The 10 Snobbiest Places In Connecticut For 2024

The Snobbiest places in Connecticut are Stamford and Shelton for 2024 based on Saturday Night Science.

There are all types when it comes to being a snob in Connecticut. You’ve got your Wine Snobs, Book Snobs, and, of course, Clothes Snobs. Then there are the Technology Snobs, Car Snobs, and yes, even City Snobsas in, I’m better than you because I live in (insert snooty city here).

How can we tell which Connecticut cities are the snobbiest? By measuring snobby things, that’s how.

We used Saturday Night Science to look at things like expensive homes, high incomes, and overly educated populations by city in Connecticut. These are the criteria you’d argue with a friend over a foodie dinner about who’s snobbier.

After analyzing 21 of the state’s most populous areas over 9,000 people, we came up with this ranking of the ten snobbiest places in the state of Connecticut.

The Connecticuter in these places aren’t snobby, they just know they’re better than you.

Table Of Contents: Top Ten | Methodology | Summary | Table

Snobbiest Cities In Connecticut Map

Don’t freak out.

What’s the snobbiest place in Connecticut? The snobbiest place in Connecticut is Stamford based on the data. If we had their wealth and lifestyle, we’d probably be a little snobby, too.

The most laid back? That would be Hartford.

We’re not so full of ourselves as to make this ranking up from nowhere. So here’s a look at the top ten and more on how we did it. And if you’re curious, Connecticut is the 2nd snobbiest in the United States.

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The 10 Snobbiest Places In Connecticut For 2024

Stamford, CT

Source: Public domain
Overall SnackAbility

Population: 135,413
% Highly Educated: 51.0%
Median Income: $100,718
Median Home Price: $611,989
More on Stamford: Data | Crime | Cost Of Living | Real Estate

Shelton, CT

Source: Wikipedia User TheDemonChicken at English Wikipedia | GFDL
Overall SnackAbility

Population: 41,206
% Highly Educated: 43.0%
Median Income: $112,366
Median Home Price: $484,367
More on Shelton: Data | Crime | Cost Of Living | Real Estate

Milford, CT

Source: Wikipedia User makemake | GFDL
Overall SnackAbility

Population: 50,664
% Highly Educated: 47.0%
Median Income: $104,503
Median Home Price: $444,403
More on Milford: Data | Crime | Real Estate

Norwalk, CT

Source: Wikipedia User Noroton at English Wikipedia | GFDL
Overall SnackAbility

Population: 91,050
% Highly Educated: 42.0%
Median Income: $97,879
Median Home Price: $560,154
More on Norwalk: Data | Crime | Cost Of Living | Real Estate

Danbury, CT

Source: Wikipedia User Dj1998d | CC BY-SA 4.0
Overall SnackAbility

Population: 86,456
% Highly Educated: 35.0%
Median Income: $79,983
Median Home Price: $431,374
More on Danbury: Data | Crime | Cost Of Living | Real Estate

Middletown, CT

Source: Wikipedia User Joe Mabel | GFDL
Overall SnackAbility

Population: 48,152
% Highly Educated: 39.0%
Median Income: $75,120
Median Home Price: $302,920
More on Middletown: Data | Crime | Cost Of Living | Real Estate

Naugatuck, CT

Source: Flickr User eschipul | CC BY-SA 2.0
Overall SnackAbility

Population: 31,653
% Highly Educated: 32.0%
Median Income: $91,145
Median Home Price: $295,263
More on Naugatuck: Data | Crime | Cost Of Living | Real Estate

Bristol, CT

Source: Wikipedia User | CC BY 2.5
Overall SnackAbility

Population: 61,052
% Highly Educated: 31.0%
Median Income: $82,094
Median Home Price: $286,446
More on Bristol: Data | Crime | Cost Of Living | Real Estate

Groton, CT

Source: Public domain
Overall SnackAbility

Population: 9,364
% Highly Educated: 30.0%
Median Income: $64,611
Median Home Price: $374,397
More on Groton: Data | Crime | Cost Of Living | Real Estate

West Haven, CT

Source: Public domain
Overall SnackAbility

Population: 55,336
% Highly Educated: 27.0%
Median Income: $72,827
Median Home Price: $302,368
More on West Haven: Data | Crime | Cost Of Living | Real Estate

Methodology: How we determined the snobbiest cities in the Constitution State

Do you think wed just come up with this list willy-nilly? Not a chance – we only use Saturday Night Science around here.

We gathered up all of the places in Connecticut with populations of 9,000 people or more. This left us with a total of 21 places. Then, we looked at each place in terms of these snoot-er-iffic criteria (And no, its not a word. English snob.):

  • Median home price (Higher is snobbier)
  • Median household income (Higher is snobbier)
  • Percent of population with a college degree (Higher is snobbier)

Incomes and college education levels come from the American Community Survey. Home prices come from Zillow.

Turned out this simple criteria was much better at sniffing out the snobby places then more snobby criteria like:

  • Libaries per capita (Higher is snobbier)
  • Museums per capita (Higher is snobbier)
  • Private schools per capita (Higher is snobbier)

From there, we ranked each of our 21 places in each category with scores from one to 21. We then averaged each places ranking into one overall score, where the lowest score went to the snobbiest place in Connecticut. So lets all flip a table in honor of Stamford (with our pinkies up, of course.)

Before you get upset and ruin your blowout or something drastic here, lets remember that this is all in good fun. Would we live in one of these 10 places if we had the chance? Of course, we would.

And it’s not like your real estate agent would ever point out how snobby the town you’re moving to is. We’re here to keep you grounded, even if you’re wearing a monocle.

There You Have It – Now That You’re On Your High Horse

When it comes to snobbery, these places in Connecticut are heading ever upward. Residents in these communities are well educated, well paid, and appear to have all the sophisticated culture and entertainment of an Ernst Lubitsch film right at their fingertips.

Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

The snobbiest cities in Connecticut are Stamford, Shelton, Milford, Norwalk, Danbury, Middletown, Naugatuck, Bristol, Groton, and West Haven.

If you’re also curious enough, here are the most laid back places in Connecticut, according to science:

  1. Hartford
  2. Waterbury
  3. New Britain

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Table: The Snobbiest Cities In Connecticut For 2024

Rank City Population Median Income Average Home Prices Adult Highly Educated
1 Stamford, CT 135,413 $100,718 $611,989 51.0%
2 Shelton, CT 41,206 $112,366 $484,367 43.0%
3 Milford, CT 50,664 $104,503 $444,403 47.0%
4 Norwalk, CT 91,050 $97,879 $560,154 42.0%
5 Danbury, CT 86,456 $79,983 $431,374 35.0%
6 Middletown, CT 48,152 $75,120 $302,920 39.0%
7 Naugatuck, CT 31,653 $91,145 $295,263 32.0%
8 Bristol, CT 61,052 $82,094 $286,446 31.0%
9 Groton, CT 9,364 $64,611 $374,397 30.0%
10 West Haven, CT 55,336 $72,827 $302,368 27.0%
11 Derby, CT 12,373 $69,835 $294,531 30.0%
12 Ansonia, CT 18,954 $67,474 $318,783 21.0%
13 New Haven, CT 135,736 $54,305 $279,194 39.0%
14 Bridgeport, CT 148,470 $54,440 $305,486 25.0%
15 Torrington, CT 35,510 $66,616 $247,430 25.0%
16 New London, CT 27,596 $56,237 $260,757 26.0%
17 Meriden, CT 60,556 $63,671 $266,816 20.0%
18 Norwich, CT 40,054 $62,713 $243,007 24.0%
19 New Britain, CT 74,212 $53,766 $251,760 20.0%
20 Waterbury, CT 114,480 $51,451 $232,478 16.0%
21 Hartford, CT 121,057 $41,841 $171,873 17.0%
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21 thoughts on “The 10 Snobbiest Places In Connecticut For 2024

  1. Complete nonsense. Who writes, much less gives space to, such garbage? I could care less about living in Weston. I’m from DC, a MUCH better place to live. We are in the boonies out here, and I have yet to ever brag, or hear anyone else brag, about living out here. And, by the way, a boatload of us are unemployed or underemployed and I can’t even count all my friends who aren’t/can’t pay their property taxes, so they simply don’t. Houses aren’t selling here.
    Your research is seriously lacking.

  2. The town of Greenwich is comprised of all sections listed in your survey (Greenwich, Old Greenwich, Riverside and Cos Cob). So in reality, Greenwich becomes #1. However, the word snobby is a poor choice. Just because you’re affluent and educated doesn’t make you automatically snobby.

  3. It isn’t the fact that educated, “cultured”, hard-working, people are derided as negative and “snobby”. The problem is that these are the attributes that many (not all) define as “successful” and if you do not posses these qualities you are somehow at the bottom of the ladder in their eyes. Shallow people attempting to compensate their value by their conspicuous consumption are not what I define as successful people.

  4. ” Just because you’re affluent and educated doesn’t make you automatically snobby.” Oh, sweetheart, you do not live here

  5. I don’t really agree with this list. As someone said before me, Greenwich, Old Greenwich, Riverside and Cos Cob are all neighborhoods in Greenwich……
    Also, as someone who grew up in CT and spent a lot of time growing up and making good friends in all the areas in fairfield county I have compiled my own list throughout my years. Greenwich is actually one of the least snobby..since the majority of greenwich is old money and honestly don’t care they just do their thing really. Snobby would hands down go to New Canaan (primarily new money) or wesport…i mean have you met those people? Also if you were going to include nieghborhoods you should have definitely gone with Rowayton. No hating on any…all towns obviously have their share of snobby and humble.
    Shout out to CT tho. :):):)
    oh. and yes I wouldn’t have gone with the word snobby…more like “most successful areas and I’m making this list because I’m bitter, can you tell?”

    1. If you really want to split hairs, ANY measure of central tendency may be rightly considered an “average” score. You are correct that what most people tend to think of when they hear the word “average” is the arithmetic mean, but the median is also a form of “average.”

      Also, the median is NOT “the middle number in a statistic;” the median IS a statistic. Specifically, it’s a descriptive statistic that provides the midpoint of an ordered series of scores.

      Regardless, the methodologies of the “studies” at this site are sloppy at best. Poorly conceptualized and operationalized measures yield garbage “findings.”

  6. I lived in Greenwich all my life news flash there is low income here we do have housing projects

    also so not everyone,is snotty, Matter in fact I was told I’m very polite even though I’m from Greenwich.

  7. What a stupid article. The use of the word snobby is ridiculous. Have lived in Riverside almost half a century. The people are friendly and courteous. Not sure why you bothered to pulblish such an article.

  8. Grew up in Old Greenwich in the ’50s and ’60s. Went back for a visit and to visit my parents’ graves at Binney Parrish House. We had a rental with New Jersey Plates on it. Two snobby inhabitants in the ’90s there told us to get out of town we were not welcome there because we were from New Jersey. May it happen to their children when they come back to visit their graves in OG.

    1. Cindy, I’m sorry you had such an unfriendly encounter
      upon visiting the resting places of your parents.

      YOU are honoring your parents, a big part
      of storing up riches, where thieves won’t steal and moths won’t eat.

      Money can be the root of evil.
      Those unfortunate souls cannot take ONE SINGLE PENNY
      of their so-called “wealth” with them upon their deaths.
      They are NO BETTER than the meek, who store up TRUE riches.
      They are pretty LOW(!), when they cannot honor someone,
      who is honoring her mother and father…….doggone LOW !

      Cindy, may God be with you always,
      and we pray for your parents’ souls,
      wherever they may be ! 🙂

  9. The “old” money has moved away from Greenwich. “new” money has run a muck there now. I grew up there. At a time when everyone knew each other. I’ve gone back to visit and everywhere I’ve gone, people have this “air” of I’m better than you. I don’t find this in other CT towns. It’s very disappointing.

  10. The snob factor is certainly a reality in this region. Just as disconcerting is the general air of unfriendliness melancholy that characterizes the majority of its residents. People seem intent on repelling any nuances socialization preferring to wear stern expressions while avoiding eye contact with anyone other than those with whom they are familiar. New England culture, in general, tends to be impersonal and distant. Southern Fairfield County takes such behavior to a new level that anyone with a modicum of civility will quickly recognize and soon desire a much more inviting habitat to call home.

    1. Money can be the root of evil.
      Those unfortunate souls cannot take ONE SINGLE PENNY
      of their so-called “wealth” with them upon their deaths.

      Always looking over your shoulder and
      comparing yourselves to others…?
      What insecurity and lack of happiness…!

      You are NO BETTER than the meek, who store up TRUE riches,
      where moths won’t eat and thieves won’t steal.

  11. Buddy has it spot on. It is the same thing i notice traveling through this region, but he also forgot to mention overly cautious or overly aggressive drivers, also forgot to mention people who just dont know the meaning of the word “wait”

  12. I dislike snobs. I dislike ghetto trash. I hate paying through the roof for nothing.CT…where is a good place to move too? With reg people who mostley mind thier own, and where driving is not a ptsd triggering event.
    A place where people are not judgey.
    A quieter place that is not super expensive to live. The ghetto in CT is premium dollar at that it makes me sick.CT you think you would be living in heaven on earth the price you pay to live here but its god awful.

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