These Are The 10 Snobbiest Cities In Florida

We looked at more than 200 cities to find the people in Florida who probably think they’re better than you.

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This article is an opinion based on facts and is meant as infotainment. Don’t freak out.

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Where do you think Florida snobs live the most?
What if I told you they lived on the coast?
Not in the middle and not near the swamps
They’re not in the handle and not near the top.

When it comes to being a snob, there are all types. You’ve got your Wine Snobs, your Book Snobs, and of course, your Clothes Snobs. Then there are the Technology Snobs, Car Snobs, and yes, even City Snobs—as in, I’m better than you because I live in (insert snooty city here).

Florida definitely has snobs. In fact, if you live near a coast, you’re probably a lot snootier than your peers inland. It’s a Florida rule or something.

How can we tell which Florida cities are the snobbiest? By measuring snobby things, that’s how.

After analyzing more than 100 cities, we’ve firmly decided that these are the 10 snobbiest cities in the state of Florida:

  1. Sanibel (Photos)
  2. Coral Gables (Photos)
  3. Naples (Photos)
  4. Palm Beach (Photos)
  5. Marco Island
  6. Boca Raton (Photos)
  7. Parkland (Photos)
  8. Longboat Key (Photos)
  9. Key Biscayne (Photos)
  10. Maitland (Photos)

This list probably wasn’t a shocker for anyone who lives anywhere but in Sanibel. In fact, the snobs there are probably wincing, because now we all know that they think they’re better than the rest of us.

And to be clear, we didn’t form this list based on our own biases — we relied on the cold hard data.

And we’re not saying anything is wrong with these places – or the residents. We’re actually jealous. And if we lived here, we’d probably be snobs, too.

How we determined the snobbiest places in Florida

If you’re feeling a bit haughty about these rankings, calm down. See, we relied on facts and figures to create this list not just our opinions of those cities.

We started by making a list of every place in Florida with more than 5,000 people based on the 2013 American Community Survey. That left us with more than 218 places in Florida.

We then looked at the following snob-tastic criteria for each of the places on the list:

  • Median home price (Higher is snobbier)
  • Median household income (Higher is snobbier)
  • Percent of population with a college degree (Higher is snobbier)
  • Private schools per capita (Higher is snobbier)
  • Theaters per capita (Higher is snobbier)
  • Art galleries per capita (Higher is snobbier)

Time to put on your monocle and go through these snooty places.

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1. Sanibel

Population: 6,604
Median household income: $92,364
Median home price: $636,100

There are snooty places, there are snobby places, and then there’s Sanibel Island. If living on your own ‘island sanctuary’ isn’t a snooty way of life, we don’t know what is.

Not only do Sanibel residents live in some of the most expensive homes in Florida (and that’s saying something), they have all sorts of arty related things to do on their own little island, located right off of Fort Myers. Plus, they’re the 4th smartest city in the state.

Don’t even try and get into a debate with Sanibel folks about art or animal protection issues. They’ll win every time.

2. Coral Gables

Population: 47,285
Median household income: $85,123
Median home price: $614,700

See all of those college degrees on the walls? Those all belong to the folks in Coral Gables, which is the 3rd smartest city in the state of Florida. And if attending fancy colleges earns you the ability to purchase $600,000 homes, then, the people in Coral Gables have certainly earned snob status.

There are also a number of art galleries, private schools and theaters in Coral Gables. You can be pretty sure that people who live in Coral Gables make it very clear to people they meet that they live in Coral Gables.

3. Naples

Population: 19,933
Median household income: $77,525
Median home price: $739,500

Naples being towards the top of this list probably isn’t much of a surprise is it? After all, the homes in Naples are the 3rd most expensive in the state, and several cost more than $40 million. And if you want culture, you’ve got it out of your ears here. Galleries, theaters, art openings
.you name it.

Naples has the 2nd highest proportion of millionaires per capita than anywhere else in the country, and Donald Trump has a home here.

Does that make you a snob? Only if you brag about it.

4. Palm Beach

Population: 8,499
Median household income: $106,549
Median home price: $859,000

When your city was first established as a ‘resort’ by a wealthy millionaire, you’ve got some pretty snobby roots. The Wikipedia page for Palm Beach uses words such as ‘luxury’, ‘attractive’ and ‘affluent’.

Palm Beach calls itself ‘an abundance of treasures’ and, as you can imagine, it’s been called one the of the best places to live in America by many high-end publications that are only read by rich people with private jets.

And yes, Donald Trump has a home here as well.

5. Marco Island

Population: 16,570
Median household income: $74,771
Median home price: $526,599

Like with Sanibel above, when you live on your own little island, you’re probably a snob. And since we’re the best snob hounds around, we’re gonna assume that the people here in Marco Island are snooty as well. It’s a place where you can ‘frolick with dolphins’ and ‘bask in the sand’, they say.

They forgot to mention ‘roll around in your cash.’

When your city calls itself magical, mystical and alluring right smack and center on its web page, they might need a slice of humble pie. There are obviously some pretty big heads out in Marco Island.

Fun fact: Did you know Florida has 10,000 islands?

6. Boca Raton

Source: Public domain

Population: 85,738
Median household income: $70,067
Median home price: $368,000

Ah, Boca. Where there are more private schools than anywhere else in Florida. That’s so the kids can grow up and take the snooty crown from their parents one day.

And of course, they have a Whole Foods here. Every really snobby place has a Whole Foods.

Art snobs have nothing on ballet snobs. And ballet snobs have nothing on ballet academy snobs. If you send your kids to ballet academy, like they do in Boca Raton, you might be the snobbiest person in the universe.

7. Parkland

Population: 24,050
Median household income: $119,732
Median home price: $522,600

Parkland is a teeny snobby place tucked away next to the Everglades right outside of Boca Raton. It’s a place with very expensive homes and really rich people to call home.

For a small place, they have their share of art galleries, academies and art academies. More than half of the city is one of those private, closed gated communities that Florida does best, sending a message to other nearby cities that you and I are simply not on their level.

8. Longboat Key

Population: 6,612
Median household income: $94,014
Median home price: $614,000

If you assume that the residents who live on Longboat Key are much, much wealthier than you are, then you’d be correct. And their homes cost more than most people make in a life time.

Most of the homes on Longboat Key are ornate condos. Tennis great Maria Sharapova lives here. Is she a snob? Ask her if you bump into her at an art gallery opening there. She may or may not give you the time of day.

9. Key Biscayne

Source: Public domain

Population: 12,385
Median household income: $120,502
Median home price: $901,900

There’s one big reason why Key Biscayne made this list. It starts with an M and ends in ONEY.

The folks here are plain loaded. The homes here average nearly a million bucks. And the people here are by far the smartest in the entire state, where more than 3 out of 4 people has a college degree.

There are also several snobby hotels here, include the Ritz-Carlton, The Ocean Club and The Grand Bay. And Key Biscayne Magazine’s tagline is ‘Island Living At It’s Finest.’

Brad Pitt once had a home here. You can bet people who live here will remind you of that every chance they get.

10. Maitland

Source: Public domain

Population: 15,913
Median household income: $70,998
Median home price: $325,700

Maitland sure isn’t the wealthiest, nor do they have the biggest, most extravagant homes in Florida. What they are here are culture snobs. There are plenty of uppity arts related things to do in Maitland, and in the surrounding area. Plus, Maitland residents have just about the most college degrees in the state.

You can see why the people in Maitland are a little uppity. Their town is well organized, and just…so darn cute. Are they snobs?

Yeah, a little. But can you blame them?

Summing Up The Humble Pie

Well there you have it, the places in Florida that needed a piece of humble pie, with Sanibel in particular being called out as the snobbiest place in the state.

So sure, we may call you guys a little ‘snobby’. But it’s only because we’re jealous.

If you’re curious, here are the least snobby cities in Florida. Or the most down to earth, if you will:

  1. Jasper (Pop. 4,433)
  2. Fellsmere (Pop. 5,194)
  3. South Bay (Pop. 4,855)
  4. Belle Glade (Pop. 17,597)
  5. Pahokee (Pop. 5,836)

And in case you missed it, we ranked the 10 most redneck cities in Florida. Click here to read that one.

Desktop users, below is a chart of the 100 snobbiest cities in the state:

City Population Rank
Sanibel 6604 1
Coral Gables 47285 2
Naples 19933 3
Palm Beach 8499 4
Marco Island 16570 5
Boca Raton 85738 6
Parkland 24050 7
Longboat Key 6612 8
Key Biscayne 12385 9
Maitland 15913 10
Gulf Breeze 5859 11
Tequesta 5667 12
Wilton Manors 11787 13
St. Pete Beach 9387 14
Juno Beach 3217 15
Atlantic Beach 12799 16
Treasure Island 6750 17
Key West 24657 18
Southwest Ranches 7410 19
Cocoa Beach 11368 20
Neptune Beach 6886 21
Lake Mary 13917 22
South Miami 11717 23
Ponce Inlet 3034 24
Panama City Beach 11623 25
Miami Shores 10482 26
Indian Rocks Beach 4137 27
Lighthouse Point 10471 27
Miami Beach 88628 29
Fort Lauderdale 167370 30
Jacksonville Beach 21470 31
Vero Beach 15505 32
Doral 45233 33
Jupiter 55133 34
Surfside 5748 35
Orlando 240185 36
Fernandina Beach 11573 37
Punta Gorda 16685 38
Aventura 35613 39
Weston 65233 40
Sarasota 52501 41
St. Augustine 13113 42
Oviedo 33726 43
Venice 20803 44
North Palm Beach 12114 45
Madeira Beach 4281 46
Orange Park 8527 47
West Palm Beach 99803 48
Fort Walton Beach 19814 49
Palm Beach Gardens 48338 50
Cooper City 29580 51
Winter Springs 33331 52
North Bay Village 7181 53
Tampa 339391 54
Palmetto Bay 23650 55
Wellington 56391 55
Longwood 13796 57
Bay Harbor Islands 5662 58
New Smyrna Beach 22658 59
Mount Dora 12445 60
Valparaiso 5113 61
Gulfport 12063 62
Holmes Beach 3945 63
Winter Garden 34508 64
Lauderdale-By-The-Sea 6111 64
Safety Harbor 16903 66
Altamonte Springs 41761 67
Satellite Beach 10297 68
Delray Beach 61231 69
Miami 401927 70
High Springs 5347 71
Miami Springs 13909 72
Indian River Shores 3911 73
Indian Harbour Beach 8267 74
Daytona Beach Shores 4275 75
West Miami 6019 76
Pensacola 52246 77
Miami Lakes 29329 78
Coral Springs 122219 79
St. Augustine Beach 6215 80
Clermont 28302 81
Highland Beach 3582 82
Dunedin 35339 83
Plantation 85853 84
West Melbourne 18259 85
Niceville 12977 86
Ormond Beach 38372 86
Bradenton 50141 88
Belleair 3881 89
Lake Park 8204 90
Davie 92587 91
Oldsmar 13565 92
Ocoee 36072 93
Pembroke Pines 155578 94
Fort Myers 63427 95
Melbourne Beach 3135 96
Stuart 15653 97
Tarpon Springs 23382 98
Flagler Beach 4606 99
Hollywood 142060 100