These Are The 10 Most Dangerous Cities In Texas For 2017

We used data and science to identify the most dangerous cities in the Lone Star State for 2017.

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This article is an opinion based on facts and is meant as infotainment. Don’t freak out.

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Do you live in one of the most dangerous cities in Texas?

We all watch the news and see reports on Facebook of the latest crimes that happen in our hometowns. But it can be hard to tell at a big picture level how dangerous our town actually is.

No one wants to feel unsafe, and statistically speaking, odds are that where you live is most likely relatively safe. In order to help the good people of Texas — and anyone looking to move to Texas — know just how close they are to danger, we took data from the annual FBI report and did some serious analysis.

Fortunately, Texas’s capital, Austin, ranked 88th. And, to some people’s surprise, San Antonio finished outside of the top-ten at 15 (behind number 10 Houston).

So without further ado, these ten cities are currently the most dangerous in the Lone Star State:

  1. Cleveland (Photos)
  2. Bellmead (Photos)
  3. Humble (Photos)
  4. Palmview (Photos)
  5. Donna
  6. Alamo (Photos)
  7. Lubbock (Photos)
  8. Texarkana (Photos)
  9. Port Isabel (Photos)
  10. Houston (Photos)

Why did Cleveland take the top spot? For the answer to this question and a detailed explanation of the data and analysis we used in creating this ranking, read on. Or learn more about the safest places in Texas.

If you’re looking for something more national, check out the most dangerous cities in America or the most dangerous states in America.

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How we determined the most dangerous cities in Texas for 2017?

Every year the FBI release two crime datasets, a preliminary dataset limited to the biggest cities in the country, followed by a more detailed release at the end of the year.

For our analysis, we focused on the second release of 2015 data, specifically the 2015 Crime In The United States Report. We will update the results when data becomes available for 2016 in September 2017.

So what criteria did we use? Have a look:

  • Violent Crimes Per Capita
  • Property Crimes Per Capita

In order to make the analysis as apples to apples as possible, we only considered cities over 5,000 in population. That left us with 336 cities in Texas.

We then ranked each city from 1 to 336 for the two criteria with a #1 ranking being the most dangerous for the particular criteria.

Next, we averaged the two rankings into one “Dangerous Index”.

Finally, we ranked every city on the “Dangerous Index” with the lowest index being the most dangerous in Texas — Cleveland. Read on for a detailed look at the 10 most dangerous cities in Texas.

1. Cleveland

Cleveland, Texas

Source: Wikipedia

Population: 7,761
Violent Crimes Per 100k: 1,236
Property Crimes Per 100k: 8,993
It’s probably no surprise for most Texans to see Cleveland taking first place for most dangerous city in the state.

Cleveland experienced a rise in violent crime between 2013-15 to become the most violent in the state.

In 2015, folks in Cleveland had a 1 in 80 chance of being murdered, raped, or assaulted, and a 1 in 11.1 chance of being robbed or the victim of arson.

2. Bellmead

Bellmead, Texas

Source: Flickr

Population: 10,249
Violent Crimes Per 100k: 1,014
Property Crimes Per 100k: 11,054
Bellmead is one of the least populated city on this list, but it’s still very violent.

Residents of Bellmead faced a 1 in 9.0 chance of being the victim of a property crime in 2015.

3. Humble

Humble, Texas

Source: Wikipedia

Population: 15,734
Violent Crimes Per 100k: 953
Property Crimes Per 100k: 10,753
Humble is where muggers go to thrive. There were the 2nd-most robberies per capita in the entire state in 2015 here.

Humble borders the George Bush International Airport to the east. Is it a coincidence that so many robberies take place so close to a major airport?

4. Palmview

Palmview, Texas

Source: Flickr

Population: 5,705
Violent Crimes Per 100k: 1,156
Property Crimes Per 100k: 5,048
Palmview is the most populous city in Hidalgo County.

Palmview experienced a massive rise in violent crime between 2013-15.

Property crime statistics, meanwhile, remained stagnant, with residents facing a 1 in 19.8 chance of being the victim of theft or arson each year — the 18th highest rate in the state.

5. Donna

Population: 16,609
Violent Crimes Per 100k: 1,005
Property Crimes Per 100k: 5,683
Continuing the trend of this area of the state of Texas being a hotbed of danger, Donna, located along Interstate 2, is one of the places to avoid. Residents in Donna have a 1 in 17.6 chance of being the victim of a car theft or home invasion robbery.

The average American has 338 contacts on Facebook. To put that into perspective, about 20 of your friends would have been robbed last year if all of them lived in Donna, Texas.

6. Alamo

Alamo, Texas

Source: Flickr

Population: 19,385
Violent Crimes Per 100k: 820
Property Crimes Per 100k: 5,803
Located just a stone’s throw from Weslaco on Interstate 2 lies Alamo. Crime has steadily remained a real concern here since 2011. Currently, 1 out of 121 residents has the chance of being the victim of a violent crime here.

Additionally, Alamo is the 11th-highest city in terms of thefts in the state of Texas.

7. Lubbock

Lubbock, Texas

Source: Wikipedia

Population: 247,271
Violent Crimes Per 100k: 966
Property Crimes Per 100k: 5,005
Lubbock is the 14th most violent of the most dangerous cities in Texas, but it’s 21st in terms of property crime.

That is partially due to a hike in property crime from 2013-15, which left residents with a 1 in 20.0 chance of being the victim of theft or arson in 2015.

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Violent crime also went up during this period, so Lubbock’s trend means it might stay in the top 10 for a few years.

8. Texarkana

Texarkana, Texas

Source: Wikipedia

Population: 37,415
Violent Crimes Per 100k: 759
Property Crimes Per 100k: 5,088
No surprises here that Texarkana ranked so high on the list, because we ran a study on the most dangerous cities in Arkansas, and Texarkana, Arkansas was really high on that list.

Residents in Texarkana have a 1 in 19.7 chance of being the victim of a property crime, meaning a car theft, home break in or fraud. However, crime in Texarkana has been steadily declining over the last few years, which is a good thing,

9. Port Isabel

Port Isabel, Texas

Source: Wikipedia

Population: 5,022
Violent Crimes Per 100k: 696
Property Crimes Per 100k: 5,037
This smallish city, Port Isabel ranks as one of the most dangerous places in Texas.

Violent crime has been held steady in recent years and property crime has fallen.

Still, a 1 in 19.8 chance of being the victim of a property crime hardly seems like a cause for celebration.

10. Houston

Houston, Texas

Source: Wikipedia

Population: 2,275,221
Violent Crimes Per 100k: 966
Property Crimes Per 100k: 4,397
The rivalry between Dallas and Houston is turned up a notch here, as Houston is the 10th-most dangerous place in the state of Texas. Dallas, on the other hand, is 53rd, while Fort Worth ranks 64th.

The population of Houston might make these statistics stand out like a sore thumb, but in 2015, more than 21,994 people were either killed, attacked or raped in Houston. Wow.

Locking It All Up In Texas

The latest FBI crime data shows that Cleveland ranks as the most dangerous city in Texas for 2017.

However, there will be new data coming out later this year. At that point we can revisit Cleveland’s status — that is if they haven’t beaten us all up already.

If you’re curious enough, here are the safest cities in Texas:

  1. Trophy Club
  2. Kermit
  3. Fairview

For more Texas reading , check out:

Detailed List Of The Most Dangeroues Cities In Texas

Rank City Population Violent Crimes Per Capita Property Crimes Per Capita
1 Cleveland 7,761 1,236 8,993
2 Bellmead 10,249 1,014 11,054
3 Humble 15,734 953 10,753
4 Palmview 5,705 1,156 5,048
5 Donna 16,609 1,005 5,683
6 Alamo 19,385 820 5,803
7 Lubbock 247,271 966 5,005
8 Texarkana 37,415 759 5,088
9 Port Isabel 5,022 696 5,037
10 Houston 2,275,221 966 4,397
11 Raymondville 11,068 1,039 4,165
12 Balch Springs 25,426 983 4,302
13 Big Spring 28,775 802 4,618
14 Center 5,246 667 4,937
15 San Antonio 1,463,586 587 5,029
16 Beaumont 117,635 924 4,114
17 Amarillo 198,770 642 4,663
18 Borger 12,893 698 4,211
19 Odessa 118,606 1,035 3,828
20 Palestine 18,299 994 3,896
21 Port Arthur 54,557 601 4,461
22 Lacy-Lakeview 6,663 645 4,202
23 Pampa 18,517 507 5,114
24 Longview 81,842 515 4,964
25 Robstown 11,702 2,136 3,597
26 Carthage 6,834 526 4,580
27 Levelland 14,071 831 3,787
28 Wharton 8,618 498 4,966
29 Henderson 13,574 685 3,948
30 Jasper 7,638 471 5,747
31 Weslaco 38,109 464 5,507
32 Webster 11,236 418 6,479
33 Hempstead 6,941 1,714 3,443
34 Gainesville 16,119 502 4,417
35 Corsicana 24,027 574 3,970
36 Abilene 121,764 503 4,397
37 Atlanta 5,579 519 4,122
38 Gilmer 5,224 1,071 3,369
39 Aransas Pass 8,534 433 4,921
40 Mercedes 16,788 571 3,788
41 Mexia 7,508 559 3,809
42 Lamesa 9,443 487 4,320
43 Terrell 16,737 633 3,722
44 Edinburg 85,137 428 4,780
45 Cuero 7,115 899 3,401
46 Lancaster 38,884 488 4,076
47 Sweetwater 10,777 519 3,804
48 Mount Pleasant 16,022 493 4,038
49 Addison 16,125 403 4,706
50 Waco 131,413 528 3,738
51 Paris 24,823 487 3,984
52 Corpus Christi 324,326 645 3,465
53 Dallas 1,301,977 694 3,440
54 Brownwood 18,900 507 3,783
55 Kilgore 15,335 502 3,795
56 Fort Stockton 8,527 551 3,647
57 Lufkin 36,401 390 4,661
58 Katy 15,969 388 4,502
59 San Benito 24,557 476 3,848
60 Marshall 25,005 535 3,559
61 Jacksonville 14,708 645 3,358
62 Orange 18,983 832 3,097
63 Sealy 6,336 552 3,456
64 Fort Worth 829,731 525 3,585
65 Gonzales 7,517 1,183 2,913
66 Leon Valley 11,224 302 6,459
67 Navasota 7,406 958 2,957
68 Tyler 102,481 385 3,987
69 Stafford 18,492 448 3,671
70 Lindale 5,680 422 3,750
71 Arlington 387,565 502 3,443
72 Uvalde 16,574 319 4,688
73 San Angelo 100,356 352 4,074
74 Bay City 17,305 340 4,125
75 Galveston 50,065 447 3,631
76 Bowie 5,137 291 5,567
77 Bastrop 8,019 274 5,848
78 Willis 6,375 1,270 2,572
79 Port Lavaca 12,446 811 2,771
80 Liberty 9,050 419 3,679
81 Sinton 5,775 744 2,839
82 Rockport 10,570 264 6,376
83 Pleasanton 9,819 264 6,456
84 Crockett 6,474 787 2,764
85 Victoria 66,988 498 3,361
86 Mesquite 145,569 331 4,067
87 Hillsboro 8,327 336 3,975
88 Austin 938,728 372 3,770
89 Denison 22,952 601 2,892
90 Killeen 140,497 617 2,874
91 Gladewater 6,426 420 3,532
92 Littlefield 6,129 587 2,904
93 Wichita Falls 105,186 385 3,632
94 Athens 12,844 327 3,962
95 Cameron 5,363 428 3,430
96 Vidor 10,971 519 2,944
97 Greenville 26,313 418 3,405
98 San Juan 36,719 541 2,821
99 Bryan 82,050 442 3,135
100 South Houston 17,667 441 3,141
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20 thoughts on “These Are The 10 Most Dangerous Cities In Texas For 2017

  1. For one thing it’s not highway 2 it’s interstate 2.Alice is not north of Raymondville. Alice is north of Edinburg on state highway 281 Kingsville is north of Raymondville on state highway 77.

  2. This list has given me a good laugh, but is completely inaccurate. Listing my town (Palestine) as #10 most dangerous is utterly ridiculous. Your lack of research is obvious……..

  3. I hate to let the cat outta the bag, but Raymondville is not in East Texas. Not far North of the border in SOUTH Texas and your writings don’t correlate with the listing at the bottom.

  4. What a joke. Humble? Really? I’ve lived here my whole life and I promise you, there are plenty of areas in Texas and particularly along my daily commute to Houston where I wouldn’t walk down the street without my gun, but Humble is simply not one of them.

    1. I live about 10 miles from Humble and I’ve
      been going there for years. I haven’t had a problem of any kind. The world is not safe as it use to be anywhere…
      Just be careful wherever you do go.

    2. I mean I live in the kenswick subdivision right along 1960 and 5 minutes away from 59 and you don’t wanna walk alone at night sometimes 3 kids were shot across lee rd and two of my homeboys dead and gone in the past year from shootings don’t think its not bad because its nicer where you stay humble isn’t that humble its turning into a hood

  5. I’ve lived in of near enough of these towns to think this is a pretty good list. My theory? The more cheap rental property there is in an area, the higher the crime rate. It’s certainly true of my home town, Gainesville. It used to be a pretty great place, but now it’s very run down and there are quite a few people who have many rent houses that are pretty cheap. Whereas Southlake and Grapevine are expensive places to live, and don’t really have a lot of rentals, except for high end apartments.

  6. Based on the comments, people didn’t read the methodology. It’s a statistical analysis based on reports of violent crimes and property crimes that are compiled by the FBI from local police reports. It’s not a subjective analysis (perceived safety–which most commenters want), but a statistical analysis based on the rates of actual violent and property crime per capita.

    However, my hometown, Weslaco, is both statistically and subjectively quite a risky place to live.

  7. I live between Weslaco and Donna and many that live here like me would disagree but crime in the past couple of years I feel has gone up. I don’t know if it’s due to the fact that we live so close to the border and crime just across in Mexico has increased in Cartel violence and it’s spilling over. I feel very unsafe where I live and my family and I do feel it’s time to move further north; not too close to the border. Relative warm weather all year round here makes it a nice place to live but I wonder how much of that warm/hot weather also contributes to the violence.

  8. I’ve visited every city on this list, currently live in Houston, I guarantee you that the person who made this inaccurate list have been to none of these cities. Humble really LMAO get out of here.

    1. Naw you get out Humble is gettin bad shit the population is now 42.6% Hispanic because hello property value and unemployment are at an all time high trust me i saw my friend shot for standing in the street in front from the wrong house aand I live in Wick and don’t think because you been here before you know how life is here 4 years ago two streets over a bitch stabbed her mother 74 times with a butcher knife im friends with everyone involved Humble is getting more violent crime now days don’t believe me walk down my streets at night you’d probably get robbed at gun point by some 13 yr olders

  9. I worked for Dallas PD as well as Palestine PD. I can tell you first hand that the violent crime rate is way higher in Palestine. Another unknown fact is less than 10% of the Officers that work there are from Palestine. Most of the local applicants cant pass a background investigation. They dont call it the “Dogwood Hood” for nothing.

    1. I would say a majority of worthy local Palestine PD recruits/applicants don’t stick around & simply leave town.

  10. Me and my family are planning a trip to Texas to research my grandmothers past. All we know about her is where she was raised and her parents names but everything else is a total mystery. My grandmother NEVER talked about her past or told us anything about her family (not even my mother knows anything about her) if we asked her she would get upset and tell us there is no family to talk about so stop asking. My grandma passed away about 13 years ago so we are curious to know who she was and why she kept her past a secret. She was born in 1929 and we don’t even know if there is any info on her going back that far but it’s worth a try. So she lived in and around the Edinburge, McAllen and LaFord area can anyone tell me what these places are like? Are they dangerous and are these towns safe to travel to? Thanks in advance ….Lynn

  11. Galveston #29,sounds about right,though before Hurricane Ike wiped out the projects this ranking would of been much lower,more like Houston’s… and yes I am from Galveston.

  12. I live in Houston and I have not seen any shootings or heard any shooting but I cannot really say how bad the crime it’s out here and cannot compare it to where I am originally from Compton California

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