The 10 Worst Places To Live In Florida For 2024

The worst places to live in Florida are Fort Meade and Opa-locka for 2024 based on Friday Night Science.

Florida takes some abuse. Not just from its own residents, but from the general public, the media, and on social media.

We’re not here to debate Florida’s merits. As far as we’re concerned, it’s a warm place that’s quite beautiful almost all year long.

But, for those who are considering a relocation within Florida, or who are thinking of moving to the Sunshine State, this list should provide some value.

The following are the worst, avoid-at-all-costs cities in Florida:

Table Of Contents: Top Ten | Methodology | Summary | Table

The 10 Worst Places To Live In Florida For 2024

  1. Fort Meade
  2. Opa-locka
  3. Pahokee
  4. Sebring
  5. Belle Glade
  6. Pembroke Park
  7. Arcadia
  8. Quincy
  9. Leesburg
  10. Avon Park

Worst Places To Live In Florida Map

Where are these places, you wonder? And before you get all riled up and say we’re picking on small towns in Florida, that’s not the case.

We understand there’s a lot of good in every place. For example, the best place to live in Florida is North Palm Beach.

However, according to data (which doesn’t measure things like beauty and ‘friendly people’), the state has far better options for making a place home. And the worst place to live in Florida? The worst place to live in Florida is Fort Meade.

Read below to see how we crunched the numbers and how your city fared in 2024.

If you’re looking for something more national, check out the worst cities in America or the worst states in America.

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The 10 Worst Places To Live In Florida For 2024

Fort Meade, FL

Source: Public domain
Overall SnackAbility


Population: 5,133
Average Home Price: $219,967
Median Income: $34,474
Unemployment Rate: 9.2%
Crime Per Capita: 0.0325
More on Fort Meade: Data | Cost Of Living | Real Estate

Located in Polk County, Florida, Fort Meade has unfortunately earned its reputation as one of the worst places to live in the state. One of the main factors contributing to this designation is the high crime rate in the area. With a violent crime rate of 0.006137951990276512 per 1,000 residents and a property crime rate of 0.026314190215739896 per 1,000 residents, safety is a significant concern for those residing here.

Fort Meade struggles with poverty and low median income levels. The median income in this city is only $34,474, which is below the state average. As a result, many residents face financial hardships and struggle to afford basic necessities. Additionally, the unemployment rate stands at 9.2%, making it difficult for individuals to find stable employment opportunities.

Despite these challenges, it is important to note that with concerted efforts, Fort Meade has the potential to improve. By focusing on community development initiatives and implementing comprehensive crime prevention strategies, the city can work towards creating a safer and more prosperous environment for its residents.

Opa-Locka, FL

Source: Wikipedia User Ebyabe | CC BY-SA 3.0
Overall SnackAbility


Population: 16,230
Average Home Price: $356,499
Median Income: $30,101
Unemployment Rate: 5.2%
Crime Per Capita: 0.1906
More on Opa-Locka: Data | Cost Of Living | Real Estate

Look, we didn’t name Opa Locka one of Miami’s worst suburbs without good cause. Home to fast food joints, Kmart, Big Lots, and plenty of gas stations, Opa Locka is not anyone’s definition of an aesthetically-pleasing place to live.

The city had the 2nd highest overall crime rate in Florida over 2022, which makes sense in a place with a poverty rate over 40%. In fact, the median household income of $30,101 ranks as the 2nd lowest in Florida.

If Opa Locka has one saving grace, it’s that it offers easy access to Miami, so you’ve got things like Dolphin Mall and Zoo Miami is just down the road.

Pahokee, FL

Source: Public domain
Overall SnackAbility


Population: 5,548
Average Home Price: $205,750
Median Income: $36,289
Unemployment Rate: 23.0%
Crime Per Capita: 0.0296
More on Pahokee: Data | Crime | Cost Of Living | Real Estate

You have to work pretty hard to get 1/10 on our SnackAbility score, but Pahokee, the 3rd worst place in Florida, found a way. Situated about an hour west of West Palm Beach on the banks of Lake Okeechobee, Pahokee has too many problems to count.

The poverty rate sits at 31.8%, the unemployment rate is a woeful 23.0% (the worst in Florida), and those that do have jobs aren’t exactly swimming in cash. The median household income in Pahokee is $36,289.

Violent crime is high, and the high school dropout rate is the 3rd worst statewide.

It’s a real shame, too, because Pahokee has some truly magnificent spots, like Pahokee State Park, an excellent spot for fishing, boating, camping, and hiking around Lake Okeechobee.

Sebring, FL

Source: Wikipedia User Chuck Schultz from Anniston, AL, USA, upload by Herrick | CC BY-SA 2.0
Overall SnackAbility


Population: 11,006
Average Home Price: $237,729
Median Income: $38,024
Unemployment Rate: 12.7%
Crime Per Capita: 0.0425
More on Sebring: Data | Crime | Cost Of Living | Real Estate

Sebring, a city in Highlands County, Florida, unfortunately ranks as the sixth worst place to live in the state. One of the main factors contributing to this ranking is the high crime rate, making it a dangerous place to reside. With a violent crime rate of 0.007177902962020716 per capita and a property crime rate of 0.035344357623114664 per capita, residents face safety concerns on a daily basis. The city also struggles with poverty and unemployment, with an unemployment rate of 12.7% and a median income of just $38,024. These factors contribute to the overall poor living conditions in Sebring.

Despite its challenges, there is hope for improvement in Sebring. By addressing the underlying issues such as poverty and unemployment, the city can work towards creating a safer and more prosperous community for its residents. Additionally, Sebring’s location in south-central Florida offers potential for economic growth and development. With the right investments and initiatives, Sebring has the opportunity to transform itself into a better place to live.

Belle Glade, FL

Source: Flickr User formulanone | CC BY-SA 2.0
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Population: 16,896
Average Home Price: $256,880
Median Income: $42,314
Unemployment Rate: 12.5%
Crime Per Capita: 0.0366
More on Belle Glade: Data | Crime | Cost Of Living | Real Estate

A PBS documentary entitled “Murder of a Small Town” covered Belle Glade back in 2015. It delt with the city’s decline into high unemployment, crime rates, and drug use over the past few years, all of which contributed to Belle Glade ending up as Florida’s 5th worst place.

With all that going on, it’s no shock that the population, employees, median household income, and median property values are all going down in Belle Glade. And those drops are compounding already horrible issues; Belle Glade has the 16th lowest median household income in Florida at $42,314.

Belle Glade’s unemployment rate of 12.5% is the 5th worst in Florida as well, and with the 4th highest high school dropout rate statewide, the city isn’t exactly setting itself up for success in the future.

Pembroke Park, FL

Source: Flickr User Mohmed Althani | CC BY 2.0
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Population: 6,266
Average Home Price: $256,411
Median Income: $41,875
Unemployment Rate: 6.8%
Crime Per Capita: 0.0367
More on Pembroke Park: Data | Crime | Cost Of Living | Real Estate

Arcadia, FL

Source: Wikipedia User Ebyabe | GFDL
Overall SnackAbility


Population: 7,480
Average Home Price: $249,838
Median Income: $34,598
Unemployment Rate: 8.3%
Crime Per Capita: 0.0548
More on Arcadia: Data | Crime | Cost Of Living | Real Estate

Quincy, FL

Source: Wikipedia User Ebyabe | GFDL
Overall SnackAbility


Population: 7,811
Average Home Price: $155,529
Median Income: $33,786
Unemployment Rate: 3.6%
Crime Per Capita: 0.0434
More on Quincy: Data | Crime | Cost Of Living | Real Estate

Quincy, known as one of the worst places to live in Florida, unfortunately also ranks as one of the most dangerous. With a crime rate that surpasses the state average by 0.007041351939572398 for violent crimes and 0.036358980924337474 for property crimes per capita, safety becomes a significant concern for residents. The high poverty level in Quincy further exacerbates the issue, with many struggling to make ends meet on a median income of just $33,786. This economic disparity contributes to the crime problem, making it difficult for the community to thrive.

Location-wise, Quincy is situated in Gadsden County, about 25 miles northwest of Tallahassee. While its proximity to the state capital may offer some advantages, it does little to mitigate the challenges faced by Quincy residents. However, there is hope for improvement through concerted efforts and investment in community development. By addressing the root causes of crime and poverty, Quincy has the potential to transform into a safer and more prosperous place to live in Florida.

Leesburg, FL

Source: Wikipedia User Ebyabe | GFDL
Overall SnackAbility


Population: 27,226
Average Home Price: $289,686
Median Income: $43,733
Unemployment Rate: 10.4%
Crime Per Capita: 0.0407
More on Leesburg: Data | Crime | Cost Of Living | Real Estate

Situated between Lake Griffin and Lake Harris in central Florida, Leesburg does offer nature lovers quite a bit to do.

But with the 26th highest crime rate in Florida, through-the-roof unemployment and poverty rates, and a declining median household income, that’s about all Leesburg has going for it.

GreatSchools also gave Leesburg an average score below 3/10, so it’s not exactly the best place to raise a family either. On top of that, the cost of living in Leesburg is higher than most places listed here, so it’s not even like you’re trading a lower quality of life for some extra savings.

Avon Park, FL

Source: Wikipedia User Ebyabe | CC BY-SA 2.5
Overall SnackAbility


Population: 9,789
Average Home Price: $206,581
Median Income: $35,340
Unemployment Rate: 11.7%
Crime Per Capita: 0.0425
More on Avon Park: Data | Cost Of Living | Real Estate

There’s a reason Avon Park has the 7th lowest median home price in Florida — that’s what you’d expect from the 10th worst place to live in the state, after all. This central Florida city of 9,789 isn’t the kind of place most people want to reside.

The crime rate is the 20th highest in Florida, the crazy high unemployment rate of 11.7% ranks as the 6th worst statewide.

About a third of residents live below the poverty line, so making ends meet in Avon Park is a daily cause for concern.

Avon Park does have some pretty lakeside parks near the downtown area, but beyond that, there isn’t much going on here.

Methodology: How we determined the worst places to live in Florida for 2024

To figure out the worst places to live in Florida, we used Saturday Night Science to idenift what kinds of things people like and then decide what cities have the least amount of those things.

We don’t think it’s a stretch to assume that people like the following things:

  • Good education
  • Lots of jobs
  • Low crime
  • Low poverty
  • Nice homes
  • High incomes
  • High population density (Lots of things to do)
  • Short work commutes
  • Health insurance

The data comes from the Census’s most recent American Community Survey and the FBI Uniform Crime Report.

We broke crime down into violent crime and property crime to give violent crime a more significant weight. If you did a simple calculation of all crimes per capita, property crimes are typically 7x more common and bias that ranking.

Furthermore, only cities with at least 5,000 people were considered — leaving 208 cities.

We then ranked each city from 1 to 208 for all the criteria, with a #1 ranking being the worst for the particular criteria.

Next, we averaged the rankings into one “Worst Place To Live Score.”

Finally, we ranked every city on the “Worst Place To Live Score,” with the lowest score being the worst city in Florida — Fort Meade. Read on for a detailed look at the ten worst cities in Florida. This article is an opinion based on facts meant as infotainment. We updated this article for 2024. This list is our tenth time ranking the worst places to live in Florida.

Summary: Wrapping Up The Worst In Florida

If you’re looking at areas in Florida with the worst economic situations, where there’s higher than average crime and little to do, this is an accurate list.

And in the end, Fort Meade ranks as the worst city to live in Florida for 2024.

The worst cities in Florida are .

If you’re curious enough, here are the best cities to live in Florida:

  1. Longboat Key (Pop. 7,479)
  2. Key Biscayne (Pop. 14,572)
  3. North Palm Beach (Pop. 13,092)

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Worst Places To Live In Florida

Rank City Population Unemployment Rate Home Price Median Income Crime Per Capita
1 Fort Meade 5,133 9.2% $219,967 $34,474 0.0325
2 Opa-locka 16,230 5.2% $356,499 $30,101 0.1906
3 Pahokee 5,548 23.0% $205,750 $36,289 0.0296
4 Sebring 11,006 12.7% $237,729 $38,024 0.0425
5 Belle Glade 16,896 12.5% $256,880 $42,314 0.0366
6 Pembroke Park 6,266 6.8% $256,411 $41,875 0.0367
7 Arcadia 7,480 8.3% $249,838 $34,598 0.0548
8 Quincy 7,811 3.6% $155,529 $33,786 0.0434
9 Leesburg 27,226 10.4% $289,686 $43,733 0.0407
10 Avon Park 9,789 11.7% $206,581 $35,340 0.0425
11 Palm Springs 26,692 6.9% $283,430 $55,254 0.0402
12 Palatka 10,471 10.1% $196,151 $30,945 0.0408
13 DeFuniak Springs 6,072 14.4% $212,049 $56,455 0.0310
14 Cocoa 19,073 4.4% $303,056 $53,900 0.0605
15 North Miami 59,854 6.1% $401,072 $49,069 0.0350
16 Dundee 5,373 0.2% $283,595 $44,936 0.0325
17 Brooksville 8,981 4.4% $309,026 $42,047 0.0395
18 Miami Gardens 111,618 7.9% $440,066 $56,071 0.0319
19 Greenacres 43,651 5.4% $301,116 $58,981 inf
20 Homestead 79,996 4.8% $423,264 $57,739 0.0324
21 Starke 5,756 3.9% $210,354 $42,976 0.0434
22 Fort Pierce 47,153 10.4% $284,402 $45,121 0.0247
23 Lauderhill 73,987 8.6% $233,276 $48,523 0.0343
24 Lauderdale Lakes 35,914 9.0% $162,956 $41,644 0.0294
25 Pompano Beach 111,790 8.7% $363,916 $61,155 0.0356
26 Marianna 6,681 5.2% $188,923 $27,296 0.0361
27 Lake Park 8,996 9.4% $385,095 $54,741 0.0666
28 Dania Beach 31,700 9.0% $373,346 $46,330 0.0387
29 Clewiston 7,252 4.4% $240,766 $50,538 0.0274
30 Lake Wales 16,455 5.7% $243,883 $55,833 0.0325
31 Riviera Beach 37,668 9.2% $398,076 $57,851 0.0396
32 Live Oak 6,811 13.6% $244,802 $43,664 0.0451
33 North Miami Beach 43,269 5.3% $452,270 $56,122 0.0344
34 Hallandale Beach 41,102 9.3% $328,630 $45,417 0.0303
35 Perry 6,879 8.1% $176,562 $45,833 0.0600
36 Kissimmee 78,478 6.6% $367,593 $45,319 0.0214
37 West Park 15,074 8.6% $403,262 $58,712 0.0251
38 West Palm Beach 117,588 6.2% $417,563 $64,044 0.0402
39 Miami 443,665 5.0% $569,425 $54,858 0.0355
40 Daytona Beach 73,329 5.0% $260,125 $47,608 0.0379
41 Ocala 63,504 8.3% $270,146 $50,618 0.0370
42 Palmetto 13,384 6.7% $392,169 $55,584 0.0310
43 Mascotte 6,985 3.5% $320,862 $64,896 0.0176
44 Oakland Park 44,056 6.4% $380,204 $64,989 0.0425
45 Deltona 94,373 4.0% $302,985 $69,074 0.0379
46 New Port Richey 16,742 4.0% $315,600 $42,254 0.0333
47 Auburndale 16,432 3.4% $307,785 $67,661 0.0319
48 Deerfield Beach 86,455 6.3% $300,832 $53,741 0.0218
49 Freeport 5,858 4.2% $412,462 $81,594 0.0310
50 Orlando 307,738 5.2% $373,263 $66,292 0.0491
51 Lantana 11,703 9.3% $412,266 $67,009 0.0437
52 Callaway 13,455 4.7% $258,507 $61,743 0.0316
53 Palm Coast 91,082 4.1% $359,006 $68,824 0.0343
54 Ocoee 47,290 5.6% $417,918 $88,828 0.0267
55 North Lauderdale 44,635 6.2% $351,157 $60,168 0.0188
56 Sanford 61,272 5.2% $344,862 $59,181 0.0351
57 Zephyrhills 17,575 4.1% $294,800 $45,745 0.0365
58 Holly Hill 12,919 8.3% $226,209 $40,908 0.0181
59 Hollywood 152,764 6.1% $452,509 $61,958 0.0253
60 Fort Myers 88,699 4.1% $373,425 $57,403 0.0244
61 Bradenton 55,795 6.7% $388,561 $55,795 0.0229
62 Jacksonville 950,203 4.8% $293,086 $64,138 0.0346
63 Winter Haven 50,778 4.2% $285,939 $56,425 0.0212
64 Marathon 9,789 6.0% $894,086 $70,313 0.0278
65 Fort Lauderdale 182,673 5.4% $534,210 $75,376 0.0483
66 Springfield 8,295 1.2% $206,994 $52,188 0.0316
67 Miami Beach 82,400 4.0% $525,643 $65,116 0.0924
68 Green Cove Springs 9,758 5.4% $339,953 $63,760 0.0190
69 Okeechobee 5,319 5.3% $262,927 $44,922 0.0412
70 Belleview 5,438 1.3% $248,069 $49,007 0.0416
71 Inverness 7,602 7.2% $246,176 $42,282 0.0269
72 Apopka 55,056 3.4% $392,939 $87,394 0.0344
73 Newberry 7,401 5.4% $329,975 $90,547 0.0375
74 Palm Bay 121,513 5.7% $313,458 $62,538 0.0173
75 Boynton Beach 80,068 5.5% $421,925 $68,875 0.0289
76 Macclenny 7,354 4.2% $294,654 $62,134 0.0269
77 Tallahassee 198,259 6.5% $279,088 $52,899 0.0368
78 Titusville 48,595 6.2% $280,164 $56,700 0.0235
79 Pinellas Park 53,352 5.1% $319,993 $62,306 0.0338
80 Lake Alfred 6,555 6.7% $289,846 $62,311 0.0105
81 Mount Dora 16,330 6.1% $383,778 $65,774 0.0303
82 Lakeland 114,404 5.4% $292,407 $58,290 0.0281
83 Altamonte Springs 45,772 5.4% $299,187 $61,714 0.0264
84 Melbourne 84,982 4.6% $374,800 $60,917 0.0387
85 Milton 10,254 5.0% $278,323 $70,299 0.0194
86 Gainesville 142,414 5.5% $289,220 $43,783 0.0375
87 Hialeah 222,996 3.7% $445,753 $49,531 0.0193
88 Davenport 10,246 2.6% $365,508 $64,428 0.0085
89 St. Cloud 59,851 6.4% $406,123 $69,366 0.0134
90 Groveland 19,240 6.0% $374,635 $84,347 0.0110
91 Winter Garden 46,518 6.9% $572,785 $101,953 0.0207
92 Crestview 27,427 3.7% $299,193 $61,311 0.0253
93 Tamarac 71,578 5.9% $317,289 $59,140 0.0161
94 Delray Beach 66,646 5.8% $358,548 $76,558 0.0422
95 Longwood 15,628 5.8% $450,211 $75,197 0.0227
96 Pensacola 54,059 5.5% $257,979 $67,722 0.0346
97 Tarpon Springs 25,355 5.5% $424,180 $63,836 0.0180
98 Eustis 23,101 4.1% $333,774 $59,941 0.0186
99 DeBary 22,310 4.0% $380,533 $83,678 0.0379
100 Hialeah Gardens 22,815 2.9% $415,761 $58,497 0.0200
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123 thoughts on “The 10 Worst Places To Live In Florida For 2024

  1. This is the most false, ignorant list I have ever seen in my 22 years of life. Drive by shooting in NPR ? No, try Port Richey, which still is just some dumb kids with guns. Crime is nonexistent unless you mean property crime, in which it’s still towards the very bottom. I lived there for 15 years, I would know. 99% of the cities on the list have nothing wrong with them except what every other american city has. Ignorance and more ignorance. The only city that deserves to be here is Florida City.

    1. Ft pierce is pretty bad. Sorry but I live in that county and there’s a shooting almost every day

      1. I live on the Island and it’s not bad at all. The problem is all the ghetto garbage west of the tracks. They’ll spill over into downtown at night but rarely make it over the bridge.
        Not much you can do about it though. As they say, “Nigs gonna Nig”.

        1. I’ll take Fort Pierce over Vero any day of the week. Lived by the St. Lucie International Airport for 3 years which was shockingly MUCH quieter than the redneck hell hole I’m currently in up in the panhandle. In the middle of the woods. Wouldn’t wanna cruise Vero or further south into FP at night, though. Hutchinson was awesome 24/7.

        2. That is really offensive and not accurate. If I were a gambler (and I’m not), I would bet that you are much more likely to commit a crime than the average black person. It’s your white trailer trash buddies who like to blame others when they’re the ones who bring crime, alcohol and violence with them. By spouting racist statements like you did, you paint Floridians with that same brush. Now you’re going to tell us you are not a racist. No one believes you.

          1. Marianna! So much ignorance. Not to mention the fact the kids have nothing to do out here therefore, there’s an extremely high teenage pregnancy rate. Not to mention the drug problems. So if you don’t want your child having a child or being another statistic I don’t suggest ever moving here or raising a family here. I speak of this because I know from 1st hand experience now living here since 2004.

  2. It would be nice if the journalistic world would stop downing everybody and instead use their creative abilities to help others to improve the world in which we live.

  3. I’ve lived in several of the top cities (top 100) Eustis, Tavares, Mt. Dora, Holiday, Clearwater, Kissimmee, Poincianna, (and Panama City and Jacksonville which i didnt see)

    Holiday/ New Port Richey and Kissimmee were by far the worst places that I have ever lived and thats saying alot because I grew up in Eustis which is a pretty backwards place. I would defintely say that Kissimmmee is worse than Poincianna so I am not sure how a sleep little suburb like Poincianna got so high up the list. Clearwater is pretty strange too because of the Church of Scientology, it should defenitiely be higher up the list.

  4. these statistics are not accurate. Many unincorporated sections of the state of Florida are not listed here. There is no way the Newport Richie is ranked as number seven has the worst. Not possible. There are more than 15,000 residents in Newport Richie because they’re not included
    In the data. Even the FBI crime statistics is also incorrect because it does not take into account unincorporated sections in the counties. Pasco sheriffs office response to most of the work Richie and half of Newport Richie as well as many other Florida Pasco city area.
    The only possible way to have accurate data in Florida with to be used by County not by city.

    1. I live in NPR and I’m not sure if it belongs on a list like this or not. But I can tell you the drug problem here is out of control. People will steal anything that’s not tied down also. And not trying to be a dick but if you’re going to defend some place at least spell the name right.

  5. Thank you very much for listing Ft. Pierce as #1 Worst city in Florida to live! That ,hopefully, will help support efforts to preserve what still remains of its fragile environment and decrease the destruction of more of the spectacularly beautiful areas ! Thanks to you maybe, just maybe, people will stop moving into St. Lucie County by the droves and removing all things indigenous, driving wild life from their natural habitats, and blatantly disregarding the natural order of another gorgeous area of Florida!

  6. I just had to read this when I saw the title and can not believe that this “scientific ranking” listed Homestead 73 and Ft. Pierce 1. Besides the present administration, that is the most absurd denial if truth I have heard in months. I grew up in Ft. Pierce and yes it has changed, but by no means is it the worst city in Fl. I lived in Homestead for almost 2 years and that abys of darkness ran me out of the state!

    1. I whole heartily agree with Becky, Ft.Pierce was a great place to live growing up, and yes it has changed a lot, but I don’t believe it’s that bad. Every night listening to the news, I hear people being shot,stabbed, kidnapped,car jackings, in places like Orlando, Kississimi. There are places of Ft. Pierce that are great to live in, but I am sure so not to good, however I am sure that is pretty much in all cities of Florida, Yes I still have family living there as well. So I don’t agree with your finding at all….

    2. Ft. Pierce is a great place to live compare to be living in some of the northern cities. Rochester has a shooting everyday and individual’s are dying uncertain; because of drugs and surf wars. I still have family in Ft. Pierce and I feel that it livable for now.

  7. Having lived in Florida for pretty much my whole life I will say–Orlando, Kissimmee and Miami should be at number 1, 2 and 3. I’ve never seen more accidents and wreckless driving than I have in Miami. And the crime there is the WORST! Did you even research these stats? Because Volusia county has some of the lowest crime in the State and yet you named some of those in the top 10. And not enough to do in Daytona? Where did you stay? Were you here for like an hour? New Smyrna is a great beach with lots to do and low crime. HIALIEAH? SERIOUSLY not one of the worst? I’m thinking you were just looking for attention now.

    1. I agree with you Nathan! I am from Volusia County, lived there from 1967 up till a year ago. Most of my family is still there, I was raised in Daytona Beach/Port Orange area. My children were born there and raised there also, as well as half of my grandchildren. They have Holly Hill listed pretty far down the list from Daytona and Port Orange, posing Daytona and PO as worse than Holly Hill??? Seriously? Holly Hill is so crime ridden, drugs, prostitution, gangs! OMG! I could go on and on! Daytona, yeah, it has its share of crime, drugs and prostitution, Holly Hill is worse. But if you are from the area, you know Holly Hill and Daytona are just because of an invisible city line that divides them. New Smyrna Beach and Edgewater are also great places to live. I have lived in all of those cities. The worst was Holly Hill. They also list Ormond Beach as low crime?? seriously? That is one of he most drug ridden cities here too! although, Volusia County is the lowest paid county in the state, Florida is also the lowest paid state in the US. So, Fla isn’t really the place to go if u are looking for a great high paying job, unless u can work for Nasa, it’s mostly a tourist and retirement state. Mostly restaurant, covenience store clerk, grocery stores, motel work, or if u are lucky, u may be able to get on with either the city or county. It’s not all bad. Like I said, I was raised there, it’s home to me. But just know, South Daytona, Port Orange, New Smyrna Beach, Edgewater are great places too live. yes, they all have some sort of crime in these cities, but every city does, u just need to live on the other side of the city. =0) , But, on the flip side of the coin, I have also lived in Hollywood, Ft. Lauderdale, and those areas, and yes, Hialeah is a sad place to live. Ft. Lauderdale and Hollywood aren’t too bad, depending on the area u chose to live. When I was a teen, I lived in Cooper City, in FT Lauderdale, went to Cooper City high for a bit. It wasn’t bad back in the ’70’s, But I don’t know how it is now. =0)

    2. Nathan you must not have really paid much mind in Daytona lol go drive around more it’s a trash dump filled with crack and gangsters and white trash dope heads.. Palm coast is filled with the same plus old people paltaka is a meth lab the place is pure garbage filled with drugs go drive around the projects in bunnell lol you do not know what your saying its pure garbage that way in most city’s holly hill haha how about Daytona north aka the mondex) you do not know what your saying

      1. Palm Coast is a beautiful city. What is wrong with old people anyway? There are plenty of young families living there. The gangsters and dope heads come from the seedy areas listed above, but never last. This happens everywhere.

    3. In Miami the cost of living (Real Estate) and rent is extremely high for a city with one of the highest crime rates in the country.

  8. Wow you totally got this wrong! NSB has next to NO crime. Lived here 10 years and love it! It is waaaaaayyyy safer than Jacksonville where I grew up and the reason the median income is so low is because most people here are retired and/or snow birds! There is tons to do here and it’s probably one of the cleanest cities I’ve ever been in. Science shmience… ya might wanna redo your research!

    1. You’re so wrong about New Smyrna Beach. I thought it was great when we first moved to Florida until being robbed twice by crack heads. Take a better look.

  9. Did they not even look at the Panhandle? High unemployment, low wages and lots of poverty. Crime isn’t awful but petty crimes are pretty frequent.

    1. So full of crap; first off Lakewood Park is part of Ft Pierce and I have lived in Ft Pierce/Lakewood Park for 16 years. I lived in Palm Bay for 5 before that and hated all the crime up there worst than in Ft Pierce/Lakewood Park area. I work in the Ft Pierce area and I believe it is better living here than Orlando, Miami or the Keys! There is only a very small part of Ft Pierce that has crime so
      do not make it out that it is all bad.

      1. Lakewood Park area….We are looking into buying a house there and while we were there last month from Texas, someone called the cops on us because we were driving around the neighborhood slowly. This actually made us feel better knowing that people keep their eye out for suspiciously activities. The few neighbors we spoke with were very nice and all the yards and homes seemed to be kept up. So what are we missing here? Even the police we spoke with said they didn’t have much trouble in the area. What kind of crime is there in your area Audrey?

    2. Nick, good job with your writing. Ft pierce is like a polished turd. The mayor and everyone who thinks otherwise is in denial. I encourage everyone who thinks otherwise to visit famous avenue D / N. 13th at night. There is a small park there to sit and bring your kids you can purchase crack, and molle, get shot, stabbed, raped, or just old fashioned have your car stolen.

  10. Science schmience! We live in Palm Coast and love it! We have lived in many Florida cities, as well as other cities in the country. Your “science” is out-dated. Our population has increased to just shy of 100,000. Have you actually ever been to Florida? Go ahead and make fun of us. Some people love to live in a vacation land all year long. Sorry that you live through your computer and write stupid stuff.

  11. With all the auctions going on on the west side of Florida, and the high unemployment rates over there as well with people leaving in droves over the past 5 years, I have to disagree with your so-called ‘scientific’ data regarding Volusia and Flagler Counties. I lived for a few years in Ormond Beach and loved it, and now live in Palm Coast and enjoy the peacefulness, the community atmosphere and the clean air. Plus jobs are opening up all throughout Florida. I just interviewed for one yesterday in Palm Coast. I know you are wrong.

  12. The comment about Poinciana being ‘under the radar’ is correct. Poinciana sits in a great location and it is a community made up of many talented and hard working people. The problem that Poinciana has been forced to live with over the past 42 years is that is not a Florida City but an unincorporated community split between Polk and Osceola Counties that is forced to live under a master homeowners association totally controlled by developers who’s primary interest is padding the pockets of themselves.

    Poinciana has tried to allow itself to have a referendum to become its own city and each time it has been turned down by the Polk and Osceola Legislative delegations. Poinciana could very easily get off this list and become one of the best places in central Florida to live if our legislative delegations would just allow the people of Poinciana to vote.

    1. If you want to live in an area where traffic is hell (at all times), violent crime, rape, and home robberies at peak, a hospital that’s mediocre at best, and leaders are the most rude, racists individuals in Florida, come on down to Poinciana. Ask for Keith Laytham, he’ll steer you right into the ground along with his lover’s, Wendy, public chest cracks. You foist rudeness and violence against residents, Keith, and this is what you get. I’m looking forward to attending your funeral.

      1. While I and Keith, for the most part, do not get along, I do have to agree with both of you as to “Poinciana, Florida”, the income here is at low levels, the traffic here is the worse of any community or even a city that I have lived in and I have lived just about all over the world. Poinciana has poor representation from either county that being Polk is the worse while Osceola does far better but not by much. There is nothing here, but fast food, dollar general stores, gas station, and the worse Wal-Mart store anyone could ever go too. I do whole hardly agree about the new hospital here over billing and they are not set up for any major emergencies in most cases this hospital has to transfer people to other hospitals on this subject I will agree with you, don’t waste your time going to the hospital in Poinciana. As for doctors, all are Spanish or of other of foreign origins (you can barely understand them or even their office personal), there is not one just plain English Caucasian doctor to be found in Poinciana. The people or property owners who do live here are lazy, uneducated, ignorant just plain pure, and simple while most cannot even speak English. They are the most rudeness people I have ever had to live with. As far as the homeowners association, yes it is completely run by a management company that thinks nothing of spending money on useless things that most people do not even go too or even take part in. Net alone even voting in an HOA board of election so what happens the developer along with outside investors from Canada keeps putting people on the board that the management company gives a list of who they want on the board mainly relatives who work for the management company talk about conflict, plus the fact no one ever goes to any HOA board meetings with board members who are just as stupid and gullible with a rubber stamp to the management company. The pictures that are shown on the APV websites or even their Facebook page are mostly fake (Association of Poinciana Villages)what you don’t see is how they take care of the back common areas they are the pits, trashed. The canals areas are never cleaned out ever, which brings a great deal of flooding. Let’s not even mention that this area is now over 40 years old and some homes really look like it as well. Traffic is the worse I have ever seen and it is getting worse by the year, but yet the counties put in a toll road that is not used due to the cost of using it, plus the fact it is too far west of where everyone goes to work in the first place. No shopping, no real restaurants, there is nothing here and if your day is made by going to Wal-Mart well what I can say. Originally Poinciana was to be a city that is in the documents of the original developer GAC who went into bankruptcy after they were ordered by the HUD to ceases and decease of selling any more property, due to the fact of Unfair Trade Practices, once in bankruptcy they came out as “Avatar”, reorganizations move forward to 2020 Avatar sold their assists and stocks to Taylor Morrison Homes, Inc a developer out of Texas and Arizona they pay noting into the HOA but yet every year they places who will set on the HOA Board by an employee who lives in Poinciana, complaints go unanswered, HOA citation fines are very high, foreclosures are high. Like I said, I have lived just about all over the world, and by far Poinciana is the worse and for that matter, Central Florida (Orlando area and everything south), is not worth living here. I look forward to getting the hell out of here it cannot come soon enough. It’s not my home it’s the area it’s not worth it. Find somewhere else to live, you move here you will be sorry later, you have been warned!

  13. i have lived in new port richey for 12years and by moon lake were we told that it a very bad area. A lot of homeless people but nice me and husband help out In soup kitchen and almost everybody know us. and love it here. Quiet, peaceful. If you don’t like it here just move.

    1. “If you don’t like it here just move.” Just like that, right? So easy to do. Especially for “A lot of homeless people”.

    2. I can’t tell you how many times I heard “If you don’t like it here, then move.” in New Port Richey/Port Richey/Holiday/Hudson (all the same). My response was always “Pay me what I paid for my house and reimburse me for everything that’s been stolen from me or shut your trap.” This entire area is a total disaster. If you are planning to move to West Pasco county, all I can do is say do your research first and advise against it in the strongest terms possible. Hookers, drug dealers, homelessness, crime, abandoned homes and stores, and corrupt local government is all you will find. When I finally did sell my house, it felt wrong not telling the buyers what they were getting into but it is up to you to fully investigate any community you may be considering moving to. If you have children, it should be considered abuse to move them there. At least my 13 year old can identify a hooker at 100 yards. So proud.

      1. I agree with all of the above statements. Add to this the countless number of HOAs that should not be in existence (due to MRTA / Expired restrictions) and you have all that Pasco County has to offer. You not only have to watch your back where you choose to work, and where to raise your family, but you also have to fight to keep your neighbors from taking your house from under you!

  14. I personally feel that ALL these atributes exist in every city in America. There’s good and bad everywhere you go. Having said that I’ll address the New Port Richey issue. I moved to NPR in the mid 80’s at age 18 due to that fact I had grown up in upstate New York and Really hated it as well as the fact my childhood friend (from N.Y.) had lived in NPR with his father (Which had been there for many years prior as a business owner and resident) for a time. I loved the area!!! It was so unlike N.Y. the residents of NPR were very friendly, This I say because walking sown the street people that I didn’t even know would say hello. The people that I did meet would welcome me into their homes. The properties were well taken care of and on and on. I floated back and forth a couple of years and settled there for a 10 year period from 1992-2002 and was very happy there. was there (some) difficulty finding employment (Right in NPR) maybe. But most people would get in their car and go to work in a city nearby. Clearwater, St Pete and Tampa are right there. Was there crime ??? Everywhere’s got crime BUT you didn’t get up every morning hearing about who it was that got murdered the night before. For the most part they’d list the people that were stupid enough to drink and drive. LOL Were the income levels low??? At the time income levels were low everywhere in Florida as a whole. This I can say because my parents one with an education and the other experienced in construction and mechanics had a hard time making the income they had up north. Ended up go back north till they retired and moved right back !!! I moved back north in 2002 due to illness and the fact Florida won’t give a single person medical insurance and now the I’m well I’m going right back to NEW PORT RICHEY !!! Loved it then and I’m going to LOVE IT AGAIN !!!

  15. Low student to teacher ratios are good. That means less students to teacher ratio. Low student to teacher ratio would be 10:1, 10 students to 1 teacher. High student to teacher ratio is bad. High student to teacher ratio is 20:1, 20 students to 1 teacher. This was misused through the whole article.

    1. Yes, that was a glaring mistake used throughout the article. It served to make me discount most of the other assertions of the author. Also, high education spending demonstrably does NOT equal higher educational outcomes. If that were so, DC would be full of Ph.D’s rather than gang-bangers and drop-outs.

  16. Holly Hill ranks better than NSB or Mt. Dora as a place to live!? Seriously!!! Have you been to Holly Hill. That alone made me disregard all of the findings.

    1. We have always referred to Holly Hill as “Holy Hell”. Were they drunk or stoned when they came up with that rating?

  17. Whoever the author is, apparently doesn’t know Florida too well. His reference is not true to the facts. Where is Orlando all in this mix? You better take a drive by and see what poverty, low income and unemployed looks like. You are taking your statistics from another source? That’s great journalism.

  18. As a former resident of the Sunshine State, can only say that within the listed criteria, this article hits the nail squarely on the head. There are some fine places to live here year around, but to ignore or mock this list just makes one worthy of the ‘Floriduh Resident’ label.

    1. I hope you’re enjoying life where you are now, because absolutely no one misses your kind when one of you bitter malcontents leaves. Please, never come back.

  19. Nick…that’s a photo of me giving the thumbs down in the hyperlink to this article…we should chat.

  20. The State of Florida has horrible education for the kids. The types of jobs are mostly service industry related so the income of residents that are working age suck. There isn’t any trickle down economics with the wealthy retired people. I’ve lived here half of my life & I’m not impressed at the quality of life. The weather is great, beautiful beaches are beautiful. I have wanted to move to where there is better jobs, better people and younger thinkers…

  21. Have lived in Central FL and the West Coast, ,Palm Harbor, Countryside area and they are far better than Central Florida ANY DAY, hands down! Had a business, did well; St Cloud, went broke with a GREAT Deli!

  22. As a native Floridan for most of my 71 years and having traveled this state from end to end and side to side I can honestly say that this survey is woefully out of touch with the real Florida. I currently divide my time between Daytona Beach (my birthplace) and Palm Coast and can attest to the quality of life in both and it’s no where near as bad as described. However, statistical analysis can be bent to say pretty much anything you want so the argument is not with the survey’s statistics but how they are presented to draw conclusions. Certainly there are places and areas of the state that no one in their right mind would want to call home but statistically they are just fine and the reverse is also true; supposedly fine places that you wouldn’t catch me in any time of the day or especially night.

    This gets a BIG thumbs down from this old Florida cracker.

    1. ANDY as a 71 year old YOU are out of touch. You most likely do not bike around town , like folks getting a workout , therefor you are NOT exposed to crime! and having been knocked off your bike….also there are ALOT OF DRUNKS in DAYTONA !!! You shuffle yourself around in a truck ..most likely and shop at PUBLIX where the prices are higher than that of the crime infested WALMART on lets say BEVILLE ROAD.
      The fact that you LIVE here and for a long time tells me what I already know,
      YOU KNOW NO BETTER !!!!!!! That is what is called “FLORIDA CRACKER” that does not know any better!

      1. It’s “know” better, and it’s pretty clear that you don’t. Also, consider laying off the capital letters. It doesn’t make us pay more attention to your rant.

  23. Warrington? Warrington is a SUBURB NEIGHBORHOOD in Pensacola. You people are idiots and your list is made of the stuff that comes out the hind end of a bull.

  24. Fort Pierce resident here. Any writer that cites Wikipedia as a reliable source to back up an argument needs to go back to high school.

  25. Fort Pierce is a congenial small town. Some shops, the Courts, lawyers offices and restaurants are in the quaint area of its downtown. The rest of Fort Pierce is dangerous and ugly. West of US 1, leaves a lot to be desired.

  26. The education formulas must not be taking into account charter schools. For instance, Four Corners and Poinciana have some of the best charter schools in the state, consistently scoring high grades year after year.

  27. The fact that Jacksonville is so far down on the list as far as crime is proof positive that this “survey” is a complete joke. Also, do ya think that maybe the unemployment rate that you tout for Palm Coast might have something to do with the fact that the vast majority of residents are retired? If you want a good laugh then read this list. If you want facts I’m afraid you will have to look elsewhere.

  28. Bet this kid isn’t even from Florida. This list is totally inaccurate an uninformative. How is Daytona, NPR, and New Symerna worse off than Riviera Beach??

    1. because when you LIVE in area such as DAYTONA BEACH you will understand that the EVERYONE nearly lives on WELFARE DISABILITY or A LOW PAYING PART TIME SHIT JOB (and that is the educated who are working part time as well!)


  29. I’m from New York and now live in Kissimmee. I can safely say they should be number 1on this list! There are nice areas, but most of the residents live in hotels due to the fact that tourism is first and foremost here. Most people are working in the restaurant or hospitality industries and get less hours when tourism slows down. The lack of affordable housing has everyone flocking to the “projects”. The hotels and motels along US 192 which are drug and crime infested. Poiciana is a step up for Kissimmee residents that come into Tax money or have one of those bs invasive programs help them out of their misery. The education system inn Osceola county is really not that, there’s too many pedophiles. Osceola county sheriff’s office always in and out of the hotels and arrest for everything!!!!!

  30. While I respect the opinions of all contributors, it appears to this observer, that most of the negative conclusions drawn, seem to be crime and unemployment driven, with some city/state bureaucracy issues tossed in for good measure. (And rightfully so…) However, are not these problems, at least to some degree, existent in most of our cities? What about the positive aspects of our cities? My feeling is, that to take the negative data generated from the so called “fact finding” discovery group, no doubt authoring this piece, and essentially relegating these 10 cities to little more than the “arm pit” of Florida, is a mis-characterization of gargantuan proportions. Furthermore, to use these dubious findings to be the determining basis for the launching or dissolving of a school, church or business is not to be considered responsible, in my judgment. Since we all deserve an opinion, mine is that this report, blatantly portraying these ten cities as the “worst places to live in Florida,” should be reexamined, factually, and until such a credible report can be offered, this article we are referring too, should remain suspect.

  31. There is no “worst place” in Florida to live. It’s Florida, a bug infested hotbox of crap.The entire state is the worst place to live.

  32. We love Fort Pierce! The crime is localized in certain parts of town like any other American city. You have great beaches, folksy people and great culture. The sunrise theatre is a real gem. The Saturday markets are great! The Friday night festivals.

    You have a small town feel without all the stress and traffic of bigger cities.

    We also love the parish community of St. Anastasia.

  33. Meanwhile, other more credible sources are ranking New Smyrna Beach on their lists of “Florida’s Hidden Gems.”

  34. People are seriously defending Palatka??? It is a wonder that this joke of a town is not number 1 by a landslide. My daughter was born here and this is where I will remain for the next 13 years. That is ALL that could ever keep me here in this dump. The first thing we do when I get her every weekend is LEAVE this town…

    I really don’t even know where to start. Drugs, meth labs, unemployment, crime, poverty, nothing here for the kids, babies making babies, so and so on…

    Let’s not forget this lovely county is also home of the number 1 Aids per capita rate in the NATION…

    P.S. I was called into work xmas day then robbed that night by a man with a submachine gun w/banana clip… and forever that is what I will think of during holidays…

    Great Place for a family!!! right….

  35. You got NPR wrong…it’s not New Port Richey, it’s No Place Really…and yes its a shithole.

  36. With Belle Glade at 96 and Interlachen not even on the list, I place no validity on this… two worst places in FL hands down and I have lived here my whole life

    1. Belle Glade is horrible but Pakokee is a smaller, even more pathetic hole a hitch hike away. Even the stray dogs are sad.

  37. Cocoa Beach is a dirty beach town with ignorant residents. Many properties are un-kept and people love to have their dogs poop in neighbors yards. Semi nice place to visit, but do not move here. There is very little entertainment for vacationers or residents. Zero programs for seniors.

  38. I would like to clarify my above statement and add that I lived beachside in the older section of Cocoa Beach. Lots of renters there that didn’t care about the properties. I recently moved to a condo in Orlando and now I have no people or dog worries and lots of things to do.

  39. To clarify my above comment, I lived beachside in the older section of Cocoa Beach where there are lots of renters. I recently moved to Orlando where I no longer have people or dog worries and there is lots to do.

  40. LOL! Great article Nick! I’m a 55 year old Florida native, along with my parents, grandparents, etc., being Florida natives. I’ve been all over the state, currently residing temporarily in Palatka #2 on the list, living on the St. John’s River. I must agree with you!!! 🙂

  41. some people just dont understand there going by income crime and population so if theres more people there has to be the same % of crime or whatever the stats say one city might only have 15,000 people with say 1,500 get arrested so thats 10% and if a city has 100,000 people in order to get at 10% 10,000 people need to get arrest thats just an example i dont care where i live or where its ranked port richey is just fine other then the bitches that live next door house payments are cheap and ins. and house taxes as well and my wife also does pretty good other then its boring and have to drive to go somewhere fun with the kids port richey isnt so bad

    1. You must never leave your house to think Port Richey is anything but a disaster. Boring? If all the strip clubs, gun shops, pawn shops, tattoo parlors, and liquor stores don’t provide you with enough entertainment, then a quick ride through town will reveal all the prostitutes and meth/crack/pain pill dealers you will need to round out your party. Also, I forgot to mention the schools but you kinda have that one covered with your post, assuming you are a product of the school system there, which at least appears to be the case.

  42. what this say is that people are destroying the beauty of our cities and envierment. if we move to the moon, the crime rate will go up and the trash will fill the place.. we are sadly becoming filthy animals.

  43. I’ve been many places and I can say I love palm coast. The crime is low in most parts and the cost of living is cheap.. What more do you want? You can buy a beautiful home for less than 150,000.

  44. I will however like to agree Daytona beach is a filthy place.. Crime is bad and you can always find a lady of the night on every corner.
    I lived there for a few years.. Grew up in ormond beach (really nice town) right next door.
    Can’t imagine how hard the law enforcement works to keep out the bad

  45. Deltona is definitely horrible cause it’s nothing but a huge subdivision and trying to find a job locally is ridiculous. Plus most businesses that are there is mostly family owned or chain companies that are greedy want experiences to lazy to train anyone where even myself at age 26 can’t find one. I been trying to find one since I was 16. It’s a you have to know someone or deal where’s that’s unfair for others.

  46. @Jay; The work situation has *always* been deplorable in Florida, except for a few select fields, and the pay scale has always been grossly substandard compared to the same Northern jobs. Now the job situation is bad everywhere in America, due to corporate outsourcing. These are tough times to be young in. As a 65 year old living on a modest social security check, I have to admit that these are tough times for young people. I don’t envy you, and I don’t mind saying, this looks like a good time to be going out rather than coming in, on multiple levels. That may sound a bit extreme, but that’s how I see it, and I have 65 years of live experience to reinforce that point of view. Good luck. I hope your generation can turn it around, but it doesn’t look good.

  47. This is the stupidest out of touch article I have ever read.I live in Palm Coast and it’s a very nice area and very safe never see or hear of anything bad and it isn’t a big city it’s the newest city in the U.S. also article says that Palatka Fl. is a high crime area.that’s total nonsense, all that’s in palatka is farmland and very low crime.whoever the person”s” are that wrote this must be on drugs and hilucinating its such a joke.

    1. You must be blind.. it definitely was nice, and it does have some nice spots. But its turning into a ghetto. Moved to NSB, it’s a million times better. I will always have a soft spot for pc, but it’s better days are in the history books…

  48. I was shown this list and laughed. I live in Palm Coast and if you never been there you are missing a Gem of a city…. But please continue to think its a bad place to live. I don’t want any new neighbors, it’s perfect the way it is..

  49. Bear in mind that one man’s dumpster is another man’s deli. Most of Florida is no longer the paradise it once was, and how one perceives it is relative to what one is conditioned to. Obviously, most folks from places like New York or New Jersey (for example) aren’t going to be fazed by things like the exponentially growing over-population, endless miles of solid cement permanently replacing what was once green, beautiful and natural, grueling traffic, multiple light cycles, and the likes. In fact, they must like it, because they’re not happy just to move here, they have to bring all that noise with them. SO. This list would make a lot more sense if were ‘The10 Worst STATES to live in’. Because the real Florida, once one of the most beautiful places in the country to live, and a truly “affordable paradise” is disappearing at an alarming rate – like the old song, ‘They Paved Paradise and Put Up a Parking Lot’. And the worst part of it is, when it’s gone, it’s gone forever. Quibbling over which parts are “better” or “worse” is pretty much moot at this point. All that said, your mileage may vary. You might be one of those people who wouldn’t know the difference. After all, you can’t miss what you’ve never had.

  50. For whatever reason, Florida is becoming the dumping ground for America’s trash. I used to say that NY dumped all their trash in NJ but now I see it all ends up here eventually. I live in horrible Holiday. Pasco County is the biggest collection of white trash on the planet. I call it Trashco County. It seems like the Florida counterpart to the Statue of Liberty would be a disheveled dreg with a case of beer in one arm and the other holding up a drug syringe or a joint of marijuana. The motto” “Send me your unemployed, your brain-dead, your drug-addicted masses yearning to inhale. The wretched refuse of your teaming slums. Send these, the homeless criminal class to me, I lift my roach beside the broken door!”

    Florida is definitely a sunny state for shady people. The seediest lowlife humanity inhabits this state.

  51. If Margate is better than Key West shoot me …anyone in Key West will trade his house for my place in Margate please stand up..

  52. i lived in south to central Florida and when i visited new Smyrna beach i thought it was a very nice pretty town dont understand why its on the list you also mention homestead without even putting it on the list that is one of the worst places i have passed thru

  53. new port richey is the only west coast place you have on the list Tampa is the strip club capital of the world and fort Myers has the worst trashy beach and awful crime

  54. so what areas in FL are good to live in? I am looking for an area with more than 1 acre, like the country side or beach no city…and low crime but I get conflicting information online. It seems if someone says this place is good, another says “OMG you will be raped three times in 30 minutes if you step out of your house after 3 pm” ha
    Seriously any advice from you floridians?

  55. Suzi, come to Lakeland. We have a wonderful sheriff who is serious about fighting crime. Lakeland is beautiful and you will love it! Halfway in between Tampa and Disney – there’s plenty to do within a short driving distance.

  56. Poinciana is mostly Hispanics and illegal alien Hispanics….it’s a high crime area and I can’t believe the upper 40,000 median income.
    Deltona is about 50% Hispanic and illegal Hispanic residents….dangerous drivers and vandalism/ burglaries are rising with each NYC POS ghetto dweller moving there.
    Pine Hills is a black town where shootings happen all the time.
    Florida used to be a gem but with overdevelopment it is rapidly becoming a Spanish speaking third world state.
    Miami is Lil Havana and no more needs to be said about that.

    1. There is a lot more to be said such as: What make you think you no that most of the Hispanic are illegal,most of the people there are Hispanic and what % is Hispanic. white town shoots just as well and are even more

  57. North Palm Beach not the best place to live under the sun.
    This village is run by simple minded people.
    The code enforcement is a gestapo organization.
    Don’t think about doing anything to your home without a permit.
    I mean anything not even a sprinkler to water a shrub.
    A neighbor can call and make any allegation and the storm troopers will be at your door before the neighbor hangs up the phone.
    I finally sold my place and got out of this hell hole, I can breath now.

    1. Pat, I’m thinking of moving out of Coconut Creek… where did you move to? Out of the state I’m presuming. I’m a Fla native and have been wanting out of here since high school which was decades ago. Now the car insurance is sky high and I hate the traffic and all the concrete and bldgs going up. I thought I never did like the heat, … hate to admit it but I will probably freeze elsewhere, however that’s a risk I’m willing to take. I also have my place paid off but I’m willing to sell so that I have the money to get out of the state.

  58. My father’s crappy job in the FAA got my family trapped in the Daytona Beach area after the insanely racist and crappy people at the Daytona control tower drove him to a nervous breakdown with their endless abuse and psychological sabotage.

    I could go on and on about how unfathomably mean and crappy Volusia County in general is, but let me just say that it’s such shit that TWO of the towns in this list — Daytona AND New Smyrna Beach — are both in Volusia, but this article neglects to mention that. It also neglects to mention that not only does Volusia County have the highest suicide rate in the state, but its crappy and sadistic local government has in recent years gotten in the malicious mood to violate all previous agreements of Baker Act confidentiality and begin posting Baker Act records of individuals on their public records website, even while the words “NON-PUBLIC” still appear right at the top of each of them.

    With my family having been stuck here since 1984, the only good thing I’ve noticed about Volusia County is its school system — Volusia County Schools does one hell of a job, considering what it has to work with, given the eternal nastiness of the people and the local government. It is literally the only ray of light in this Biff Tannen’s alternate universe dystopia of Back to the Future Part II.

    If you’re reading this and you’re considering moving to Daytona Beach, let me warn you ahead of time: Daytona is the kind of place that not only sucks, but it saps your energy, cripples your spirit and wrecks your life so badly that you get trapped here, unable to leave until you possibly retire — that is, if you work for the school board or goernment here and thereby even get a retirement.

    So if NASCAR, the beach, and unfathomably hard-hearted and mean-spirited people (mostly German) are your thing, move here and be as happy as a pig in its own filth. But if you’re not into the whole gratuitously nasty, biker-bad-ass culture of pawn shops, bail bondsmen, tattoo shops, and endlessly having to make a vulgar show of how tough you are, avoid this county like it has the Black Plague because it will ruin your life and, if you have a family, theirs too.




  59. Just took a look at the entire list… The list claims that Jacksonville is better to live in than St.Augustine. Not once in my life have I ever come across someone who prefers Jacksonville over St. Augustine. I’m calling this list bullshit.

    1. I agree …whoever wrote this bogus list hasn’t been anywhere in Florida , or buzzed through with blinders on. The entire list is based on easily skewable numbers for this or that . Spend 15 minutes anywhere in Tallahassee, and you’ll be so sick of panhandlers and criminals , you’d beg to be in any city in their “top 10” .

  60. After coming back from visiting the gulf coast places such as SARASOTA
    and CLEARWATER beach
    it confirmed that DAYTONA is being RUINED by the AFRICAN COMMUNITY which A SHIT the place has become…… DAYTONA BEACH is a shit hole now have been here 20 years and after KATRINA it went DOWN.

    We drove back into town by BEVILLE WALMART and it was CLEAR



  61. There’s an error in this analysis: “Additionally, Fort Pierce has one of the lowest student-teacher ratios in Florida, meaning the kids aren’t getting as much attention as in other cities of its size.”

    No, a LOW student-teacher ratio means that there are relatively fewer students per teacher than average. That means kids get more attention than in other comparable cities. A HIGH student-teacher ratio would mean more students per teacher. LOW student-teacher ratios are a benefit. Please rewrite this section.

  62. Honestly the best part of the comments is the not so subtle indication that many feelings were hurt.

    A list of worst cities from this Florida native would include:
    Port St.John
    Crystal River
    Land O’ Lakes
    Melbourne/West Melbourne
    Orlando (and it’s surrounding areas other than Winter Park)
    PINE HILLS (although more of a neighborhood)
    Temple Terrace
    Lake City
    PERRY (Should be #1 worst)
    Palm Bay

    I’m definitely missing some of what south Florida has to ‘offer’ but during my travels I’ve discovered more and more terrible towns in this state.

    1. I have family that live in Brevard County and unfortunately the few times I visited although the population is increasing, it is increasing the same types of trashy people all drawn into the area. All of Brevard county is a complete dump! Lots of poverty, trashy, uneducated people, low wages and high unemployment rate. Unless you work for Nasa there is zero reason to want to live in that area. Also, Orlando is very similar. Maybe FL in general isn’t for me but I would never step foot in central fl/brevard county again.

  63. Yea, well, I don’t know about anyone else, but living in North Central Florida completely sucks. If you live between Gainesville and Ocala, there is literally nothing, empathsis on Levy county area. You either have to drive 45 min to an hour to Ocala for something that is either in agriculture or construction, or you drive the 35 min to Gainesville for jobs that you need a Masters degree to clean toilets. The jobs do not pay well regardless of experience or education level. It’s like they want you to live in poverty or your forced out of the area. None the less, due to family illnesses and deaths, that is the only reason we are here. Otherwise, we’re getting out of here ASAP. The area is very crappy. Most folks live in or near poverty. I just wish that the higher powers realized that there is more to Florida than south Florida, to which all the revenue is placed. Bottom line, is that it is extremely difficult to sustain yourself unless your are retired, on welfare, or conform to a lower standard of living, in essence giving up.

    1. Wow! I lived in Boca Raton for 2 years. We used to call it “boca rotten” Guess it wasn’t so bad. Now, I am looking for a small, inexpensive retirement condo. Looking online, doing research. Smaller towns right outside St, Petersburg are catching my attention.

  64. I live in Lake County and have never lived around such crazy, rude people. And that is saying a lot because I’ve lived all over the US. The only reason I stay is to look after my elderly parents or I would have been out of here long ago. What is it with all the mentally ill people around here? I moved to Lake Co. in 1998 and hated it so much I moved out of the state after only 3 months. I swore I would never come back. I had to for reasons mentioned above. That was in 2008; I actually cried driving the U-Haul back here. Some of the creepy towns in Lake Co. are Leesburg = Sleazeburg, Eustis or Useless, Umatilla aka Armadillo, and who wants to live in a town that the first part of it is pronounced like a** (Astatula)? Get my point?

  65. Martin County seems like a nice place but just recently the dept of defense marked it as the worst county for drugs on the measure coast. The Police are always pissed off , never nice unless your a redneck or a Trumper. If you ever speak your mind or get in any kind of trouble with a ticket you better have a good lawyer they love to throw people in jail, they don’t care what your circumstances are. The people are not nice and old people and rednecks are all over, angry and nasty. The have cops all over but for some reason, can’t or won’t stop the influx of drugs, yet seem to have time to harras the locals and bend every rule there is. The Police make their own rules as they have NO oversight, who is on the take well who knows its a good ole boys club and everyone is fair game unless you know them and paly their game. The county is a free for all with the local lawyers milking millions from anyone and everyone, they have collected 375 million in taxes and fines for a county with 155,000 people? really , it is the worst county to find a job and this leads to much of the drug use. Its so bad I am scared to use my real name in fear of retribution. No joke beware .

  66. The crime statistic for Cocoa is wrong. 80% of the Cocoa arrests come from non-residents. They live in other towns/cities in Brevard. Why they come to Cocoa in the first place is the mystery. As a resident taxpayer, I’m highly annoyed that my police are being over-worked by these lawless troublemakers coming into my city.

    Cocoa is a good place to live aside from the nomadic tribes that force themselves upon us.

  67. The Scientologist’s have made Clearwater beautiful and clean and I have not joined them …it’s just the truth!

  68. We moved (full time) to southwest Florida from the Midwest. I’m still getting used to the rude people (mostly from the Northeast and foreign countries). Sometimes I feel like I’ve moved to a foreign country because there are tons of foreign language speaking people who don’t bother to learn English (or choose not to speak it even when you are standing next to them and they know you don’t understand them). Most contractors (ex NY and NJ) here are crooked liars. If you are a crime victim, the local government is non-existent, (they call it “government light”), but the police and fish and wildlife officers are vigilant at pulling people over whether in a car or boat for minor and even non-existent reasons because this generates revenue for the do-nothing government bureaucrats in a state with no state income tax. If you are perfectly sober and minding your own business, but have a beer on the beach, a warden will pull up on a 4 wheeler and order you to get rid of it. There are more lawyers per capita than doctors (and doctors and hospitals are scary). Every decent subdivision is a gated maze, which means your friends have to wait in line to be allowed in whenever they visit and it takes you a full five minutes or more just to exit the place (with 15 mph speed limits and geezers behind the wheel). Most developments consist of overpriced, cheaply outfitted, shotgun houses placed 8′ apart, providing zero privacy for residents, but high profit for the legislators’ beloved (wealthy) developers. The natives resent you for moving here and the older established residents of your subdivision who volunteer, with zero qualifications, for the mandatory association in your subdivision will make futile attempts to control every ounce of information, while failing to keep up the appearance of the place. They will pay lawyers to milk them out of association funds and refuse to take advice from anyone who is not in their cliques (who vote them in). One day I hope to escape, but I fear losing our investment. I’ve resigned myself to never meeting nice new people with whom I have anything in common, but I try to enjoy the weather when my friends in the Midwest are hibernating in their houses and shivering.

  69. The author used statistics based on the following categories to support their findings (which help ppl like me make choices on where to live) :
    Good education
    Lots of jobs
    Low crime
    Low poverty
    Nice homes
    High incomes
    High population density (Lots of things to do)
    Short work commutes
    Health insurance

  70. Statistics are a wonderful thing. I’m in a small town in Florida which is actually pretty quiet and rather nice. County police does our law enforcement, we don’t have our own police department.

    A year ago, someone living in a tent (homeless person, and we have very, very few homeless people here) dropped his old shotgun and it fired, killing his girlfriend. He wasn’t charged, it was deemed an accident.

    Statistically speaking, you now have a 1 in 1,000 chance of being murdered here, and we have a “soaring crime rate”. If their tent had been 25 feet further west, they would have been in unincorporated county, and we wouldn’t be considered a “dangerous” city to live in. This doesn’t minimize the tragedy of her accidental death, but it does show you can use statistics to “prove” anything.

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