The 10 Kinkiest Cities In Idaho For 2024

The kinkiest cities in Idaho are Rupert and Moscow for 2024 based on Saturday Night Science.

Kinkiest Cities In Idaho Map
Since the 1950s ended, most of America has let its guard down and people have become a whole lot kinkier.

Searches for sex online are at an all-time high, and with sexting, flexting, and every other new way of communicating our desires online, it’s pretty clear that we can’t get enough.

Whether we want to admit it or not.

Which of the places in Idaho are the kinkiest? We can tell by looking at who is buying the most ‘kinky’ stuff online.

Based on the number of purchases from Adam & Eve per capita, we came up with this list as the 10 kinkiest cities in the Gem State.

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The 10 Kinkiest Cities In Idaho For 2024

  1. Rupert (0.02 orders per capita)
  2. Moscow (0.01 orders per capita)
  3. Coeur d’Alene (0.01 orders per capita)
  4. Sandpoint (0.01 orders per capita)
  5. Pocatello (0.0 orders per capita)
  6. Idaho Falls (0.0 orders per capita)
  7. Fruitland (0.0 orders per capita)
  8. Twin Falls (0.0 orders per capita)
  9. Lewiston (0.0 orders per capita)
  10. Nampa (0.0 orders per capita)

Are these a surprise? We don’t live in Idaho, so you guys decide whether or not these cities make sense. But, either way, the data is 100% truth.

We also have some honorable mention cities as well. We’ll get to those later. And if you’re wondering, we can also tell who the least kinky cities in Idaho are, too.

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Methodology: How We Measured The Most Historically Racist Places In The Gem State

n order to rank the how kinky a city is, we simply had to see which cities in Idaho purchased the most sex toys from online erotic adult toy and novelty powerhouse Adam & Eve. They provided us with purchase information in 2015.

It’s pretty easy to figure it out, actually, when you know the cities in Idaho are buying adult toys.

Saturday Night Science at it’s finest as there’s no beter way than to solve this argument at a bar.

We caculated all the data on a per capita basis, meaning these are orders on a per-person basis, not a raw number of total dollars spent or number of orders. That keeps us from ranking the largest cities at the top since they have the most people.

Additionally, we only looked at the 28 places in Idaho with over 5,000 people.

The kinkiest cities in Idaho based on this methodology are Rupert, Moscow, Coeur d’Alene, Sandpoint, Pocatello, Idaho Falls, Fruitland, Twin Falls, Lewiston, and Nampa.

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Kinkiest Cities In Idaho For 2024

Rank City Population Orders Per Capita
1 Rupert, ID 6,066.0 0.02
2 Moscow, ID 25,616.0 0.01
3 Coeur D’alene, ID 54,599.0 0.01
4 Sandpoint, ID 8,899.0 0.01
5 Pocatello, ID 56,582.0 0.0
6 Idaho Falls, ID 65,685.0 0.0
7 Fruitland, ID 6,169.0 0.0
8 Twin Falls, ID 52,315.0 0.0
9 Lewiston, ID 34,270.0 0.0
10 Nampa, ID 102,598.0 0.0
11 Hayden, ID 15,703.0 0.0
12 Eagle, ID 30,635.0 0.0
13 Post Falls, ID 40,002.0 0.0
14 Mountain Home, ID 16,026.0 0.0
15 Emmett, ID 7,694.0 0.0
16 Burley, ID 11,506.0 0.0
17 Hailey, ID 9,238.0 0.0
18 Meridian, ID 119,872.0 0.0
19 Rathdrum, ID 9,556.0 0.0
20 Payette, ID 8,182.0 0.0
21 Blackfoot, ID 12,349.0 0.0
22 Middleton, ID 9,614.0 0.0
23 Kuna, ID 24,845.0 0.0
24 Rexburg, ID 38,803.0 0.0
25 Jerome, ID 12,482.0 0.0
26 Caldwell, ID 61,212.0 0.0
27 Rigby, ID 5,097.0 0.0
28 Star, ID 11,971.0 0.0
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