The 10 Most Dangerous States In The United States For 2024

The most dangerous states are New Mexico and Louisiana for 2024 based on Saturday Night Science.

Most dangerous states in the United States research summary. We used Saturday Night Science to dig into the most dangerous data for 2024. The data comes from the FBI Crime Explorer and the report is not a testament to the effectiveness of local law enforcement. This report reflects our tenth time ranking the most dangerous states in America.

  • The most dangerous state in the United States is New Mexico based on our analysis of FBI crime data.

  • The state with most violent crime per capita is Alaska with 837.8 violent crimes per 100k people.

  • The state with most property crime per capita is Louisiana with 2,884.4 property crimes per 100k people.

  • The state with most murders per capita is Louisiana with 15.8 murders per 100k people.

  • The safest state in the United States is New Hampshire.

Dangerous States In America Map

Table Of Contents: Top Ten | Methodology | Table | Summary

Do you live in one of the most dangerous states in the United States?

We all watch the news with horror when we hear about a crime that happens not that far away from us. While major crime blocks or towns away from your house would make anyone uneasy, where you live is relatively safe in the long run.

Instead of relying on public opinion and speculation, we wanted to get the facts straight and dug into the FBI crime data to identify the most dangerous states in the U.S. If you’re in one of the places we’re about to highlight, odds are you know things aren’t a place that you can let your guard down too often.

This study uses facts to determine which of our great American states have the highest instances of crime. This research considers the amount of violent and property crime per capita for each state from the FBI Crime Report. Therefore, while you may have strong opinions about which states are the safest or most dangerous, you can’t argue against the methodology. According to this methodology, New Mexico is the most dangerous state in the United States. The safest state in the United States? You might not be too surprised that New Hampshire takes the cake.

After analyzing all 50 U.S. states, we came up with this list of the ten most dangerous states in America for 2024:

The 10 Most Dangerous States In The United States For 2024

  1. New Mexico
  2. Louisiana
  3. Arkansas
  4. South Carolina
  5. Tennessee
  6. Alaska
  7. Missouri
  8. Oklahoma
  9. Colorado
  10. Arizona

What’s the most dangerous state in America? According to the most recent FBI data, New Mexico is the most dangerous state in America if you look at violent and property crimes per capita.

Additionally, the South isn’t a place you want to go if you want to live without looking over your shoulder. At least not generally.

And if this has you down, feel free to check out the best states in the country.

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The 10 Most Dangerous States To Live In America For 2024

1. New Mexico

New-Mexico|Nm, NM

Source: Public domain

Population: 2,106,319
Violent Crime Per Capita: 778 (Second worst)
Property Crime Per Capita: 2,841 (Second worst)
Murders: 164 (13th worst)

Where’s the most dangerous state in all the land? How does New Mexico sound?

New Mexico has all the issues we described above wrapped into one. A native american population that’s poor and violent. A poor, relatively uneducated population that’s lacking jobs and a bright future. It’s a border town, so there are issues with crime and vagrants sneaking into the country.

The number of violent crimes per person is the second highest and the number of property crimes is the highest you’ll find in America by a long shot. That means there are more robberies, thefts and break ins here in New Mexico than any other place in America.

Substance abuse, socioeconomic issues, and even the fact that the state is crossed by major interstates leading to the West Coast and to Mexico are issues. Half the crime reported in the state are in one place – Albuquerque, where car thefts are at an all time high.

People talk about Florida man being dangerous and sketchy and unhinged. What about New Mexico man? If you live in New Mexico, you’re likely bored to death, AND you have to worry about crime all the time. But hey, at least the sunsets are pretty.

2. Louisiana

Louisiana|La, LA

Source: Public domain

Population: 4,645,318
Violent Crime Per Capita: 639 (Fifth worst)
Property Crime Per Capita: 2,884 (First worst)
Murders: 734 (First worst)

We don’t have to travel too far away to get to our next most dangerous state in the union, Louisiana.

Does poverty correlate with crime? Yes. Louisiana is very poor, and the number of thefts and attacks here is through the roof. Five cities in the Bayou State make the list of danger hot beds in this part of the country: Monroe, Shreveport, Baton Rouge, New Orleans and Alexandria are all places where you want to remain vigilant when you’re out and about after dark. And don’t even think about heading out into the swampy areas after the sun sets either.

All told, Louisiana ranks in the top 5 for both violent AND property crimes. The Bayou State had nearly 11 murders and nonnegligent manslaughters per 100,000 people not too long ago. The next-highest state was Mississippi with 7. The lowest was New Hampshire with 1 per 100,000 people. That means Louisiana has a murder rate 10 times higher than New Hampshire.

It may be no coincidence that the Bayou State is also the prison capital of America. Louisiana locks up more citizens per capita than any other state.

The people here are some of the friendliest in the south, and you talk about culture. Wow. It’s just that poverty, hot weather and lax gun laws make this the wild wild south.

3. Arkansas

Arkansas|Ar, AR

Source: Wikipedia User | CC BY-SA 4.0

Population: 3,030,522
Violent Crime Per Capita: 671 (Fourth worst)
Property Crime Per Capita: 2,613 (Eighth worst)
Murders: 321 (Fourth worst)

Remaining in the south, our next dangerous pit stop in America is Arkansas. Arkansas is another poor state in the south with a far-higher than average number of murders, rapes, assaults and robberies per capita.

If you live in the Natural State, don’t leave your car doors unlocked; there were more than 7,933 vehicles stolen in the state of Arkansas in 2022 reporting year.

Holy cow if you’ve never been to Little Rock – we’re not tryin’ to diss anyone really hard but man that place is rough. It’s always on some list of most dangerous places in the US for one year or another. For a city its size, 50 murders a year is sky high. It’s not Memphis rough, but in a lot of places, it’s straight ghet-toe. Pine Bluff is also pretty bad. But at least if you’re not a gangster, you’ll probably stay out of trouble.

4. South Carolina

South-Carolina|Sc, SC

Source: Public domain

Population: 5,218,040
Violent Crime Per Capita: 530 (Seventh worst)
Property Crime Per Capita: 2,721 (Fifth worst)
Murders: 549 (Fifth worst)

Where’s the third most dangerous state in America? That would be South Carolina.

South Carolina is notorious for property crimes, where residents have the fifth highest chance in the country for being the victim of a car theft, robbery or home invasion. You could probably take all of the crime that happens in Myrtle Beach away, and South Carolina would drop ten places.

Myrtle Beach used to be an amazing place for vacations and for the kids. No longer. If you’ve been to Myrtle Beach in the last 10 years, you’d see lots of trash, break ins, criminal activity and hear gun shots at night when you’re trying to sleep in your beachside hotel room. It’s especially bad here during bike week, 4th of July, Spring break, and any other warm weather related holiday.

Myrtle Beach, we’re so disappointed in you!

Much of South Carolina is relatively poor, which is part of the problem with property crimes. In many areas, Unemployment is high, drug use is rampant, and education is under valued. South Carolina received an “F” for home and community safety and ranked second to last in the nation by the National Safety Council. For road safety, the state received a “D,” just missing the bottom 10.

Residential fires, drownings, firearms and safety for vulnerable road users are areas where South Carolina is off track, too. Is this a pretty state? In many parts along the coast, some say it’s the prettiest in America. But it’s a place where you can’t leave your keys in your Hyundai Elantra and expect it to be there when you come back.

5. Tennessee

Tennessee|Tn, TN

Source: Wikipedia User | CC BY-SA 3.0

Population: 6,886,834
Violent Crime Per Capita: 672 (Third worst)
Property Crime Per Capita: 2,492 (Tenth worst)
Murders: 663 (Sixth worst)

Would you have guessed that Tennessee is the fifth most dangerous state in America?

If you’re from Memphis, you’d probably agree. Memphis may just be the worst city in America in many categories. Residents faced a 1 in 49 chance of being raped, assaulted, or murdered last year which is a 5% higher rate than the previous reporting year. There are perhaps 10,000 gang members in Shelby County.

Why is Tennessee so violent? Like many of the states we’ve discussed earlier, poverty, high drug use and a lack of solid jobs are all contributing factors. A lot of property crime from druggies and other low lifes breaking into property, looking for drugs or money for drugs. Seems like they can’t find enough cops to deal with the crappy people who make such a great state a dangerous one.

Overall, Tennessee is the third worst in America when it comes to violent crimes. Anyone want to volunteer to walk around Newport or Sweetwater alone at night Anyone? No? Didn’t think so.

6. Alaska

Alaska|Ak, AK

Source: Wikipedia User | CC BY 2.0

Population: 731,158
Violent Crime Per Capita: 837 (First worst)
Property Crime Per Capita: 2,260 (13th worst)
Murders: 49 (2worst)

Wanna get away? How about Alaska? It’s pretty darn dangerous in these parts.

So here’s the deal with Alaska. Yes, it’s THE MOST VIOLENT place you can live in the nation. Sure, there are hardly any places in Alaska where people actually live, but in the large clusters of cities that do exist, the odds are higher here than anywhere else that a rape, assault or murder will occur. That’s some scary stuff.

And it’s 13th in the nation for number of property crimes as well.

For many remote Alaskan communities only accessible by plane, the biggest danger isn’t bear attacks. Rather, it’s the villagers themselves and the unavailability of any law enforcement to protect victims. There are at least 75 Native American Alaskan villages that don’t have any law enforcement, reports the Washington Post. Isolated by long distances and difficult terrain, those residents must report crimes and wait for Alaska State Troopers to arrive in the village after hours of traveling.

Unfortunately, there are places in rural Alaska that if a woman is raped or a child is beaten, that victim might not get any help whatsoever. It can take a day and a half before responders show up to the scene of a crime or to a call for help. Imagine if you were a victim of violence and you can’t get help because weather conditions don’t allow you to get out of your village. Where are you supposed to go? You have nowhere to go.

In any event, if you go to Alaska, you’d better watch your back – whether it’s a bear or a crazy drunk local – things can get dicey pretty quickly out here in no man’s land.

7. Missouri

Missouri|Mo, MO

Source: Public domain

Population: 6,151,548
Violent Crime Per Capita: 542 (Sixth worst)
Property Crime Per Capita: 2,531 (Ninth worst)
Murders: 723 (Second worst)

Our seventh stop on our danger tour of America starts in Missouri. Most Americans might think of Missouri of a bunch of redneck farmers, and for the most part, they’d be right. But if you haven’t stepped foot in St. Louis before, here’s what you’re missing:

In 2022, St. Louis had the second most murders per capita in the entire country. Sure, most of the crimes that happen here are between rival gangs, and within certain neighborhoods. But that doesn’t mean the violence doesn’t spill into other parts of St. Louis.

So, while the majority of Missouri is completely safe, and many Missouri residents work hard, go to church, and care about their communities, the real jerks in the Show Me State make things bad for everyone else.

In terms of property crimes, Missouri ranks as the ninth worst. That takes into account stolen cars, cell phones and even toys.

8. Oklahoma

Oklahoma|Ok, OK

Source: Wikipedia User | CC BY-SA 2.5

Population: 3,980,783
Violent Crime Per Capita: 458 (13th worst)
Property Crime Per Capita: 2,705 (Sixth worst)
Murders: 296 (16th worst)

We don’t go very far on our next stop in our danger tour of the United States. Oklahoma ranks eighth on our list.

Now, in Oklahoma, property and violent crimes aren’t in the top 10 in either category, but when you add up the number of crimes per resident, this state has some serious issues. Many of them are poverty related.
Tulsa, in particular is a really bad place to live. Violent crime here has actually gone down by 4% over the last several years, and property crime by 5%.

Still, residents had around a 1% chance of being the victim of violence and about a 5% chance of being the victim of theft or arson in 2022 reporting year. In fact according to the statistics, you’d have a 1 in 100 chance of being a victim of a violent crime every year. And that doesn’t even take into consideration this state’s tornado danger or native stinging caterpillars.

Some people say Oklahoma’s issues are with state funding, which builds jails instead of schools, and health care problem that leaves many people in the dark here. Is Oklahoma a great state to live? Sure it is. But are some parts really dangerous? You betcha.

9. Colorado

Colorado|Co, CO

Source: Wikipedia User | GFDL

Population: 5,807,719
Violent Crime Per Capita: 423 (20th worst)
Property Crime Per Capita: 2,833 (Third worst)
Murders: 294 (29th worst)

Wow, didn’t expect to see Colorado on this list. The big jump for Colorado to be the ninth most dangerous state in the US for 2024 was due to property crime. The property crime rate in Colorado was third worst in the country. Pretty crazy compared to several years ago.

Colorado saw 294 murders last year. Additionally, you have about a 1 in 250 chance of being the victim of a violent crime every year in the state.

Some of the most dangerous areas in the state include Glendale, Sheridan, and Alamosa.

10. Arizona

Arizona|Az, AZ

Source: Wikipedia User | CC BY 2.0

Population: 7,421,401
Violent Crime Per Capita: 484 (Ninth worst)
Property Crime Per Capita: 2,227 (15th worst)
Murders: 513 (20th worst)

Arizona comes in as our tenth most dangerous state to live in America. And we’re not talking about the weather, people.

Arizona is one of two states out west to make the list. There are really two main issues with crime in Arizona – robberies and the US Mexico border. Arizona saw 17,937 cars stolen last year, and there were nearly 24,488 home invasion robberies in the state too. How would you feel to come home to a home that’s been pillaged? Well, Arizona people know.

Better lock up that cactus.

The border is an issue here. Every day, people complain of burglars, people breaking into their homes, smugglers coming through their properties and damaging their properties, and of immigrant related assaults. Arizona is also 3rd worst in America for healthcare for its residents, and has the 3rd highest rate of people getting hit by cars. At least you can carry a gun here without a permit, so that might make you feel safer.

In terms of Phoenix, it’s really ghetto in some areas, but downtown Phoenix is so boring, even the criminals don’t want to hang out there.

Methodology: How we used FBI data to determine the most dangerous states

To rank the dangerous states in America, we had to determine what makes a state dangerous using Saturday Night Science. It isn’t a stretch to assume that states where people are being killed or assaulted every week are more dangerous than other states.

So we used the FBI’s 2022 Crime Report for those criteria per capita:

  • Violent Crimes Per Capita
  • Property Crimes Per Capita

We then ranked each state from 1 to 50 for the two criteria, with a #1 ranking being more dangerous for the particular criteria.

Next, we averaged the two rankings into a “Danger Index.”

Finally, we ranked every state on the “Danger Index,” with the lowest index being the most dangerous in America for 2024, New Mexico.

Here’s a visualization of the criteria:
Most Dangerous States In America

Summary: The Most Dangerous States In The Country

When you’re looking at American states that have really high property and violent crime numbers, according to FBI reporting, this is an accurate list.

The most dangerous states in the US are New Mexico, Louisiana, Arkansas, South Carolina, Tennessee, Alaska, Missouri, Oklahoma, Colorado, and Arizona.

If you’re curious enough, here are the safest states in the USA, according to science:

  1. New Hampshire
  2. Maine
  3. Vermont

For more reading, check out:

Crime Data By State In The United States For 2024

Rank State Population Property Crime Per 100k Violent Crime Per 100k
1 New Mexico 2,106,319 2,841 778
2 Louisiana 4,645,318 2,884 639
3 Arkansas 3,030,522 2,613 671
4 South Carolina 5,218,040 2,721 530
5 Tennessee 6,886,834 2,492 672
6 Alaska 731,158 2,260 837
7 Missouri 6,151,548 2,531 542
8 Oklahoma 3,980,783 2,705 458
9 Colorado 5,807,719 2,833 423
10 Arizona 7,421,401 2,227 484
11 Texas 29,360,759 2,245 446
12 Montana 1,080,577 2,120 469
13 Alabama 4,921,532 2,136 453
14 California 39,368,078 2,138 442
15 South Dakota 892,717 1,956 501
16 Kansas 2,913,805 2,199 425
17 North Carolina 10,600,823 2,226 419
18 Washington 7,693,612 2,732 293
19 Nevada 3,138,259 1,926 460
20 Delaware 986,809 1,961 431
21 Oregon 4,241,507 2,659 291
22 Georgia 10,710,017 2,007 400
23 Utah 3,249,879 2,464 260
24 North Dakota 765,309 2,124 329
25 Michigan 9,966,555 1,360 478
26 Hawaii 1,407,006 2,411 254
27 Illinois 12,587,530 1,559 425
28 Florida 21,733,312 1,769 383
29 Indiana 6,754,953 1,783 357
30 Nebraska 1,937,552 1,909 334
31 Pennsylvania 12,783,254 1,644 389
32 Minnesota 5,657,342 2,124 277
33 Maryland 6,055,802 1,609 399
34 Mississippi 2,966,786 2,101 291
35 Ohio 11,693,217 1,850 308
36 New York 19,336,776 1,410 363
37 Iowa 3,163,561 1,698 303
38 Wisconsin 5,832,655 1,485 323
39 West Virginia 1,784,787 1,399 355
40 Kentucky 4,477,251 1,779 259
41 Wyoming 582,328 1,610 234
42 Massachusetts 6,893,574 1,053 308
43 Connecticut 3,557,006 1,565 181
44 Virginia 8,590,563 1,456 208
45 Rhode Island 1,057,125 1,245 230
46 Idaho 1,826,913 1,111 242
47 New Jersey 8,882,371 1,158 195
48 Vermont 623,347 1,216 173
49 Maine 1,350,141 1,156 108
50 New Hampshire 1,366,275 1,098 146

Dangerous Places By State

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  1. Not New Mexico — only Albuquerque and anything along I40, I10 and, I25. All drug roots east west north and south.

    1. Hey, you can’t say that California is a bad place. The state has a big crime rate because the state has the 3rd biggest city in the USA and the state has almost 40 million people. so you can’t just say it’s bad.

  2. They have Louisiana and South Carolina both has being 6th in violent crime and 4th in property crime. Then they rank Louisiana 3rd and South Carolina as 4th. Can the rest of this be trusted to make as much sense? Also, this is a picture of how it was in our country 2 years ago. I’m certain that things are not the same today. But just think, while we were living in the most dangerous state in America two years ago, we were blissfully ignorant. And everyone reading this survived the danger, so we have proven that we are all badasses. Take a bow, my fellow New Mexicans.

    1. I’ve just read several articles regarding safe states and cities, they all vary. We live in what is considered one of safest places in NC. Huge condo complex, somewhat walkable area. Two huge break ins in 5 mins. from us in mini-mall. Our building is in back of complex and would seem safest. Not so fast, many people buy and then rent for profit. Some renters are wonderful. . .some are insane, troublemaking, abusive and worse yet DRUG DEALERS (who give out our safety key pad codes for their buyers. One family kicked out already as well as two other renters for drug dealing and other annoyances. Now fairly new owner spoke to us of new renters next door. Place wreaks of marijuana so badly it’s infesting her home and clothing. Strangers coming in and out all night, one rang her bell at 1AM (no she didn’t answer). SO they are all sitting around smoking weed. My guess is they are selling far more dangerous drugs. No place is safe anymore.

  3. Well, my home state, Virginia, is a very safe place to be. We learned at an early age to “treat other’s as we would like to be treated” It’s called the “Golden Rule” for those that have never heard such a thing.
    Now living in Michigan where the first thing I learned was to change the subject when someone asks, “are you looking at me”?

  4. New Mexico like many border states deals with the criminal elements that illegally cross over the border but don’t want to get too far in case they need a quick escape (and don’t get all worked up I’m pro-immigration). But facts are facts and illegal residents are arrested here for violent crimes all the time. New Mexico also suffers from decades of poor legislation and governing. Too many years of law making by the ‘good ol’ boys’ club as far back as the 40’s and to some current laws. We have very few laws with ‘teeth’ or that give the legal system here and real strength or authority however there are TONS of loopholes. There are also an abundance of people and groups that will protect the rights of criminals over those of their victims for one reason or another. Many people here LOVE to be political/ethically outraged for no other reason then just to outraged. Education here is less than stellar which doesn’t help matters, there are very few good programs for kids & teens to participate in, good paying jobs are few and hard to find and the list goes on with local and state program problems and management. I have lived here all my life and things have only gotten worse and unless there are some drastic changes it will only worse.

    1. Your’e actually thinking of the drug problem in the southwest which pretty much only pertains to native americans in those areas. Trust me, go to Watertown, SD (located within an indian reservation), go to the downtown to the bars and TELL me I BEG you to tell me that you enjoyed it and that you felt respected by any of the locals, who are constantly getting arrested for getting overly drunk and fighting each other. Also, dummy, the drugs that go THROUGH new mexico go to cities where people can either actually afford cocaine, or cook it into crack and distribute it to the local addicts. The people in New Mexico shoot home-made heroin. Do your research, take accountability, and, from now on, don’t speak until a responsible adult can make a reasonable summation of things for you because you obviously don’t have the mental capacity to understand that you are being brainwashed by fame-seeking liberal douchebags. Grow some nuts.

      1. Ok, but this article was about VIOLENT crime. And the statistics are from the FBI, as told to them by the state of New Mexico. So are you accusing New Mexico of lying about the number of violent crimes that happens within its borders to make itself look more violent than it actually is? I can’t really imagine why any state would do that…and if New Mexico didn’t do that, these numbers are valid and correct.

        And that’s a problem for your argument. Because even if it were true that all the drugs were being funneled to elsewhere…what about the dead bodies? Lol. The article is about violence, not drug abuse. There were over 800 violent crimes per capita in New Mexico. The “safe” states all have about 200. So your theory does nothing to account for why New Mexicans are suffering violent crime at 4 times the rate of the safe states.

  5. Figures don’t lie, but Liars figure. If you were to analyze How figures are obtained and What constitutes the basis of the statistics, you can come-up with Results that are at complete variance with what is being purported. How much crime goes Unreported in larger cities simply because the Victim says “Why bother”. And yet, this very same Tendency is used as a Reason to say that Crimes are rampant in big cities; but are simply Not Reported “Only 310 out of every 1,000 sexual assaults are reported to police. That means about 2 out of 3 go unreported”. In Rural and Small Towns; everybody knows everybody and the local sheriff and police officers are often on a first name basis with the locals, and things get reported that would never see the light of day otherwise. Murder is Harder to Hide, and that is where Baltimore, Chicago and DC garner the spotlight. And that Link between Crime/Poverty is a crock; foisted upon us by a bunch of do-gooders looking for an excuse for Inexcusable Behavior.

    1. Don’t forget to mention how New York city has an extremely low crime rate and also has one of the least populations of black people out of the big cities. Oh, unless you’re talking about harlem…

      1. Harlem has been rapidly gentrifying for some years now. In the fairly near future, blacks will be a minority of Harlem’s population. They’re slowly being squeezed out by white hipsters and new immigrant groups.

    2. But all states have both cities and rural areas, and this survey is looking at the state level, not the local level. It doesn’t matter if the good ol’ boys know the sheriff on a first-name basis because they see him at church every Sunday if the nearest big city has multiple murders every weekend.

      That’s why your point is moot.

      Alaska, #1 on the list, was one that the author specifically pointed out: almost the entire population of the state lives in one city, Anchorage. The rest of the place is god’s country. But in that city, bad stuff goes down. And since that’s where the bulk of the population resides, that one city disproportionately affects the entire state, even though it’s a “rural” state.

      Texas is the same way. Most of it is a vast wasteland, and then you have a few population centers where much of the population lives. In those population centers, crimes happen. Thus, Texas, despite having a lower nominal population density than a place like New Jersey, isn’t really a “rural” state at all. People only imagine it to be rural because they aren’t thinking hard enough about the actual, everyday circumstances of the people who live there. Most them are not, in any way, living out in “the country”.

  6. Of course you bozos just cant see the correlation between crime and ‘diversity’ can you?

    1. thank you, sir. very well said. Illinois #26, texas #15. Both have HUGE cities, but only one has the propensity to look obviously more effected by people’s acceptance of bogus “politically correct” garbage. Still not convinced? Think it’s because of border activity? SC #5! What more do you need to know?!?!?! AK #2??? is that not enough yet?!?!?! hmmmmmmmmmm i wonder why the entire north is safe as all hell, except for missouri of course. Might it be that it was a slave state and the population is mostly black in many areas?!?!?! is it because these petty people are STILL mad about slavery (a time in history that 0% of every black person in america was a part of, or is just that all of these “politically correct” people are trying to make the world to be as fake and hunky dory as it is in their small minds. That’s right small minds, there is a difference between being intelligent and acting like everything that offends you is wrong. DO YOUR GOD DAMN RESEARCH.

  7. My state was not on the top ten but to be honest I have read a couple of your articles and it’s all just talking crap about were people live and it’s mean I’ve read the most ghetto places in Georgia (my home state) and it’s just being rude to people that live there and you never know their personal business you never know they could struggle financially and that town is the only places they can afford to live in and most of the places listed on that list it all wrong some of the places on that list is the most beautiful in the state you need to stick your so called “science “ we’re the sun doesn’t shine

    1. I’m from Maryland, I’ve lived in larger cities my whole life traveling from state to state. My current residences for the last ten years was Dallas, but in the most recent six years I’ve been near New Orleans to visit my fmaily from Jennings while I am going for my MLT degree. Trust me, in the ratio of populations vs crime and how much it occurs in number, New Orleans is the worse I’ve been in. I’m not saying crime doesn’t happen in big cities like Dallas where I also lived, but in ratio to populations and the numbers? It’s so much worse here. Every day in the news and the news paper at least ten people are reported to be victims of drive by shootings or deadly assaults. That’s just what’s reported. It’s all you hear from the local news.

      It’s not uncommon to read or hear about children as young as three and up being shot dead almost everyday. It’s normal for people to pull out knifes and stab you for disagreeing with them. Went to work two weeks ago, and someone was shot dead at a gas station right next to me. In Challmette, I’ve had a classmate’s sister left to die in a cell from a platelet disease while the police just stood there laughing at her because she’s not from America. Everyday I live here I fear for my family and my own life.

      It’s also considered common to find dead bodies in local trenches or the streets.

      So please consider what I and others here in Louisiana are going through everyday, especially those of us who lived in various large cities prior where it wasn’t even 1/4 of this type of crime being reported or known by communities.

    2. Peggy, come here to near New Orleans where I’ve lived for the last six years. Where it’s normal to have kids as young as three being shot weekly. Where it’s normal to have at least ten people murdered everyday around you, and that’s just what goes reported. Where finding dead bodies in water ways or cars is just the common thing. Let’s see you talk like that after just living here for a week, if you’re not robbed or stabbed. I am my family are only alive still because we only go out when we need to such as for work, business, the gym or shopping. We only talk to family or coworkers we know. This is the reality here, and ether a person can accept it and take the measures needed to survive, or escape into a mental happy place ignoring it while gambling with their lives. Just two weeks ago on my way to work someone was shot dead at a gas station near me. This is my everyday normal experience. If my fmaily wasn’t from Jennings, I wouldn’t be here.

  8. Drug problem + racial diversity + common ignorance= high crime rate (triangulated — must include all three) MS: no drug problem, high diversity, relative ignorance — low crime, New York: drug problem, high diversity, low ignorance — low crime, (pay attention) California — drug problem, high diversity, high ignorance (California is full of overly-sensitive, low moral follower type people in case you haven’t been there) — HIGH CRIME. I think the main issue here is to understand that you cannot rely on academia or statistics for information because THEY WOULD REFUSE TO RESEARCH THIS. Lacking proof does not mean you lack reason and I find any retort to that absolutely laughable. Guess who funds colleges. Guess who accredits them. A white guilt having, post-slavery government.

    1. lol!! you are literally making things up on your gut feelings and obvious bias and acting like you are an expert!?!? Speaking of High Ignorance! Do you know what the term “Per Capita” even means? Did you fact check the research or have you done your own counter research? Or are you just crying off that California is not ranked number 1 like you expected it to be?? Sounds like you are a follower type that believes anything you are told. I have been all around this country. New Mexico, Alabama, North Florida, lots of parts of Georgia, are terrifying places to be and look like 3rd world countries. You can look up these statistics on multiple sites, some of the numbers and rankings change slightly, but they are pretty consistent overall. Thats the magic of facts and research.

    2. You apparently didn’t read the part of the article where the author clearly stated that these statistics come from the Federal Bureau of Investigation, as reported to them by the states, themselves, not from “academia” (whatever you think that word means, lol…).

      The UCR is the FBI’s program to collect data from all over the country. They rely on local governments to give them the numbers. That means that if numbers are high for a given state, that state must have told the FBI that their numbers were high. And why in god’s name would any state lie to make themselves look more crime-ridden than they actually are? No, the numbers are real.

  9. In East Tennessee Knoxville there’s barley not a lot of crime.All of them are only in Spanish,African,and Old Neighbors.Knoxville is a great place for kids to play.My kids have enough patient to go to Pigeon Forge!A really fun place.Kind of cheap.Knoxville has low population,#128 most population in the us.They have great parks.Downtown has Crimes.Its pretty sunny in the fall.It doesn’t rain a lot the max days of rain in fall is 5 or 4.Clinton Hwy has a lot of Shopping and restaurants.Up in West Town Mall there’s a lot of fun.Movies,Arcade,Play Area,VR,and munch munch more to do. Explore it first.Kingston Pike has the most fun stuff and food.Its long West Town Mall is also in Kingston Pike.There are only about 1,000 Polices because the crimes are kinda low.The Schools are the best than the Whole East Tennessee.Too munch people too munch crimes.The Winters are cold and wet,a lot of rain,and Cloudy a lot.In the Spring Thunderstorms happens a lot and warm and pretty sunny days.In the Summer its the best fairs open carnivals too,but Thunderstorms are stronger but only happens seven times a month.Summer is hot here and Sunny.In fall it’s probably the safest time to visit on October or November in Knoxville.Its always Cloudy every season.Hope have safe time.

  10. Watching the news out here in Albuquerque can be downright disgusting on a pretty regular basis. I don’t watch often. Whether it’s disgusting crimes against children, murder or all these idiotic repeat offenders we have out here, how could you argue against this ranking? That’s my problem living here, is the people out here do not see any issues with the state. Cannot wait until the day I can leave this hell hole. About the only good thing I can say about New Mexico is the land is beautiful. Too bad the people here don’t match it.

  11. Lmao! This is one of the most load of crap articles I’ve read in awhile. I live in one of the states listed, and have been to several others, my state doesn’t even compare to a state like California when it comes to crime. The author is obviously biased, or high.

  12. Problem with this list is that states are BIG. It really depends on where you are and broad statistics don’t give you a true idea of safety. I feel much safer in almost any part of NM or AZ than I would in the dangerous areas of Miami, Atlanta, or Los Angeles where you’re pretty much guaranteed to be shot even during the day.

    1. George, do you regularly visit any Indian reservations, by any chance? Because I remind you that there are some REALLY big ones located in New Mexico, and they have a definite crime problem. But I guess that’s why you hedged and said “almost” any part of NM, right?

  13. I feel that we as Americans need to develop a system to figure out which type of neighbor, person would shoot a child with a gun. At this point we all have heard of the innocent child shot by a gun going off, or the psycho that goes on a rampage. I feel that we have allowed this sort of “As long as it didnt’ happen to me, then my life is good.” We need to change this mentality. We need to talk about this very dark and sinister evil in our country. I just heard that another little boy was killed by a madman. I personally can’t sleep when I hear this. I hope every mom and dad is angry as hell. I hope that we figure this out soon. This is the last thing that should be happnening. A monster killing a little angel.

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