These Are The 10 Most Boring Places In Massachusetts

We analyzed over 100 cities in Massachusetts to help you know which places are real snooze fests

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This article is an opinion based on facts and is meant as infotainment. Don’t freak out.

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When you think of exciting cities, what come to mind? Most likely, it’s places where there is a youthful energy, where people are meeting, dating, and down to try new things. Exciting cities certainly aren’t places where it seems like everyone is old and with kids.

Overall, is Massachusetts a boring state? Not really. But are there boring places within Massachusetts? You bet.

How can we determine where the most boring places in Massachusetts are? By scraping the internet, that’s how. Try not to fall asleep as we talk about which cities in Massachusetts are the most boring, based on science and data.

After analyzing the state’s most populous cities, we came up with this list as the 10 most boring places in the state of Massachusetts:

  1. Lexington
  2. Needham
  3. Gloucester
  4. Barnstable
  5. Agawam
  6. Methuen
  7. Braintree
  8. Peabody
  9. Newton
  10. Pittsfield

You might be thinking, “Hey, I live in one of those places. It’s not boring.” That’s fair. But remember, the data doesn’t lie, does it?

Boston proper ranks as the 3rd most exciting city in Massachusetts. Who is the most exciting? Cambridge. That sounds about right.

How do you decide if a place is boring or not?

In order to rank the most boring places in Massachusetts, we had to determine what criteria makes towns boring. It isn’t a stretch to assume that cities are exciting when there’s a young population of single people without kids.

So we scraped the internet for those criteria, and it spit out the answer. Like magic.

How we crunched the numbers

We threw a lot of criteria at this one in order to get the best, most complete results possible. Using the census bureau, we analyzed:

  • Population density
  • Percentage of the population over 35
  • Percentage of the population that’s elderly
  • Percentage of the population with kids
  • Percentage of the population that’s married
  • Average age of a city’s residents

This list is a scientific analysis based on real data and is completely unbiased.

1. Lexington

Source: Public Domain

Population: 31,886

Percentage that’s married: 64%
Percentage that’s elderly: 45%

Lexington has the highest percentage of its population that’s married. More than 63% of the population has tied the knot. If you’re married, you understand how boring things can get.

Plus, Lexington has the 3rd highest number of elderly people. Nearly half of the population is more than 65 years old.

2. Needham

Source: Public Domain

Population: 29,240

Percentage that’s married: 62.7%%
Percentage that’s elderly: 42%

Needham is a very boring place when you look at the data. It has the second highest number of married people in the state, and the 5th highest number of old people.

Plus, 4 in 10 people here already have kids. Unless going to the park is considered ‘fun’ for you, if you live in Needham, you’re most likely bored.

3. Gloucester

Source: wikipedia

Population: 29,043

Percentage that’s married: 53%
Average age: 47.1
Percentage with kids: 25.8%

Gloucester has the 2nd oldest population in the state. The average age of residents who live here are 47 years old. Sure, you can probably find things to do there, but if half the town is elderly, it’s not gonna be a rip roaring good time.

4. Barnstable

Source: Public Domain

Population: 44,944

Average age: 48.4
Percentage that’s married: 52%

Barnstable has the oldest population in the entire state. However, the percentage of residents without kids is one of the lowest in the state. Just like Gloucester, there are lots of older people running around who don’t have to worry about getting a sitter.

Maybe they let their hair down once in a while.

5. Agawam

Source: Wikipedia

Population: 28,555

Average age: 44.1
Percentage that’s elderly: 40%

Agawam is the 5th oldest city in Massachusetts, and just about 4 in 10 people are collecting social security.

6. Methuen

Source: Public Domain

Population: 47,690

Percentage that’s married: 53%
Percentage with kids: 37%

Methuen has the 7th highest number of married people in the state. And the number of residents with at least one kid at home is the 10th highest as well.

7. Braintree

Source: Public Domain

Population: 36,051

Percentage that’s elderly: 40%

The number of elderly people running (or probably walking) around Braintree is the 9th highest in the state. You can imagine how boring it is at restaurants, and how long the lines probably are at the pharmacy.

8. Peabody

Source: wikipedia

Population: 51,552

Average age: 44.5
Percentage with kids: 27%
Percentage that’s elderly: 45%

Who said science wasn’t fun? Here’s another example of a very old city, where a majority of the population doesn’t have kids. Peabody is the 4th oldest city in MA, and the city has the 4th most elderly people.

9. Newton

Source: wikipedia

Population: 86,241

Percentage that’s married: 55%
Percentage that’s elderly: 40%

Newton isn’t a place to look for love. It has the 4th most married people in the state. Plus, it has the 8th most elderly people.
If you’re looking to meet someone in Newton who is your own age, you should probably go to the Y.

10. Pittsfield

Source: wikipedia

Population: 44,431

Percentage that’s married: 40%
Average age: 44

Pittsfield is the 6th oldest city in the state, and it’s the 4th least densely populated. Plus, 4 out of 10 people here are married.

Sounds like there are lot of Netflix dates here.

There You Have It

If you’re looking at cities in Massachusetts where the population is the oldest, tied down, and with kids at home, this is an accurate list.

Now you know where to avoid when you’re looking to have fun.

Here are the stats on the most exciting city in Massachusetts, Cambridge.

Population: 105,737
Population density rank: 2nd highest
Percentage that’s married: 32%
Average age: 31
Percentage with kids: 18%
Percentage that’s elderly: 26%

Mobile users: Here’s a link to the complete data chart.

If you’re also curious enough, here are the most exciting places in Massachusetts, according to science.

  1. Cambridge (Pop. 105,737
  2. Somerville (Pop. 76,495)
  3. Boston (Pop. 629,182)
  4. Chelsea (Pop. 36,222)
  5. Waltham (Pop. 61,231)

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Disclaimer: This article is an opinion based on data. It should not be taken as fact.

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