These Are The 10 Gayest States In America For 2018

Here’s a look at the States in America with the most pride.

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Gayest States In America Map

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We’ve previously taken a look at the Gayest Cities in America and, to no one’s surprise, San Francisco checked in as the gayest city.

What was surprising, to us at least, was the relatively low percentage of households that reported as gay in San Francisco — only ~2%.

Which got us thinking, if the gayest city in the country has a gay population that small, how small must the gay population be across America?

Turns out, pretty small according to the census — only 0.4% of households are male-male or female-female. But what states lead the pack when it comes to the gay population?

With that question in mind, here’s a look at the top ten Gayest States in America for 2018:

  1. Maine (Photos)
  2. Rhode Island (Photos)
  3. Oregon (Photos)
  4. Arizona (Photos)
  5. Vermont (Photos)
  6. New Mexico (Photos)
  7. Hawaii (Photos)
  8. Delaware (Photos)
  9. California (Photos)
  10. Massachusetts (Photos)

What in the what?

The bottom of the list is no surprise as a bunch of Midwestern states and the South populate the bottom half (At least people don’t report living in same sex households there, we’d imagine the % of the population that is gay is pretty consistent everywhere).

But what’s up with the top states? And why is California number 9?

Follow along as we break it down the states with the largest same sex population or feel free to check out some of other research:

1. Maine


Source: Wikipedia

Total Households: 551,109
Percent Gay: 0.6%

The gayest state in the nation is… Maine?


Well, it seems that smaller, coastal states generally have a higher percentage of gay households based on the data. And that pretty much sums up Maine.

.6% of household reported as same sex in the most recent batch of data — good for 150% of the national average.

Cities around Portland rank as the most liberal cities in Maine, so we imagine that’s where the majority of the gay population lives.

2. Rhode Island

Rhode Island

Source: Wikipedia

Total Households: 410,240
Percent Gay: 0.58%

Tracking just a tick behind Maine in terms of gay population is Rhode Island.

.58% of the population reported as gay in Little Rhody — what a cute nickname, btws.

Woonsocket seems to be the center of the gay population, while Providence clocks in towards the top also.

3. Oregon


Source: Wikipedia

Total Households: 1,545,745
Percent Gay: 0.56%

Still on the coast, but of a different ocean, is the third most LGBT friendly state in the country — Oregon.

As one would expected, Portland is gay central in the Beaver State followed by the lesser known Talent.

.54% of households reported as same sex on last report.

4. Arizona


Source: Wikipedia

Total Households: 2,448,919
Percent Gay: 0.54%

One of the biggest states not named California in the top ten gayest is Arizona where .54% of households are gay.

Aptly named Carefree ranks as the gayest in Arizona with 2.81% of households (Out of only 1,850) are gay.

5. Vermont


Source: Wikipedia

Total Households: 257,107
Percent Gay: 0.54%

Criss the crossing the country for number 5, we end up in Vermont, which we thought would have been the gayest on the east coast.

Home to Ben and Jerry, mountains, and half a percent of gay households. One of Vermont’s gayest towns is Morrisville.

Morrisville has, to go with its over 2% of gay households, two country clubs, a hospital, a school featuring Greek architecture and an airport. So pretty gay 🙂

6. New Mexico

New Mexico

Source: Wikipedia

Total Households: 762,551
Percent Gay: 0.54%

7. Hawaii


Source: Wikipedia

Total Households: 452,030
Percent Gay: 0.52%

Floating out in the big gay ocean is Hawaii, the 7th gayest state.

Looking for some gay things to do in Hawaii? Check out some of the great hotels, restaurants, and clubs.

So basically just stuff everyone does in Hawaii.

8. Delaware


Source: Wikipedia

Total Households: 348,051
Percent Gay: 0.51%

The smallest state to appear in the top ten is Delaware.

Delware is one of the few states in the top ten with more male-male households than female-female households.

We have Milton clocked in as the gayest in the First State.

9. California


Source: Wikipedia

Total Households: 12,807,387
Percent Gay: 0.5%

We have finally arrived at what everyone assumed would be number one on the list — California.

While San Francisco is the gay beacon in America, California is ginormous with many parts not being as gay as SF.

With that said, California would have to be in the running for the most LGBT friendly place to live.

10. Massachusetts


Source: Wikipedia

Total Households: 2,558,889
Percent Gay: 0.5%

The last stop on our list takes us back across America to Massachusetts.

The last state to have over .5% of its households report as same-sex.

Interestingly, Boston isn’t in the top ten gayest cities in the state which is dominated by smaller sized Boston suburbs.

How We Calculated The Gayest States In America Per Capita

We’ve been ranking cities for over three years now and we always start our quests for data in the same manner — as stroll through the American Community Survey.

And, as we expected given that we’ve already written on the topic of gay places several time, we knew they wouldn’t disappoint.

This time we were directed to table which reports on same sex unmarried households.

We looked at the following two criteria:

  • Unmarried-partner: Male householder and male partner
  • Unmarried-partner: Female householder and female partner

Next, we summed them up for each state and divided by the total number of households in the states. This gave us the number of gay households per capita.

Finally, we ranked each state from the highest percentage of gay households to the lowest.

The state with the most pride ended up being Maine.

The least gay state? Wyoming.

So There Are Your LGBT Friendly States For 2018

Maine can take pride in its ranking this year as the gayest state in the US.

If you’re thinking of trying to move to gay community, then stick to a coast.

But, if that isn’t in the cards, there’s always a big city close by with a gayborhood or two that’ll welcome you in.

Here’s a quick look at the least Gay states on the list:

  1. Wyoming
  2. North Dakota
  3. Mississippi

For more reading, check out:

Detailed List Of The Gayest States In America For 2018

Rank State % Gay
1 Maine 0.6%
2 Rhode Island 0.58%
3 Oregon 0.56%
4 Arizona 0.54%
5 Vermont 0.54%
6 New Mexico 0.54%
7 Hawaii 0.52%
8 Delaware 0.51%
9 California 0.5%
10 Massachusetts 0.5%
11 Florida 0.49%
12 Colorado 0.48%
13 Nevada 0.48%
14 New York 0.47%
15 Washington 0.47%
16 Georgia 0.42%
17 Texas 0.4%
18 Alaska 0.4%
19 Minnesota 0.38%
20 Maryland 0.38%
21 Indiana 0.38%
22 Ohio 0.37%
23 Illinois 0.37%
24 Missouri 0.37%
25 Virginia 0.37%
26 North Carolina 0.36%
27 Pennsylvania 0.36%
28 New Hampshire 0.36%
29 New Jersey 0.35%
30 Connecticut 0.35%
31 Kentucky 0.34%
32 Tennessee 0.34%
33 Wisconsin 0.34%
34 Michigan 0.33%
35 Louisiana 0.33%
36 Utah 0.29%
37 Oklahoma 0.29%
38 South Carolina 0.28%
39 Idaho 0.28%
40 Arkansas 0.28%
41 West Virginia 0.27%
42 Kansas 0.27%
43 Nebraska 0.26%
44 Montana 0.24%
45 Alabama 0.24%
46 Iowa 0.24%
47 South Dakota 0.23%
48 Mississippi 0.22%
49 North Dakota 0.22%
50 Wyoming 0.2%

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