The 10 Worst Places To Live In Idaho For 2024

The worst places to live in Idaho are Caldwell and Jerome for 2024 based on Friday Night Science.

Idaho is one of those off-the-radar states that you don’t hear about very often. As far as we’re concerned, Idaho is a beautiful state with hard-working Americans. But we’re not here to debate Idaho’s merits — either good or bad.

We’re here to simply make an unbiased, research-driven analysis of where the worst places to live in Idaho are. And for those looking to visit the Gem State, or move there permanently, this list should provide some value.

According to scientific data, and after analyzing the most populated cities, these are the worst 10 places that you could possibly live in Idaho:

Table Of Contents: Top Ten | Methodology | Summary | Table

The 10 Worst Places To Live In Idaho For 2024

  1. Caldwell
  2. Jerome
  3. Blackfoot
  4. Payette
  5. Emmett
  6. Mountain Home
  7. Pocatello
  8. Burley
  9. Twin Falls
  10. Nampa

Worst Places To Live In Idaho Map

Where are these places, you wonder? And before you get all riled up and say we’re picking on small towns in Idaho, that’s not the case.

We understand there’s a lot of good in every place. For example, the best place to live in Idaho is Meridian.

However, according to data (which doesn’t measure things like beauty and ‘friendly people’), the state has far better options for making a place home. And the worst place to live in Idaho? The worst place to live in Idaho is Caldwell.

Read below to see how we crunched the numbers and how your city fared in 2024.

If you’re looking for something more national, check out the worst cities in America or the worst states in America.

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The 10 Worst Places To Live In Idaho For 2024

Caldwell, ID

Source: Wikipedia User Tamanoeconomico | CC BY-SA 4.0
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Population: 61,212
Average Home Price: $379,133
Median Income: $65,259
Unemployment Rate: 5.1%
Crime Per Capita: 0.0191
More on Caldwell: Data | Crime | Cost Of Living | Real Estate

Gold drew many of the early settlers to Caldwell during the 19th century. A lot of that luster has faded in recent times. Now, the city posts a sluggish economy, which includes a poverty rate of 12.6%.

Caldwell also has issues with its public education system. Some local charter schools perform well, but most of the public institutions score a 6/10 or lower on Great Schools.

Don’t get us wrong: Caldwell has its strong point as well. Located in the southwest part of the state, the community serves as a regional population center. As such, it provides a cultural hub for its area. This includes the annual Indian Creek Festival.

Jerome, ID

Source: Wikipedia User Ian Poellet | CC BY-SA 3.0
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Population: 12,482
Average Home Price: $366,237
Median Income: $59,656
Unemployment Rate: 3.6%
Crime Per Capita: 0.0145
More on Jerome: Data | Crime | Cost Of Living | Real Estate

Jerome sits along I-84, about 20 minutes north of Twin Falls, in an area known as the Magic Valley. Unfortunately, life isn’t quite so magic for the 12,482 residents of the community.

Parts of Jerome’s economy work extremely well. Just look at the unemployment rate, which comes in at 3.6%. Not too shabby, right? Still, the folks in town have trouble making ends meet. The poverty rate runs 17.8%.

Low wages represent only part of the problem. At the same time, housing and education miss expectations. The local schools score just a 2/10 from Great Schools.

Blackfoot, ID

Source: Wikipedia User sporst | CC BY 2.0
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Population: 12,349
Average Home Price: $331,966
Median Income: $57,951
Unemployment Rate: 8.9%
Crime Per Capita: 0.0258
More on Blackfoot: Data | Crime | Cost Of Living | Real Estate

Alright, let’s get it out of the way: Idaho is known for its potatoes. Hawaii’s got surfing. Manhattan’s got skyscrapers. Idaho’s got spuds.

Well, here we have the epicenter of that. Blackfoot has earned the title “Potato Capital of the World.” You can learn all about it at the Idaho Potato Museum in town.

So what about the town’s non-tuber residents? Is a good place for people as well as potatoes? Sorry to say, Blackfoot comes up a little short. A sluggish non-spud economy leads to a poverty rate of 10.1%. At the same time, housing and education are mediocre.

Payette, ID

Source: Wikipedia User Ian Poellet | CC BY-SA 4.0
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Population: 8,182
Average Home Price: $340,535
Median Income: $51,477
Unemployment Rate: 7.2%
Crime Per Capita: 0.0117
More on Payette: Data | Crime | Cost Of Living | Real Estate

There seems to be a pattern here, as Payette, another city on the western side of the Boise-Nampa area, ranks as the 4th-worst place to live in Idaho, according to the data.

Payette (population 8,182), which is about an hour drive north of Boise. The average household income here is less than most other cities in the state (3rd lowest), and crime is exceptionally high for the state of Idaho.

At least the sun shines more here, as Payette has more sunny days than any other city except the town of Buhl.

Emmett, ID

Source: Public domain
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Population: 7,694
Average Home Price: $428,806
Median Income: $54,575
Unemployment Rate: 0.3%
Crime Per Capita: 0.0156
More on Emmett: Data | Crime | Cost Of Living | Real Estate

Here’s another one-time gold town. Emmett stands in the southeastern section of the state, about 45 minutes outside of Boise. Built along the Payette River, it serves as the county seat (and only major population center) in Gem County.

Despite the impression you might get from the name “Gem County,” the economy in the area is less than a precious jewel. Rather, you might best describe it as mixed. The unemployment rate is relatively low, coming in at 0.3%. But, while locals can find work, good-paying jobs remain elusive. The median income sits at just $54,575. As a result, about 1 in 4 residents suffers below the poverty line.

Mountain Home, ID

Source: Wikipedia User Larry D. Moore | CC BY-SA 3.0
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Population: 16,026
Average Home Price: $339,060
Median Income: $53,108
Unemployment Rate: 6.0%
Crime Per Capita: 0.0126
More on Mountain Home: Data | Crime | Cost Of Living | Real Estate

Mountain Home ranks as the 6th worst place to live in Idaho for 2024, let’s take a look at why.

Mountain Home has one of those names that perfectly describes the town. The town represents your home in the mountains, sitting at an elevation of more than 3,000 feet. A great place for breathtaking vistas and invigorating hikes.

However, people need more than beautiful views to get by in life. Mountain Home provides the mountains, sure, just as promised. But it has trouble offering some of the key aspects of home. You know, like a promising economy, good housing, or a consistent education. Instead, locals deal with an unemployment rate of 6.0% and a poverty rate of 11.9%.

Pocatello, ID

Source: Public domain
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Population: 56,582
Average Home Price: $313,922
Median Income: $56,115
Unemployment Rate: 5.4%
Crime Per Capita: 0.0180
More on Pocatello: Data | Crime | Cost Of Living | Real Estate

Pocatello, one of the largest cities in Idaho, makes it toward the top of the list primarily due to the crime levels and education rankings. Expenditure per student is $6.586 — far lower than other cities in Idaho — and a teacher-to-student ratio of 23:1, also far lower than other cities on the list.

Pocatello does have a low unemployment rate (4.6%), and was named as one of the best small places for business and careers about eight years ago.

Burley, ID

Source: Public domain
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Population: 11,506
Average Home Price: $315,637
Median Income: $58,889
Unemployment Rate: 3.7%
Crime Per Capita: 0.0143
More on Burley: Data | Cost Of Living | Real Estate

Burley, located in the southern region of Idaho, is unfortunately known as one of the worst places to live in the state. One of the major factors contributing to its negative reputation is its high crime rate. While specific crime statistics are not available, the overall property and violent crime rates per capita in Burley are concerning. Safety becomes a significant concern for residents in this area.

Additionally, Burley struggles with economic challenges, including a relatively low median income and high poverty levels. With a median income of $58,889 and a poverty level ranking at 30.0, many residents face financial difficulties. The real estate market in Burley also reflects these challenges, with a median home value of $315,637.

However, it’s important to note that while Burley may be currently facing these issues, there is potential for improvement with dedicated effort and community initiatives. By addressing crime rates, improving economic opportunities, and enhancing safety measures, Burley could transform into a more desirable place to live for its residents.

Twin Falls, ID

Source: Flickr User | CC BY-SA 2.0
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Population: 52,315
Average Home Price: $348,378
Median Income: $58,024
Unemployment Rate: 3.1%
Crime Per Capita: 0.0198
More on Twin Falls: Data | Crime | Cost Of Living | Real Estate

The name doesn’t lie: there really are some gorgeous waterfalls near Twin Falls. Shoshone Falls represents the most famous of these, located just down the Snake River.

Beyond the natural wonders, though, life in Twin Falls can be bumpy. Not bad, really. Just choppy…kind of like the river just before hitting the falls.

You’ve got a relatively strong economy, with a 3.1% unemployment rate and a $58,024 median income. But you’ve also got an inconsistent education system and a crime rate that’s relatively high, given the standard for the rest of the state.

Nampa, ID

Source: Wikipedia User Visitor7 | CC BY-SA 3.0
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Population: 102,598
Average Home Price: $396,042
Median Income: $67,346
Unemployment Rate: 3.0%
Crime Per Capita: 0.0176
More on Nampa: Data | Crime | Cost Of Living | Real Estate

No, this isn’t Tampa. Changing one letter makes a big difference. This isn’t a haven of beaches and sun tans. Instead, it’s a city in the southwestern part of Idaho.

Though, to be fair, you can head to nearby Lake Lowell for a bit of water-related fun. Maybe not Tampa-style fun, but not bad for Idaho.

With a population of 102,598 people, Nampa ranks among the state’s biggest population centers. As a result, you’ll find some of the downsides of a sizable urban area. This includes poverty, with a local poverty rate of 10.9%. It also manifests itself in an inconsistent education system.

Methodology: How we determined the worst places to live in Idaho for 2024

To figure out the worst places to live in Idaho, we used Saturday Night Science to idenift what kinds of things people like and then decide what cities have the least amount of those things.

We don’t think it’s a stretch to assume that people like the following things:

  • Good education
  • Lots of jobs
  • Low crime
  • Low poverty
  • Nice homes
  • High incomes
  • High population density (Lots of things to do)
  • Short work commutes
  • Health insurance

The data comes from the Census’s most recent American Community Survey and the FBI Uniform Crime Report.

We broke crime down into violent crime and property crime to give violent crime a more significant weight. If you did a simple calculation of all crimes per capita, property crimes are typically 7x more common and bias that ranking.

Furthermore, only cities with at least 5,000 people were considered — leaving 32 cities.

We then ranked each city from 1 to 32 for all the criteria, with a #1 ranking being the worst for the particular criteria.

Next, we averaged the rankings into one “Worst Place To Live Score.”

Finally, we ranked every city on the “Worst Place To Live Score,” with the lowest score being the worst city in Idaho — Caldwell. Read on for a detailed look at the ten worst cities in Idaho. This article is an opinion based on facts meant as infotainment. We updated this article for 2024. This list is our tenth time ranking the worst places to live in Idaho.

Summary: Wrapping Up The Worst In Idaho

If you’re looking at areas in Idaho with the worst economic situations, where there’s higher than average crime and little to do, this is an accurate list.

And in the end, Caldwell ranks as the worst city to live in Idaho for 2024.

The worst cities in Idaho are .

If you’re curious enough, here are the best cities to live in Idaho:

  1. Eagle (Pop. 30,635)
  2. Rexburg (Pop. 38,803)
  3. Meridian (Pop. 119,872)

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Worst Places To Live In Idaho

Rank City Population Unemployment Rate Home Price Median Income Crime Per Capita
1 Caldwell 61,212 5.1% $379,133 $65,259 0.0191
2 Jerome 12,482 3.6% $366,237 $59,656 0.0145
3 Blackfoot 12,349 8.9% $331,966 $57,951 0.0258
4 Payette 8,182 7.2% $340,535 $51,477 0.0117
5 Emmett 7,694 0.3% $428,806 $54,575 0.0156
6 Mountain Home 16,026 6.0% $339,060 $53,108 0.0126
7 Pocatello 56,582 5.4% $313,922 $56,115 0.0180
8 Burley 11,506 3.7% $315,637 $58,889 0.0143
9 Twin Falls 52,315 3.1% $348,378 $58,024 0.0198
10 Nampa 102,598 3.0% $396,042 $67,346 0.0176
11 Weiser 5,678 5.8% $319,644 $41,491 0.0044
12 Rupert 6,066 2.9% $295,733 $53,348 0.0143
13 Idaho Falls 65,685 4.8% $366,971 $66,463 0.0178
14 Preston 5,668 0.6% $395,648 $51,914 0.0076
15 Post Falls 40,002 3.3% $489,488 $71,042 0.0144
16 Lewiston 34,270 3.2% $356,242 $63,109 0.0286
17 Hayden 15,703 3.7% $573,102 $72,227 0.0144
18 Rathdrum 9,556 4.6% $525,955 $80,934 0.0073
19 Ammon 17,921 3.1% $391,748 $76,471 0.0178
20 Star 11,971 7.3% $556,806 $88,625 0.0085
21 Middleton 9,614 2.5% $468,505 $68,947 0.0113
22 Hailey 9,238 3.2% $776,233 $77,035 0.0068
23 Fruitland 6,169 3.0% $393,238 $64,167 0.0091
24 Rigby 5,097 2.2% $450,677 $73,807 0.0102
25 Kuna 24,845 2.1% $423,480 $83,960 0.0085
26 Sandpoint 8,899 2.7% $593,858 $60,208 0.0119
27 Coeur d’Alene 54,599 2.0% $548,397 $65,786 0.0138
28 Chubbuck 15,638 3.9% $364,541 $69,992 0.0285
29 Moscow 25,616 6.4% $432,402 $53,679 0.0141
30 Eagle 30,635 1.5% $798,612 $114,271 0.0085
31 Rexburg 38,803 7.8% $393,055 $46,286 0.0048
32 Meridian 119,872 2.7% $510,137 $93,296 0.0085
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117 thoughts on “The 10 Worst Places To Live In Idaho For 2024

  1. Obviously you don’t live in one of these towns. There’s something called “quality of life” and the majority of the people in these towns appreciate that. Friendly, helpful, and supportive describe the people and a more relaxed life is a lot more healthy than fighting the traffic in those larger city. I’ll take Emmett any day.

  2. Did your survey speak to any residents of the cities you evaluated? I would think their feedback would be valuable input to factor in if u want a realistic study. I’ve lived in Middleton for 9 years and love the peace and quiet I get from the ‘wide open spaces’, less light and air pollution. Great peace of mind to sometimes look out on the pastures, corn fields and I know what it means when I hear the song phrase about amber waves of grain – not to mention the comfort I feel when I hear my horse call out in the morning to greet me each day with a hardy hello. So many intangibles you missed. What a shame!

    1. I’ve lived in Middleton for 14 years and commuted to a job in Boise for the first 9 of them. I’m now a stay-home-mom of two. I thought the last comment about people commuting in the future was funny. As though no one does that now. If you are comparing our small town living to people who want city living then your correct – Middleton is not for them. We that prefer a quieter place to live away from our city jobs, it’s heaven.

      1. Totally agree. I like the wide open spaces. How about peace and quiet? I was raised and have lived in big cities for most of my life and I wouldn’t want to trade my experience for all the data or time that was taken to develop the survey results. I love being able to see a ton of stars on a no moon night and the people are really nice for the
        Most part.

    2. thank you for the comments. I plan to move to Idaho next year from Florida. My priority are Safety and Beautiful nature.

  3. You means to conclusions is errant. You failed in fidelity of what points were qualified and subsequently quantified. Using Boise as part of this equation is additionally flawed and shows nothing more than bias regarding exactly which qualifying comparitors justified your conclusions. This was further compounded by your editorialized take on an erroneously drawn conclusion. I would suggest that any would be reader, reference the Pew reports and come to a better educated conclusion as to what town or city would help them best enjoy their stay.

  4. I would prefer that you left Population Density off of your criteria and then republish your list.

    The reason people live in some of these cities is because of low population density, which makes them more desirable.

  5. Obviously, the fact that Rathdrum’s high school was just ranked number one in the state for academics has no value in this survey. Wow, guys. Just wow.

  6. I fail to see how the distance away from boise has anything to do with determining the “best” place to live. You could have been way more specific with your analysis and have the same data listed for all the cities on your list. Maybe I want to know the unemployment rate for Pocatello as well as Sandpoint! I believe many people agree with me in saying, your survey has many flaws.

  7. I have lived in Idaho for nine years. I think anything south of Boise is the pits. It is dry, desert like, horrible education systems (Idaho ranks 49th in a lot of things such as education), unfriendly, fifth worse state to live in as an animal, horribly conservative, most towns are small and pretty much dumpy, 85% Mormon so if a person isn’t one it is hard to find a job, has polls showing they are the rudest and worse drivers in the country, and the list goes on. Don’t think of visiting southern Idaho unless you are white, Mormon and conservative.

      1. I moved to Burley in August of this year from Washington… best move I’ve done. I have been welcomed by all I have met hear, I’m retired and live the slow pace. I have also visited surrounding cities and have had nothing but great experiences.. .so much friendlier than Washington… I’m glad to be here.

    1. You obviously have never explored southern Idaho. Try getting off the freeway and take the back roads. There’s so much to explore and a lot of beauty to see.

      1. Hey don’t tell them all that. Better that they stay out of our state. A lot better for idaho. The more people who move here fro Ca. and some other places the worse it get for crime and other bad things. I have been here 25 years and I love how it is, except the drivers. I think a lot come from Ca. and other places then they want everything like it was where they came from. We have ALOT of people coming from over seas where they had it so bad, but now they want their laws and their religion taught in our state and their special food at a special food bank. I am sorry but Idaho is just fine like it was and is. We don’t need any more. Sorry I just hate people coming in and then wanting to change everything.

    2. Wow! – That’s about all I can say to such a narrow-minded, unvalidated, judgmental statement.

    3. Your comments are as ignorant as this article. Living in Pocatello (which I love!) I have known plenty of non-Mormons and guess what….they are employed! People who say that drive me nuts because you obviously have never lived anywhere outside of your little bubble of black unicorns. I also love the beautiful parks and drives. Thank you for keeping your liberal ignorance up north.

    4. I am white, Mormon and conservative and I live in south-east Idaho. The people here are reserved and mostly mind their own business. I rather like it that way. But, I’ll tell you, whenever anyone is in need, and I mean anyone, they will do everything possible to help them. Crime here is ZERO. They may not be the most gregarious and lively bunch around, but they are some of the safest and kindest people around. And, with no exceptions I have ever seen, at least their youth keep their pants pulled up.

      1. Appreciate what you have to say.
        I’m from (a conservative area in) California.
        Yes, there are still a few of us who are not flaming
        liberals. Thank you

    5. Man, you’re right. Idaho stinks. Don’t move here. We are a bunch of rednecks. We live in small towns. We cling to our Bibles and guns. (gasp!) Wide open spaces without people is awful and oh so lonely. Small schools and small classrooms are the worst. Unlocked doors and freedom are certainly not the American values we want to have. Fresh air and low crime rates are horrible things to wake up to every day. Yup, stay outta Idaho. That’s just the way we like it.

        1. Yes I’m sure all you Idaho’ns want to keep your sect pure . So say what you will , wev’e heard it all before about how redneck Mormon Idaho’s say
          ” we don’t want you moving here” . Big deal ….I’ll come if i want too…..and so will anyone else if Idaho is where they want to live , so shut up & chill , you cant stop anyone or progress from coming . Except the change & be gracious about , and for hell sakes be nice to us , we’re not half as bad as you make us out to be. It’s not like we’re illegal Mexi’s ready to kidnap your blond hair’d , blue eye’d white baby…..ah ha ha ha lol and teach em witch craft ah ha ha he ha……I don’t want to see anywhere , including California , be over ran with dreamers , illegal mexi’s or whatever they call em. I know from experience, true experience, that once they take hold and move in , well… good comes from it……period. Even the Mexicans that have lived here awhile don’t want other Mexicans coming and frankly cant relate to them bc they grow up and have lived here for some time and can’t identify with the ” over the border Mexi’s ” just like you cant see us expanding out to your neck of the woods ! Anyway…..I’m getting off track and want to express my opinion about beautiful beautiful IDAHO ! IVE lived in Utah 30 yrs. Transferred from California about 30 yrs ago when the Teamsters Frieght company I started working for offered a paid transfer to Utah to work . So be it……because I’m exactly like the people you all curse at cause I feel the way they do and hi wanted more for my kids growing up………LIKE a chance…..that would be nice to start…….It’s very limited in Cally even though EVERYTHING ON EARTH is readly available to you…..many places there in Cally its so over ran with gangs , drugs , everything in life you and I detest . I feel so sorry for the families that will never be able to move away or make the change they desperately need to make , to overcome the present way of life they were probabley born & cursed into , as were their grandparents, great-grand parents AND of course their off-springs will be lucky to have a chance to make it out………I’m lucky enough to remember the BEATIFULL CAILIFORNIA …..not the grossed out present CALLY. I dont want to be disliked or or or looked down on for moving in your home state for a better way of life…….and believe you me , I’m biting my tongue as I write that down , because I think of all the Mexicans, illegal people hitting our borders , coming over anyway they can get here………..ALL , so they can try and have a better life , well , better than they would have if left where they were . SO……my point I guess is i truly understand both sides of the coin. I dont blame anyone for try’n their best to keep people from spoiling their beloved state…..honestly I do. HOWEVER…..I literly thank God in heaven for giving me the choice of relocation to many places I’ve never been to ……like Idaho….which , LOL , is a strong contender for me…..I’m thinking Sandpoint ID. However I’m totally in-love with Montana…….ah ha ha ha ha , but honestly……to little old me……you Idaho’ins don’t realize theres NOT a BAD place to live in your home state……I adore the whole state which I’ve had the pleasure of checking out since retiring. It’s a freaking wonderful state ! Love the people I’ve meet , lived the little towns , as well as the bigger towns I’ve spent time in. Seriously a nice nice state ! AND TRUST ME ….
          I know there’s Mormons LOL , all over the state, living there . It’s all good . Been a Baptist among them for 30 yrs and you know what……..I honestly think……NO……I honestly KNOW…….seriously…….I could have done so much worse in living somewhere else. I actually feel lucky and blessed I had a chance to live here in Utah. REMEMBER… there’s GOOD & BAD humans everywhere ! Utah really is a awesome place to live & raise kids I think……………’s just time to mossie on……..I can feel it , so that’s the plan for little old me ! OH , SORRY THIS POST IS SO LONG , didn’t mean to go on and on like I’ve done , so I’m very sorry about the reading length of my post ! Renee

          1. Renee Perri, I want to thank you for apologizing for your post being “so long” because it was way too long for me to read for sure. I think it’s a great idea to re-read before posting anything anywhere. Nobody wants to read everything little thing we think about a subject. Be concise and be sure it’s something of value or just find something else constructive to do with your time.

    6. That is way uncorrect I’ve lived there and all over for 20 years and I assure u are wrong but have your right to your opinion

    7. It’s actually the exact opposite of almost everything you mentioned. Idaho ranks #1 in best drivers, Utah is #50 oddly enough.

      Although thick with Mormons, 85% is about 70% high until you get to Idaho Falls.

      Finding a job in the Magic Valley is pretty easy right now, our unemployment is <3%.

      For being "rude conservatives" is kinda odd that we've welcomed thousands of Islamic refugees.

      And for being dumpy and horribly conservative, about 500 Californians moving in by the month would disagree.

      Notice, not a single southern Idaho town was mentioned. Not 1.

    8. Yep, Mormons SUCK! Unfortunately I didn’t realize how much they sucked until after I built my house in Mesa, AZ. What a bunch of hypocrites who want nothing more than to appear as elite. They are scum and they only live in fear of what others in their cult are saying about them. Get them alone and they will go on and on about all the ridiculous stuff they deal with in their faith as they drink all your beer. The woman are happy being subservient and accept that they will never be anything more than the man they married. The kids are complete weirdos who feel entitled and do whatever they want without regard for laws and rules that were not originated in their religion. They exclude anyone who does not share their beliefs and they excommunicate anyone who speaks up and asks for dialog around any of their doctrine. Messed Up!!!

      1. Hate to admit this ( only because ,seriously , as I get older I’m try’n hard to to stay in that PEACE AND LOVE state of mind ) but man oh man…..not truer words have been spoken ! After living here in Salt Lake City for 30 something long yrs……..raising two kids , involved heavily in school & their progects, worked ALL my 30 yrs here in Utah , did all the outside adventures here , divorced , remarried , divorced…..yes , just living the life so to speak…….having Mormon best friends , Mormon co-workers , Mormon, Mormon , Mormon everything , all the time ……..I really do have to incur with the last poster about the Mormons. Love some because of great friendship with them …….BUT WOW OH WOW ………..that poster hit it on the head ……..Mormons truly do act the way he said . It’s a fact that they do act and live that way ! I’m not so sure if they even realize their behavior , because from what I’ve gathered , it’s almost like their just born that way and it just goes without saying , I mean their mindset and the way they act. WOW…….truly , the better than thou attitude here in Salt Lake City. Yes , it’s depressing and very sad. Takes away sometimes from the good they really do , do , in certain areas. Never seen ANYTHING like it before . I mean their mind -set , they way they talk & diffinitly live their lives………talk about a group of people that honestly believe , truly believe ” THEIR THE CHOOSEN ONES ” . It’s totalling mind blowing
        that they not only openly say it , they LOL openly believe it and will even argue their point of view about being that way . Wow……. I that poster said a mouthfull.I often have wondered if it’s just Mormons here in Utah that THINK that way or if it’s ALL of them world wide that believe their so intitled………..Renee

    9. White, Mormon/Christian Conservative. This is code for Low crime, Great place to raise a family, Work and Provide for your family, Love God and his values. Great Community. Help as many people thrive in your community. Desert is peaceful, warmer, quiet. Low costs. If this is evil than go live in South Central Los Angeles. This is Heaven on Earth for us.

  8. I relocated to Weiser, Id. In 2006, from a large congested city. I think your ranking is missing many good facts. Friendly people who are willing to help their fellow man when needed. Kindness over flowing
    I find these to be qualities you would not want to pass up
    Sorry you census is incorrect.

    1. I grew up in California. I used to see bumper stickers
      on cars that said “Welcome to California, now go home.”
      and I did not appreciate it. It would be dreadful to
      relocate to a state where I don’t feel welcome. I
      would only relocate to a state where my patriotic and
      moral values would fit in. I truly hope that wherever
      I relocate to, that I would feel welcome and be in harmony
      with those around me. Thank you

  9. I love living in Idaho it is the state I was born in and have not found other state with so much fun thinks to do. I live in the Boise would never say bad stuff about other city’s in Idaho.

  10. Whoever wrote this obviously doesn’t know what they’re talking about. Great journalism guy. Find a new career

  11. Nick, your “data” aka CRAP I’d full of biased & typical snooty Boisean stereotypes. Pull your head out of your butt & get a life!

  12. Ok let’s be honest Idaho I’d maybe the least known state. People are always asking me “where’s Idaho?”. It is also the lowest on the employment chain. Thus is why we moved but Idaho is so beautiful. It was the most filmed state in one of the largest TV shows, X-Files. It is also home to the most Submarine testings in the U.S. Many of the facts in this post are wrong. Check your facts.

  13. Shhhh…. just let people think this is true. We know better but we want to keep Middleton small and we can’t have everyone knowing how great it is to live here.

  14. There used to be a sign on the Idaho side of the border, just north of Jackpot, said
    “All Californians entering Idaho must be dipped”.

    Plainly, that sign’s been taken down.

    1. “All Californians entering Idaho must be dipped”
      I live in California and I am not dipped. (in my opinion).
      I am patriotic, quiet, love good conversation, love
      animals, nature. I do not appreciate how our liberal
      legislatures in California are destroying our Second Amendment
      rights etc. and am searching for possible relocation
      to a conservative area where I can afford to live in a
      Senior Mobile Home Park, but I don’t want to relocate
      to Idaho unless I am welcome. Researched Arizona,
      Colorado, New Mexico, and crossed them off my list.
      I do not smoke, drink, nor do drugs of any kind. I
      hope if I decide to relocate to Idaho that I will be welcome.

      1. Hate to say it but, this is a great person if you don’t want to come here then demand we change everything so it is like where you came from. As it is Nampo and Caldwell is getting too big and too much crime. Boise isn’t to to bad but not as nice as it used to be. Meridian where I live is also getting terrible big. But it is still nice.

  15. O.k. There are a lot of pros and cons about Idaho. I wasn’t born here but have been here almost all my life. I am a country boy, well traveled, educated in private schools most of my school years. I have a broad experience back ground and I am pretty open minded.
    Idaho in general is a behind the times, closed minded, tight knit, clickish, state that operates mostly on the good ole boy system. According to a news story some of the most corrupt police agencies and judicial systems reside right here in Idaho.
    With all that said I have stayed here because I love everything from the high mountain desert to the mountains and forests. I used to be an avid hunter, loved fishing, and exploring the rich history of the pioneers, settlers. I distance myself from the politics other than voting on the issues and for change to make things better. I grew up with friends that became policemen, and I know judges and lawyers and most of all hard working people from country life and industry, techie fields. There are all kinds of diversity of life here. I don’t think your data holds up in the real areas that matter. There is a reason I have stayed here, always came back home. Sure there are short comings but the quality of life here is unbeatable. You just have to find you niche that suits you and don’t worry about the rest.

  16. I lived in California for 58 years. Visited Idaho for 4 days and fell in love with the people, how polite and helpful, the young people not disrespectful, not using fowl language. Drivers are polite. People here know what customer service means. I wouldn’t ove back to California if someone have me a million dollars. The state is beautiful.

  17. I was raised in Heyburn. I was raised on a farm. I worked as a kid hard almost every day. The landscape was beautiful. Camping and mountains and Lake swimming was the best. Especially with your own horse. I grew up not knowing every kid didn’t have their own horse. Motorcycle. Snowmobile. Their own vehicle at age 15. I’m glad I was raised where I was. I would rather go camping then to a bar. People still think I’m weird because if someone needs help I do it. If they need something I can give I do. I leave my keys in my car and my word is more valuable then money to me. I still have two Jobs to this day. I live very nice but still love to work hard. Thanks Idaho for helping make who I am today.

    1. Hi. Really enjoyed your post.
      We are considering getting out of what I thought used to be conservative Oregon and looking for more conservative pastures.

      I am 48. Wife 40 and we have a 3 year old boy. Do you mind me asking what your opinion is on a good place there with a home budget of $200k-$250k?

      Is it possible to buy a decent house in there with a few acres of flat land for that kind of $?

  18. Whoever moved here into my neighborhood and is littering in front of my house – fire your parents and go away. I have been here more than a year. Loved it at first. Now I see bad drivers, changes in attitude, overwhelming materialism, dwindling farmland. Shudder to think of the next 20 years.

  19. Idaho is terrible. No need to rank the cities in terms of best-to-worst. They all suck. I can’t wait to move out of this dump. People are closed minded. “Oh you think Idaho sucks, well you must be stupid!” Example, comments. People here are judgmental. “Oh you’re a California boy? Get out of our state.” Example, comments. People here aren’t educated, and clearly can’t read. The very last line clearly states, “Disclaimer: This article is an opinion based on data. It should not be taken as fact.” Which obviously no one bothered to read before blasting the writer. They just saw their city on the list and started flipping out. No jobs, nothing to do unless you hunt and fish, terrible, terrible, terrible leaders and education system. If you don’t follow the good ol’ boy mindset and have your own independent thoughts you’re looked at like the scum of the earth. And if you’re not Mormon, it’s even worse. I was born and raised in Idaho, and can’t wait to get the hell out. The comments on this article are a great example of why. The only positive is it’s extremely cheap to live here (because no one wants to) so it’s great if you’re a college student trying to finish your degree and get the hell out.

    1. Thank you for being honest. I appreciate it. I am a Caliboy, but I’m in a Class all by myself. I really don’t fit in any square, triangle, round hole. I am my own person with my own ideals. Once again Thank you.

    2. Jordan I’m pretty sure the unhappiness you feel will follow you where ever you go.l think you could be surrounded by all you believe to be perfect for you and still be miserable.
      Coast to coast your still with you.Jordan every where has a present to give.Embrace your gifts.Its ok to not care for a place but to belittle it only belittle s you.At your age you think it shows how smart and .sophisticated you are.Some day you will be all those things.Right now your job is to collect data….with an open mind.We will all look forward to your enlightenment.Go fourth and be wonderful !

  20. I was born in Napma, raised on a farm in Homedale, went to school in Marsing, graduated from Weiser and then moved to Moscow. I kind of agree with the article, which does state it is opinion based! I certainly prefer northern Idaho to southern for sure. I definitely feel safer in norther Idaho than southern, people are more friendly too. Collage kids work at McDonalds, not the usual meth-head that you will find in the Treasure Valley! At least they have a job, though… 😉

    1. I looked at a USA crime etc by state before I moved here 8 years ago, which I was not really looking for, it was in my path. Idaho in comparison to all other states at that time was ranked as one of the lowest in the country f you go by state. Also found statistics then on religion LDS 1/3 of population, 1/3 Catholic, 1/3 everything else. We are Christians, like living in a state with nice walks, rivers, lakes etc, seems family oriented and like to be in a more conservative state where patriotic, also changed from being as conservative as it was years ago, to us Caldwell since 2008 has made many nice improvements in downtown near where we live. Christmas lights and Parade very niceand festive. People who live in small towns like that kind of small town thing. So if not small town type don’t move to Idaho. We’re from CA and elderly and found it more addordable to retire here. If I was young and unmarried though would not live in Idaho, but would not live in CA today either. Home is truly is what ome makes of it though.

      1. Hi. My Family and I are Christian’s. I was wondering with such a large population of Mormons would it be hard to find Christian churches there?
        We are trying to get away from our disgustingly liberal Government where the Tail of the capital was the dog. And it’s only getting worse. Looking forward to a state that has the same values we do. But dont like the idea of being the Only Christians in a star full of “look down their nose Mormons either.

        Is there a lot of friction in this regard?

  21. I live in a small town Idaho, and I noticed that they didn’t even mention a town smaller then 900. We still have Cambridge, Midvale, New Meadows, Salmon River, Council, Etc.

  22. I appreciate the publicity, hopefully it will keep the folks that don’t like our way of living away. We sure don’t need them to come and really find out what it is like here, they would probably decide to stay

  23. I’ve lived in California for 55 years, my whole life. My wife and I visited Nampa and fell in love with it and the state of Idaho. I have one thing to say about living in California, it sucks. I’m so tired of its liberal, entitlement mentality. I am a conservative and need what Idaho has to offer. A relaxed lifestyle, wide open spaces and nice people. Idaho to us will be heaven. We have purchased a house in Nampa and are moving there in September. The liberals can have California.

    1. Thank you. That’s encouraging. I am 69 years old and
      a quiet conservative individual. I live in a small town in
      California in Kern County in a very nice adult mobile home
      park which is quite affordable on my retirement income.
      I am pretty happy where I am living but am not happy
      with the liberal present and future of California.
      I hope, if I decide to relocate to Idaho, that I will feel
      welcome. Thank you

      1. Hi Jean. We have moved to our new house in Nampa Idaho. There are some folks that don’t appreciate Californians coming to Idaho. But for the most part they are very welcoming and friendly. If you do consider moving to the great state of Idaho I’m sure you will find it most enjoyable.

      2. I would like to relocate to idaho falls too.
        We are 2 adults my mom 70 yrs and myself 51.
        Never live outside california.
        But california…is very expensive… are hard to find.
        We really need to move.
        We are scare but…we need to survived.
        Any feedbacks please
        Thank you.

  24. i am 64 and was born in california and lived there for 64 years. i have tried several times to get out with job interviews in wyoming. colorado and utah and every time i was sucked back to hell. i hate this place and will try again to get out. i know what people of other states feel about cali people esp. in portland ore. there is a civil disturbance coming and soon. i want civilians with guns,and know how to use them and defend their property. i play guitar, drink beer, cuss and go to church, not necessarily in that order. idaho is my next adventure. i know most are saying not in my town. to the good people of idaho i say howdy and see ya soon. to the stay awayers i say kiss my ^$$ you stupid ignorant goat 6-21-03-11-5-18-19

    1. Hicks, you’ll be welcome here, my wife and I live in the Panhandle of Idaho out in the boonies and people here don’t hate you Californians, they just don’t want the Liberal attitude from that State to be brought here. I personally don’t mind being around mostly whites, there’s not the inner city bs drama. Everyone has guns and seem to mind their P’s & Q’s, probably because everyone has guns. It’s not Neo Naziville like people enjoy claiming. There are some bad folks here, like there are anywhere, I would say at a much lower percentage. If you can make it here I hope that you totally enjoy it.

  25. I currently live in Fort Collins, CO but will be moving to Twin Falls as soon as we can sell the farm. Colorado has been taken over by Californicators and is now a blue state. The cost of living here is about twice that of Twin Falls. My brother lived in TF and says it is the best little town in the country. I’ll see y’all next year.

  26. I live in oregon 20+ years. Don’t like the politics. Have lived in Utah (8 yrs), Calif.10+ years and AZ 10 years. Two kids graduated from byui in rexburg. Two now attending. Seriously considering retirement here in Idaho (visiting this week). Truly hope I can find one of those quiet, peaceful places to live ; one where people love God, their country, their communities, their families. No clue where, but my wife and I need a change, and my kids have all left OR. Scary – been in the same house 20 years. Hope I can find a place to fit in. I actually appreciate all the comments; I find them useful.

    1. I hate to say it but Idaho is a great place to live. We got transferred here with my husbands job 25 years ago and we stayed after the job went bankrupt. We are both retired and our two sons live in different states and our daughter lives in Washington where they have their business. But we are very happy here. Don’t like all the new comers but if you don’t want to change our way of life which is really pretty nice, you will like it here. There is a lot of activity here. Fishing ,camping hunting. A lot of nice things to do. Housing is getting expensive but that is everywhere. But small towns here are pretty nice to live in,and people are friendly.

  27. Interesting threadetails. I use to live in North idaho. Tough to make a living. Beautiful Lake and ski resort. 4 seasons. Wildlife and much to do. Quality of life is there. Lots of trust fund babies up there playing and working part time jobs or multiple part time jobs. Resort community. But really to escape the rest of society and enjoy life and hear yourself idaho is amazing. At least north idaho is from my experience. But again, hope you have a solid income.coming from somewhere as it is hard to make a living even for a self driven indivdual. Be prepared to make much less money then you would in places like calif, WA, new York, etc… but the cost of living is less. Such as auto insurance aND property taxes. Fuel and food fairly high. I hope to return.

  28. Currently living in San Francisco bay area. Getting ready to retire from a non sworn law enforcement career and looking at Star, Middleton and other cities in that area. Not a gun guy, but very much a live and let live person. I don’t need the government to tell me how to live, nor do I need them butting into my business. Want to find a nice place to settle down and relax. Good people, cold beer and someplace where people actually say hi and want to help their fellow citizens. Am I in the right place?

  29. My husband and I are Californians getting ready to retire. We were raised in the 60s where open fields & places to hike are now covered with housing tracts and traffic jams. Looking for a slower paced town to raise chickens, grow our vegetable garden with fruit trees. Not really into politics or organized religions. My father and his grandfather lived in Idaho way back in the early 1900s so I have visited some of Idaho in childhood. Don’t want to live in Eagle (heard its too bougiousy with people with money to burn). Which town would be better for slower paced, low crime, raise cridders, but close to hospitals and amenities; Star or Kuna?

  30. Why does your 10 worst city list include many of the best city to retire in list?
    Worst cities:
    1.Emmett 2.Weiser 3.Jerome 4.Nampa 5.Payette 6.Caldwell 7.Blackfoot 8.Middleton 9.Burley 10.Rupert
    Best retirement cities:
    1.Rupert 2.Jerome 3.Rexburg 4.Emmett 5.Blackfoot 6.Idaho Falls 7.Weiser 8.Chubbuck 9.Mountain Home 10.Twin Falls
    To someone not familiar with Idaho, this information is too worthless to be called meaningless.

  31. The whole premise of the article is idiotic. If I am contemplating moving to Idaho, I don’t view high home prices as plus. Just the opposite. As for crime rates, probably the worst town in Idaho for crime is a hundred times safer than, say Chicago or Baltimore (where the bodies are piling up at the rate of about one murder victim a day).

    High population density is listed as a positive, but most people moving to Idaho don’t want to live in the midst of congestion, noise and other problems attendant to high population density.

    A high unemployment rate makes a beautiful place like Emmett attractive for prospective employers who want to find a motivated work force willing to work for reasonable wages.

    As for commute times — this mostly reflects time commuting into Boise. People make a tradeoff between commuting time and saving money on their housing expense. It’s their choice. If you live in Emmett and have a job there, your commute time is negligible. No traffic jams ever, unlike Boise.

    I have been all over Idaho from Bonners Ferry in the north to Montpelier in the south. People were polite, kind and welcoming everywhere. The few people who complained here about Idahoans being unfriendly probably exuded negativity and so brought that on themselves. I don’t buy it.

  32. Born and raised in Idaho. Moved to Oregon (Portland area) after getting a college degree. Spent about 18 years there in the workforce before escaping and moving the family back to Idaho. Will. Never. Leave. Again. Period.

  33. The article had no negative effect on me considering what I put-up with here every day where I live, i.e., San Jose.
    San Jose, CA’s mayor/city counsel wants to put mini-homes–glorified shacks–for the homeless (some with serious mental health issues), these also include: pot-heads, alcoholics, thieves, panhandlers, and the occasional working poor person because the city government is incompetent, and lawless.
    South San Jose (where I live) and Almaden Valley are the only relatively safe areas, but the mayor/city counsel are determined to ruin my neighborhood as well.
    The Santa Clara Light Rail Station (Heart of down town) is the place to go if one wants to buy drugs openly, drink a 40oz. in the open, and the cops could care less. Homelessness, graffiti all over the Freeway walls and overpasses, gangbangers, crime and murder.
    People steal recyclables from our cans, so every other year our trash pick-up rises because the contractors find it harder to make a profit because of rampant theft, and the cops refuse to enforce the law (sanctuary city)–no wonder. And now more people will be driving while stoned because CA had the bright idea to legalize pot.
    Sorry for the rant.

    I hope to sell this1960’s tracked-home once my good friend passes away; he’s got 4th stage cirrhosis, and willed me his home (tax and inheritance free). It should sell for over a million and there might even be a bidding war. I can’t see the fascination but I’ll take it and the money out of this creepy, pc, city/state.
    Sorry for the rant, I’m just so sick of this, pc, progressive, graveyard.

    My sister lives in Boise, but I was thinking of Mountain Home because I’ve had it with city life; would rather live in a smaller town. I have done some research but would appreciate it if I could hear from someone who lives or used to around there that knows more than I.
    I can’t go there physically because I am a care giver for my dying friend.


  34. No matter what the state, you will always get different opinions. Because of the division and lack of unity from county to county. Idaho would be a good place for living off grid in the mountains. Off the government radar. So you determine your experiences. And from I hear, they are all good for people doing just that. If you decide to live the typical suburban life, you are asking to be at the mercy of the system. And a government system is always a real crock of SH!T.

  35. Fantastic article. Maybe it will keep the Californicators and Wa-shit-tonians and their liberal ways from our beautiful city. They say they want to fit in but they can’t ever stray far from what they truly are.

  36. Thank for the info. I was recently hired to word in the national forest and, though I’ll be provided with a residence and whatnot, I wanted more insight into the general environment of the state.

  37. Your all truly hilarious with your little big opinians should be on the tonight show or something of that ilk but its probably too big of a blog. Maybe employ some of the old guys abc/nbc (with their huge bushy beards) and some of the new guys… and make it really funny by their comedy skills- just sayin …go broncos
    Sorry tou forgot to mention Arco!

  38. “… only cities with at least 5,300 people were considered”

    Boise has more than 5,300 people. How come it’s not included in the list of 30 cities? Seems like a fairly significant omission.

  39. You will find Meridian and Eagle are VERY welcoming!! We LOVE it here in Meridian. I don’t know what some of these people are talking about. My husband and I are Catholic, and our neighbors are Mormons. All of which are absolutely wonderful people! We are truly Blessed with the best neighbors! We are older, and they all watch over us, the children are so wonderful to us. They come over, bring us veggies and fruit from the garden. One neighbor boy mows our lawns. The entire family is just wonderful to us. They invite us to many things. We have been here 14 years. We moved here to be near our daughter, from Northern CA. We have never encountered any of the nastiness that I have seen posted on here!!! Pretty sad. We have never felt unwelcome at all. Maybe it’s all in the area in which you choose to live. We are retired, and just love it here. So if I were you, check out Meridian Idaho, I am not sure about Eagle, they do call that area “little CA”. And it’s pricey. I have a friend that lives in Emmett, not even 30 min. from here, she has horse property and a beautiful home, her husband built for her. I like Emmett, it’s a cute little country type of town. She loves it there. So don’t be discouraged.

  40. Born and raised in So. California and I’ve been trying to get out since I left my mom’s womb. This state has gone down hill in my 50+ years. Yes it has beaches, mountains, amusement parks etc….but there are so many people, you can’t enjoy it. Crime. Where I’m at, in the high desert there are at least 5 cars stolen a day, people shot at, dead bodies found in the desert, and people steal anything they want from your home. Two. not one but two Dollar General stores had to close because of the amount of losses from shoplifting. What used to be the hometown of Roy Rogers and Dale Evans Museum has gone ghetto since the housing crisis. Can’t wait to get out and move to Idaho. Looking near Orofino, Lewston or Clark Fork.

    1. Shari,
      I too am currently in the high desert and know exactly what you mean. We use to have quiet country roads with very low traffic on Phelan Road and now big rigs are always taking it and people fly down the street at 80+ mph. Graffiti has found its way onto road signs and our little rural town is being over run with people building here. The area use to be conservative minded but many down the hill people are moving up here with their liberal views and raving about how we all need to change. It is horrible. We are looking to move to a place where the people are staunchly conservative, outdoor activities abound, and it is quiet and small town in feel. Hope you find your place to settle down where you can feel at home too.

  41. I think it worth noting, there isn’t any crime in Idaho and it is the cheapest place when combined with natural, which is to say Environmental livability. The only huge issue Idaho has is a staggering lack of diversity. Whenever you get basically two types of people, that is those that are accepted, there will always be a enormous problems with corruption, persecution, and partisan violence. Truly, the only violence in Idaho is perpetrated by police officers towards citizens that are not welcome. And I must say as a former member of the military, as well as having grown up military and have the opportunity to live rather affluently, as the child of an officer, idahoans love to think of themselves as patriotic, but their patriotism runs as deep as a kiddie pool. 10 million-dollar for fireworks does not make you a patriot, only a moron.
    Idaho is a beautiful state, and having been back and forth since the early eighties, the one thing I can say is that the people have changed in a way that makes me cringe. there was once an idea of Idaho a place where one could come and get lost. I guess you could say there were a lot of aspiring losers who wanted to drop out with in America. Simply put, you can’t do that anymore here, I don’t know if it has anything to do political affiliation, but political is synonymous with wealth and power here and you may as well call the police, State security service. Just a warning.

  42. The statement that Pocatello was on the list because of it’s crime rate is completely wrong, and needs to be corrected. I looked the city up on city-data, and every year through 2016 the crime rate is BELOW average. Your claim that the crime rate is high is damaging to the city. It is a blatant lie. You claim to base your article on facts. It should be accurate then, but it’s not. What else is wrong?

    Also, low housing costs is a very good thing. Why it is used as an indicator of a bad place to live is complete bs. If you want to pay more for something than it is worth, then go ahead.

  43. I liked Avery. Drove there a lot from WSU in Pullman, WA. Until they paved the 40 miles of gravel road. Last time I was there was parade of fly fishermen who started with “A River Runs Through it”. Like the jump in demand for .44 magnums after the Dirty Harry movies. Bar said “no guns or knives”. Talked with everyone in the bar and all were decent humans and we all played the poker-type game with five dice. Now live in NE Wash….retired rancher. We would like to become a new state…..include Eastern Washington, Eastern Oregon, and get away from the city people who come here to get away from Seattle and Portland. Washington Fish and Game killed five “delinquent” wolves that were brought here. A delinquent wolf is one who has attacked livestock three times that were verified. That only cost taxpayers 150,000.

  44. Hard to find vacant homes in Emmett and commute time is much less than Weiser or Payette. Good luck finding a place for less than 150k

  45. I’m a white conservative republican and I’ve lived all over the U.S.A. I lived in Idaho for four years and it is the worst placed to live. Idaho ranks dead last in education, which is obvious if you spend anytime talking to people. Idaho has a F grade for corruption and I have seen evidence of this in the Ada county court as a paralegal. The court does not abide by the law, the judges make their own rules and If one wants to complain, you will be labeled as a vexatious litigant. The male mediators love to degrade women on a regular basis. Dan, one of of the mediators made this statement to a women ” I’m officer of the court and i’m in charge. you need to sit pretty and keep your mouth shut.” I worked in two other states with job title and never seen anything like this before. Property management companies pay $100.00 for a license and they have a business, no other requirements necessary. I don’t know if i can name the property management on this site but a very popular property management in Boise has a registered sex offender working for them and this maintenance worker went into a tenant’s home while she was at work. She caught him going though her bra’s and panties. She called the cops but he still works for them. Idahoans take a lot of pride in their crap state and for good reason. you can be among other people that are also passive aggressive, you can check the new and hottest place in the valley which is Albertsons Market Street. you can take a short drive to Oregon and get a bunch of weed or stay home and cook meth.

  46. “Wow. Lots of anger here.”

    Wonder why that is when such a place as Idaho is so CONservative?

  47. The worst place to live is Mudlake Idaho. I would know. I grew up in the pit of hell. If you want no hope, live here. You will find closed minded people with no hope of leaving. If you do have a thought in your head, the minions will squeeze it out of you one tear at a time with a world of a thousand cuts they will inflict on you. They will hate on you because they hate their own pitiful lives and it is like crabs in a bucket…everyone clawing at each other and no one can escape….I am lucky because i did escape….but no one wants you to leave because it makes them hate themselves even more….never never live here.

  48. Idaho is a case study in why Repukes/CUCkservatives are going to lose to the left. Filled with greedy, racist, hypocritical, hostile assholes. Come and enjoy Cuckservatism that isn’t CONserving anything. White throwbacks that are finished.

  49. I live in Weiser, and reading the bit under my city was so wild XD I wish someone had told me we passed joints and grew beets all day! What do you mean the sun doesn’t shine? Someone should have told the sun. How tf is it supposed to get to “120 degrees all day and night” without sunshine? We do have a grocery store, Ridley’s, we don’t even have plague-ridden ground squirrels, so forget eating them, we do not have a cricket infestation, crop dusters rarely fly over the city, and we’re a pretty big farming community. It is extremely obvious that whoever wrote this has never been to Weiser.

  50. Four years ago I moved to Idaho from western Washington. In Washington, I was screamed at and even physically attacked by those who did not like my conservative Christian beliefs. When I got older and wiser, I left behind left wing thought patterns and became conservative which resulted in those who still held the left wing thought patterns no longer welcoming me at their events. Here in Idaho, I have found the kindest and most easy going people. My neighbors are LDS, a few different Christian religions and even a couple of aging hippies. My health has improved because the people I am around now are easy going and kind.
    The one drawback is that most communities with newer homes are governed by an HOA. Sometimes the members can get the power of enforcing silly rules going to their heads and will do things like measure the height of one’s lawn.
    As this area is basically a desert, there are two water systems running into many homes. One is potable water which runs year around and the other is irrigation water which only runs seasonally.
    The rules of the road are a little different here. With all the new people moving in it has changed a little bit but I often run into more than polite people at four way stops. Don’t be surprised if you get waved to go ahead, even if it isn’t really your turn. There are a couple of other driving style differences so you might need to adjust your usual style of driving.
    Sundays are looked at by many as a day of being with church and family. Don’t be surprised if a business is closed.
    The pay scale might be lower here than other places but the difference is more than made up by people helping each other out without any money being involved.
    All in all, I feel extremely blessed to be living here.

  51. It’s confusing to me that the “native folks” don’t like “others” moving to Idaho which is part of the United States of America where all Americans live and move all the time and settle in every state in the United States. In fact, I met a young lady native to Boise moving to my home state of Massachusetts for a better job. Good for her!! It’s a great state. ( I am sure she will love it there. The people are very friendly) Even Boise natives move including our beloved veterans who sacrifice for us all of us Americans move alot! hopefully they are welcome in all states in the United States of America and aren’t treated as others! Why the animousity toward “Americans who relocated from California” ? Americans from all states move to other places besides Idaho. One post claims stay away it’s not such a great place to live. Another post from a “native” (really the natives here were american Indians) agrees that yay your right it’s not perfect another email response from a native explains why it is such a great place to live. Stay away. It’s not nice to be like this. It just isn’t. I have met so many nice people here. I will have faith in the kindness of strangers. P.S The world population and US is growing fast. Just not in Idaho.

  52. I was born and raised in Burley and I have to say I think it’s pretty horrible. The people unfriendly to anyone who they deem as “Different”. You could be a 40yr old Straight white male but if you’re not a conservative republican people will talk badly about you. Which is important in this town since it’s just small enough that everybody knows each other. Also since the place is made up of white Mormons and Mexicans two groups who are known to be very tight knit communities your reputation is waaaaay too important. Since Burley is part of the drug route east the cops can sometimes be rough and the town is full of junkies. I didn’t know it wasn’t normal for everybody to know where to get drugs until I left. Plus drugs are really important to the Jr.High and the Highschoolers there since the only things to do in Burley are drugs and sex. The only form of entertainment is what you can provide yourself in your house, the movie theaters, or the bowling alley. Going to Walmart was treated like a fun time out. The feeling in the town is also awful. It’s like this weird feeling like if you drive out one end you’ll come out the other. It’s a very isolating feeling that makes you really contemplate whether or not the outside world really exists. I would say don’t move there unless you are an older person looking for a place to die because once you’re in there it’s very hard to get out. People I know had their potential crushed by the place because it’s so hard to make enough money to leave and some just end up staying because they don’t know what the outside world feels like. Most jobs are the federal $7.25 and even if you work full time people don’t respect you because even though they’re in the same boat, the world has become so small that petty BS becomes the main source of entertainment. Although, Rupert is worse so I guess that’s the upside to the place.

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