These Are The 10 Most Conservative Cities In Connecticut

We used science and data to determine which cities in Connecticut are probably voting for Hilary.

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This article is an opinion based on facts and is meant as infotainment. Don’t freak out.

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Well that was one heck of a nomination process for the Republican Party. Never in my life time have I see anything like it — given that’s a relatively short lifetime, but who’s counting?

And now that we’re headed towards the big November election, we wanted to get a better sense of what parts of Connecticut would be the most likely to back Donald Trump.

Specifically, which cities have the highest number of conservative voters in the Constitution State?

In order to do so, we turned our sites on measuring how each city in Connecticut with populations greater than 5,000 voted in 2012. The cities with the highest percentage of voters who voted republican in 2012 were crowned the most conservative cities in the state:

  1. Torrington (Photos)
  2. Bridgeport (Photos)
  3. Stamford (Photos)
  4. Norwalk (Photos)
  5. Danbury (Photos)
  6. Shelton (Photos)
  7. Middletown (Photos)
  8. Groton (Photos)
  9. New London (Photos)
  10. Norwich (Photos)

If you’re wondering, Hartford is the most liberal city in Connecticut of all those we measured.

And to be clear, we didn’t form this list based on our own biases — we relied on the cold hard data. For more on how we ran the numbers, keep on reading. Then we’ll take a closer look at each of our top 10 most conservative cities in Connecticut.

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How we determined the most Conservative cities in Connecticut

We started by making a list of every place in Connecticut over 5,000 people based on the 2014 American Community Survey that aren’t ‘CDPs’. That left us with more than 21 places in Connecticut.

We then measured the voting record and census data to determine which cities lean the most rightwing in their allegiances. Basically, what percentage of a city voted conservative in the 2012 elecetion?

Next, we ranked each city from 1 to 21, and the winner is ‘The Most Conservative City in Connecticut.’

Let’s go through these conservative places, shall we?

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1. Torrington

Torrington, Connecticut

Source: Wikipedia

Population: 35,493
Percent Conservative: 51.07%

2. Bridgeport

Bridgeport, Connecticut

Source: Wikipedia

Population: 147,340
Percent Conservative: 44.22%

3. Stamford

Stamford, Connecticut

Source: Wikipedia

Population: 126,592
Percent Conservative: 44.22%

4. Norwalk

Norwalk, Connecticut

Source: Wikipedia

Population: 87,701
Percent Conservative: 44.22%

5. Danbury

Danbury, Connecticut

Source: Wikipedia

Population: 83,476
Percent Conservative: 44.22%

6. Shelton

Shelton, Connecticut

Source: Wikipedia

Population: 40,783
Percent Conservative: 44.22%

7. Middletown

Middletown, Connecticut

Source: Wikipedia

Population: 47,218
Percent Conservative: 41.41%

8. Groton

Groton, Connecticut

Source: Wikipedia

Population: 9,305
Percent Conservative: 40.07%

9. New London

New London, Connecticut

Source: Wikipedia

Population: 27,423
Percent Conservative: 40.07%

10. Norwich

Norwich, Connecticut

Source: Wikipedia

Population: 40,254
Percent Conservative: 40.07%

Summing Up The Conservative Strongholds

Well there you have it, the places in Connecticut that have the highest number of conservatives per capita, with Torrington ranking as the least conservative in the entire state.

If you’re curious, here are the most conservative cities in Connecticut:

  1. Hartford
  2. New Britain
  3. Bristol

For more Connecticut reading , check out:

Detailed List Of The Most Conservative Cities In Connecticut

City Rank Population % Conservative
Torrington 1 35,493 51.07%
Bridgeport 2 147,340 44.22%
Stamford 3 126,592 44.22%
Norwalk 4 87,701 44.22%
Danbury 5 83,476 44.22%
Shelton 6 40,783 44.22%
Middletown 7 47,218 41.41%
Groton 8 9,305 40.07%
New London 9 27,423 40.07%
Norwich 10 40,254 40.07%
Naugatuck 11 31,722 38.32%
Milford 12 51,643 38.32%
New Haven 13 130,612 38.32%
Meriden 14 60,439 38.32%
Ansonia 15 19,035 38.32%
Waterbury 16 109,551 38.32%
Derby 17 12,796 38.32%
West Haven 18 55,189 38.32%
Bristol 19 60,554 36.52%
New Britain 20 72,988 36.52%
Hartford 21 124,795 36.52%

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