These Are The 10 Most Redneck Cities In Arkansas

We used science and data to determine which cities in Arkansas are redneck heaven.

This article is an opinion based on facts and is meant as info-tainment. Don’t freak out.

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Is there anything really wrong with being called a Kansas redneck? Some have said Kansas is even more redneck than Alabama. In some places, it’s spectacularly redneck.

Wait. What is a redneck anyways? Well, according to the official bible of literature, the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a redneck is:

“A white person who lives in a small town or in the country especially in the southern U.S., who typically has a working-class job, and who is seen by others as being uneducated and having opinions and attitudes that are offensive.”

Plus, we thought why not add in a few stereotypes? Cause, you know, rednecks like to hunt, fish, drink, smoke and shoot things. And shop at Walmart.

Using that criteria, it’s not hard to scrape the internet, run some scientific data on where the most members of the Kansas redneck family tree most likely live.

Because, the data never lies, does it?

So, hold our beers and watch this. After analyzing all cities with a decent amount of people in them, we came up with this list as The Most Redneck Cities in Kansas:

  1. Dodge City (Photos)
  2. Great Bend (Photos)
  3. Russell (Photos)
  4. Fort Scott
  5. Arkansas City (Photos)
  6. Goodland (Photos)
  7. Emporia (Photos)
  8. Garden City (Photos)
  9. Ulysses (Photos)
  10. Chanute (Photos)

Many of these are the types of places where people have deer horns on their hoods and where people wear camo to church.

Read on below to see where your town ranked.

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What redneck criteria did we use?

In order to rank the most redneck cities in Kansas, we had to determine what criteria makes a redneck.

We threw a lot of criteria at this one in order to get the best, most complete results possible. Using Yelp and Google Maps, this is the criteria we used:

The dictionary definition categories

  • Small towns
  • Least amount of high school graduates
  • Lives in the south or midwest

And the stereotypical categories

  • Number of dive bars per city
  • Number of mobile home parks per capita
  • Number of tobacco stores per city
  • Number of places to get fishing gear
  • Number of guns and ammo stores per city
  • Walmarts, Golden Corrals, Bass Pro Shops, and Dollar Generals nearby

Note: For the sake of getting reliable numbers, we counted places within a city’s border, as well as within a short driving distance.


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1. Dodge City

Cattleman’s Lounge, Dodge City, KS. Google Maps

Population: 27,207
High school graduation rate: 63%
Bars per capita: 7th in Kansas
Mobile home parks per capita: 6th in the state

Whoo-whee, Dodge City! You have the official bragging rights as being named the most redneck city in the entire state of Kansas. You may now brag to your friends and share this endlessly on your Facebook walls.

First off, when you have a high school graduation rate of 63%, you know who was ditching class to run off and shoot guns and get stuck in the mud when their friends were learning about math.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

There are a significantly higher number of mobile home parks in the area as well, and you they have 4 dollar stores all to their very own. Therefore, there’s no excuse for showing up empty handed to a Dodge City barbecue.

2. Great Bend

Charlie’s Place, Great Bend, KS. Google Maps

Population: 15,877
High school graduation rate: 79%
Tobacco stores per capita: 5th in the state
Mobile home parks: 9th in Kansas

Not only do the numbers indicate there are rednecks all over the place in Great Bend, but the high school graduation rate is really low. Imagine if the Great Bend rednecks had ditched school as much as their peers over in Dodge City.

They could’ve won this thing.

The number of tobacco stores, which we refer to as the ‘chew factor’ is almost the highest in the state at a 5. And it’s 91% white here.

Plus, there are a number of mobile home/trailer parks in the area. Nothing’s more redneck than sitting around the trailer park, tossing back a case of Busch Light, firing off a few rounds into the bug zapper.

God Bless America.

3. Russell

Waudby’s Sports Bar & Grill, Russell, KS. Google Maps.

Population: 4,411
Gun stores per capita: 2nd in Kansas
Fishing/bait shops per capita: 3rd in Kansas
Dollar stores per capita: 5th

Well, you ain’t runnin out of ammo, bait or cheap groceries here in Russell, for sure. They have almost more gun stores, bait shops and dollar stores in the state, per capita here. In fact, a redneck wouldn’t even have to leave Russell their entire lives.

Perhaps many don’t.

It’s 97% white in Russell, which is located right along I-70 in the middle of the state. Nearby is Wilson Lake, which has some great areas to pull some great crappie out of.

No wonder why so many rednecks live here.

4. Fort Scott

Dollar General, Fort Scott, KS. Google Maps

Population: 8,045
High school graduation rate: 79%
Walmart rank: 7th in Kansas
Chew factor: 6

Fort Scott is 88% white, and pretty blue collar. But, forget the data for a sec and listen to what Twitter has to say about Fort Scott:

“I’m positive that more than 50% of Fort Scott Kansas is toothless rednecks”

“Fort Scott Kansas: Redneck zombies”

“To anyone who thinks there are a ton of rednecks in Fort Scott, come to Wichita, it’ll blow your mind.”

Wichita didn’t make this list, but it sounds like it should’ve.

5. Arkansas City

KC’s Whiskey Barrell, Arkansas City, KS. Google Maps

Population: 12,350
High school graduation rate: 75%
Guns and ammo per capita: 12th in Kansas
Bars per capita:11th in the state

Arkansas City is right on the banks of the Arkansas and Walnut Rivers.

Here’s a typical day for a redneck here. Wake up at 10 am and chug a few Old Milwaukees. Then, you fire up the Chevy or Ford, drive down to the river, and pluck a few catfish out with your bare hands. Then, drive over to Walmart, walk in barefoot and get some bread crumbs to fry them up in.

No wonder the graduation rate is so low here. Too many distractions.

6. Goodland

Crazy R’s Bar and Grill, Goodland, KS. Google Maps

Population: 4,492
Bars per capita: 1st in Kansas
Fishing/bait shops per capita: 5th in the state
Chew factor: 2

Little ol’ Goodland has it made if you’re a redneck. For a tiny town, you have a few bars, plenty of places to get your chew, a Walmart, and a Dollar General. And, it’s 92% white.

In fact, this little town near the Colorado border might just be the best kept redneck secret up until now. Go forth and prosper, future rednecks of Kansas!

7. Emporia

Ozzys Get N Go Liquor, Emporia, KS. Google Maps

Population: 25,245
High school graduation rate: 77%
Chew factor: 10th in Kansas
Fishing/bait shop rank: 11th

The data indicates that Emporia is simply crawling with rednecks. It’s very white, and very blue collar. Of course, they don’t open up tobacco stores and bait shops in places where they won’t have lots of customers.

There are lots of places for rednecks to fish here. It’s located smack dab between the Neosho and Cottonwood Rivers, where you might see rednecks lined up every morning to get their supper. And nearby is the Tallgrass Prairie National Preserve, where hunting is prohibited.

But when did a ‘No Hunting’ sign ever stop a determined redneck?

8. Garden City

Traders Pawn Shop and Armory, Garden City, KS. Google Maps

Population: 26,506
High school graduation rate: 64%
Chew factor: 10th
Fishing/bait shops per capita: 9th in the state

When you have a mostly white town in Kansas, where 1 out of 3 people didn’t finish high school, you know it’s gonna be pretty necky. And that’s the case for Garden City. In fact, there are only two other places in the state where rednecks ditched class more often.

You can see why. There are too many distractions in Garden City. There are plenty of bars, dollar stores, a Dress For Less, and nearby is the Sandsage Bison Range. No shooting at the bison, Garden City necks. They are protected.

9. Ulysses

Iron Horse Bar, Ulysses, KS. Google Maps

Population: 6,007
High school graduation rate: 72%
Fishing rank: 4th in the state
Mobile home parks per capita: 5th

Yes, we’re aware that Ulysses is 20% hispanic. But what we’re also aware of it the sheer number of rednecky things to do here, and the fact that it has the potential to become a real redneck mob at some point.

Think about it – lots of people didn’t graduate high school, there’s plenty of fishing, and there are several mobile home parks in the area. Which means the rednecks in Ulysses have been holding out on you guys. True rednecks share the love.

If you know a redneck in Ulysses, it’s probably time you visited again. They’ll have the catfish fryer warm and ready for you.

10. Chanute

Chanute’s Walmart. Google Maps

Population: 9,138
High school graduation rate: 77%
Chew factor: 12
Dollar store rank: 12th in the state

It might as well be 100% white in Chanute. Seriously, has anyone who lives there seen anyone but a white person in this town?

Chanute is one city on a long path of redneck row that is Route 169, heading south from Olathe to the Oklahoma border. It’s very necky out here, and you can imagine what goes on out in the sticks when no one is looking.

Wait. Rednecks don’t care when someone is looking. They do whatever they want, regardless.

That’s why we love them. Most of the time.

There You Have It

According to the official dictionary definition of a redneck, and based on stereotypes that the internet says are true, using science to determine the most redneck cities in a state can’t be too far off. If you’re analyzing smaller cities in Kansas with blue collar workers, where people have lots of options for drinking, fishing, hunting and Walmarting, this is an accurate list.

If you’re curious enough, here are the least redneck places in Kansas (if that’s even possible):

  1. Bel Aire (Pop. 6,747)
  2. Hesston (Pop. 3,675)
  3. Fort Riley (Pop. 8,277)
  4. Mission Hills (Pop. 3,532)
  5. Roeland Park (Pop. 6,797)

We also wrote a story on the worst places to live in Kansas if you haven’t seen it yet. Click here to read it.

City Population Rank
Dodge City 27207 1
Great Bend 15877 2
Russell 4411 3
Arkansas City 12350 4
Goodland 4492 5
Emporia 25245 6
Garden City 26506 7
Ulysses 6007 8
Fort Scott 8045 9
Chanute 9138 10
Paola 5565 11
Marysville 3285 12
Mission 9414 13
Colby 5347 14
Liberal 20687 15
Hugoton 4049 16
Hiawatha 3163 17
Parsons 10506 18
Bonner Springs 7277 19
Independence 9428 20
Garnett 3399 21
Coffeyville 10219 22
Fairway 3911 23
Edwardsville 4277 24
Wamego 4370 25
Concordia 5359 26
Kingman 3188 27
Baxter Springs 4228 27
Iola 5715 29
Valley Center 6730 30
Park City 7192 31
Hays 20586 32
Holton 3300 33
Galena 3086 34
Osawatomie 4442 35
Columbus 3287 36
Ottawa 12596 37
De Soto 5730 38
Maize 3455 39
Junction City 23150 40
Leawood 31955 41
Augusta 9231 42
Leavenworth 35434 43
Louisburg 4216 44
Ellsworth 3096 45
Lyons 3738 46
Atchison 10970 47
Newton 19036 48
Overland Park 174503 49
Clay Center 4338 50
Lindsborg 3442 51
Hutchinson 41939 52
Gardner 19117 53
Kansas City 145605 54
Pittsburg 20197 55
Merriam 11090 55
Pratt 6834 57
Lawrence 87963 58
Prairie Village 21633 59
Wellington 8123 60
Rose Hill 4183 61
El Dorado 12988 62
Larned 4036 63
Goddard 4263 64
Abilene 6826 64
Lansing 11260 66
Wichita 381176 67
Topeka 127312 68
Beloit 3813 69
Haysville 10622 70
Salina 47605 71
Shawnee 62106 72
Winfield 12335 73
Lenexa 48300 74
Eudora 6406 75
Baldwin City 4473 76
Derby 22555 77
Spring Hill 5340 78
Scott City 3926 79
Tonganoxie 4531 80
Manhattan 52988 81
Olathe 125902 82
Frontenac 3427 83
Andover 11727 84
Mulvane 5957 85
Basehor 4554 86
Mcpherson 13194 86
Roeland Park 6797 88
Mission Hills 3534 89
Fort Riley 8277 90
Hesston 3675 91
Bel Aire 6747 92