The 10 Worst Places To Live In Alabama For 2023

The worst places to live in Alabama are Talladega and Atmore for 2023 based on Friday Night Science.

People from Alabama are really passionate about being from Alabama. As a state, Alabama doesn’t necessarily get a lot of media attention, but it’s also a quiet gem, tucked away in the deep south.

This article isn’t a knock on Alabama, it’s just a scientific analysis on where the worst places to live there are. Of course, there are a lot of awesome places to live in Alabama. This is, though, isn’t that. It’s the opposite.

It’s the places you don’t want to live in.

After analyzing 100 of the largest cities, we came up with this list as the 10 worst places in Alabama:

The 10 Worst Places To Live In Alabama For 2023

  1. Talladega
  2. Atmore
  3. Oneonta
  4. Bessemer
  5. Eufaula
  6. Anniston
  7. Tarrant
  8. Gadsden
  9. Clanton
  10. Prichard

Where are these places, you wonder? And before you get all riled up and say we’re picking on small towns in Alabama, that’s not the case.

We understand there’s a lot of good in every place. For example, the best place to live in Alabama is Mountain Brook.

However, according to data (which doesn’t measure things like beauty and ‘friendly people’), the state has far better options for making a place home. And the worst place to live in Alabama? The worst place to live in Alabama is Talladega.

Read below to see how we crunched the numbers and how your city fared in 2023.

If you’re looking for something more national, check out the worst cities in America or the worst states in America.

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Table Of Contents: Top Ten | Methodology | Summary | Table

The 10 Worst Places To Live In Alabama For 2023

Talladega, AL

Overall SnackAbility


Population: 15,782
Rank Last Year: 5 (Up 4)
Median Home Value: $96,300
Unemployment Rate: 12.0%
More on Talladega:  Data | Photos

If you like racing, you’ve probably heard of Talladega. It hosts the Talladega Superspeedway (as well as the International Motorsports Hall of Fame). But, while you might to take the family out for the day, you wouldn’t want to stay in Talladega for an extended period of time. It has the dubious distinction as the number 1 worst place in Alabama to put down roots.

Despite the cash brought in by the speedway, the 15,782 residents of the community suffer from a weak economy. The area has the 4th lowest median income in the state, with a figure of $31,795. The unemployment rate is weak as well, coming in at 12.0%.

The median home value in Talladega hovers at $96,300 and the schools ranks below average.

Atmore, AL

Source: Public domain
Overall SnackAbility


Population: 8,734
Rank Last Year: 8 (Up 6)
Median Home Value: $98,600
Unemployment Rate: 8.4%
More on Atmore:  Data | Photos

Atmore, a Mobile suburb, is the smallest city on our entire list. As Alan Jackson says, “It’s alright to be itty bitty”, but when you have a high unemployment rate, 1 in 6 houses are vacant, and household incomes are far below the state average, it’s not the first place you might want to move to.

On the bright side, Atmore has more sunny days a year than almost any other place in Alabama. And former heavyweight champion Evander Holyfield was born there, so they have that going for them.

Oneonta, AL

Source: Public domain
Overall SnackAbility


Population: 6,778
Rank Last Year: 23 (Up 20)
Median Home Value: $164,200
Unemployment Rate: 6.5%
More on Oneonta:  Data | Photos

Bessemer, AL

Overall SnackAbility


Population: 26,171
Rank Last Year: 1 (Down 3)
Median Home Value: $102,200
Unemployment Rate: 12.8%
More on Bessemer:  Data | Photos

At one time, Bessemer hosted a thriving industrial economy, based largely on steel production (the town shares a name with a steel-making process). Those boom days are now long in the past. These days, Bessemer ranks as the number 4 worst place in Alabama to call home.

This suburb of Birmingham has a population of 26,171. It also sports the 2nd highest unemployment rate in the Heart of Dixie, with a pace of 12.8%. Even the people who have jobs don’t make all that much. The median income for the area sits at $32,416.

There is a little good news: living in Bessemer isn’t too expensive. The cost of living is about 80% of the national average. The median home value sits at $102,200.

Eufaula, AL

Overall SnackAbility


Population: 12,753
Rank Last Year: 11 (Up 6)
Median Home Value: $122,800
Unemployment Rate: 8.3%
More on Eufaula:  Data | Photos

Anniston, AL

Overall SnackAbility


Population: 21,455
Rank Last Year: 4 (Down 2)
Median Home Value: $117,900
Unemployment Rate: 6.3%
More on Anniston:  Data | Photos

Anniston has a close connection with history. A one-time planned community from the 19th century, it now hosts the Freedom Riders National Monument. Unfortunately, a strong link to the past doesn’t do much for the current residents. After all, they live in the number 6 least attractive community in Alabama.

Built along Blue Mountain in the eastern part of the state, with easy access to the Mountain Longleaf National Wildlife Refuge, a home in Anniston comes with some beautiful scenary. Everything else is a struggle, though. The crime rate is more than 300% above the national average. Meanwhile, the unemployment rate sits at 6.3% and the median income hovers at $39,928.

Tarrant, AL

Overall SnackAbility


Population: 6,137
Rank Last Year: 3 (Down 4)
Median Home Value: $92,300
Unemployment Rate: 8.6%
More on Tarrant:  Data | Photos

Tarrant is home to the largest producer of foundry coke in the U.S. A major employer like that should bolster a local economy. Yet, Tarrant suffers from high unemployment and low wages, making it one of the worst places to live in all of Alabama.

A suburb of Birmingham, the largest city in the state, Tarrant has the 14th lowest median income in Alabama, with a figure of just $36,927. The unemployment rate is dismal as well, hovering at 8.6%. The median home value sits at $92,300.

If you walk the streets of Tarrant at night, be careful. The crime rate is about three times the national average. The schools in the area are also terrible, receiving a lowly 1/10 from Great Schools.

Gadsden, AL

Source: Public domain
Overall SnackAbility


Population: 34,317
Rank Last Year: 10 (Up 2)
Median Home Value: $81,600
Unemployment Rate: 9.6%
More on Gadsden:  Data | Photos

Gadsden, about an hour north of Birmingham, takes the honor of being the worst place in Alabama, at least on paper. Crime is almost highest here than anywhere else in the state. And with an unemployment rate of more than 8%, and considering the fact that 1 in 5 houses are vacant, things aren’t looking up there.

Additionally, Gadsden residents have a very low household income level, and student spending is almost dead last in the state (schools spend, on average, a measly $8,500 per student, per year).

Things have changed here. Way back in 1991, Gadsden was awarded the honor of being called an “All-American City.”

Clanton, AL

Overall SnackAbility


Population: 8,715
Rank Last Year: 6 (Down 3)
Median Home Value: $147,600
Unemployment Rate: 5.7%
More on Clanton:  Data | Photos

On the surface, Clanton, Alabama, is in the center of the action…literally. It stands near the geographic center of the state. Besides that, it acts as the county seat for Chilton County and straddles the road between two major population centers in Birmingham and Montgomery. Still, with all this going for it, Clanton still ranks near the bottom of places you’d want to live in Alabama.

Education and the economy hold the town back. The community contains 8,715 residents. Of these, 14.3% suffer below the poverty line. Meanwhile, the schools in the area are average at best.

Looking at other economic indicators, the median income in Clanton stands at $48,051. Meanwhile, the median home value comes in at $147,600.

Prichard, AL

Source: Public domain
Overall SnackAbility


Population: 19,645
Rank Last Year: 7 (Down 3)
Median Home Value: $69,300
Unemployment Rate: 9.8%
More on Prichard:  Data | Photos

One thing that can be said for Prichard: housing is cheap. Located just outside of Mobile, near the Gulf Coast, the area has a median home value of $69,300. That’s the lowest mark in the state.

It’s not really a surprise that inexpensive homes are easy to find in Prichard, though. There’s not a lot of demand to live in the number 10 worst place to live in Alabama.

The 19,645 residents of the community need the affordable housing. With a median income of $32,900, they couldn’t get by with higher-cost living arrangements. The unemployment rate is high as well, coming in at 9.8%.

Along with these economic challenges come high crime and unimpressive schools. Prichard’s crime rate is more than double that of the U.S. standard.

Methodology: How we determined the worst places to live in Alabama for 2023

To figure out the worst places to live in Alabama, we only needed to know what kinds of things people like and then decide what cities have the least amount of those things.

We don’t think it’s a stretch to assume that people like the following things:

  • Good education
  • Lots of jobs
  • Low crime
  • Low poverty
  • Nice homes
  • High incomes
  • High population density (Lots of things to do)
  • Short work commutes
  • Health insurance

The data comes from the Census’s most recent American Community Survey and the FBI Uniform Crime Report.

We broke crime down into violent crime and property crime to give violent crime a more significant weight. If you did a simple calculation of all crimes per capita, property crimes are typically 7x more common and bias that ranking.

Furthermore, only cities with at least 5,000 people were considered — leaving 100 cities.

We then ranked each city from 1 to 100 for all the criteria, with a #1 ranking being the worst for the particular criteria.

Next, we averaged the rankings into one “Worst Place To Live Score.”

Finally, we ranked every city on the “Worst Place To Live Score,” with the lowest score being the worst city in Alabama — Talladega. Read on for a detailed look at the ten worst cities in Alabama.

Editor’s Note: This article is an opinion based on facts meant as infotainment. We updated this article for 2023. This is our tenth time ranking the worst places to live in Alabama.

Summary: Wrapping Up The Worst In Alabama

If you’re looking at areas in Alabama with the worst economic situations, where there’s higher than average crime and little to do, this is an accurate list.

And in the end, Talladega ranks as the worst city to live in Alabama for 2023.

If you’re curious enough, here are the best cities to live in Alabama:

  1. Madison (Pop. 55,551)
  2. Vestavia Hills (Pop. 38,504)
  3. Mountain Brook (Pop. 22,184)

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Worst Places To Live In Alabama?

Rank City Population Unemployment Rate Home Value
1 Talladega 15,782 12.0% $96,300
2 Atmore 8,734 8.4% $98,600
3 Oneonta 6,778 6.5% $164,200
4 Bessemer 26,171 12.8% $102,200
5 Eufaula 12,753 8.3% $122,800
6 Anniston 21,455 6.3% $117,900
7 Tarrant 6,137 8.6% $92,300
8 Gadsden 34,317 9.6% $81,600
9 Clanton 8,715 5.7% $147,600
10 Prichard 19,645 9.8% $69,300
11 Opp 6,671 8.8% $94,100
12 Bay Minette 7,824 10.4% $119,500
13 Ozark 14,396 11.5% $121,400
14 Fort Payne 14,730 6.9% $134,700
15 Selma 18,429 11.7% $86,800
16 Roanoke 5,368 5.3% $114,500
17 Sylacauga 12,512 10.1% $137,500
18 Brewton 5,288 6.7% $116,100
19 Tallassee 5,199 18.6% $128,900
20 Andalusia 8,764 7.4% $130,800
21 Mobile 187,445 6.4% $138,400
22 Boaz 10,091 2.5% $114,800
23 Hamilton 6,974 4.9% $91,700
24 Monroeville 5,953 11.7% $107,900
25 Hueytown 16,694 8.8% $118,800
26 Birmingham 202,234 8.0% $102,900
27 Oxford 22,210 4.4% $141,700
28 Sheffield 9,305 5.9% $105,000
29 Tuskegee 9,125 12.1% $83,600
30 Russellville 10,691 3.7% $93,000
31 Jacksonville 13,076 6.9% $148,400
32 Midfield 5,219 9.6% $73,800
33 Albertville 22,268 4.0% $136,100
34 Smiths Station 5,420 6.1% $156,200
35 Guntersville 8,559 4.7% $227,600
36 Greenville 7,395 7.8% $111,400
37 Scottsboro 15,446 3.8% $122,000
38 Center Point 16,422 10.4% $105,400
39 Attalla 5,872 3.9% $89,500
40 Montgomery 201,022 6.9% $125,600
41 Leeds 12,385 2.1% $169,900
42 Irondale 13,457 9.0% $169,400
43 Arab 8,462 2.9% $158,000
44 Fairfield 10,108 7.5% $101,000
45 Jasper 14,370 4.9% $172,200
46 Lanett 6,821 4.7% $95,500
47 Demopolis 7,134 2.1% $153,100
48 Opelika 30,810 4.4% $154,800
49 Lincoln 6,836 6.0% $152,500
50 Florence 39,709 6.0% $146,700
51 Pinson 7,242 4.8% $150,800
52 Montevallo 6,968 6.4% $163,100
53 Foley 20,170 4.1% $205,300
54 Gulf Shores 14,712 3.5% $271,500
55 Chickasaw 6,421 3.8% $78,600
56 Calera 16,126 1.4% $161,900
57 Wetumpka 7,025 6.5% $160,300
58 Robertsdale 6,603 2.0% $135,300
59 Moody 13,100 6.1% $177,500
60 Athens 25,213 4.1% $184,900
61 Fultondale 9,707 3.4% $157,900
62 Chelsea 14,710 4.8% $256,700
63 Valley 10,498 2.1% $100,800
64 Pike Road 9,193 2.8% $308,500
65 Enterprise 28,242 5.2% $187,600
66 Pleasant Grove 9,638 3.8% $160,600
67 Millbrook 16,675 3.5% $161,300
68 Saraland 15,942 5.5% $163,600
69 Helena 20,680 2.7% $227,800
70 Gardendale 15,920 2.5% $190,400
71 Troy 17,765 4.1% $168,700
72 Rainsville 5,466 3.1% $161,900
73 Clay 10,320 2.3% $165,000
74 Orange Beach 7,847 3.3% $353,000
75 Decatur 57,303 5.8% $147,600
76 Pelham 24,134 1.9% $215,700
77 Dothan 70,318 5.4% $157,600
78 Prattville 37,977 2.5% $171,700
79 Spanish Fort 9,720 3.6% $237,700
80 Margaret 5,118 2.7% $162,700
81 Cullman 17,892 1.9% $167,500
82 Tuscaloosa 99,252 6.5% $194,500
83 Alabaster 33,133 3.9% $189,600
84 Southside 9,253 3.3% $161,400
85 Satsuma 6,704 6.6% $161,200
86 Glencoe 5,360 1.6% $168,400
87 Muscle Shoals 15,969 3.3% $154,600
88 Tuscumbia 8,977 2.4% $121,400
89 Huntsville 210,081 4.9% $194,500
90 Hartselle 15,308 3.0% $149,000
91 Trussville 25,027 3.2% $287,700
92 Northport 30,334 5.4% $196,200
93 Hoover 91,371 4.4% $316,700
94 Homewood 26,206 2.6% $391,500
95 Auburn 74,637 2.8% $285,000
96 Fairhope 21,825 5.3% $337,100
97 Daphne 27,088 2.9% $231,000
98 Madison 55,551 3.3% $279,800
99 Vestavia Hills 38,504 1.6% $402,100
100 Mountain Brook 22,184 1.4% $697,800

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58 thoughts on “The 10 Worst Places To Live In Alabama For 2023

  1. Do you actually set foot in the places you slice and dice? I doubt it. So you just spill stats and show the worst photos you can find? Judging by the hatchet job on Talladega,Al., you certainly don’t do your homework.

  2. What about other places? Sure, if you take a picture of the worst spot in the whole town its sure to look like the worst place too.
    Google “pictures of Gadsden” and there are amazing pictures of the scenery around here. Get real. If youre gonna take a picture of the town do it right.

    1. I’ve only lived here a year, from California and I enjoy Gadsden. The High School is great , I’m not worried about my Son here. Does it need a little work, yes but every city does.

    2. You have to admit Gadsden is a pretty crappy place to live since the steel plant shut down. Yes there is “pretty scenery” but that is all they take care of. The city’s bottom line is what are the people driving through going to see, the rest of it can rot or turn to ghetto for all they care.

  3. Clearly you haven’t double checked your data. Eufaula is not an hour from Birmingham and learn how to spell the city name. Eufaula has plenty to do for the outdoorsman and is a great place to grow up.

  4. i don’t know who gathered this information, but they need to get some facts straight. Look at a map, Atmore is not a suburb of Mobile!!!!! Atmore is an hour from Mobile!!!!!!!!!

    1. I agree w/ your comment. Atmore is at least 60 miles from Mobile. Therefore it is not a suburb of Mobile. Where did they find that picture….a desolate farm road in the country ?

      1. It looks to me like the pictures came from a street view of a map website, such as googlemaps or mapquest. I don’t think the author actually went to any of these cities, just went off of statistics. I, for one, HAVE been to almost all of them and they are NOT as bad as they seem on paper. Plus the pictures are all of backstreets in the older downtown areas.

      2. it’s East Ridgeley. An abandoned road which no one ever drives down….at all. This guy is insane, and just wanted to do a hatchet job on cities he’d never even been near.

  5. I don’t know who all compiled this list, but there are so many errors I hope no one takes it as fact. I’m from Eufaula and while it’s not for everyone, it’s a beautiful place to live. The article misspells Eufaula several times and states it is an hour from Birmingham. They must have just “flew” in for a visit.

  6. Mr. Johnson,

    I totally disagree with you analyzing of Mobile. I am originally from Terre Haute , Indiana and have been in Mobile for 25 years I now call Mobile home. I live in the midtown / historic district and it is full of culture, history, museums, bus tours. The residents in Mobile are very friendly and welcoming and a great downtown entertainment district. I see you have place new small pop up town’s in your top 5. When I visit those area I have no idea where to go or what to do so. why go there.
    Mobile is a growing city and if you would look at crime statistics for the same size as Mobile you will find the crime rate percentage is gonna be about the same…. more than a small new town……Mobile is a city and your top 5 best places to live are TOWN’S a big difference.
    I will say I think it’s sad Mobile gets a bad rap being so close to Prichard, AL but Mobile alone is the most beautiful, historically best CITY in Alabama to live and visit.

  7. Not buying this survey. Fort Payne is a beautiful place and why Cullman did not make list as one of best places to live I don’t know. The places they listed as best also has high crime rates.

  8. I would invite you to visit these towns and then decide if your list is accurate. Fort Payne City Schools were one of the first schools with a Prometheum Board, if not the first, in the State and have a lot of excellent programs that other schools their size only dream of. It is also one of the most beautiful places in the State. No, there aren’t a lot of bars, etc., but if you enjoy the outdoors there is a ton of things to do. Fort Payne and DeKalb County are home to DeSoto State Park, Little River Canyon, Buck’s Pocket, DeSoto Falls and many other places that are great for camping, hiking, fishing, swimming, etc. Funny that MANY other lists I have seen have it as one of the most beautiful places in the State and even one of the most beautiful and best places to live in the country.

  9. Do you not like to provide links to other lists that may be more credible than yours? (Editor’s note — We don’t allow links in comments.)

    Also, do you ever think of the damage you may be doing to the towns on any of these lists that you put together as far as their ability to recruit new business or other things that would stimulate their economy. I’m sure many of the towns on your various lists in different states are working hard to improve their situations while you sit in front of your computer in North Carolina with no true knowledge about the towns you are bashing.

  10. It was rather disheartening to see my hometown, Eufaula, on this list. However, due to the description, I’m a little uncertain about if you, the author, were actually refering to Eufaula. You are absolutely correct about the lack of “things to do”; however, I can’t imagine why that should be a primary reason to place this gem on this list, especially when we have an exceptional educational system and many local, less commercialized activities, programs and organizations available. Please review your resources. The picture used does NOT look like South Randolph AND we are NOT located an hour from Birmingham! As a former resident of Birmingham who just relocated back home two years ago, I can assure you that the drive is roughly 3-1/2 hours. We are roughly 45 minutes SOUTH of Phenix City and Columbus, Georgia and an hour NORTH of Dothan. As I do understand that we have all been alloted the freedom of speech and the flexibility to express our personal opinions, we shouldn’t abuse those rights by writing and publishing falsehoods. Again, PLEASE double-check your sources.

    1. The pic is taken from Google Earth, looking north in the south bound lane of South Randolph in front of Baker furniture across the street from First Baptist. Eufaula does starve for overall entertainment and unemployment is high but a much better place than this writer is familiar with. Take it for what it’s worth, they can’t even research enough to spell Youfalla correctly! 🙂

  11. Who are you making this list for? From the comments I’ve seen very few people agree with your list. Talking down someones hometown is not a good idea. How about doing something worthwhile. No one is buying your propaganda. If you really want a true list, start it off with Birmingham. Why does people try to cover for Birmingham. High crime. Black on Black crime is through the roof. City is all but bankrupt. Worse political leadership ever. Traffic is a nightmare. No one from the city should be allowed to drive. Schools are horrible. Next time you do a survey try actually getting it right.

    1. I think Birmingham has the highest crime rate in Alabama! My hometown Southside on the outskirts of Gadsden & next to Rainbow city is my choice of the best city to live in.

  12. “This is, though, isn’t that.” You’ve an extra “is” in there that made it past the editing. I generally agree with the content. I like the ranking, but a little more discussion on the weighting of the statistics and the rationale for using those stats would have been interesting.

  13. Gadsden – is a city full of possibilities. But they have too few serious investments from outside sources. Road and rail – Gadsden is in a perfect situation with highways and rail – and it is under utilized. Interstate 59 runs north and south with easy access to I 20 – east and west. There is a massive rail system in West Gadsden that was utilized when we made steel. Changes in attitudes and altitudes. Believe it or not – folks want to have fun. A long time ago an investor planned on building a waterpark utilizing Noccalula Moutains changes in elevations. A mega Water Park would generate tons of taxable revenue and jobs. And what are the support groups for a large attractions – hotels – dinning – shopping – and oh you get the idea!

    I grew up there – and was visiting just yesterday. It does make me sad to know that the older people don’t want traffic and fuss. It’s understandable – I wouldn’t want it in my 60s or 70s. That seems to me the major thing holding them back.

  14. Mr. Johnson, it would serve you well to visit Eufaula, AL before judging it based soley on the criteria of which was chosen to defile it!
    Eufaula, AL is one of the most historical and beautiful towns in America. I can assure, Eufaula offers much more positives than what your criteria offered.
    Matter-of-fact, you should visit. You just might be pleasantly surprised with the wealth of the good southern hospitality by which you would be greeted. It would seem, based on the criteria, you just might benefit from it.
    Shame on you and your criteria!

  15. Personally, I absolutely love Alabama! These small towns are why I love Alabama! Wouldn’t have raised my children any where else! Don’t give a rat’s behind what this author or anyone else thinks about it! You can keep your ,so called, progress of the bigger cities! If you don’t like where you live, simple, move! Sell your property, or whatever other excuse you may have, and go be happy! We won’t mind!

  16. Hoover at #3 while Vestavia is #1? Clearly someone doesn’t recognize the awesomeness that is Hoover…

  17. If you are trying to decide if a place is lousy or not, do not use this article as a guide. It’s criteria is highly flawed and rather than a scientific analysis, is merely opinion based upon questionable logic. To use the term “scientific analysis” is a stretch at the very least. Possibly, if it were an article written for a 7th or 8th grade school assignment that term could be used, but not here.

    There are parts of the criteria ( crime rate, unemployment, and income) that make perfect sense in determining the quality of life in a given community. Another would be quality of education, but that is not part of their criteria. They use expenditures per student. This measure in no way indicates quality of education. In fact, those school districts that have the highest e.p.s. often produce the lowest results.

    Now for the rest of the criteria. Since when is a lower population density a bad thing. That is an opinion, not a fact and has no place in “scientific analysis”. Commute time? Commute time to where? Most people commute because they don’t want to live in the high population density area in which they work. Finally, worst weather? If your comparing weather in Alabama to say Idaho or even Kentucky, that would apply. Comparing weather in communities that are only miles apart makes absolutely no sense.

    This article, with out a doubt, rates as the worst and poorest executed article on the worst places to live in Alabama.

  18. Home is where the heart is. If a cow turd was ur home and someone said anything negative about ur stinky cow turd, you’d be offended, that’s human nature. Love is blind and that includes the love of ones hometown. So say what you want about my cow turd, good or bad, I’m use to the smell. Hometowns don’t make the individual, the individual does. So Sweet Home Alabama or wherever you call home

  19. I agree with gadsden being the worst its not so much the crimeits the cops harrasment on out of state tags. Then you have the city councel that has been taken over by people from up north historical places have been destroyed..then cops are running any bussiness out of town city council don’t like there trying gto makeit a retirment community. And run out familys that have been in gadsden since the very beginning of gadsden my grandfather was founder of baptist assoc for state of ala and owned most of soutth gadsden dureing the great depression well banks froze peoples money so he sold most all of it off except the bikg farm house and 2 rent houses the money he received he built a church in south gadsden and chipped in on a nurseing home well in 1970s the state came in forced grandmother out of her home to build a hwy there they handed her ten thousand dollars and evicted her off our land even back then the property barnhuge green houseand huge home with a smaller rent house beside it was worth 250.000.00. My suggeston is don’t move there if state decides they want your land they will take it and you will loose all the money you invested

    1. Spelling and grammar are not your strong suite. Yes, you’ll make a fine mayor. You can be the mayor of Goofy Land, where spelling and grammar are silly things that people don’t concern themselves with.

  20. I moved from gadsden long ago it sickens me the things I c when I go to visit relitives there like I say my family was one of the first settlers there most commenting here on gadsden I’ve noticed arnt from original founding settlers if I ever move back home I will be running for mayor to try and restore gadsden to its former glory it once had

    1. I can’t speak to the eternal beauty or degradation of Gadsden, but I can say that your response would be much easier to read if you inserted some punctuation.

  21. I’ve been to every city on this list during the 25 years I lived in Alabama. The worst are not that bad and the best are not so good. But every city could be a lot better if they had a decent state government. The 1901 constitution is archaic (it’s got about 900 amendments!)gives the state almost unlimited power over cities, and is racist to boot. Change the legislature, change the lawmakers, and all these cities will improve.

  22. Some of the criteria used is bogus. For example, someone actually wanting to live in a “less densely populated” area would prefer a low density population and thus this wouldn’t be a negative. Another journalist using different criteria would arrive at at an entirely different conclusion. My opinion: writers writing this type of article are seeking readership, not accuracy.

  23. I was going to say the same thing. These want-a-be journalists drive thru Alabama and think they are experts on the state. Bay Minette isn’t even a suburb of Mobile and it is 15 miles closer to Mobile.

  24. I am planning to travel in the Mid of january and I think it would be a fantastic experience to go Dothan,AL and Orange Beach.

  25. I m glad i took the time to read the coments . I am retiiring and i have been very serious about moving around mobile, i was getting kind of nervous when i was checking the crime rates. I am a single female in my 60’s and would be on my own. I love the fact of being close to the gulf iit sounds beautiful. I am from Chicago cant handle the cold anymore and looking for some peace and quiet, so i will just take a roadtrip and find out myself. I have been to alabama a few times i have relatives that live around Jasper i just want to go farther south.

    1. No! High crime and poor schools.

      Nothing for young people to do at all.

      You can do much better within a 20 mile radius. I lived there for a year when I first moved to Birmingham.

  26. i grew up in Mountain,Brook,and it was most likely the best place to raise a family, It had no blacks in the public schools except for the help in kitchen n the maids, every house had a black maid that left after 3 PM.The homes were very clean very nice and costly.Inhabited by Drs Lawyers business owners (the jews), but the Jews have their own special section called Dunbarton,(little Israel)No christmas lights in that area,
    Mountain Brook is the most expensive place in the state to live. smooth roads, the police are really bad about ticketing only the teens and outsiders passing thru. but as soon as you entered birmingham thats on all sides of Mt Brook, it was like instant depression. blacks crime and a feeling of leaving fantasy land.They called it the yellow brick road for a reason. None of the home owners there dare cut aby trees down so its the coolest area dyring hot humid summers,however during ab ice storm all the roads will be blocked from fallen trees.The Beverly Beverly Hills Palm Beach of Alabama…Everywere else is run down ridden with either red necks or blacks..thankfully the segrigation held on in this state for as long as possable, it keeps the crime in certain areas…

  27. The band, Clutch, did a gig for New Year’s Eve in Gadsden, for the Shriners. They must be the only Shriners that don’t own their own facility. They were renting a tiny downtown building with a tiny stage. The gig was horrid and the check from the Shriners bounced. Clutch had to go through the law to get it’s money. Gadsden is trash. Birmingham and Huntsville leave much to be desired, as well.

  28. I grew up in Gadsden in the 1980s and ’90s (from 1st grade to two years at GSCC). It was a pretty bad place to grow up poor/lower middle class even back then with the Goodyear plant and steel mill closures (along with the dairy plant my father worked at). Thank goodness for books, magazines, movies, college/alt music, and TV at the time to show me there are other places in the world for creative types to live.

    The good thing about having “worst” small towns like this is for people like me to get off her ass and move somewhere pretty good. Since then, I have lived in NYC for 14 years and Berlin, Germany, where I was able to travel all over Europe. Now I live on a teeny tiny island in the Mediterranean with my wonderful Swedish husband. Our ultimate plan is to settle in Switzerland and raise kids.

    (Even after living differently in several cities and countries, my top saddest and most shocking life experiences and stories come from 1984-1998 Gadsden/Rainbow City, AL. It was really, really rough. It was the worst. I’ve never met more judgmental, negative, mentally deranged people before in my life. The rest of the world is such a better place to be experiencing life!)

  29. These rednecks and trailer park trash lowlives are seemingly having some difficulties acknowledging the truth about their trash towns

  30. Eufaula is WONDERFUL. As a visitor from New York City, I fell in love with it. Shame on you for putting it on your worst list

  31. Actually, this is just a practical — and long overdue — result of our collective realization that diversity is so wonderful that we should be subsidizing it, and banks and other cooripatorns ought not to be excluded from that opportunity.

  32. Gadsden is a wonderful city..I was born and raised here and I love it. The person responsible for this article is an idiot or a Yankee..

  33. Good afternoon. I’d like to ask about the inclusion of Brewton as a worst place to live. Our unemployment rate is 4.7% and falling, our crime rate is among the lowest in the region and our schools are listed as some of the best in the country by US News & World Report. I invite you to visit sometime and find out why we love it, and why I believe you will too.

  34. I was taking care of someone in tarrant recovering after surgery. The level of crime was evident in all aspects of life. There were guns out all over the house, even by all doors. I was told not to go for a walk, due to the fact the only people walking were hookers. Also, l had an inside release for my gas tank but there had been an attempt to pry it open. The house next door was burglarized even though it had an alarm.system. I was terrified. I gave up my position there.

    all over the house

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