The 10 Most Conservative Cities In Vermont For 2023

The most conservative cities in Vermont are Newport and Swanton for 2023 based on Saturday Night Science.

Now that we’re headed towards the next big election, we wanted to get a better sense of what parts of Vermont would be the most likely to back Donald Trump again.

Specifically, which cities have the highest number of conservative voters in the Green Mountain State?

To do so, we used Saturday Night Science to measure how each city in Vermont with populations greater than 2,000 voted in past elections. The cities with the highest percentage of voters who voted Republican were named the most conservative cities in the state.

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The 10 most conservative places in Vermont for 2023

  1. Newport
  2. Swanton
  3. St. Albans
  4. West Rutland)
  5. Rutland
  6. Fair Haven)
  7. St. Johnsbury
  8. Randolph)
  9. Manchester Center)
  10. Bennington

If you’re wondering, Winooski is the most liberal city in Vermont of all those we measured.

And to be clear, we didn’t form this list based on our own biases — we relied on the cold hard data. For more on how we ran the numbers, keep on reading. Then we’ll take a closer look at each of our top 10 most conservative cities in Vermont.

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The 10 Most Conservative Places In Vermont For 2023

Newport, VT

Source: Wikipedia User P199 | CC BY-SA 3.0

Percent Republican: 45.9%
More on Newport: Data | Crime | Real Estate

Swanton, VT

Source: Wikipedia User Doug Kerr from Albany, NY, United States | CC BY-SA 2.0

Percent Republican: 43.2%
More on Swanton: Data | Crime | Real Estate

St. Albans, VT

Source: Wikipedia User Mitchazenia | CC BY-SA 4.0

Percent Republican: 43.2%
More on St. Albans: Data | Crime | Real Estate

4. West Rutland

Percent Republican: 42.1%
More on West Rutland: Real Estate

Rutland, VT

Source: Wikipedia User | GFDL

Percent Republican: 42.1%
More on Rutland: Data | Crime | Cost Of Living | Real Estate

6. Fair Haven

Fair Haven, VT

Source: Wikipedia User Jared and Corin | CC BY-SA 2.0

Percent Republican: 42.1%
More on Fair Haven: Crime | Real Estate

St. Johnsbury, VT

Source: Public domain

Percent Republican: 39.1%
More on St. Johnsbury: Data | Crime | Real Estate

8. Randolph

Randolph, VT

Source: Wikipedia User The original uploader was Mickmaguire at English Wikipedia | CC BY-SA 2.0

Percent Republican: 38.9%
More on Randolph: Real Estate

9. Manchester Center

Percent Republican: 34.7%
More on Manchester Center: Real Estate

Bennington, VT

Source: Wikipedia User Daniel Case | CC BY-SA 3.0

Percent Republican: 34.7%
More on Bennington: Data | Crime | Cost Of Living | Real Estate

How we determined the most conservative cities in Vermont for 2023

To find the most conservative places in Vermont, we used Saturday Night Science – the argument you’d make at a bar – to find the cities with the most conservatives.

We started by making a list of every city in Vermont over 2,000 people based on the 2017-2021 American Community Survey. That left us with 28 cities and towns.

We then measured the voting record and MIT election data to determine which places rock the most rightward in their allegiances by:

  1. Percentage Of Votes For The Republican President In 2020

Because no voting data exists at the city level, we used county-level election results from the 2020 election. We assigned every city in a county the percentage of votes that went to the Republicans, effectively extending the county’s results to the city level. In cases where larger cities encompassed an entire county, the election outcomes accurately reflected the city’s political landscape.

Next, we ranked each city from 1 to 28 for each criterion, where number one was the most conservative.

The winner, Newport, is “The Most Conservative City in Vermont For 2023”. The most liberal place in Vermont was Winooski.

We updated this article for 2023. This report is our tenth time ranking the most conservative places to live in Vermont.

Summing Up The Conservative Strongholds in Vermont

Well, there you have it, the places in Vermont that have the highest number of conservatives per capita, with Newport ranking as the most conservative in the entire state.

If you’re curious, here are the least conservative cities in Vermont:

  1. Winooski
  2. South Burlington
  3. Burlington

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Most Conservative Places In Vermont

Rank City Population % Conservative
1 Newport, VT 4,446 45.9%
2 Swanton, VT 2,356 43.2%
3 St. Albans, VT 6,866 43.2%
4 West Rutland, VT 2,138 42.1%
5 Rutland, VT 15,934 42.1%
6 Fair Haven, VT 2,412 42.1%
7 St. Johnsbury, VT 5,813 39.1%
8 Randolph, VT 2,102 38.9%
9 Manchester Center, VT 2,096 34.7%
10 Bennington, VT 8,772 34.7%
11 Middlebury, VT 7,191 29.0%
12 Vergennes, VT 2,573 29.0%
13 White River Junction, VT 2,776 27.9%
14 Springfield, VT 4,101 27.9%
15 Windsor, VT 2,145 27.9%
16 Wilder, VT 3,375 27.9%
17 Morrisville, VT 2,326 26.6%
18 West Brattleboro, VT 2,770 25.5%
19 Brattleboro, VT 7,346 25.5%
20 Bellows Falls, VT 2,734 25.5%
21 Barre, VT 8,514 24.6%
22 Montpelier, VT 7,966 24.6%
23 Shelburne, VT 6,335 20.8%
24 Milton, VT 4,053 20.8%
25 Essex Junction, VT 10,473 20.8%
26 Burlington, VT 44,703 20.8%
27 South Burlington, VT 20,042 20.8%
28 Winooski, VT 8,015 20.8%
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