These Are The 10 Worst Small Towns In Massachusetts For 2018

Using science and data, we can tell you which teeny specks in Massachusetts are the pits.

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This article is an opinion based on facts and is meant as infotainment. Don’t freak out.

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Most Americans have never been to Massachusetts. However, as the people who live there know, Massachusetts is an awesome state.

But is it all roses? Definitely not. Just like any other state, Massachusetts has its trouble spots. This article aims to determine, using science, the absolute worst small towns to live in the Bay State. Don’t shoot the messenger, this is all using data.

After analyzing more than 14 of Massachusetts’s smallest cities, we came up with this list as the 10 worst small towns in Massachusetts where you’d never want to live:

  1. Chester
  2. Housatonic
  3. Huntington
  4. Russell
  5. Cheshire
  6. Blandford
  7. Brookfield
  8. Edgartown
  9. Madaket
  10. Mashpee Neck

Of course, many of these cities would rank highly if they were in other states, since Massachusetts has its stuff figured out.

Read on below to see how we crunched the numbers, or scroll to the bottom to see how your town ranked.

And if you already know about the small towns, check out the best places to live in Massachusetts or the worst places to live in Massachusetts.

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How do you decide if a place is lousy or not?

In order to rank the worst small towns to live in Massachusetts, we had to determine what criteria people like or dislike about a place. It isn’t a stretch to assume that people like low crime, solid education, things to do and a stable economy.

So we scraped the internet for those criteria, and it spit out the answer. Like magic.

How we crunched the numbers

We threw a lot of criteria at this one in order to get the best, most complete results possible. Using FBI crime data, the Census’s 2010-2014 American Community Survey, and the Bureau of Labor Statistics, this is the criteria we used:

  • Population Density (The lower the worse)
  • Highest Unemployment Rates
  • Low housing costs (meaning there’s no demand)
  • Adjusted Median Income (Median income adjusted for the cost of living)
  • Education (Number of high school dropouts)
  • High Crime

We looked at cities with populations between 100 and 1,000 people, of which, there were a lot – 14 to be exact.

Additional note: We get the crime numbers from the FBI, which gets its crime numbers from the cities themselves. Dropout numbers are based on the adult population, not just the current graduation rates of teenagers.

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1. Chester

Population: 789
Median Income: $62,292
Median Home Value: $159,000

2. Housatonic

Population: 688
Median Income: $58,393
Median Home Value: $231,500

3. Huntington

Population: 630
Median Income: $65,125
Median Home Value: $172,200

4. Russell

Population: 486
Median Income: $53,984
Median Home Value: $191,100

5. Cheshire

Population: 647
Median Income: $59,844
Median Home Value: $192,100

6. Blandford

Population: 352
Median Income: $63,571
Median Home Value: $211,700

7. Brookfield

Population: 675
Median Income: $62,321
Median Home Value: $202,900

8. Edgartown

Population: 649
Median Income: $61,500
Median Home Value: $789,500

9. Madaket

Population: 307
Median Income: $74,500
Median Home Value: $973,700

10. Mashpee Neck

Population: 877
Median Income: $72,344
Median Home Value: $340,200

There You Have It – The Worst Small Towns In Massachusetts

If you’re analyzing teeny places in the Bay State with the worst economic situations, where there’s high crime and there’s not a lot to do, this is an accurate list.

If you’re curious enough, here are the best small towns to live in Massachusetts, according to science.

  1. Best: Seabrook
  2. 2nd Best: New Seabury
  3. 3rd Best: Siasconset

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  • Ranking Of The 100 Worst Small Towns In Massachusetts

    City Rank Population Home Price
    Chester 1 789 $159,000
    Housatonic 2 688 $231,500
    Huntington 3 630 $172,200
    Russell 4 486 $191,100
    Cheshire 5 647 $192,100
    Blandford 6 352 $211,700
    Brookfield 7 675 $202,900
    Edgartown 8 649 $789,500
    Madaket 9 307 $973,700
    Mashpee Neck 10 877 $340,200
    Petersham 11 220 $342,900
    Siasconset 12 183 $1,656,300
    New Seabury 13 900 $646,600
    Seabrook 14 413 $372,000

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