These Are The 10 Most Redneck Cities in Florida

We used science and data to determine which Sunshine State cities are real redneck heaven.

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This article is an opinion based on facts and is meant as infotainment. Don’t freak out.

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Is there anything really wrong with being called a Florida redneck? Most rednecks would say, “I don’t care what you call me, as long as you call me for supper.”

Wait. What is a redneck anyways? Well, according to the official bible of literature, the Merriam-Webster Dictionary, a redneck is:

“A white person who lives in a small town or in the country especially in the southern U.S., who typically has a working-class job, and who is seen by others as being uneducated and having opinions and attitudes that are offensive”

Plus, we thought why not add in a few stereotypes? Cause, you know, rednecks live in mobile home parks and they like to hunt, drink, smoke and shoot things. And shop at Bass Pro Shops, Walmart and Winn-Dixie.

Using that criteria, it’s not hard to scrape the internet, run some scientific data on where rednecks might live in Florida, and then put out a list.

Because, the data never lies, does it?

After analyzing all 206 cities in the Sunshine State with cities under 25,000 people, we came up with this list as The Most Redneck Cities in Florida:

  1. Okeechobee (Photos)
  2. Clewiston (Photos)
  3. Arcadia (Photos)
  4. Starke
  5. Inverness
  6. Quincy (Photos)
  7. Brooksville (Photos)
  8. Perry (Photos)
  9. Westville
  10. Mascotte (Photos)

Read on below to see how we crunched the numbers and how your town ranked.

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What redneck criteria did we use?

In order to rank the most redneck cities in Florida, we had to determine what criteria makes a redneck.

We threw a lot of criteria at this one in order to get the best, most complete results possible. Using Yelp and the Walmart store locator, this is the criteria we used:

The dictionary definition categories

  • Small towns
  • Least amount of high school graduates
  • Lives in the south

And the stereotypical categories

  • Number of dive bars per city
  • Number of mobile home parks per capita
  • Number of tobacco stores per city
  • Number of guns and ammo stores per city
  • Walmarts, Bass Pro Shops and Piggly Wigglys nearby

Note: For the sake of getting reliable numbers, we counted places within a city’s border, as well as within a short driving distance.

If you’d like to see the complete list of cities, from most to least redneck, we put in a list of the top 150 cities in a chart at the bottom. Hope you’re on there if you want to be.


1. Okeechobee

Looking out to inlet heading to Lake Okeechobee. Source: Google Maps

Population: 5,613
Gun stores per capita: 1st
Fishing shops per capita: 4th
Mobile home parks per capita: 2nd in the state
High school graduation rate: 73%

Congratulations, Okeechobee. You have the official bragging rights as being named the most redneck city in the entire state of Florida. You may now brag to your friends and share this endlessly on your Facebook walls.

Lets see why. When it comes to number of gun stores and fishing stores, you’re right up there. There are plenty of opportunities to hunt and fish in this part of the state. Of course, you’ve got Lake Okeechobee, which is the largest lake in Florida, and the second largest body of fresh water in the contiguous United States.

That’s redneck heaven.

Plus, there are a ton of mobile home parks and RV parks in the area. We counted 11 on the map.

What’s interesting about Okeechobee is the high school graduation rate of its residents is actually one of the highest on this list. So, Okeechobee, you have a lot of really smart rednecks.

Forums are packed with comments saying Okeechobee has a small town feel with friendly people, and the police are the ‘good ole boys club.’

Is there any debate?

2. Clewiston

Right on the edge of Clewiston, FL. Source: Google Maps

Population: 7,119
High school graduation rate: 69%
Mobile home parks per capita: 11th highest
Bars per capita: 2nd in Florida

Clewiston is on the southern banks of Lake Okeechobee. Here, you have one of the highest concentrations of bars and places to drink in the state. Locals can pile into Everglades Lounge & Grill or Tiki Bar and Grill after trolling out on the lake, lying about how big the catfish was that they ‘let get away’ that day.

Plus, there are a lot of other smaller ponds and lakes in the area, which may or may not be private. Since when did a ‘No Fishing’ sign stop a redneck?

In addition, you have a Walmart in town. Cheap bait and ammo!

3. Arcadia

Slim’s BBQ, Arcadia, FL. Google Maps

Population: 7,616
High school graduation rate: 72%
Gun stores per capita: 4th in Florida
Fishing shops per capita: 26th in the state
Mobile home parks per capita: 13th in the state

This is sure taking away the stereotype that most of the rednecks are in the panhandle. Arcadia, located on Route 17 directly west of Lake Okeechobee, is far away from any large city, which means its isolation allows the rednecks here to thrive in solitude.

Locals have the Peace River, which is rich in shrimp, crabs and fish. Nothing like throwing back a cold one while dipping your chicken strings off the dock, right outside your back door.

Of course, you’ve got your Walmart in town, and a Bass Pro Shops is only an hour drive away, meaning you can fire up the truck and get your gear on every weekend.

4. Starke

Bradford Guns and Pawn, Starke, FL. Google Maps

Population: 5,453
Gun stores per capita: 4th in Florida
Fishing gear per capita: 4th in the state
Tobacco stores per capita: 18th

Starke is fishing heaven for rednecks, and there are a lot of fishing stores and places to buy ammo in the area to prove it. You’ve got Lake Sampson, Kingsley Lake, and Hampton Lake all within a short drive. Lake Sampson has some of the best sunshine bass in the region.

In addition, The Herald Tribune said Bradford is the 10th best county in the state for hunting.

5. Inverness

One of many waterways in Inverness, FL. Google Maps

Population: 7,230
Mobile home parks per capita: 4th in Florida
Bars per capita in the region: 4th in the state
Guns and ammo stores in the area: 8th in Florida
Fishing stores per capita: 3rd in the state

Inverness sure does have a lot of mobile home parks and fishing. Plus, it’s 91% white. Can you say redneck any more than that?

Located along Route 41 halfway between Gainesville and Tampa, there’s a ton of rednecky stuff to do here. You’re right in the middle between the endless fishing opportunities of the Tsala Apopka chain of lakes, otherwise known as the Cove of the Withlacoochee. It’s an entire wetlands area where you can get your fan boats out to get after more than 20 largemouth bass per acre.

Plus, you’re right next to the Citrus Wildlife Management Area, which has great deer, turkey, gray squirrel, raccoon, opossum, armadillo, beaver, coyote, skunk, bobcat, wild hog and otter hunting available.

Why would you ever need to leave here?

6. Quincy

Piggly Wiggly in Quincy, FL. Google Maps

Population: 7,230
Guns stores per capita: 11th in Florida
Bars per capita and nearby: 4th most in the state
Tobacco shops per capita: 6th most
Fishing stores per capita:3rd most

Finally, we get up into the panhandle, where most of the stereotypical rednecks live. Quincy is located along Route 90, 45 minutes west of Tallahassee.

While there are a ton of smaller ponds and lakes here, Quincy has the benefit of being nearby Lake Talquin and several other wildlife management areas such as Joe Budd and the Apalachicola National Forest, where you know the huntin’ is damn good.

Plus, you got yourselves a Walmart, a Piggly Wiggly and a Winn-Dixie, plenty of bars and places to get your chew, and a Dollar General. So the Misses can get her shopping on, too.

You’ve got the Redneck Riviera on the coast. Sounds like Quincy should be the capital of the Redneck Triangle, in the middle of the panhandle.

7. Brooksville

R Place, Brooksville, FL. Google Maps

Population: 7,728
Bars per capita and the area: 10th most in Florida
Gun stores per capita: 5th in Florida
Tobacco stores per capita: 6th in the state
Mobile home parks: 2nd most in the state

Brooksville is another city located along Route 41, meaning this region is a great place for rednecks to call home. And some smart ones at that: The high school graduation rate is higher here than any other city on this list.

No one said rednecks were not smart. The dictionary definition says they mostly work blue collar jobs, but lets be real, a lot of rednecks went to college and have great jobs. They enjoy shooting things and blowing stuff up. Is that juvenile?

Here in Brooksville, you’re centrally located to some great fishing spots and just outside of the Chassahowitzka National Wildlife Area, which has some great wild hog-dog hunting opportunities. Nothing like chasing down some wild pigs with Spot after work.

8. Perry

Doc’s Smoke Shop, Perry, FL. Google Maps

Population: 7,046
Gun stores per capita: 4th in Florida
Fishing stores per capita: 6th in the state

Perry is in the southern end of the panhandle, a short drive down Route 27 from Tallahassee. Taylor County, where Perry is located, has some great saltwater fishing opportunities, as well as hundreds of inland lakes and streams nearby.

According to the Urban Dictionary, the four top keywords that are associated with Perry are ‘fishing’, ‘hicktown,’ ‘hunting,’ and ‘redneck.’ And, according to one City-Data commenter, Perry is, “Infamous to us as the place that sells fishing licenses and welding ‘hats’ at the gas station. And the KFC advertises catfish.”

Go forth and prosper in Perry, young rednecks.

9. Westville

Thirsty Turtle Bar, near Westville, FL. Google Maps

Population: 6,604
Bars per capita: 9th in Florida
Fishing stores per capita: 13th in state
Tobacco stores per person: 3rd
Mobile home parks per capita: 5th

Westville is a tiny place on the panhandle, along I-10, just south of Hardwood Lake. They have the 13th most fishing/bait shops per capita in the state, and the 3rd most tobacco shops in Florida. Plus, there are plenty of mobile home parks in the area.

So you know there’s plenty of rednecks here.

10. Mascotte

Lake Apopka, near Mascotte, FL. Google Maps

Population: 5,155
High school graduation rate: 68%
Gun stores per capita: 21st most in Florida
Smoke shops per person: 17th in the state

Mascotte is the total example of what a redneck town is. Blue collar workers, 70% white, small town with lots of fishing and hunting nearby, and plenty of places to buy guns, chew and ammo.

Located along Route 50 east of Lake Apopka, you’ve got endless fishing in the lowland waterways right inside of town. There’s nothing like sitting on your back porch with a Budweiser, listening to the Florida-Florida State game on the radio with your feet in the water.

There You Have It

According to the official dictionary definition of a redneck, and based on stereotypes that the internet says are true, using science to determine the most redneck cities in a state can’t be too far off. If you’re analyzing smaller towns in Florida with blue collar workers, where people have lots of options for drinking, smoking, hunting and Walmarting, this is an accurate list.

If you’re curious enough, here are the least redneck cities in Florida, according to science (Populations of 5,000 to 25,000 only).

  1. Navarre Beach
  2. Crescent Beach
  3. Palm Beach Shores
  4. Bay Hill
  5. Pelican Bay

We also did a story on the 10 most white trash cities in Florida. Click here to read it.

City Population Rank
Okeechobee 5613 1
Clewiston 7119 2
Arcadia 7616 3
Starke 5453 4
Inverness 7230 5
Quincy 8046 6
Brooksville 7728 7
Perry 7046 8
Key West 25000 9
Mascotte 5155 10
Indiantown 6604 11
Naples Manor 5469 12
Naranja 7887 13
Southeast Arcadia 7774 14
Mascotte 5155 15
Westgate 7835 16
West Samoset 5819 17
Paisley 865 18
Callahan 1175 19
Ferndale 191 20
Branford 1022 21
Altoona 181 22
Cottondale 873 23
Floridatown 267 24
Wimauma 5641 25
Masaryktown 1113 26
Seville 149 27
Caryville 408 28
Kenwood Estates 971 29
Center Hill 1190 30
Waldo 1198 31
Marathon 8405 32
Limestone 312 33
East Williston 592 34
Cloud Lake 85 35
Broadview Park 6830 36
Pine Lakes 696 37
Greenville 729 38
Lecanto 5586 39
Lake Kathryn 860 40
South Apopka 5497 41
Willow Oak 5131 42
Berrydale 352 43
Fanning Springs 953 44
Bristol 997 45
Fort Pierce North 6824 46
Paradise Heights 702 47
Bay Lake 10 48
Jay 449 49
Live Oak 6918 50
Page Park 824 51
West Miami 6089 52
Andrews 1242 53
Jacob City 576 54
Avon Park 8862 55
Noma 270 56
Inwood 6142 57
Dixonville 234 58
Minneola 9634 59
Lawtey 1120 60
Cocoa West 5358 61
Memphis 9164 62
Pine Level 228 63
Esto 376 64
Bell 502 65
Combee Settlement 5921 66
Fellsmere 5233 67
Pahokee 5859 68
Alford 488 69
Lake Mack-Forest Hills 915 70
Schall Circle 1241 71
Otter Creek 235 72
Marianna 7939 73
Lisbon 189 74
Westville 366 75
Worthington Springs 671 76
Layton 172 77
Wausau 414 78
Reddick 541 79
Raiford 163 80
Seffner 7463 81
Goulds 9802 82
Pomona Park 773 83
Homeland 342 84
Fort Meade 5725 85
Mims 6982 86
Orlovista 7509 87
Welaka 712 88
Harlem Heights 1205 89
Horseshoe Beach 170 90
Sky Lake 6251 91
Fort Green Springs 468 92
Fort Pierce South 5599 93
Pembroke Park 6122 94
Gun Club Estates 848 95
Steinhatchee 935 96
Fidelis 97 97
Hosford 566 98
Milton 9008 99
groveland 9012 100

63 thoughts on “These Are The 10 Most Redneck Cities in Florida

  1. Okeechobee is my hometown, spent a lot of time in Clewiston & Arcadia, family in Brooksville, and the Ford dealership in Perry has my last name. Makes me glad I left at 17 and live in Fort Lauderdale 😉

    1. Either way your still named Roy… Don’t forget where you come from, if it wasn’t for that you wouldn’t be where you are.

    2. Yup, I spent my eight grade and teen years in Perry, attending Taylor County High School. I don’t want to give my name since I wasn’t born and bred there, so I was a hated pariah and hated most everyone else in return. (Perry was the most xenophobic place I’ve ever been; I heard that it’s tamer now, though I still wouldn’t want to live there again.) Yeah, I recognize the family name Faircloth, though if you personally didn’t fit in there and felt the need to move away, that’s a good thing! Welcome to the rest of America.

      Speaking of fitting in, the most amusing thing I observed while attending high school there was how most American outsiders couldn’t fit in with the Perry society, yet a mean-girl diva high schooler from the UK seemed to fit in just fine with the born-there a-holes in the school. I think her name was Tina; I don’t know what she was doing there.

  2. Inverness had a Piggly Wiggly when I was kid. Closed in the early 80’s. We could have been further up the list

  3. Yall have missed it. Your criteria sucks. The most redneck places in Florida don’t have all these shops you are talking about. When you have one grocery store, a subway in your gas station, the ONLY thing to do is hunting or fishing and you don’t even have one traffic light -THAT is a redneck town, known as Franklin County specifically, Carrabelle and Eastpoint.

    1. I agree, Florahome is another one just like you described but we just upgraded to a dollar general.

    2. 100% correct! You have to be a pretty big deal to have a Walmart nearby! City people trying to figure out rednecks.

    3. Yeah but I think they did cities instead of towns or just places because Moore Haven and Lorida should be in there.

  4. Starke does not have that large a population when you back out the prison and jail populations. Remember, we house, feed and care for thousands of Florida’s worst of the worst. Just say’n…

    1. That’s what I was thinking. What about Dixie or Levy County? I live in between Cross City & Old Town in Eugene (unincorporated). Moved here from Orlando, just as the rest of my family has been doing since the 80’s…because East Orlando (Bithlo, Chuluota) is being taken over by cityfolk and I had to save my 12 year old by raising her where people are “real” and respect and love for God and Country still are valued.
      Redneck & Proud ♡

  5. Born and raised in levy county. I left many years ago, but I can not believe that any towns from Levy, Gilchrest or Dixie counties were not on the list.

    1. Exactly what I thought…truly the list should have been a lot longer and researched without Piggly Wiggly…they started closing down those stores back in the 90’s…

  6. What your researchers failed to note is that the most of RV parks in Okeechobee County are filled with winter residents and retirees. And most of those winter residents and retirees come from the north.
    Also, the population within the tiny city limits area does not include the bulk of the Okeechobee community. And the RV parks and trailer parks you are counting are not in the city limits, which is only about four square miles.
    The county population is about 40,000.
    So your formula should only use the RV parks, bars and gun shops that are actually in the city limits, or else use the 40,000 population figure for the City of Okeechobee and surrounding area.

    1. I agree about Clewiston. Used to walk everywhere there farefoot and carefree. Nowadays looks like rednecks are a minority due to the influx of migrant workers that decided not to migrate out at the end of sugar cane and citrus seasons.

  7. Florida has hundreds of Redneck towns all over the state complete with Confederate Flags, Southern Drawls, and all that goes with it, for which I’m very proud of! The term “Redneck” can’t be applied to only Southerners. There are millions of Northerners and Westerners that that fit the bill of being redneck even though they talk Yankee-ese. Now, if you want to use the term “Southern Redneck”, then that makes much more sense. And it should be noted that Rednecks don’t necessarily have to be White. They can be Black or Brown (Mulatto) as well.

    Also, Hispanic is not a race for the person who mentioned Hispanics along with Blacks and Whites. Hispanics Proper themselves are White because Hispanic means Spanish and Spanish is a language and a nationality, not a race. And, Spaniards are at least 99.99% White like the rest of White Eurasia.

    1. My friend of over 35 years is from Macclenney, also lived in Glen St Mary. Her daddy lives in New York State not far from me, and we met when she used to visit him. Macclenney may be redneck, but the area of NYS where we live used to be downright hillbilly, white trash, welfare heaven. I think she was thankful to get back to “civilization” in Macclenney after her summer visits here, lol.

  8. You left out Middleburg!!! I’m a third generation native who is from Leesburg and lives in Orange Park. They don’t get much more redneck than Middleburg!

  9. I agree. No place in Baker county mentioned. That tells me this is way off the mark. I mean I lived for almost 30 years way out near Taylor and I know what redneck is !

  10. Naranja? Are you kidding me? Have you ever been there? Naranja is about as redneck as Philadelphia. Try Homestead. In fact, I’m surprised Homestead is NOT on this list. They even have a Nascar track.

  11. I took it as a parody and laffed my way through the postings. Nothing to get all up tight about just enjoy the humor.

  12. Well I tell ya . yall can have it. My small town is incorporated with a mayor a red light a town hall and a dollar general. I aint telling where it is cause I like it this way. But fishing hunting,kids playing tee ball,baseball and B ball is all there is to do.

  13. I’m glad to see there are people out there who knows Florida is more than Mickey mouse and international drive!.,,and that plenty of native Floridians have a strong southern disturbs me that so many people don’t even consider Florida a southern state,,it is because they have never ventured past the east coast beaches and orlando theme parks.,,Florida is very much the south once you get away from the tourists and transplants

    1. (chuckle)… especially since Florida is at the bo-t-t-o-m of the *East* United States. Kinda hard not to consider it a part of the “South”. Too much trailer trash though. Oh goodness, someone actually mentioned Hoggly Woggly. (shakes head). North Florida from the state line all the way down to about 5 statute miles shy of the beaches along the gulf, should be set a’fire… so it can be rebuilt and re-populated as a do-over.

    2. Milton is super redneck. I was driving through and pulled into a gas station and a guy said to me and I quote “gee bah dank uhh yonkah deenk” . Also, Milton, no infrastructure whatsoever. No buses, no metro, no nothing. Better have a car, otherwise your in big trouble.

      “Durrr, gee bah dank uh yonka donk”

  14. Actually Westville, FL only has 389 residents. The population listed above is for Bonifay, FL. You know…..where the closest Hoggly Woggly is proudly located next to an actual Dollar Store! Lol! Now if you factor in the number of moonshiners minus the overstated population plus the number of white residents to the power of number of unplanned teen pregnancies times the number of red lights you should end up… wait for it, wait, wait for it, OK…… THE #1 MOST REDNECK CITY IN ALL OF FLORIDA!
    That’s right folks! Y’all git on up!
    **If you guessed correctly then you, sug, have just earned yourself a seat right next to the Mayor of Westville…..Skittles!**
    (conveniently located across the road from The Meth Inn & Grille) Welcome Home!

    1. Lol! You are so right !! I bought some land up there about 40 years ago. It’s just sitting there. Not sure what I’m going to do with it. Someone actually built a real home on the land next to mine and the other two acres on the other side of me is vacant, but mostly manufacturered homes and trailers up that way. But your right, it definitely should have made the list along with Chiefland.

    1. I Miss Lake Butler shooting the loop and the old skating rink of course that was in the late 70s early 80s….

  15. What about DeFuniak Springs? They can’t afford a Bass Pro Shop and have few mobile home “parks” because everyone lives in trailers everywhere. Even those with cows and a hundred acres. And the graduation rate? Probably quite slim.

  16. ok well you know what boynton florida has the cash me ouside girl ” try and top that ….. im in fortlauderdale ,,, fort liquor dale home of the flakka ,,,, lol ,,,, too many red necks here

  17. Damn the invention of DDT! Ever since the mosquito swarms were eliminated, the droves
    of yankee tourists that Henry Flagler enticed with his railroad and fancy hotels began to stay in Florida the whole damn year, and now look at what a hundred years of “progress” has done! Even so, us pore ol’ Crackers and Rednecks content to live a modest lifestyle atuned to the finer things in life (like hunting, fishing, and frog-gigging) yet snicker at the psuedo-sophisticated asses who exhibit ignorance by looking down their noses at us!

  18. First off; this is the rudest article I’ve seen is a long time. Sad that we can play the bigot when talking about rednecks but if you have changed the article to:

    These Are The 10 Most Black Cities in Florida
    These Are The 10 Most Jewish Cities in Florida
    These Are The 10 Most Indian Cities in Florida
    These Are The 10 Most White Cities in Florida

    Can you imagine the outrage?

    1. Westville is my hometown! Coco West you are so right! Don’t know where they got there stats? Heck they didn’t even post a pic of the only store in town to get cigarettes beer and bait!

  19. I don’t think you have to be a redneck to love your guns. Love friends and who live in Florida that live in some of those trailer parks and they’re not right next they have full-time jobs and their kids are a students. They don’t smoke they don’t drink

  20. Ah, I disagree: Country folk, Southerners, and red necks aren’t all the same thing. Country folk are just simply rural people, wherever they might be in the U.S.; Southerners are country folk who were raised in the culture of The South; whereas “red necks” means one of two things: either the specific Southerners of South Georgia and North Florida, or simply any country folk who are belligerent, lawless, and anti-educational — or both.

    Want to know something both amusing and horrifying? I met a redneck computer science instructor at Florida State University; in fact, he was supposedly an expert in computer security and even had his PhD, yet, I swear the man behaved just like a redneck, by the second definition if not the first. (He may have even been from one of the towns on this list; that sounds familiar.) The guy was known for harassing his students, including sexual harassment with the girls, but because he was one of the few experts in computer security — supposedly — the administration did nothing about it. Turned me off to pursuing graduate studies in computer security locally, however, because I didn’t want to ever deal with a redneck in a position of power over me again.

  21. Westville is my hometown! Coco West you are so right! Don’t know where they got there stats? Heck they didn’t even post a pic of the only store in town to get cigarettes beer and bait!

  22. I was born in Winter Haven Florida and raised in Arcadia Florida. Arcadia is God’s Country and I’m a proud Redneck. I move to Oxford just North of Wildwood Florida ( a Railroad Town) and was there 27 years. I’m a little disappointed that The Town of Suwannee on the Gulf Coast was missing because I now live here.I have owned a vacation home there since 2007 and made the move full time in 2019. Suwannee has 2 marinas, 1 public boat ramp, 3 bait shops, 2 restaurants (the 3rd coming soon), 1 Real Estate office, a convenience store (we call it the mall), a Post Office and a little over 900 residences within the Water/ Sewer Department and just over 300 full time residents. Lord I love Suwannee!

  23. All you “Lucky to be Red-Necks” need to calm down. According to the Left Wing Dem’s most of the worlds population will be dead in 12 years from climate change anyway. Only folks left will be us living off frogs, fish and small game. In other words, living in heaven as it used to be.

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