,080,675

A retired principal was eating lunch at a Valero gas station in Middletown with his wife while waiting out a storm on November 4, 2014. At his wife’s insistence, he spent $10 on 10 sets of Quick Pick numbers. One of them was 09 – 15 – 24 – 39 – 41 and Mega Ball 01. That was the exact combination that hit that day. He won $326 million.

The lucky Valero gas station is at 2580 Route 302 in Middletown. It’s about a two hour drive north from downtown NYC along I-84.

The gas station got a $10,000 bonus for selling the ticket.

6. New Windsor

New Windsor, NY. Source: Google Maps

Population: 27,956
Winners of $25,000 or more: 21
Amount won: $24,715,449

New Windsor has had its fair share of big winning tickets, that’s for sure. It ranks 23rd in the state with the number of $25,000 winners, and 9th in the state for amount won per resident in the city ($2,782).

New Windsor isn’t too far away from Middletown, right along the Hudson. You could probably swing by both on a lottery ticket field trip if you wanted to.

7. Wappingers Falls

Wappingers Falls, NY. Source: Google Maps

Population: 5,352
Winners of $25,000 or more: 27
Amount won: $4,201,278

Wappingers Falls is just south of Poughkeepsie. They have the 2nd highest number of big winning tickets sold per person here. Every year, a resident of Wappingers Falls has a 1 in 1,198 chance of grabbing a life changing amount of money.

8. Pelham

Source: Google Maps

Population: 6,894
Winners of $25,000 or more: 22
Amount won: $5,918,627

The Village of Pelham is right outside of downtown NYC. They have the 6th most winners per capita in Pelham, and there have been nearly $6 million in winning tickets sold here since 2005.

A motivated person could just hop on a subway and make a quick jaunt up here to try and strike it rich when the pot gets high enough.

9. Lindenhurst

Source: Google Maps

Population: 27,297
Winners of $25,000 or more: 50
Amount won: $210,105,009

In June of 2011, a group of 20 New York Costco employees purchased some tickets at a Lindenhurst Maulik & Chandni stationery store, and one of them was a $201,000 winning Powerball number.

The winning numbers were 8, 18, 38, 46 and 56, and the Powerball number was 31.

This same store also sold a $1 million winner. In fact three stores along Montauk Highway on Long Island sold huge winning tickets within a short span during this time.

10. Westbury

Westbury, NY. Source: Google Maps

Population: 15,103
Winners of $25,000 or more: 45
Amount won: $13,739,080

Westbury is also in this same general area of Long Island. It has the 9th highest number of winners, per person in the state.

Sounds like there are lots of places within a short drive of downtown that are feeling lucky. After all, ‘You Never Know.’

Wrapping It Up

It certainly does look like the odds are stacked in favor of some of the smaller towns in New York.

Additionally, there have been more than 80 cities in New York which haven’t seen a winning ticket of greater than $25,000, but many of them are tiny towns that might not even have a retail location.

Here’s a list of the bigger cities in New York, and their odds of winning:

  • Buffalo: 181st luckiest. 1 in 12,000 chance.
  • Syracuse: 71st luckiest. 1 in 10,000 chance.
  • Rochester: 68th luckiest. 1 in 7,900 chance.

Desktop users, here is a chart with the top 100 luckiest cities in New York State:

City Population Rank
new_hyde_park 9698 1
farmingdale 8191 2
webster 5438 3
depew 15324 4
middletown 27956 5
new_windsor 8883 6
wappingers_falls 5352 7
pelham 6894 8
lindenhurst 27297 9
westbury 15103 10
scotia 7720 11
suffern 10764 12
williston_park 7264 13
mineola 18765 14
tappan 6562 15
williamsville 5298 16
islip_terrace 5243 17
hewlett 6308 18
patchogue 11831 19
great_neck 9972 20
bay_shore 27887 21
middle_island 10026 22
lawrence 6476 23
johnstown 8668 24
plattsburgh 19911 25
fulton 11852 26
monroe 8407 27
horseheads 6490 27
oneonta 13890 29
massapequa 22103 30
hudson 6731 31
cobleskill 5065 32
bohemia 10295 33
hicksville 41291 34
east_rochester 6594 35
seaford 15251 36
wantagh 18316 37
new_paltz 6900 38
johnson_city 15132 39
roslyn_heights 6518 40
east_islip 14098 41
geneva 13264 42
nanuet 18087 43
warwick 6768 44
endicott 13312 45
elmira 29173 46
hamburg 9461 47
mahopac 8076 48
hartsdale 5360 49
rocky_point 13860 50
poughkeepsie 31593 51
ticonderoga 5045 52
ticonderoga 5045 53
schenectady 65921 54
riverhead 13131 55
kingston 23864 55
herkimer 7691 57
goshen 5462 58
huntington_station 32544 59
glens_falls 14696 60
albion 5621 61
chittenango 5067 62
floral_park 16263 63
elmont 35726 64
valley_stream 37394 64
fairport 5365 66
hauppauge 21144 67
rochester 210967 68
newburgh 28871 69
albany 97892 70
syracuse 144703 71
oceanside 31033 72
watertown 27161 73
glen_cove 26918 74
east_northport 20660 75
canandaigua 10567 76
oswego 18140 77
highland 5305 78
amityville 9522 79
nyack 7079 80
monticello 6699 81
saratoga_springs 26711 82
bethpage 16631 83
waterloo 5137 84
hornell 8576 85
plainview 25996 86
brockport 8333 86
spring_valley 31348 88
brentwood 57003 89
port_jervis 8816 90
mastic 15794 91
baldwinsville 7371 92
kings_park 17835 93
canton 6457 94
pelham_manor 5485 95
north_babylon 17625 96
mechanicville 5212 97
northport 7418 98
bronxville 6345 99
endwell 11575 100

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