Most Dangerous Cities In America For 2020

We used science and data to let you know which cities have a ‘yuge’ crime problem.

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This article is an opinion based on facts and is meant as infotainment. Don’t freak out we updated it for 2020.

No one wants to believe that they live in a dangerous city. But the fact of the matter is that your city may not be as safe as the city next door.

But instead of running and hiding under the covers, it’s better to get informed — which cities in America should you pay a little more attention to your surroundings as you walk home from work?

What is the most dangerous city in America? It turns out that, based on the most recent FBI Crime data, Memphis, TN has attained the throne of the city with the highest crime rate. It ranked as the most dangerous city in America for 2020 based on the data.

This our sixth time ranking the most dangerous cities in America.

Here’s a look at the top ten most dangerous cities in America:

  1. Memphis (Photos)
  2. Birmingham (Photos)
  3. Little Rock (Photos)
  4. St. Louis (Photos)
  5. Springfield (Photos)
  6. Albuquerque (Photos)
  7. Wichita (Photos)
  8. Oakland (Photos)
  9. Chattanooga (Photos)
  10. Tulsa (Photos)

You might be thinking to yourself at this point — where’s Chicago?? Isn’t that some kind of post-apocalyptic, world war 3 type city?

Well, it actually ranks as the 62nd most dangerous with a pretty normal overall crime rate.

And while these places are some of the most dangerous in America, you have to remember America is a safe place to live relative to the rest of the world. Be glad you don’t live in Caracas, Venezuela where the murder rate is 2x higher than any US City (Here’s looking at you Memphis).

Read on to learn more about our methodology or skip to the end for a full chart of the data with the crime rate for each city.

Or for more reading on places across America check out:

Breaking Down Crime In The Safest And Most Dangerous Cities In America

Breaking Down Crime In The Safest And Most Dangerous Cities In America

How We Determined The Most Dangerous Cities In America for 2020

Every year the FBI release two crime datasets, a preliminary dataset limited to the biggest cities in the country, followed by a more detailed release at the end of the year.

For our analysis, we focused on the second release of 2019 data, specifically the 2018 Uniform Crime Report.

So what criteria did we use? Have a look:

  • Violent Crimes Per Capita
  • Property Crimes Per Capita

We ranked each city from 1 to 214 for the two criteria with 1 being the most dangerous score. We then averaged the two rankings into one “Dangerous Index”.

Finally, we ranked every city on the “Dangerous Index” with the lowest index being the most dangerous in the country — Memphis. Read on for a bit more on why these cities have such high crime rates.

Or check out the safest cities in America.

1. Memphis, TN

Memphis, Tn

Population: 652,226
Rank Last Year: 1
Violent Crimes Per 100k: 1,943 (2nd most dangerous)
Property Crimes Per 100k: 6,405 (4th most dangerous)

Memphis is the largest city in the top ten, coming in with a population a cool 100K larger than Albuquerque. And now has displaced St. Louis to become the most dangerous city in America for 2020.

What else is larger in Memphis than Albuquerque? That would be the violent crime rate, which ranks as the second highest in America. That also implies the property crime isn’t as bad as some of the other cities ‘featured’ here.

Review Of Memphis by HomeSnacks User

The crime is very bad. Most people here don’t have a life.

Beale Street is okay. Watch some of the people around here though.

2. Birmingham, AL

Birmingham, Al

Population: 210,564
Rank Last Year:
Violent Crimes Per 100k: 1,911 (3rd most dangerous)
Property Crimes Per 100k: 6,313 (5th most dangerous)

Birmingham reported data for the first time year and you can see why they were reluctant to in the past — it ended up being the second most dangerous city in the country this year.

It had top five finishes for both violent and property crimes per capita, but violent crimes were the main problem. Birmingham had the third most violent crimes per capita in the country among big cities.

Review Of Birmingham by HomeSnacks User

This place is very racist and not good at all its like a ghost town.

Its very racist and not a good place to live.

3. Little Rock, AR

Little Rock, Ar

Population: 199,288
Rank Last Year: 3
Violent Crimes Per 100k: 1,446 (8th most dangerous)
Property Crimes Per 100k: 6,547 (3rd most dangerous)

Little Rock rocks a little too hard when it comes to crime. It ranks in the top ten in the country for both property crime and violent crimes per capita.

That’s a bit of a nasty combination when it comes to being dangerous and nets Little Rock at the almost top of our ranking.

4. St. Louis, MO

St. Louis, Mo

Population: 306,875
Rank Last Year: 2
Violent Crimes Per 100k: 1,800 (5th most dangerous)
Property Crimes Per 100k: 5,911 (9th most dangerous)

Home to a specific type of BBQ (grilled) and a specific type of crime (violent), St. Louis ranks as the fourth most dangerous in our analysis of dangerous cities.

While it might not win as many honors for its BBQ, St. Louis takes homes the distinction of having the fifth highest violent crime rank among all big cities in America. It’s one of the dots way out to the top in the graph higher on the page.

So when you cross the street in The Gateway City, in addition to looking both ways for cars, you might want to look both ways for murder, or at least aggravated assault.

Review Of St. Louis by HomeSnacks User

Being in a new place is so different,everything is different but the people are great. I got tot meet some really good people along the way.

Of course the Arch stands out more than anything else in St. Louis. There is no bad side to it at all

5. Springfield, MO

Springfield, Mo

Population: 168,537
Rank Last Year: 4
Violent Crimes Per 100k: 1,316 (14th most dangerous)
Property Crimes Per 100k: 7,019 (2nd most dangerous)

Homer would be sad to hear that Springfield (in this case Missouri) ranks as one of the more dangerous cities in America.

The issue is property crime — Springfield ranks as having the worst property crime per capita of any city in the country. It didn’t end up taking the #1 overall most dangerous spot because its violent crime ranks outside of the top 10.

Review Of Springfield by HomeSnacks User

The police here pat their selfs on the back every time crime drops 1%. R**e, drug crimes, death by car wrecks is common. Homeless are shipped here from KC. The city council has issues with the north side of town. Very little money is spent there but the south side of town money is poured into it. The mayor lives on the south side.

Lots of good Restaurants to eat at. Sams is good

Lots of small family run businesses. Small towns around Springfield are great to visit. And Flea markets abound

6. Albuquerque, NM

Albuquerque, Nm

Population: 560,235
Rank Last Year: 5
Violent Crimes Per 100k: 1,364 (12th most dangerous)
Property Crimes Per 100k: 6,179 (6th most dangerous)

We’re sure Walter White wouldn’t be surprised to see Albuquerque on the list. Although, its ranking is due more to property crimes than violent crimes.

The second largest city in the top ten has the fifth highest property crime rate.

So just make sure to keep a close eye on your product… err, property.

Review Of Albuquerque by HomeSnacks User

ABQ is the worst. A deplorable place. People have a chip on their shoulder in Albuquerque because they have to live where they do. Its a city with an identity crisis… people want to pretend that its a big city, but its really just a sprawled out shithole, with not real options for entertainment. Downtown is a joke. The university is a joke. The whole place is better when seen from I-40 or I-25 in your rear view mirror. The schools are some of the wors in the country. Nepotism is rampant in city government.

City is ran terribly. City departments are all cousinsdrug problem is more on an epidemic scale than any place Ive ever been. Just an all around terrible place.

7. Wichita, KS

Wichita, Ks

Source: Public domain

Population: 391,726
Rank Last Year: 13
Violent Crimes Per 100k: 1,179 (18th most dangerous)
Property Crimes Per 100k: 5,618 (11th most dangerous)

Wichita couldn’t keep itself out of the top ten this year as it slid six positions from 13th last year.

The problem in the city is property crime for which it ranks 11th highest in the country. The reason it slid down so much is actually because most of the cities ranked 5-10 are actually way safer than last year. The rates of crime have all moved down, so now it’s more of mixed bag in the second half of the ranking.

Review Of Wichita by HomeSnacks User

I like Wichita because it’s got the small town feel with most of the city amenities and culture.

The cost of living is very affordable. A family can easily afford a house from the income they make from the aircraft industry.

The bad side is that it could be a bit boring.

On the bright side, Vietnamese food is really good here.

8. Oakland, CA

Oakland, Ca

Population: 430,230
Rank Last Year: 6
Violent Crimes Per 100k: 1,273 (16th most dangerous)
Property Crimes Per 100k: 5,390 (16th most dangerous)

While people continue to migrate from San Francisco to Oakland to avoid insane property prices, they aren’t moving to avoid crime. Oakland ranks over thirty spots higher than San Francisco on the crime ranking.

So there’s that stat Oakland has over San Francisco, at least for now.

Drilling down into the statistics, Oakland has the 11th highest violent crime rank in the country and the fourteenth highest property crime rate. That gives it a firm placement in the top right dangerous quadrant of the graph above.

Review Of Oakland by HomeSnacks User

To everybody thinking about moving to Oakland : Its dreadful, horrible chaos. Please just stay where you are.

Actually, Oakland s a wonderful place to live. We just dont need any more people here. Really.

Bad: weather. Bad: diverse, fun population. Youve been warned. Lol

9. Chattanooga, TN

Chattanooga, Tn

Population: 180,397
Rank Last Year: 7
Violent Crimes Per 100k: 1,048 (25th most dangerous)
Property Crimes Per 100k: 6,058 (8th most dangerous)

The second city from Tennessee on the list is Chattanooga. The less famous version of Nashville and Memphis, Chattanooga holds its own in property crime where it ranks 10th worst in the country.

At least violent crime isn’t awful in the city.

Review Of Chattanooga by HomeSnacks User

I love Chattanooga Tennessee. It’s such a amazing City. There’s so much to do and great places to eat. We love the Tennessee Aquarium. The city has a small-town feel. We enjoyed riding the transportation system in downtown. One of my favorite places to eat was sticky fingers barbecue. Unbelievably good food. When we go to Chattanooga I we stay in the Sheridan Hotel. It is a great place to stay.

Chattanooga is just a beautiful city. It is so close to the mountains. Awesome river bear by. A lot of attractions in the city. Lookout mountain is not too far off. Rock city is near by. Lots of hiking and camping nearby. It’s a great place to visit.

10. Tulsa, OK

Tulsa, Ok

Population: 403,147
Rank Last Year: 14
Violent Crimes Per 100k: 1,065 (23rd most dangerous)
Property Crimes Per 100k: 5,430 (15th most dangerous)

Rounding out the top ten most dangerous cities in America is Tulsa, OK.

Tulsa ranked 14th last year, but moved down as some of the cities above it got ever so slightly safer. Compared to the tenth most dangerous city last year, Anchorage, AK, Tulsa is actually pretty safe. While both stats were in the top 20% most dangerous, neither was anything to write home about.

The city is kind of just solidly above average when it comes to crime rates based on the most recent crime data.

Review Of Tulsa by HomeSnacks User

Tulsa, OK is home to many, including my parents. The crime in Tulsa is absolutely horrible, and it seems to be ran down very much. There are fun places to visit if you are into water parks or gambling at a Casino. I can’t get past the area though. It gives me an uneasy feeling, along with dread. It has a lot of litter and homeless people. It really needs help.

You definetly have to watch out for the tolls. They are everywhere, and if you’re not from around there you can easily miss a turn and have to go back through the same toll. The workers at the toll show no mercy either. One time I had went to a toll and told them I was lost. They told me to go down to the next exit and turn around and come back through. So, I paid to go through the toll, turned around, and then went back to the toll and they charged me again. Not only are there tolls EVERYWHERE but there is ALWAYS construction going on and the roads there are absolutely terrible. So, the money you pay in tolls seems to not really go into the roads. Over the 20 years of me going there and visiting my family I have known it to always have crappy roads and construction going on but no workers in sight.

Locking It All Up – The Most Dangerous Cities In The US

The final returns from the FBI’s 2018 data set show that Memphis ranks as the most dangerous city in America for 2020.

However, there will be a new data set coming out early this year. At that point we can revisit Memphis’s status — that is if they haven’t beaten us all up already.

Here’s a look at the safest cities in America according to the data:

  1. Cary
  2. Port St. Lucie
  3. Irvine

For more reading on the dangerous side check out:

Most Dangerous Cities In America For 2020

Rank City Previous Rank Population Violent Crimes Per 100k Property Crimes Per 100k
1 Memphis, TN 1 652,226 1,943 6,405
2 Birmingham, AL 210,564 1,911 6,313
3 Little Rock, AR 3 199,288 1,446 6,547
4 St. Louis, MO 2 306,875 1,800 5,911
5 Springfield, MO 4 168,537 1,316 7,019
6 Albuquerque, NM 5 560,235 1,364 6,179
7 Wichita, KS 13 391,726 1,179 5,618
8 Oakland, CA 6 430,230 1,273 5,390
9 Chattanooga, TN 7 180,397 1,048 6,058
10 Tulsa, OK 14 403,147 1,065 5,430
11 Anchorage, AK 10 291,992 1,309 4,927
12 Pueblo, CO 8 111,756 993 5,575
13 Baltimore, MD 9 605,436 1,833 4,495
14 North Charleston, SC 19 112,840 920 5,819
15 Detroit, MI 17 671,275 2,007 4,304
16 Spokane, WA 48 218,222 798 7,074
17 Cleveland, OH 12 384,666 1,449 4,411
18 Baton Rouge, LA 11 224,790 919 5,322
19 Kansas City, MO 18 493,115 1,590 4,306
20 New Orleans, LA 28 396,374 1,163 4,557
21 Tacoma, WA 26 215,687 866 5,267
22 Lubbock, TX 257,372 996 4,562
23 Shreveport, LA 16 190,808 832 5,180
24 San Bernardino, CA 38 217,986 1,333 4,135
25 Dayton, OH 46 140,094 921 4,513
26 Indianapolis, IN 25 877,584 1,272 4,129
27 Salt Lake City, UT 15 202,633 730 6,176
28 South Bend, IN 20 102,397 1,039 4,302
29 Springfield, IL 24 114,623 833 4,786
30 Orlando, FL 33 286,679 796 4,814
31 Nashville, TN 686,492 1,113 4,011
32 Knoxville, TN 23 188,653 799 4,678
33 Washington, DC 45 702,455 941 4,269
34 Cincinnati, OH 22 301,952 839 4,540
35 Stockton, CA 50 313,158 1,399 3,768
36 Columbia, SC 40 133,540 738 5,056
37 Atlanta, GA 27 496,106 768 4,654
38 Tucson, AZ 30 537,392 736 4,954
39 San Francisco, CA 29 889,282 690 5,534
40 Rockford, IL 52 146,198 1,386 3,671
41 Davenport, IA 43 103,063 727 5,093
42 Buffalo, NY 51 258,219 1,042 3,815
43 Beaumont, TX 31 119,368 1,059 3,783
44 Richmond, CA 63 110,982 942 3,922
45 Seattle, WA 62 742,759 680 5,149
46 Oklahoma City, OK 74 652,936 867 4,027
47 Amarillo, TX 55 201,082 806 4,193
48 Hartford, CT 42 123,117 1,066 3,602
49 Tallahassee, FL 41 192,443 729 4,518
50 West Palm Beach, FL 37 111,659 918 3,805
51 Mobile, AL 35 245,475 657 4,926
52 New Haven, CT 56 131,181 842 3,896
53 Topeka, KS 65 126,399 606 5,189
54 Minneapolis, MN 21 428,261 792 3,911
55 Toledo, OH 275,023 848 3,716
56 Peoria, IL 61 112,595 763 4,004
57 Pompano Beach, FL 36 112,045 781 3,843
58 Modesto, CA 49 215,822 882 3,580
59 Des Moines, IA 73 217,277 670 4,413
60 Akron, OH 76 197,690 861 3,621
61 Gainesville, FL 88 133,400 741 3,919
62 Portland, OR 64 657,260 520 5,459
63 Fort Lauderdale, FL 58 182,150 552 4,968
64 Vallejo, CA 69 122,974 766 3,665
65 Milwaukee, WI 39 595,619 1,412 2,971
66 Miami Gardens, FL 86 114,670 711 3,950
67 Chicago, IL 66 2,719,151 1,006 3,181
68 Corpus Christi, TX 94 328,614 757 3,644
69 Billings, MT 78 110,397 541 4,779
70 Lansing, MI 80 117,380 1,108 3,030
71 Lafayette, LA 82 127,592 533 4,610
72 Denver, CO 93 720,745 730 3,671
73 Montgomery, AL 79 198,662 612 4,268
74 Evansville, IN 54 118,765 568 4,463
75 Rochester, NY 57 207,701 777 3,387
76 San Antonio, TX 53 1,539,328 626 3,993
77 Phoenix, AZ 81 1,653,080 732 3,492
78 Philadelphia, PA 85 1,586,916 908 3,096
79 Independence, MO 60 117,368 443 5,210
80 Durham, NC 67 273,759 687 3,563
81 Dallas, TX 92 1,362,465 764 3,248
82 Tuscaloosa, AL 108 101,764 505 4,338
83 Berkeley, CA 77 123,735 473 4,348
84 Miami, FL 71 473,047 629 3,559
85 Waco, TX 118 138,091 635 3,512
86 Bakersfield, CA 106 385,609 491 4,174
87 Tempe, AZ 107 188,543 484 4,138
88 Springfield, MA 100 155,179 988 2,635
89 Richmond, VA 229,927 517 3,830
90 Roanoke, VA 111 100,042 426 4,432
91 Glendale, AZ 95 249,799 467 4,077
92 Elizabeth, NJ 83 129,080 694 3,100
93 Syracuse, NY 97 143,129 702 3,088
94 Greensboro, NC 91 293,298 606 3,351
95 St. Petersburg, FL 70 265,942 624 3,302
96 Omaha, NE 89 469,351 559 3,475
97 St. Paul, MN 101 309,756 626 3,254
98 Aurora, CO 135 372,824 728 2,983
99 Jacksonville, FL 109 903,213 595 3,333
100 Salem, OR 124 172,022 417 4,168

Most Dangerous Cities In America By State

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22 thoughts on “Most Dangerous Cities In America For 2020

    1. The figures do not lie but liars figure. Sam Sparks must think that if one woman can have a baby in nine months, three women could do it in three.

  1. I hate to even spend any time on this, but here are facts. The number of burglaries in a population does not equate to danger. Pueblo, CO has it’s city angst just as do others. Where your facts about unemployment come from are baffling; According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, Pueblo’s rate of unemployment as of March was 3.7%, not 12%. The saddest part is that this kind of rubbish journalism brings down entire communities- and they start to believe it themselves.
    If you’d like to ever stop by to experience our town, I’ll show you a burgeoning university that was Division II national football champions a couple of years ago. I’ll show you a great community college with a national ranking. I’ll show you great neighborhoods virtually untouched by crime. I’ll show you a fantastic arts center with a recognized children’s museum, and a slew of other great museums. I’ll take you to one of three independent theater companies. I’ll show you our convention center that is about to undergo a huge expansion, right on our beautiful and growing Riverwalk, Bith of which are funded by our citizens. I’ll introduce you to proud citizens that tax themselves to spur economic development. We have a beautiful parks system, zoo, and internationally accredited fire and police departments. We enjoy Broadway shows and concerts in our newly krestored city auditorium. The Colorado State Fair has called Pueblo home for over 100 years.
    We are a rough and tumble, blue collar town that continues to survive the downturn of our steel industry while adding new green businesses.
    Paul Harvey extolled the virtues of our city, as I am certain you would as well if you spent some time here.
    Pueblo is a city that I am proud to call my home. And I refuse to let less than 1% of our population who choose to be criminals define who we are.
    Please stop by, I’ll gladly show you my town!

    1. Thank you so much for your comment. You said it better than I ever could have. I live in Springfield Missouri and this list is damaging to say the least. Springfield is a wonderful City and doesn’t deserve this rap.

      1. As a fellow Springfield resident, the list does make Springfield to seem like some kind of hell on earth, but let’s be honest also: the burglary/theft rate is absolutely astronomical here at the moment. It’s sad, but every town has the problems. At least it’s property crime and not violent crime! 🙂

  2. So did you just accidentally skip over or intentionally decide not consider the paragraph in bold on the FBI page this article links to? You know, the one that says this data is inaccurate and incomplete and should not be used for comparison or ranking because it would lead to inaccurate results that are misleading? It then gives you a link to learn how to do correctly apply statistics to crime data and also how to acquire complete data.
    You sir, are part of the problem. Intentionally misleading people and keeping them ignorant, scared and angry. Hope your paycheck for this “false reporting” got you a couple of Chili’s dinners at least.

  3. What a bunch of morons at this rag!!! It clearly says not for comparing cities by this data, yet they publish it and claim it as fact in bold print! Uggghhhhh! I hope no one graduated college that works roadsnacks as my faith in higher education is falling by the second!

  4. What about ranking by most murders per capita?

    1. Chicago
    2. Detroit
    3. New Orleans
    4. Jacksonville
    5. Aurora
    6. Los Angeles
    7. Atlanta
    8. Miami
    9. North Omaha
    10. Orlando

  5. I do not believe this, I know that Macon, Ga. is not the place it was in the 90’s when I was a home health nurse there, I don’t even want to drive through it now…must less work as a home health nurse…too dangerous.

  6. “America is a safe place to live relative to the rest of the world” ?
    I live in Norway and the murder rates are much lower here.

  7. Your so called Facts are absurd, Athens Tn.a small Country town is no.6 most violent crimes,Blaaaaaaa! I LIVED there 30 yrs my son still lives there! TOTAL BS!!!#! MEMPHIS Tn. I live here its absolutely the most Violent Racist City in America!

  8. Train stops at Springfield for cheeseboards? . . . “BEST THING SINCE SLICED BREAD! Great idea and there will be lots of support. Go for it Springfield with all the ideas and energy you can muster !

  9. I don’t see any mention of Texas cities where criminals are coyotes or MS-13 hit men from across the border. Are those criminals undocumented thereby not tallied in any locality?

  10. I tripped over this site accidentally as a link turned up in search results while I was tracking down info on a couple of sickmaking murders w/a name in common (MT/perp & CA/victim), of course found the name intriguing – who doesn’t love to eat on the road? – and even got a little warm-fuzzy moment at its location since I have friends in Durham. It looked @ first promising as a source of information alternative to city-data. While in the stats at the end I was happy to see that my hometown of Washington has dropped to 27 from 44 in this category, before getting there on reading this 1 article, I was shocked at its sloppiness. I was given to wonder before reading the 5/9/17 comment by Mark as to this contributor Kolmar’s education level, but it’s long been my view that them as have some framed Piece of High-Class Toilet Paper [1976] on their wall somewhere, aka college diploma, whether on TV or in writing, routinely express themselves with jawdropping inarticulateness [e.g. TheWeatherChannel, which is busted out with such overeducated idiots]. I practically dread to see anymore of this site after this, since just this 1 sample is riddled with not only the most ridiculously easy-to-avoid/correct typos [FOUR!!! in ONE sentence alone! (4th paragraph)], but this Kolmar here addresses his readers in the most patronizing/condescending fashion, “how typical” of newsdummies, e.g. “It’s the dot way out to the top in the graph higher on the page” re: St. Louis. “Not exactly appetizing scenery” to either eat by or spark hunger for more. Kudos to the Snackers for their hardly easy work setting all this up, but if this 1 sample is demonstrative of its overall execution – including the other readers’ enlightening observations – then, as in the tearjerking yet uplifting 40-year-old G. Rafferty song [different context], they “still got a long way to go” to achieve solid legitimacy. But they’ll fall as short of that mark as a 75-yard field goal try if they merely go Screw ‘Em! & continue on their unmerry way farting out their common-senseless Kollege Knowledge, structurally & statistically. “That would be … unfortunate.”

  11. To be fair, I haven’t researched data for all these cities but I disagree with your claim about Chicongo. According to the National average for all crime 280.2 per 100,000 people, Chicago is 510.7 per 100,000 people, almost double the National average. It also ranks quite high in violent crime rather than just petty crime and has some of the highest murder rates in the country. So No, it’s not about average and should be on the list in my opinion.

  12. I was recently in Memphis TN. The 1st time i was there. It is an absoulte hell hole. A policeman actually stopped and spoke to me and asked me to leave the city. He told me that he was amazed that i had not been shot and killed. I was in an area where there are alot of gang members and crack dealers. I was waiting to get into the post office. The complete city was a mess frim top to bottom. Honestly, if Elvis was alive today i really dont think he would still be living in Memphis.

  13. This list seems pretty spot on, like actually, except for one thing: Where on earth is Cleveland?! That place has crime everywhere! Especially on the east side!

    Other than that, like I said, the list seems accurate.

    ~ Gabriel

  14. Your city list is misleading. Property Crimes Per Capita is generally an annoyance. Having your car broken into or your credit card stolen is not life threatening. Being caught in a random drive by shooting is. Stick to violent crimes as being dangerous.

  15. Athens Tn.a small Country town is no.6 most violent crimes,Blaaaaaaa! I LIVED there 30 yrs my son still lives there! TOTAL BS!!!#! MEMPHIS Tn. I live here its absolutely the most Violent Racist City in America!

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