The 10 Gayest States In The United States For 2024

The gayest states in the US are Oregon and Delaware for 2024 based on Saturday Night Science.

Gayest states the United States research summary. We used Saturday Night Science to research the states with the highest percentage of LGBT adults for 2024. The data comes from the UCLA School of Law Williams Institute, which breaks down the percentage of gay adults by state. The latest data is as of December 2023.

  • The state with the highest rate of LGBT Adults in the United States is Oregon. 7.8% of adults in Oregon are gay.

  • The state with the lowest rate of LGBT Adults in the United States is Mississippi. 4.1% of adults in Mississippi are gay.

Percent Gay Households By State In The United States

Table Of Contents: Top Ten | Methodology | Summary | Table

We’ve previously taken a look at the Gayest Cities in America and, to no one’s surprise, San Francisco checked in as the gayest city. What was surprising was the relatively low percentage of households that reported to the Census as gay in San Francisco — only ~2%.

If the gayest city in the country has a gay population that small, how small must the gay population be across America? According to the Census — only about 0.5% of households are male-male or female-female.

What states have the largest gay population? States that are more liberal and that are on the East and West coasts skew more gay.

And as you might expect, the Upper Midwest and the South skew less gay.

Gayest States In America Map

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The bottom of the overall list (25-50) is no surprise as a bunch of Midwestern states and the South populate the bottom half (At least people don’t report living in same sex households there, we’d imagine the % of the population that is gay is pretty consistent everywhere). But what’s up with the top states? And why is California not number 1?

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The 10 Gayest States In America For 2024

1. Oregon

Oregon|Or, OR

Source: Public domain

Gay Adults: 253300
Percent Gay: 7.8%

We’re going to move onto our next gayest state in the US, Oregon. Here, the gay population is 7.8%, and growing. The number of same sex couple households has increased by more than 30% in the last ten reporting years.

Portland leads the way in Oregon, for the number of gay residents. In fact, Portland is the 2nd most gay major city in America, where an estimated 1 in 19 residents is LGBT. Portland is so gay that the equal sign is seen more frequently here on car bumpers than on math tests. Cottage Grove and Troutdale are also popular cities for gays in Oregon.

Now the LGBT culture in Portland has such a long and storied history that there’s a wikipedia page devoted to the topic. The Burnside Triangle is a notable section of downtown Portland. It has been a meeting place for Portland’s LGBT community since the 1960s. Portland is also one of the few spots in the world where LGBT (and straight) couples have easy access to surrogacy, IUI, IUF and egg donation

Review Of Oregon by Ava Streeter

I live in Oregon the best state to live in if you live in lake Oswego I live in lake Oswego it’s a city in Oregon the school I go to is lake ridge. No crime ever reported, best schools ever, no bullying ever told by a student, and great houses move to Oregon and live in lake Oswego.

2. Delaware

Delaware|De, DE

Source: Public domain

Gay Adults: 56600
Percent Gay: 7.5%

Our next gayest state in America is Delaware. In Delaware, the estimated gay population is 7.5%. Delaware is actually the third fastest growing state for gay americans. Since the last census was taken in 2010, Delaware’s same sex couple households has gone up by 41%.

Delaware State law bans discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity, and the state has legally banned the practice of conversion therapy on minors since July 2018. Delaware is frequently referred to as one of the United States’ most LGBT-friendly states, and a majority of Delawareans support same-sex marriage.

3. Utah

Utah|Ut, UT

Source: Wikipedia User | CC BY-SA 2.0

Gay Adults: 37600
Percent Gay: 7.4%

Review Of Utah by Dawson Vlogs

I live in Utah and I honestly wasn’t surprised that we were on here the places that are not boring are the SLC area which is basically where the entire state is, Moab is a tourist area and it’s neat, and you have St. George which is a tourist area and it’s almost a suburb of Vegas and that’s about it the rest of the state is a desert with oil rigs.

4. New Hampshire

New-Hampshire|Nh, NH

Source: Wikipedia User | CC BY-SA 3.0

Gay Adults: 78400
Percent Gay: 7.2%

Review Of New Hampshire by Satan

I live in New Hampshire, which is arguably one of the BEST states to live in. Unemployment may as well not exist, every home has an owner, and poverty is basically imaginary here.

If you ask a Granite Stater if they’re hungry, they might ask what ‘hunger’ is. And the schools- In my town, every high schooler gets a free MacBook Air. The weather is still s****y, though.

5. Virginia

Virginia|Va, VA

Source: Wikipedia User | CC BY 3.0

Gay Adults: 398700
Percent Gay: 6.9%

Review Of Virginia by SuperKawiiGirlyGamer

I live in Virginia the schools here are awesome each year tho, they spend almost One Million dollars on school supplies, students personal Crome books, food for the students…and the best part is that the food is FREE!!

6. Colorado

Colorado|Co, CO

Source: Wikipedia User | GFDL

Gay Adults: 294500
Percent Gay: 6.8%

Review Of Colorado by SkiingIsMyHappyPlace Bliss

I live in a cold, hiking, skiing, Subaru-driving state – Colorado. I watched to see if we were on the list, since Colorado is often criticized for its lack of diversity. Whew, dodged a bullet here! ! I’m white, but am so pleased that my family has expanded to include a variety of ethnicities, religions, and races. I feel that can make families and communities much more vibrant, interesting, and strong. We learn from each other and provide a bulwark against the nasty divisiveness that has sadly been permeating our country lately.

7. Maine

Maine|Me, ME

Source: Wikipedia User | CC BY-SA 3.0

Gay Adults: 73700
Percent Gay: 6.8%

Review Of Maine by Lilly Howe

I disagree I don’t think that bars are interesting I mean I live in Maine and its beautiful plus you can breathe without breathing in tons of pollution!

8. Nevada

Nevada|Nv, NV

Source: Wikipedia User | CC BY-SA 3.0

Gay Adults: 150100
Percent Gay: 6.6%

The state of Nevada ranks as the gayest in America this year. Nevada’s gay population has also increased dramatically – same sex couple households is up 43% since the last census.

Currently, Nevada’s gay population is 6.6%. Now, you might think Las Vegas would have the most gay Americans in Nevada, but Reno and Las Vegas are virtually tied when it comes to the percentage of gay residents. Although, you could make a case that Las Vegas has more gay people within its city limits at any given time.

Reno was actually called the Queerest Little City in the World by a leading author, who cited. The book is pretty interesting, and it talks about how the California Gold Rush on the Nevada border in Reno meant men outnumbered women 23-1, so men danced with one another and dressed like women. It was so popular Nevada actually banned cross dressing for a while.

The 5 Star Saloon — Oldest Continuously Operating Gay/LGBTQ Bar in the State of Nevada is in Reno as well. And The Reno Gay Rodeo was a pioneering transnational LGBTQ event that brought the idea of a “gay” rodeo to the American mainstream. It was the first rodeo created by and participated in by LGBTQ individuals in both Reno and Nevada

Incidentally, Reno has always been a rebellious city – it’s actually the divorce capital of the world, and it was the first city to allow gambling in America, in 1931.

Review Of Nevada by TheGuru IsCooking

I live in Nevada and most of those pictures he posted were of Sparks and we have the best tourists destinations around ) and the unemployment rate in Nevada is only at a 3% thank you. 4% better then a state you did not mention which is one of the worst hands down. Check your States and bias facts and then come see me.

9. Massachusetts

Massachusetts|Ma, MA

Source: Public domain

Gay Adults: 356200
Percent Gay: 6.5%

Moving on, we come to our ninth gayest state in America, Massachusetts, where they gay population is 6.5%. Northampton and Easthampton. Boston is the 6th gayest major city in America.

Massachusetts also just passed a bill that would ban conversion therapy for LGBT teens, which would make the state the 16th in the union to do so.

Former congressman from Newton, Barney Frank was an openly gay state representativ

10. Wyoming

Wyoming|Wy, WY

Source: Wikipedia User | CC BY-SA 3.0

Gay Adults: 1570
Percent Gay: 6.45%

Review Of Wyoming by Gregory Marsh

I live in Cheyenne, Wyoming and its not boring here. Besides, we have a whole lot of nuclear weapons systems here…so does Montana and North Dakota ! See, we can be real fun if we choose to 😉

How We Calculated The Gayest States In The United States Per Capita For 2024

We’ve been ranking cities for almost a decade now and we always start our quests for data in the same manner — as stroll through the American Community Survey combined with Saturday Night Science.

Unfortunately, the ACS stopped reporting on same-sex households in 2020, so we have since moved on to a new data source, the UCLA School of Law Williams Institute, which breaks down the percentage of gay adults by state. The latest data is as of December 2023.

We ranked each state from the highest percentage of gay adults to the lowest.

What’s the gayest state in America? The state with the most pride ended up being Oregon.

The least gay state? Mississippi.

We updated this report for 2024. This report is our tenth time ranking the gayest states in America.

Summary: Most LGBT Friendly States For 2024

Okay, so that’s it – the gayest states in America. Hope this was informative. Oregon can take pride in its ranking this year as the gayest state in the US.

If you’re thinking of trying to move to gay community, then stick to a coast.

But, if that isn’t in the cards, there’s always a big city close by with a gayborhood or two that’ll welcome you in.

Here’s a quick look at the least gay states on the list:

  1. Mississippi
  2. Washington
  3. North Carolina

For more reading, check out:

Gayest States In The US For 2024

Rank State Gay Adults % Gay
1 Oregon 253300 7.8%
2 Delaware 56600 7.5%
3 Utah 37600 7.4%
4 New Hampshire 78400 7.2%
5 Virginia 398700 6.9%
6 Colorado 294500 6.8%
7 Maine 73700 6.8%
8 Nevada 150100 6.6%
9 Massachusetts 356200 6.5%
10 Wyoming 1570 6.452%
11 South Dakota 328900 6.3%
12 Minnesota 267600 6.3%
13 Ohio 557600 6.2%
14 Texas 133000 6.1%
15 Michigan 467300 6.0%
16 Missouri 282000 6.0%
17 Connecticut 170500 6.0%
18 Vermont 390700 5.9%
19 Kansas 129800 5.9%
20 Alaska 32600 5.9%
21 Wisconsin 26300 5.9%
22 Arizona 317200 5.9%
23 Pennsylvania 586500 5.8%
24 Louisiana 202600 5.7%
25 West Virginia 258400 5.7%
26 Oklahoma 164600 5.5%
27 New York 853600 5.5%
28 New Mexico 87600 5.5%
29 Nebraska 78700 5.5%
30 Maryland 252700 5.4%
31 Florida 898000 5.4%
32 Indiana 277100 5.4%
33 New Jersey 367300 5.3%
34 Arkansas 121900 5.3%
35 Idaho 68100 5.3%
36 South Carolina 34500 5.3%
37 Tennessee 1071300 5.1%
38 California 1549600 5.1%
39 Georgia 402900 5.1%
40 Hawaii 56900 5.1%
41 Montana 41800 5.1%
42 North Dakota 28400 4.9%
43 Rhode Island 192800 4.9%
44 Kentucky 168600 4.9%
45 Iowa 113600 4.7%
46 Alabama 173000 4.6%
47 Illinois 446600 4.5%
48 North Carolina 353100 4.4%
49 Washington 60000 4.1%
50 Mississippi 93300 4.1%
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  1. This is perhaps the most idiotic report I’ve ever seen. Male to male unmarried in same house? What about married gays? What about the millions and millions of single gays. Were your studies anonymous?

  2. The gayest states doesn’t really tell the full story. What would be interesting is to take a survey of where most of the LGBTQ people were born … where they move to is inconsequential other than showing which areas are more accepting. Are certain location producing more LGBTQ due to environmental, genetic or social factors? It’s doubtful Nevada produces the largest percentage of gay population organically, and it is likely most LGBTQ people move out of Wyoming as fast as they can (see also Matthew Shepard)

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