These Are The 10 Snobbiest Places In Washington

We analyzed over 100 places in Washington to identify the ones that probably think they’re better than you.

This article is an opinion based on facts and is meant as info-tainment. Don’t freak out.

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When some people think of the Pacific Northwest, perhaps beautiful nature, laid back people, and, maybe flannel, come to mind. Certainly nothing snobby or pretentious.

Well, those people haven’t been to Washington—specifically, these 10 high and mighty cities:

  1. Woodinville (Photos)
  2. Issaquah (Photos)
  3. Redmond (Photos)
  4. Bellevue (Photos)
  5. Kirkland (Photos)
  6. Seattle (Photos)
  7. Gig Harbor (Photos)
  8. Bainbridge Island (Photos)
  9. Snoqualmie (Photos)
  10. Mercer Island (Photos)

Now we’re not saying that the nature isn’t beautiful, or that the people aren’t laid back; we’re just saying that they damn well know it, and aren’t afraid to brag about it (while wearing flannel, of course.)

And we didn’t just come up with this list on our own. No, no, we have the numbers to back us up. Grab your Buddy Holly glasses and keep reading.

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How We Determined the Snobbiest Places in Washington

Alright, Washington snobs, before you get your beards in a twist, you should know that we came up with this list using facts and figures; not our own opinions.

First, we gathered up all of the places in the state with populations of 5,000 people or more, which left us with 187 places. Then, we looked at each of these places in terms of these snobberiffic criteria:

  • Median home price (higher is snobbier)
  • Median household income (higher is snobbier)
  • Percent of population with a college degree
  • Private schools per capita (higher is snobbier)
  • Theaters per capita (higher is snobbier)
  • Art galleries per capita (higher is snobbier)

From there, we ranked each of our 187 places in each category with scores from one to 187. We then averaged each place’s ranking into one overall score, where the lowest score went to the snobbiest place in Washington. That’s you, Woodinville.

Now before you get upset and pull out your weed, chill out. This list is all in good fun. Besides, these 10 places are far from the only snobby cities in the state—there’s a whole table full of them at the bottom of this post.

First, though, let’s take a closer look at just why residents in these 10 places are so much better than the rest of us.


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1. Woodinville

Snobbiest Places In Washington

Population: 10,945
Median household income: $93,045
Median home price: $439,300
With schools like Northwest Liberty, Woodinville Montessori, Mack Elementary, and the Attic Learning Community, Woodinville has the most private schools per capita in the state.

But that’s not the only reason this city is snob-tastic; it’s also packed with galleries and theatres—the 10th and sixth most per capita, respectively. Of course having galleries and theatres doesn’t make you a snob—but the fact that you think they make your hometown better than the rest
well, that does.

2. Issaquah

Snobbiest Places In Washington

Population: 30,473
Median household income: $87,074
Median home price: $444,900

This snobby Seattle satellite may not have as high an income as, say, Sammamish (where residents make a median of $143,861. Wheewwwww.), but people aren’t exactly roughin’ it here either.

There are some of the most private schools, theaters, and art galleries per capita here, plus plenty of absolutely non-pretentious events and places, like Salmon Days, the zoo, and the Issaquah Salmon Hatchery. (It’s hard to be snobby when you’re surrounded by the smell of salmon, let’s be honest.)

3. Redmond

Snobbiest Places In Washington

Source: Public domain

Population: 54,389
Median household income: $96,088
Median home price: $456,500

Oh, Redmond, it’s hard to make fun of you when you’re the home of Microsoft (i.e., the program I am using right now), and Nintendo (80 percent of my childhood.)

In short, you have reason to be snobby. Residents here make a ton of money, the homes tend toward the beautiful side, and you guys have really adorable festivals like Redmond Derby Days, Redmond Lights, and Concerts at Marymoor.

So sure, we might call you snobby, but maybe (we said maybe!) it’s because we’re secretly/not so secretly jealous.

4. Bellevue

Snobbiest Places In Washington

Population: 122,873
Median household income: $88,073
Median home price: $541,600

Bellevue residents hold some of the most college degrees in the state — 62 percent of residents have one.

Bellevue has also been ranked, not just one of, but the best place to live and launch a business by CNNMoney. I mean, the name itself is French for “beautiful view.” So if residents here are a little full of themselves, well, that’s why.

5. Kirkland

Snobbiest Places In Washington

Population: 49,090
Median household income: $86,656
Median home price: $464,200

Here’s a fun fact about Kirkland: In 1982 the Kirkland National Little League team won the Little League World Series, and in 1992, it was home to Little League’s Big League Softball World Series Champions.

Another fun fact? Holding these (little) claims to fame over everyone’s heads for over twenty years makes you
a snob!

But that’s not all! Residents in Kirkland might also feel a little superior about their (admittedly superior) level of education, their badass homes, and of course, the culture to which they are privy.

6. Seattle

Snobbiest Places In Washington

Source: Public domain

Population: 612,916
Median household income: $63,470
Median home price: $441,000

Seattle, we love you. Everyone loves you. But no one loves you more than you love you. Seattle is awesome, yes, don’t get us wrong, but it is, perhaps, the most self-aware and self-congratulating city in the Northwest.

You’re the types who ask people where they’re from, just so you can answer, “Oh me? I’m from Seattle.” In the summer your Facebook walls are covered with nature porn, rainbows, and Mt. Ranier; in the winter, cozy coffee shops, people wearing flannel, and looking too cool for school (and likely wearing a t-shirt that says just that.)

So yes, do we all think Seattle is a cool city? Of course. But nobody thinks that as much as Seattleites themselves. “O, how hast thou with ‘jealousy infected the sweetness of affiance!” (Things you hear in Seattle coffee shops.)

7. Gig Harbor

Snobbiest Places In Washington

Population: 7,239
Median household income: $63,269
Median home price: $421,800

The “Gateway to the Olympic Peninsula”? Huh? Well that’s just…conceited, right?

Okay, fine. There’s nothing immediately snobby about Gig Harbor. The median income is not among the highest in the state, the homes are not the very nicest, and the population is only the 33rd most educated.

BUT, where Gig Harbor really gets its snob points is in the arts—the theaters, the galleries, and culture found here is hard to beat (per capita, anyway.) So, yes, you may hide your snobbery beneath layers of quaintness, but we’ll always find it like snob hounds.

8. Bainbridge Island

Snobbiest Places In Washington

Population: 22,933
Median household income: $92,558
Median home price: $580,200

Here’s a fun little exercise: Google all of the famous people who either live in or have lived in Bainbridge Island. Go on, we’ll wait.

You see? The list goes on and on! Perhaps this is because it’s a bit removed from the buzz of bigger cities like Seattle, maybe it’s the natural beauty, the incredibly high percentage of college grads (65 percent), or maybe it’s just that the houses are so damn nice.

Whatever it is, Bainbridge Island is pretty, and pretty awesome. And you guys seem to know it.

9. Snoqualmie

Snobbiest Places In Washington

Population: 10,500
Median household income: $121,791
Median home price: $450,600

Ever heard of a little show called “Twin Peaks”? Yeah, it was filmed here. Of course, that’s not what makes Snoqualmie snobby (honestly, if you’re going around feeling superior because of this, it’s time to put away the white-washed denim and join us in 2015). But this city is also one of the wealthiest in the state.

The median household income here is the fifth highest and the homes are the 16th most expensive. Of course if you think that’s affluence, just wait until we get to our next place. You know what’s coming…

10. Mercer Island

Snobbiest Places In Washington

Population: 22,922
Median household income: $127,360
Median home price: $880,700

Ohhhhhhhhh SNAP! I’m sorry—I was just looking at some of the real estate prices in Mercer Island. And my head exploded.

Okay, little vocab refresher really quick. Let’s take a look at the word, “median.” In short, it means middle. And that means
$880,700 is in the middle of Mercer Island’s home prices. As in, there are many homes here that are much more expensive.

Of course with an annual income higher than the price of many American’s homes, Mercer Island residents can certainly afford them. Residents also have the highest percentage of college degrees in the state at 76 percent.

Does being wealthy necessarily make you snobby? No, of course not. But living in Mercer Island does.

Chill Out
Hey man, we’re not saying there’s anything wrong with being a little snobby. In fact, we’d probably be pretty full of ourselves, too, if our hometowns were as awesome as yours.

We just wouldn’t brag about it all the time. So just chill out.

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City Population Rank
Woodinville 10945 1
Issaquah 30473 2
Redmond 54389 3
Bellevue 122873 4
Kirkland 49090 5
Seattle 612916 6
Gig Harbor 7239 7
Bainbridge Island 22933 8
Snoqualmie 10500 9
Mercer Island 22922 10
North Bend 5847 11
Vashon 10854 12
Lake Forest Park 12718 13
Edmonds 39925 14
Newcastle 10358 15
Sammamish 46405 16
Mill Creek 18163 17
Mukilteo 20263 18
Port Townsend 9106 19
Duvall 6706 20
Camas 19483 21
Bothell 33664 22
Poulsbo 9172 23
Kenmore 20589 24
Stanwood 6201 25
Liberty Lake 7475 26
Maple Valley 22663 27
Normandy Park 6374 27
Olympia 46792 29
Snohomish 9154 30
Union Hill-Novelty Hill 21422 31
Port Orchard 11239 32
Anacortes 15798 33
Cottage Lake 23416 34
Klahanie 11991 35
Lynnwood 35901 36
Steilacoom 6065 37
Brier 6142 38
Dupont 8129 39
Shoreline 53282 40
Fircrest 6511 41
Maltby 11403 42
Bothell East 7806 43
Tukwila 19127 44
Silverdale 19490 45
Mill Creek East 15269 46
Wollochet 6181 47
Felida 7416 48
Renton 91273 49
Silver Firs 21433 50
Bellingham 80930 51
Artondale 12863 52
Puyallup 37358 53
Hobart 6580 54
Bonney Lake 17336 55
Picnic Point 8886 55
Lake Tapps 11870 57
East Renton Highlands 12627 58
Tracyton 5257 59
Bothell West 15858 60
Pullman 29895 61
Eastmont 20091 62
Woods Creek 5800 63
University Place 31315 64
Edgewood 9422 64
Sumner 9459 66
Yelm 6762 67
Lake Morton-Berrydale 9628 68
Covington 17579 69
Alderwood Manor 8354 70
Martha Lake 15785 71
Fife 9041 72
Richland 48556 73
Battle Ground 17428 74
Mount Vista 7435 75
Enumclaw 10963 76
Arlington 17773 77
West Richland 11904 78
Sequim 6527 79
Sudden Valley 6625 80
Tumwater 17469 81
Ocean Shores 5512 82
Barberton 5526 83
Oak Harbor 22118 84
Monroe 17198 85
Washougal 14031 86
Tacoma 200013 86
Mountlake Terrace 20026 88
Federal Way 89691 89
Port Angeles 19061 90
Milton 7107 91
Bremerton 38311 92
Mead 7011 93
Lake Stevens 28130 94
Chehalis 7285 95
Lakeland South 12186 96
Vancouver 162699 97
Ferndale 11507 98
Ellensburg 18204 99
Burien 42418 100
Kent 108700 101
Burlington 8379 102
Salmon Creek 21168 103
Lynden 12072 104
Lakeland North 13767 105
Lake Shore 6730 106
Des Moines 29862 107
Lacey 42383 108
North Lynnwood 16765 109
Bryn Mawr-Skyway 16404 110
Everett 103135 111
Summit 8394 112
Wenatchee 31956 113
Auburn 70297 114
Manchester 5190 115
South Hill 54093 116
Mount Vernon 31804 117
Spokane 208701 118
Woodland 5454 119
College Place 8720 120
Cheney 10631 121
Lake Stickney 7503 122
Walla Walla 31595 123
Graham 23196 124
Lakewood 58688 125
East Wenatchee 13169 126
Waller 7385 127
Kennewick 73640 128
Marysville 60202 129
Birch Bay 8102 130
Frederickson 18371 131
Country Homes 5513 132
Centralia 16381 133
Pacific 6666 134
Aberdeen 16779 135
Orting 6658 136
Five Corners 18710 137
Clarkston Heights-Vineland 6714 138
Minnehaha 8966 138
Yakima 91083 138
Elk Plain 14645 141
Terrace Heights 6278 142
Walnut Grove 9911 143
Spokane Valley 89793 143
Selah 7150 143
Tanglewilde 5560 146
Summit View 6567 147
Prairie Ridge 11795 148
Shelton 9814 149
Moses Lake 20305 150
East Port Orchard 6073 151
Seatac 27003 152
Town And Country 5456 153
Parkwood 7322 154
Hazel Dell 18511 155
Clover Creek 6420 156
Orchards 20636 157
Otis Orchards-East Farms 6421 158
Spanaway 29243 159
Othello 7293 160
Kelso 11929 161
Union Gap 6003 162
Ephrata 7672 163
Sedro-Woolley 10536 163
White Center 15198 165
Longview 36660 166
Clarkston 7237 167
Hoquiam 8682 168
Sunnyside 15775 168
Bangor Base 5419 170
Quincy 6721 171
West Side Highway 5554 172
Parkland 35466 173
Pasco 60024 174
Fort Lewis 13935 174
Finley 5856 176
Airway Heights 6127 177
Midland 8946 178
West Clarkston-Highland 5233 179
Grandview 10763 180
Toppenish 8935 180
Moses Lake North 5010 182
Centralia 16381 182
Woodland 5454 184
Shelton 9814 185
Sequim 6527 186
Chehalis 7285 187