Gayest Places In Maryland For 2020

We looked at years of data to determine which Maryland cities have the most pride

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Editor’s Note: We updated this article for 2020. This is our sixth time ranking the gayest places in Maryland.

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When the Supreme Court ruled in favor of same-sex marriages, America generally, and the gay community specifically, celebrated. Same-sex marriages, and the gay and lesbian movement is more mainstream than ever.

While the national discussion has been brought to the forefront, at the state level, conversations continue.

Did you know that an estimated 0.27% of Maryland residents is gay? That ranks as the number 26 most gay state in the nation. That means there are a total of 6,394 gay households in The Old Line State.

Our goal with this post is to use data and science to determine the gayest cities in Maryland.

After analyzing 63 cities with over 1,000 households, we’ve determined these are The Gayest Cities in Maryland for 2020.

The 10 Gayest Places In Maryland For 2020

  1. North East
  2. Havre de Grace (Photos)
  3. District Heights (Photos)
  4. Takoma Park (Photos)
  5. Rockville (Photos)
  6. Greenbelt (Photos)
  7. Hyattsville (Photos)
  8. Cheverly (Photos)
  9. Walkersville (Photos)
  10. Annapolis (Photos)

What’s the gayest place in Maryland? According to the facts, North East is the gayest place in Maryland for 2020.

For more on how we calculated the top ten, and for more information about these places, read on.

If you’re looking for something more national, check out the gayest cities in America.

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The 10 Gayest Cities In Maryland For 2020

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Households: 1,566
Rank Last Year: 21 (Up 20)
Gay Households: 24 (14th highest)
% Gay Households: 3.07% (1st highest)
More on North East:  Data

Havre De Grace, MD

Source: Public domain
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Households: 5,697
Rank Last Year: 1 (Down 1)
Gay Households: 66 (5th highest)
% Gay Households: 1.47% (2nd highest)
More on Havre De Grace:  Data | Photos

Havre de Grace , abbreviated HdG, is a city in Harford County, Maryland, situated at the mouth of the Susquehanna River and the head of Chesapeake Bay. It is named after the port city of Le Havre, France, which in full was once Le Havre de Grce. The population was 12,952 at the 2010 United States Census. The city was honored as one of America’s 20 best small towns to visit in 2014 by Smithsonian magazine.

District Heights, MD

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Households: 1,931
Rank Last Year: 2 (Down 1)
Gay Households: 12 (26th highest)
% Gay Households: 1.24% (3rd highest)
More on District Heights:  Data | Photos

District Heights is an incorporated city in Prince George’s County, Maryland, located near Maryland Route 4. The population was 5,837 at the 2010 United States Census. For more information, see the separate articles on Forestville, Maryland and Suitland.

Takoma Park, MD

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Households: 6,574
Rank Last Year: 4 (No Change)
Gay Households: 42 (11th highest)
% Gay Households: 0.97% (4th highest)
More on Takoma Park:  Data | Photos

Takoma Park is a city in Montgomery County, Maryland. It is a suburb of Washington, D.C., and part of the Washington metropolitan area. Founded in 1883 and incorporated in 1890, Takoma Park, informally called “Azalea City”, is a Tree City USA and a nuclear-free zone. A planned commuter suburb, it is situated along the Metropolitan Branch of the historic Baltimore and Ohio Railroad, just northeast of Washington, D.C., and it borders the neighborhood of Takoma, Washington, D.C. It is governed by an elected mayor and six elected councilmembers, who form the city council, and an appointed city manager, under a council-manager style of government. The city’s population was 16,715 at the 2010 national census.

Rockville, MD

Source: Public domain
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Households: 25,197
Rank Last Year: 9 (Up 4)
Gay Households: 178 (2nd highest)
% Gay Households: 0.96% (5th highest)
More on Rockville:  Data | Photos

Rockville is a U.S. city located in the central region of Montgomery County, Maryland. It is the county seat and is a major incorporated city of Montgomery County and forms part of the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area. The 2010 census tabulated Rockville’s population at 61,209, making it the third largest incorporated city in Maryland, behind Baltimore and Frederick. Rockville is the largest incorporated city in Montgomery County, Maryland, although the nearby census-designated place of Germantown is more populous.

Greenbelt, MD

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Households: 9,125
Rank Last Year: 5 (Down 1)
Gay Households: 51 (9th highest)
% Gay Households: 0.85% (6th highest)
More on Greenbelt:  Data | Photos

Greenbelt is a city in Prince George’s County, Maryland, United States. Contained within today’s City of Greenbelt is the historic planned community now known locally as “Old Greenbelt” and designated as the Greenbelt Historic District. Greenbelt’s population was 23,068 at the 2010 U.S. Census.

Hyattsville, MD

Source: Public domain
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Households: 6,414
Rank Last Year: 7 (No Change)
Gay Households: 24 (14th highest)
% Gay Households: 0.75% (7th highest)
More on Hyattsville:  Data | Photos

Hyattsville is a city in Prince George’s County, Maryland, and also a close, urban suburb of Washington, D.C. The population was 17,557 at the 2010 United States Census.

Cheverly, MD

Source: Public domain
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Households: 2,484
Rank Last Year: 3 (Down 5)
Gay Households: 19 (20th highest)
% Gay Households: 0.72% (8th highest)
More on Cheverly:  Data | Photos

Cheverly is a town in Prince George’s County, Maryland, just outside Washington, D.C., United States. The town was founded in 1918, and it was incorporated in 1931. Cheverly had 6,173 residents as of the 2010 Census.

Walkersville, MD

Source: Public domain
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Households: 2,243
Rank Last Year: 11 (Up 2)
Gay Households: 8 (32nd highest)
% Gay Households: 0.71% (9th highest)
More on Walkersville:  Data | Photos

Walkersville is a town in Frederick County, Maryland, United States. The population was 5,800 at the 2010 census.

Annapolis, MD

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Households: 15,664
Rank Last Year: 13 (Up 3)
Gay Households: 68 (3rd highest)
% Gay Households: 0.69% (10th highest)
More on Annapolis:  Data | Photos

Annapolis is the capital of the U.S. state of Maryland, as well as the county seat of Anne Arundel County. Situated on the Chesapeake Bay at the mouth of the Severn River, 25 miles south of Baltimore and about 30 miles east of Washington, D.C., Annapolis is part of the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area. Its population was measured at 38,394 by the 2010 census.

How do you determine the best cities for same-sex households in Maryland for 2020

In order to rank the gayest cities in Maryland, we used the 2014-2018 American Community Survey from the U.S. Census. We looked at:

  • Percentage of all households that are unmarried, same sex partners

We limited the analysis to non-CDPs that have over 1,000 households.

We ranked each place from 1 to 63 with the city containing the highest percentage of unmarried, same sex partners households being the most gay.

In the end, ended up being the the most gay place with 3.07% gay households. You can download the data here.

Read on below to learn more about the gayest places in Maryland. Or skip to the end to see the list of all the places in the state from gayest to straighest.

There You Have It – The Most LGBT Friendly Cities In Maryland For 2020

If you’re looking at the number of gay households in Maryland, this is an accurate list.

If you’re curious enough, here are the least gay places in Maryland:

  • Williamsport
  • Glenarden
  • Cheste

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Detailed List Of The Gayest Places To Live In Maryland

Rank City Households % Gay Households
1 North East 1,566 3.07%
2 Havre De Grace 5,697 1.47%
3 District Heights 1,931 1.24%
4 Takoma Park 6,574 0.97%
5 Rockville 25,197 0.96%
6 Greenbelt 9,125 0.85%
7 Hyattsville 6,414 0.75%
8 Cheverly 2,484 0.72%
9 Walkersville 2,243 0.71%
10 Annapolis 15,664 0.69%
11 Aberdeen 6,429 0.62%
12 Laurel 9,800 0.59%
13 New Carrollton 4,353 0.55%
14 Hagerstown 15,976 0.48%
15 Baltimore 238,436 0.44%
16 Easton 7,472 0.43%
17 College Park 7,054 0.4%
18 Frederick 27,180 0.35%
19 Gaithersburg 24,540 0.35%
20 Cambridge 5,163 0.27%
21 Cumberland 8,360 0.17%
22 Chesapeake Beach 2,171 0.0%
23 Boonsboro 1,386 0.0%
24 North Beach 1,159 0.0%
25 Bladensburg 3,533 0.0%
26 Ocean City 3,585 0.0%
27 Perryville 1,814 0.0%
28 Pocomoke City 1,651 0.0%
29 Poolesville 1,530 0.0%
30 Princess Anne 1,417 0.0%
31 Berlin 1,800 0.0%
32 Mount Rainier 3,460 0.0%
33 Salisbury 12,291 0.0%
34 Seat Pleasant 1,620 0.0%
35 Smithsburg 1,015 0.0%
36 Sykesville 1,453 0.0%
37 Bel Air 4,518 0.0%
38 Taneytown 2,548 0.0%
39 Thurmont 2,573 0.0%
40 Riverdale Park 2,090 0.0%
41 Mount Airy 3,177 0.0%
42 Leonar 1,249 0.0%
43 Manchester 1,647 0.0%
44 Chevy Chase 1,021 0.0%
45 Crisfield 1,036 0.0%
46 Delmar 1,267 0.0%
47 Denton 1,585 0.0%
48 Centreville 1,648 0.0%
49 Elkton 5,401 0.0%
50 Emmitsburg 1,068 0.0%
51 Frostburg 2,961 0.0%
52 Middl 1,513 0.0%
53 Fruitland 1,846 0.0%
54 Capitol Heights 1,465 0.0%
55 Westminster 7,079 0.0%
56 Hampstead 2,478 0.0%
57 Brunswick 2,221 0.0%
58 Indian Head 1,386 0.0%
59 La Plata 3,092 0.0%
60 Bowie 20,822 0.0%
61 Cheste 2,047 0.0%
62 Glenarden 2,052 0.0%
63 Williamsport 1,016 0.0%

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