These Are The 10 Kinkiest Cities In Texas

Using online order history, we can tell which places in Texas like to spice it up in the sack most often.

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Since the 1950s ended, most of America has let its guard down and people have become a whole lot, well, kinkier. Searches for sex online are at an all-time high, and with sexting, flexting and every other new way of communicating our desires online, it’s pretty clear that we can’t get enough of our interest in sex.

Whether we want to admit it or not.

Did you know that an informal BuzzFeed poll ranked Texas as one of the top 10 sexiest states in America? It makes sense, although the categories used, (Miss America Pageant winners, Playboy Playmates per state) might seem silly.

Which of the cities in Texas are the kinkiest? We can tell by looking at who is buying the most ‘kinky’ stuff online.

So, put on your binoculars as we look into the lives of Texas residents to see some pretty sexy stuff. Based on the raw number of purchases, we came up with this list as The 10 Kinkiest Cities in Texas:

  1. Richardson
  2. Humble
  3. Dallas
  4. Henderson
  5. Conroe
  6. Tyler
  7. Tomball
  8. Port Neches
  9. Lufkin
  10. Katy

Are these a surprise? We don’t live in Texas, so you guys decide whether or not these cities make sense. But, either way, it’s the 100% truth.

We also have some honorable mention cities as well. We’ll get to those later. And if you’re wondering, we can also tell who the least kinky cities in Texas are, too.

What sex crazed criteria did we use?

In order to rank the how kinky a city is, we simply had to see which cities purchased the most sex toys from online erotic adult toy and novelty powerhouse Adam & Eve. It’s pretty easy to figure it out, actually.

These are based on a per capita basis, meaning these are sales on a per-person basis, not a raw number of actual orders. That keeps us from ranking the largest cities at the top since they have the most people.

1. Richardson

Google Maps

Population: 100,057
Kinky toy orders: 8,277

What the heck is going on in Richardson? This semi-wealthy Dallas suburb has the 3rd most orders in the entire state, despite being the 31st largest city. That’s some real interest in spicing it up in the sack if you ask us.

Could it be like 100 people completely overwhelming the order numbers here? Who knows. This is just really interesting stuff.

2. Humble

Google Maps

Population: 15,500
Kinky toy orders: 481

There was just about one order per every 33 members of the Humble community in the last year. Wow! The city might be called Humble, but certainly, the residents aren’t very humble in the sack, apparently.

Humble is just outside of Houston.

3. Dallas


Population: 1,07,203
Kinky toy orders: 21,715

1 in every 5,800 people in Dallas ordered something from Adam & Eve in the last year, which is the 3rd highest rate per capita in the state of Texas. No one is going to argue that the people in Dallas like to kink it up behind closed doors are they? Dallas just reeks of sexual tension.

4. Henderson


Population: 13,614
Kinky toy orders: 237

Henderson is a pretty blue-collar city just a short drive southeast of Tyler. The unemployment rate here is under 2%, meaning people shouldn’t have too much extra time on their hands to experiment when the lights go out. But apparently, their true passions necessitate burning the candle at both ends.

5. Conroe


Population: 57,380
Kinky toy orders: 937

The population of this northern Houston suburb has just about doubled in the last 15 years. Is there something in the water up there? Obviously, this medium-sized city has a darker, deeper side that needs vetting.

6. Tyler

Google Maps

Population: 97,215
Kinky toy orders: 1,421

The numbers indicate people are really comfortable with their sexuality in Tyler, Texas. It’s the 32nd largest city in Texas, but the people here ordered the 8th most number of items from Adam & Eve.

If you know someone in Tyler, tag them in this post. They just might blush.

7. Tomball

Google Maps

Population: 10,732
Kinky toy orders: 140

More than 1 in 100 people in little ole’ Tomball have purchased something that would be considered kinky from just one leading website. How many others have made other similar purchases?

Hey, we’re not judging at all. Sounds like ya’ll are having a great time in this Houston ‘burb where the city motto is: “Tomball. Texan For Fun.”

8. Port Neches

Google Maps

Population: 12,971
Kinky toy orders: 166

Quiet little Port Neches is obviously bringing the kink factor back, since they’re clearly into keeping things spicy in the sack a lot more than the rest of their Texas peers. Who’d have thunk it?

If you’re ‘curious’, take take a quick diversion on your way to or from Beaumont. They’d probably be glad to see you.

9. Lufkin


Population: 35,169
Kinky toy orders: 447

There are at least 447 people in the small, assuming city of Lufkin who are quietly getting to know themselves and/or their spouses a little more intimately than a majority of the population. That’s a good thing, right?

Did you know that this is home to the Atkinson Candy Company, inventor of the Chick-O-Stick? That’s actually the same of a candy treat, but we know what you were thinking.

10. Katy

Google Maps

Population: 14,363
Kinky toy orders: 138

Lastly, we come to the final city in Texas on our kinky tour. One of the wealthier communities in the Lone Star State, this Houston suburb is definitely leading the way in personal growth.

Clawing out from under the data

If you’re measuring the cities in Texas where there’s a high number of kinky-related purchases, this is an accurate list. Take a bow. You’ve certainly earned it.

If you’re curious, here are the least kinky cities in Texas, which are pretty vanilla (boring) in regards to our current study. If you notice, these are some of the wealthier communities in the state. Is there a connection?

  1. McAllen, TX
  2. Pflugerville, TX
  3. Flower Mound, TX
  4. Mission, TX
  5. Waxahachie, TX

Complete Ranking of the Kinkiest Cities In Texas


Richardson 1
Humble 2
Dallas 3
Henderson 4
Conroe 5
Tyler 6
Tomball 7
Port Neches 8
Lufkin 9
Katy 10
Rosenberg 11
Austin 12
Houston 13
Harker Heights 14
Midland 14
New Braunfels 16
Copperas Cove 17
Fort Worth 18
Terrell 19
League City 20
Alvin 21
Kerrville 22
San Angelo 23
Georgetown 24
Lubbock 24
Sulphur Springs 26
Abilene 26
Nacogdoches 26
Brownsville 26
San Marcos 30
Del Rio 31
Waco 32
Texarkana 33
Stephenville 34
Bedford 35
Beeville 36
Spring 37
Odessa 38
Paris 39
San Antonio 40
Sweetwater 41
Corpus Christi 42
Greenville 43
Sherman 43
Amarillo 43
Weatherford 46
Orange 46
Longview 48
Temple 48
Alice 50
Frisco 51
Vernon 52
Killeen 53
Andrews 53
Galveston 55
Brownwood 56
Victoria 57
Harlingen 58
Wichita Falls 59
Sugar Land 60
Port Arthur 61
College Station 62
El Paso 63
Bryan 64
Grapevine 64
Huntsville 66
Keller 67
Jacksonville 68
Baytown 69
Eagle Pass 70
Fredericksburg 70
Belton 72
Big Spring 73
Port Lavaca 74
Athens 75
Angleton 76
Gainesville 77
Mansfield 78
Marshall 78
Vidor 80
Burkburnett 81
Mount Pleasant 81
Denton 83
Friendswood 83
Kyle 83
Crowley 83
Brenham 87
Carrollton 88
Lancaster 89
Pasadena 90
Pearland 91
Plano 92
Snyder 93
Mckinney 94
Desoto 94
Irving 96
Hereford 96
Uvalde 98
Round Rock 99
Plainview 100
Allen 101
Laredo 102
Garland 102
Wylie 104
Edinburg 105
Mineral Wells 106
Corsicana 107
Weslaco 108
Mesquite 109
Grand Prairie 110
Pharr 111
Arlington 112
Kingsville 113
Lewisville 114
Seguin 114
Missouri City 116
Rockwall 116
Waxahachie 116
Mission 119
Flower Mound 120
Pflugerville 121
Mcallen 121

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