The 10 Most Boring Places In Maryland For 2023

The most boring places in Maryland are Fruitland and Mount Airy for 2023 based on Saturday Night Science.

There’s no denying it: there are plenty of places in Maryland that are downright beautiful and full of excitement.

Unfortunately, not all towns and cities in Old Line State are so lucky.

Just like in all U.S. States, there are definitely some boring places within Maryland’s’ borders. You know the places where everyone has an AARP card and the most exciting thing they do all day is post a picture of their grandchild on Facebook.

Like Fruitland, for instance. In our latest analysis, we found that this city was the most boring city in all of Oklahoma according to Saturday Night Science. But don’t feel bad if you’re a resident of Fruitland. There are plenty of other boring, lackluster places in Maryland as well.

Here they are. Try not to jump out of your seat with excitement.

Don’t freak out, in fact, believe it not, a boring city is actually one a lot of people would like to call home.

Before you get all upset if your city’s name is on the list, rest assured that we didn’t use personal opinion when it comes to what classifies a city or town as “boring” or “exciting”. We crunched actual numbers to figure out which towns are statistically more boring.

Showing this data to you is the kind of thing that a real estate agent knows, but would never share.

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Table Of Contents: Top Ten | Methodology | Summary | Table

The 10 Most Boring Places In Maryland For 2023

Fruitland, MD

Source: Wikipedia User User:Fbot | GFDL
Overall SnackAbility

Population: 5,455
Average Age: 28.3
% Married: 23.0%
More on Fruitland:  Cost Of Living | Crime Report

Mount Airy, MD

Source: Wikipedia User Acroterion | CC BY-SA 3.0
Overall SnackAbility

Population: 9,621
Average Age: 38.9
% Married: 23.0%
More on Mount Airy:  Cost Of Living | Crime Report

Brunswick, MD

Source: Public domain
Overall SnackAbility

Population: 7,578
Average Age: 37.0
% Married: 19.0%
More on Brunswick:  Cost Of Living | Crime Report

Poolesville, MD

Source: Wikipedia User Famartin | CC BY-SA 4.0
Overall SnackAbility

Population: 5,666
Average Age: 41.9
% Married: 9.0%
More on Poolesville:  Cost Of Living

Taneytown, MD

Source: Wikipedia User Famartin | CC BY-SA 4.0
Overall SnackAbility

Population: 7,183
Average Age: 39.7
% Married: 33.0%
More on Taneytown:  Cost Of Living | Crime Report

Hagerstown, MD

Source: Public domain
Overall SnackAbility

Population: 43,015
Average Age: 35.6
% Married: 20.0%
More on Hagerstown:  Cost Of Living | Crime Report

Elkton, MD

Source: Public domain
Overall SnackAbility

Population: 15,724
Average Age: 36.0
% Married: 13.0%
More on Elkton:  Cost Of Living | Crime Report

Frostburg, MD

Source: Wikipedia User Lee Cannon from Bayville aka West Fenwick, DE, USA | CC BY-SA 2.0
Overall SnackAbility

Population: 7,282
Average Age: 22.5
% Married: 14.0%
More on Frostburg:  Cost Of Living | Crime Report

Salisbury, MD

Source: Wikipedia User Eric Fischer | CC BY 2.0
Overall SnackAbility

Population: 32,583
Average Age: 30.1
% Married: 9.0%
More on Salisbury:  Cost Of Living | Crime Report

Cambridge, MD

Source: Wikipedia User FlickreviewR | CC BY-SA 2.0
Overall SnackAbility

Population: 13,026
Average Age: 38.2
% Married: 24.0%
More on Cambridge:  Cost Of Living | Crime Report

Methodology: How we determined the boring cities in the Old Line State

You would present the following case to your friends if you were argueing with them at a bar about the most boring place to live in Maryland. And that’s why we call it Saturday Night Science.

Because our data speaks more truth than feelings.

To figure out how boring a place is, we factored in things we generally think make people exciting, and then we figure out which cities have the least number of those exciting people.

We used the U.S. American Community Census data to gather the information presented here. HSome of the things people tend to think of as making a city’s population boring include:

  • % of Population Over 25 (higher is more boring)
  • % of Married Household (higher is more boring)
  • Average Age (higher is more boring)
  • % of Households With Kids (higher is more boring)
  • Population density (lower is more boring)

Then, our algorithm generates a ranking for each place in these categories. After crunching the numbers, all of the cities ranked from most boring to most exciting.

For this ranking, we used every Maryland city with at least 5,000 residents. This keeps us from prejudicing our rankings by including very small pockets of retired people.

Grab your rocker and hold on.

We updated this article for 2023, and it’s our tenth time ranking the most boring cities in Maryland.

There You Have It – Now That You’re Asleep

On a ranking like this, there are usually no winners, but since Maryland isn’t necessarily the most boring state in the United States, the cities on this ranking can at least take solace that there are, in fact, more boring cities in the country.

If you’re also curious enough, here are the most exciting places in Maryland, according to science:

  1. Mount Rainier
  2. Cheverly
  3. Havre De Grace

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Detailed List Of The Most Boring Cities In Maryland For 2023

Rank City Population Average Age
1 Fruitland, MD 5,455 28.3
2 Mount Airy, MD 9,621 38.9
3 Brunswick, MD 7,578 37.0
4 Poolesville, MD 5,666 41.9
5 Taneytown, MD 7,183 39.7
6 Hagerstown, MD 43,015 35.6
7 Elkton, MD 15,724 36.0
8 Frostburg, MD 7,282 22.5
9 Salisbury, MD 32,583 30.1
10 Cambridge, MD 13,026 38.2
11 Manchester, MD 5,350 40.3
12 Westminster, MD 19,783 37.1
13 Riverdale Park, MD 7,321 37.1
14 Thurmont, MD 6,247 41.4
15 Cumberland, MD 19,028 40.7
16 Aberdeen, MD 16,176 37.9
17 Bladensburg, MD 9,591 32.1
18 Frederick, MD 76,376 36.9
19 Walkersville, MD 6,134 42.7
20 Hampstead, MD 6,273 37.6
21 La Plata, MD 10,054 42.6
22 Chesapeake Beach, MD 6,303 42.5
23 Laurel, MD 29,438 35.6
24 New Carrollton, MD 13,574 33.8
25 College Park, MD 34,961 21.6
26 Glenarden, MD 6,341 40.9
27 Takoma Park, MD 17,610 40.1
28 Greenbelt, MD 24,602 36.2
29 Gaithersburg, MD 68,827 37.6
30 Easton, MD 16,912 43.3
31 Annapolis, MD 40,581 37.5
32 Baltimore, MD 592,211 35.7
33 Hyattsville, MD 20,790 34.0
34 Rockville, MD 67,095 39.2
35 Bowie, MD 58,113 42.9
36 Havre De Grace, MD 14,625 45.1
37 Cheverly, MD 6,191 40.7
38 Mount Rainier, MD 8,290 40.8
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  1. “For this list, we used every Maryland city that qualified for our rankings based on having a population of at least 5,000 residents.” Yet, 7/10 of the “cities” listed have far fewer than 5,000 residents according to your own article.

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