The 10 Snobbiest Cities In America For 2021

We looked at science and data to determine which American cities probably think they’re better than you.

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Editor’s Note: We updated this article for 2021. This is our seventh time ranking the snobbiest cities in America. This article is an opinion based on facts and is meant as infotainment — don’t freak out.

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There are certain parts of the country where residents and snootiness go together like a snob and a superiority complex. Of course there’s the West Coast snob – a newer creature who perhaps made his or her money in tech or a startup.

There’s the southern snob, who takes pride in family money and goes to events like cotillions and coming out parties (yes, really.)

And then there’s the snob of the Northeast – a wealthy, high-class, individual, who, don’t even bother asking, is much smarter, more sophisticated, and way more learned than you.

But where are the snobbiest people in the entire country located? Using data scraped from the internet, it’s not too hard to tell. You just have to know where to look.

We’re the snob hounds, and we’re on the case.

After analyzing the 332 largest cities in the nation, we’ve firmly decided that these are the 10 snobbiest cities in the snobbiest country of them all:

It looks like it’s just about a Coastal Elite sweep, doesn’t it?

First off, we’re not saying there’s anything wrong with the people in these cities. If we had the money and knowledge a lot of the people in these cities do, we’d probably be a little snobby, too.

And to be clear, we didn’t form this list based on our own biases — we relied on the cold hard data.

Check out more about America here:

The 10 Snobbiest Cities In America For 2021

Cambridge, MA

Overall SnackAbility


Population: 116,632
Average Income: $139,991
Median Home Value: $768,300
More on Cambridge:  Data | Crime | Cost Of Living

There are snooty places, there are snobby places, and then there’s Cambridge. If you haven’t spent much time there, know this: They probably think they’re better than you.

When you look at the data it’s hard to disagree. People in Cambridge live in some of the most expensive homes in the country (albeit they are very much overpriced). And Cambridge folks are really smart: 50%+ of its residents have a college degree.

But they’re not just money snobs in the area. They’re culture snobs, too.

Alexandria, VA

Overall SnackAbility


Population: 157,613
Average Income: $135,100
Median Home Value: $572,900
More on Alexandria:  Data | Crime | Cost Of Living

Down I95 a days drive is Alexandria, which is also right up there with apparent snobbery.

Whose kids are the most pampered in all the land? Alexandria’s kids, that’s who. There are more private schools in Alexandria than most other cities in the nation.

And they’re culture snobs here, too.

San Buenaventura (Ventura), CA

Overall SnackAbility


Population: 109,910
Average Income: $98,681
Median Home Value: $570,100
More on San Buenaventura (Ventura):  Data

Snob Buenaventura’ for nothing (Do they? They should).

When you have the highest number of destination spas per capita, that’s also a sign that you’re slightly above the rest of us when it comes to snobbery.

Ventura ranks highly in the number of museums. It’s home to several prestigious art festivals each year as well.

Plus, Ventura residents make a pretty penny and they’re really smart.

Ann Arbor, MI

Overall SnackAbility


Population: 120,735
Average Income: $96,905
Median Home Value: $323,400
More on Ann Arbor:  Data | Crime | Cost Of Living

There’s one big reason Ann Arbor is on this list. It starts with an S and ends in MART. These folks are just geniuses. They’re spoiled with culture, too.

Not only do families in Ann Arbor command relatively big salaries, over two-thirds of the residents in Ann Arbor have a college degree.

In fact, Ann Arbor is the 2nd smartest city in the nation. Only 4% of residents don’t have a high school diploma.

While the theater scene has a big following, the museums are where the city stands out.

That’s okay. They can just afford to buy the paintings and look at them in the comfort of their large homes.

Arden-Arcade, CA

Overall SnackAbility


Population: 102,864
Average Income: $81,989
Median Home Value: $367,700
More on Arden-Arcade:  DataCost Of Living

It’s our opinion that everyone with a hyphenated last name is a snob. So what happens when a city name is hyphenated? Everyone that lives there must be a snob — simple logic — and such is the case in Arden-Arcade.

Located east of Sacramento, the city of around 100,000 people is best known, for what else, shopping. You can get something from Williams-Sonoma in the afternoon and stop at Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse for dinner. And we’re sure you’ll be wearing at least two polos the whole time.

But hey, at least you’re living the good life, right?

Pasadena, CA

Source: Public domain
Overall SnackAbility


Population: 141,258
Average Income: $118,418
Median Home Value: $785,700
More on Pasadena:  Data | Crime | Cost Of Living

Pasadena (aka “Crown City”) isn’t too far behind the cities above when it comes to the number of private schools in the area (3rd in the nation), and theaters per capita (4th). It’s also one of the wealthiest cities in the country, too.

Have you ever watched the Rose Parade on New Year’s Day? That’s in Pasadena. So is Caltech, the Jet Propulsion Lab and the Norton Simon Museum.

Does that make you snobby? Only when you brag about it

Charleston, SC

Overall SnackAbility


Population: 135,257
Average Income: $98,287
Median Home Value: $330,600
More on Charleston:  Data | Crime | Cost Of Living

It’s a little surprising to see a Charleston on the list, but the facts are the facts.

There are art museums and private schools up the wazoo in Charleston. In fact, it should be called “The Private School City of The Arts.”

Though we didn’t measure shopping venues, you could make a case that Charleston has one of the highest concentrations of snobby retail in the nation.

Seattle, WA

Source: Public domain
Overall SnackAbility


Population: 724,305
Average Income: $128,183
Median Home Value: $663,100
More on Seattle:  Data | Crime | Cost Of Living

he folks up in the northwest are snobs for sure. Especially in Seattle, home of the snobbiest culinary restaurant on earth, Starbucks. It’s also a huge technology driven city, home to places like Amazon.

And, Nordstrom is headquartered there. That’s so snobtastic.

Seattle has the 5th most theaters in the nation per capita, so there are undoubtedly long lines at the latest Les Miz productions. It also boasts the 8th most art galleries in the country. With places like the Seattle Opera and Pacific Northwest Ballet in town, it’s clear there are some real culture snobs here.

Boulder, CO

Source: Public domain
Overall SnackAbility


Population: 106,392
Average Income: $109,410
Median Home Value: $700,000
More on Boulder:  Data | Crime | Cost Of Living

Boulder is a very affluent city a short drive from Denver.

And, like some of the other snobby cities, there are lots of private schools in Boulder.

The statistic that really puts Boulder on the snob pedestal are the geniuses that go to museums all the time — they are a really smart bunch here.

If you live in Boulder, you brag about the fact that you live in Boulder. Plain and simple.

Atlanta, GA

Overall SnackAbility


Population: 488,800
Average Income: $106,299
Median Home Value: $290,400
More on Atlanta:  Data | Crime | Cost Of Living

So here’s the thing about Atlanta: Sure, there are a lot of ‘kickback’ people who live here, and the people who live here are friendlier than those in other cities on the list.

But many are snobs nonetheless. They know Atlanta might be the ‘best’ city in the nation, and they think they’re better than you and I because they live there.

It’s got plenty to do, there are lots of art openings all the time, and lots of people there are smart and successful.

Are we jealous? Yes we are. We’d be snobby if we lived there, too.

How we determined the snobbiest places in America for 2021

We started by making a list of every place in America with more than 100,000 people based on the 2015-2019 American Community Survey.

That left us with 332 cities to rank.

We then looked at the following snob-tastic criteria for each of the places on the list:

We threw a lot of criteria at this one in order to get the best, most complete results possible. Using FBI crime data and the government census this is the criteria we used:

  • Average home price (Higher is snobbier)
  • Median household income (Higher is snobbier)
  • Percent of population with a college degree (Higher is snobbier)
  • Private schools per capita (Higher is snobbier)
  • Museums per capita (Higher is snobbier)
  • Farmers markets per capita (Higher is snobbier)

Finally, we averaged together the ranks of all the individual scores into a giant “Snobby Index” and the city with the lowest index — Cambridge, MA — ranked as the “Snobbiest City In America”. You can download the data here.

Time to put on your monocle and go through these snooty places.

Summing Up The Not So Humble Pie

Well there you have it, the places in America that needed a piece of humble pie, with Cambridge in particular being called out as the snobbiest city in the nation.

So sure, we may call you guys a little ‘snobby’. But it’s only because we’re jealous.

If you’re curious, here are the least snobby (or most laid back) cities in America:

  1. Laredo
  2. Brownsville
  3. Miami Gardens

Detailed List Of The Snobbiest Cities In America

Rank City Population Home Value
1 Cambridge, MA 116,632 $768,300
2 Alexandria, VA 157,613 $572,900
3 San Buenaventura (Ventura), CA 109,910 $570,100
4 Ann Arbor, MI 120,735 $323,400
5 Arden-Arcade, CA 102,864 $367,700
6 Pasadena, CA 141,258 $785,700
7 Charleston, SC 135,257 $330,600
8 Seattle, WA 724,305 $663,100
9 Boulder, CO 106,392 $700,000
10 Atlanta, GA 488,800 $290,400
11 Daly City, CA 106,677 $783,400
12 Washington, DC 692,683 $601,500
13 Allen, TX 101,699 $303,300
14 San Mateo, CA 104,333 $1,098,400
15 Berkeley, CA 121,485 $1,004,900
16 San Francisco, CA 874,961 $1,097,800
17 Stamford, CT 129,309 $532,700
18 Bellevue, WA 144,403 $809,200
19 Portland, OR 645,291 $412,000
20 The Woodlands, TX 113,819 $374,200
21 Richmond, VA 226,622 $230,500
22 Enterprise, NV 171,108 $315,300
23 Carlsbad, CA 114,253 $814,700
24 Salt Lake City, UT 197,756 $314,500
25 Miramar, FL 139,468 $299,900
26 Scottsdale, AZ 250,602 $475,300
27 Columbia, SC 133,273 $181,100
28 Jurupa Valley, CA 105,653 $363,000
29 Arlington, VA 233,464 $705,400
30 Westminster, CO 112,962 $340,900
31 Little Rock, AR 197,958 $167,600
32 Santa Rosa, CA 179,701 $540,600
33 Sandy Springs, GA 107,072 $471,800
34 Denver, CO 705,576 $390,600
35 Sugar Land, TX 118,709 $323,300
36 Madison, WI 254,977 $246,300
37 Fort Collins, CO 165,609 $367,900
38 Urban Honolulu, HI 348,985 $683,000
39 Plano, TX 287,064 $320,100
40 Oakland, CA 425,097 $687,400
41 Santa Clara, CA 127,721 $1,034,000
42 Columbia, MO 121,230 $191,800
43 Huntington Beach, CA 200,259 $771,100
44 College Station, TX 113,686 $241,600
45 Boston, MA 684,379 $532,700
46 Naperville, IL 147,501 $416,700
47 Eugene, OR 168,302 $288,600
48 Centennial, CO 110,218 $433,800
49 Metairie, LA 142,135 $236,900
50 Minneapolis, MN 420,324 $251,600
51 Tallahassee, FL 191,279 $203,800
52 Wilmington, NC 120,194 $246,400
53 Tacoma, WA 212,869 $277,900
54 Columbia, MD 103,991 $378,300
55 Huntsville, AL 196,219 $182,900
56 Burbank, CA 103,703 $730,100
57 Torrance, CA 145,492 $762,700
58 Pittsburgh, PA 302,205 $125,000
59 Raleigh, NC 464,485 $248,300
60 Anchorage, AK 293,531 $314,800
61 Coral Springs, FL 132,568 $354,100
62 Baltimore, MD 609,032 $160,100
63 Durham, NC 269,702 $224,100
64 Cary, NC 166,268 $356,400
65 Fremont, CA 235,740 $931,600
66 Irvine, CA 273,157 $838,000
67 Jersey City, NJ 261,940 $373,700
68 San Jose, CA 1,027,690 $864,600
69 Miami, FL 454,279 $317,700
70 Tampa, FL 387,916 $238,900
71 Richardson, TX 116,432 $274,200
72 Gainesville, FL 132,127 $161,900
73 Davie, FL 104,399 $309,600
74 Orlando, FL 280,832 $240,000
75 League City, TX 103,310 $245,100
76 New Orleans, LA 390,845 $231,500
77 Providence, RI 179,494 $200,300
78 Murfreesboro, TN 136,366 $238,000
79 Fullerton, CA 139,611 $650,000
80 Orange, CA 139,887 $656,100
81 Lafayette, LA 126,666 $195,400
82 Sunnyvale, CA 152,770 $1,223,600
83 Rochester, MN 115,557 $200,100
84 West Valley City, UT 136,009 $219,500
85 Highlands Ranch, CO 105,631 $467,500
86 San Diego, CA 1,409,573 $602,600
87 Sacramento, CA 500,930 $336,900
88 Billings, MT 109,595 $221,100
89 Cincinnati, OH 301,394 $138,000
90 Spring Valley, NV 207,127 $262,000
91 Hillsboro, OR 106,543 $342,500
92 Roseville, CA 135,637 $444,400
93 Manchester, NH 112,109 $227,600
94 Arvada, CO 118,746 $384,500
95 Austin, TX 950,807 $337,400
96 Worcester, MA 185,143 $227,100
97 Fort Lauderdale, FL 180,124 $334,000
98 West Palm Beach, FL 109,767 $251,700
99 Baton Rouge, LA 224,149 $174,000
100 Boise City, ID 226,115 $253,400

Snobbiest Places By State

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