The 10 Whitest Cities In The United States For 2022

We used science and data to determine the whitest large city in the US based on the most recent Census data.

What’s up home slice?

Or maybe more to the point in these cities…

How’s it hanging white bread?

Because today we are taking a look at the whitest cities in America. These are the large cities in the US that would get Mitt Romney excited — white-topias if you will.

To our surprise, Iowa only makes one appearance in the top ten. However, after further review, that was only because two cities in Iowa have a large enough population to rank — and both are pretty white.

I guess Amazon should think of opening a couple of more Whole Foods in Billings, the whitest city in America for 2022. For reference, America is about 60% white, while Billings clocks in at 86%.

And maybe Iowa isn’t the whiteland I thought it was, it’s only the fifth whitest state overall.

To see exactly how we calculated these rankings, read on. Or if you’re already comfortable in the whiteness of your city, check out:

The 10 Whitest In America For 2022

For Pete’s Sake. Springfield? Really? That’s kinda a shocker.

In Springfield, the white population is 84.9%. That’s down from 88.0% white ten years ago, meaning Springfield may have been the whitest city in America ten years ago.

But Missouri is sort of in the south, isn’t it? Not technically – it’s more in the midwest, but it’s one of those transition states. Like West Virginia and North Carolina. Anyways, when you look at a list of the whitest states, Missouri isn’t even in the top 20. So, why Springfield, then? After doing some research, it turns out that Springfield wasn’t all that friendly to minorities back in the early 1900s, which led to a mass exodus of African Americans from the city.

Ok, got it.

Bass Pro Shops has their headquarters here. They don’t have a ferris wheel in their store, but it’s still pretty cool in there. And if there’s one thing white people in the midwest or south or wherever Missouri is like to do is…fish. Look at all of the places in Springfield area where you can fish or buy fishing things!

The Springfield Chamber of Commerce used to give visiting dignitaries an “Ozark Hillbilly Medallion to celebrate Springfield’s connections to hillbillies in the region. If that’s not the most white thing on this video, I don’t know what is. Springfield’s Greene County supported President Trump by nearly a 2-1 margin.

Overall SnackAbility


Population: 167,601
Percent White: 84.9%
Percent White 2010: 88.0%
Percent Change: -1.8%
More on Springfield:  Data | Crime | Cost Of Living

Springfield, MO

And where is the 2nd whitest city of them all? If you guessed somewhere way up north where it’s cold, than you guessed right. It’s Billings, Montana. Here in Billings, the white population is 84.1%.

Billings just oozes whiteness.

You can enjoy some golf while you herd your wild buffalo and shoot beer cans. Because that’s what I’d imagine people do for fun in the whitest city around.

Cowboys are a total white thing, and Montana loves them some cowboyin stuff. They love ropin, ridin’ and mutton’ bustin. For all those who are not aware of mutton’ bustin, its when a kid tries to ride a sheep around for at least 8 seconds. White people in Montana love to hunt. They love it so much, that a ton of people have deer stands in their front yards here. Montana people will actually call in sick to work on the opening day of hunting season.

You can judge a white Billings man by the number of does he plugged last winter, and by the size of his gun.

They only thing they’re missing here is a Whole Foods. You’ve have to drive alllll the way down to Colorado to get your Avocado Ice Cream. And unsurprisingly, Yellowstone County overwhelmingly supported President Trump.

Overall SnackAbility


Population: 109,705
Percent White: 84.1%
Percent White 2010: 87.5%
Percent Change: -3.9%
More on Billings:  Data | Crime | Cost Of Living

Billings, MT

Jiminy Christmas, Boysee. You are whi to the ite. Of course, Boise would be on this list. Boise is 82.6% white, which is about a 5.8% whiteness drop from ten years ago.

Driving around Boise, you’ll see a lot of cars with ski, kayak or bike racks because people are all about being a part of their environment here. Plus, most are white, and those are all very white things to do. You have your sweet potatoes and yellow potatoes and purple potatoes. But in Boise they are only interested in one kind of potato — the white potato. JK is that even a thing?

One major magazine called Idaho the second best state for second amendment supporters. And we know how much white people like their sidearms. Half of all white households in America has protection in the house.

if you look at the statistics, Idaho ranks 4th in the nation for milk production. So Boise makes a lot of milk, but are Boisians drinking their milk, too?

Overall SnackAbility


Population: 228,057
Percent White: 82.6%
Percent White 2010: 86.2%
Percent Change: -5.8%
More on Boise City:  Data

Boise City, ID

Where’s our next whitest city in the US? That would be Sterling Heights, Michigan.

Today, Sterling Heights is 81.5% white, which is actually -2.5% higher than it was the last time the census was taken. Sterling Heights is a posh Detroit suburb – so close in fact, that it really puts into perspective how big the gap is between races in America, based on just a few miles.

Sterling Heights is 81.5% white, and is the 4th whitest city in America. Detroit is 82% black – and has the highest concentration of black Americans of all major cities. And they’re only about 20 miles apart.

What’s interesting about Sterling Heights, is that almost the entire population is white, Asian – at 5% and… Iraqi at 4%. There are more people in Sterling Heights born in Iraq than any other foreign country. In fact, Michigan is 2nd in the nation for number of Middle Eastern born residents, and they call a section of Sterling Heights Little Baghdad.

Rapper Eminem briefly lived in Sterling Heights for a brief period. He’s like the whitest rapper ever.

Hockey is a big deal in Michigan, in case you didn’t know – Michigan was ranked as the 2nd best state for hockey. Along with the great traditions at Michigan State and the University of Michigan, the Detroit Red Wings are quite possibly the most popular hockey team in America. And, as you might expect, white people play hockey a TON. 93% of all pro hockey players are…white.

In terms of politics, this part of Michigan is very conservative.

Overall SnackAbility


Population: 132,296
Percent White: 81.5%
Percent White 2010: 85.3%
Percent Change: 2.5%
More on Sterling Heights:  Data | Crime | Cost Of Living

Sterling Heights, MI

You’d have to be a bit crazy to choose to live this far north. And, as it turns out, white people are apparently that kind of crazy. The white population in Fargo is currently 81.3%, which is actually 8.3% less white than in 2010. If you’re a white ice fisherman named Ned who drives his snowmobile to work every day, you likely live here in Fargo.

According to government research, the white population drinks far more booze than any other race. In fact, some studies say white folks drink three times more than any other race. Well, Fargo North Dakota has a ton of drinkers, since most of the people are white, and North Dakota is the drunkest state in the nation.

Fargo is home to the ever-popular sporting goods store, Scheels, which…what the heck? There’s a ferris wheel inside the store? That might be the coolest story I’ve ever seen.

Unsurprisingly, there were very few voters who didn’t vote for Trump in the last presidential election in the greater Fargo region.

Overall SnackAbility


Population: 123,550
Percent White: 81.3%
Percent White 2010: 90.5%
Percent Change: -8.3%
More on Fargo:  Data | Crime | Cost Of Living

Fargo, ND

Welcome to the state of Washington, and, in particular, to the city of Spokane, on the eastern fringes of the Idaho border. This is Bigfoot country!

Spokane is 80.6% white, and slightly growing more whiter. Apparently, all these white people need some Jerry Fallwell in their lives, since Spokane ranks as not only one of the most dangerous cities in the region, but in America.

Spokane is known for a few things – including a far higher than average white college basketball team. Local forums indicate Spokane is filled with a few things that are pretty white. Especially the outdoor activities part. White people sure like to hike and camp.

One white stereotype is that white folks like to bring their dogs into restaurants. Well, the ‘Kan meets that criteria. Did you know Washington ranks in the top ten for dog friendly states? It’s true. And Spokane in particular, has a ton of places where you can take your dog out for a meal with you. There’s also a large park downtown, and white people like going to parks, that’s for sure.

John Stockton is from Spokane, and he’s like the most white boy basketball player ever to play the game. Remember this lady? This is Rachel Dolezal. She’s white, but pretended to be black and actually ran Spokane’s NAACP Chapter for a year before resigning.

Spokane County is very conservative, and chose President Trump by a very wide margin.

Overall SnackAbility


Population: 219,185
Percent White: 80.6%
Percent White 2010: 84.7%
Percent Change: -1.0%
More on Spokane:  Data | Crime | Cost Of Living

Spokane, WA

Heavens to Betsy, Sioux Falls, South Dakota sure is white. And not just caucasian. I mean pale and pasty white. It’s pretty cold and dark here for a majority of the year, meaning the white population here has to find all sorts of creative ways to remain occupied for long stretches of the year. That means long hours spent indoors watching Friends reruns and playing parcheesi.

But people seem to like it here – the population of Sioux Falls has increased 22% in the last ten years.

South Dakota is home to Mt. Rushmore, which is a big mountain with four big white men on it.

If you live in Sioux Falls, odds are you drive a pick up truck, drink Budweiser and chew tobacco. Sioux Falls and the greater surrounding area isn’t all hicks and Indian Casinos, though. There’s plenty of golf courses in the area, and they have a zoo. White people like zoos. They also have a butterfly house. Do white people like butterflies? OMG YES!

Obviously you get a lot of snow in this part of the country, and Sioux Falls has lots of stuff for white folks to do – snowshoeing, skiing and snowboarding are all very much white sports.

Is Sioux Falls conservative? You betcha. In fact, practically the entire state of South Dakota voted for Trump.

Overall SnackAbility


Population: 180,927
Percent White: 80.3%
Percent White 2010: 85.6%
Percent Change: -14.0%
More on Sioux Falls:  Data | Crime | Cost Of Living

Sioux Falls, SD

What in tarnation? Is this going to be the only Iowa city on this list? As it stands today, Cedar Rapids is 80.1% white, and that number is slowly going down.

Did you know Cedar Rapids is the cereal capital of the world? Cedar Rapids is home to Quaker Oaks, General Mills and Post. Do white people eat cereal more than minorities? I couldn’t find a definitive answer, but if I smelled Cinnamon Toast Crunch all day long, I’d probably be in heaven.

Cedar Rapids is hosting a White Privilege Conference later this year. What the hell is that all about? “Whites need to acknowledge and work through the negative historical implications of ‘Whiteness’ and create for ourselves a transformed identity as White people committed to equity and social change…To teach my White students and my own children…that there are different ways of being White.”

Hmm. Odd.

And of course, there’s farming. Iowa is farm country, mister, and you can bet many families earn their incomes from putting food on your table.

Linn County, and Cedar Rapids, supported Hillary Clinton in the 2016 election.

Overall SnackAbility


Population: 133,125
Percent White: 80.1%
Percent White 2010: 87.1%
Percent Change: 2.4%
More on Cedar Rapids:  Data | Crime | Cost Of Living

Cedar Rapids, IA

Source: Public domain

When you think about it, it’s not too surprising that a city in Colorado would make this list. Statewide, white folks count for about 5 out of every 6 residents. Still, Arvada sits just outside of Denver, which, being Colorado’s biggest urban area, has a comparably diverse population.

Yet, Arvada is the Colorado town that makes the list of the whitest places in America. Go figure.
But you can’t argue with the numbers: of Arvada’s 120229 residents, 79.8% of them are white.

Besides its lack of diversity, Arvada has a lot going for it. It has an array of golf courses and parks, plus attractions like the Cussler Museum, dedicated to rare and vintage cars.

Overall SnackAbility


Population: 120,229
Percent White: 79.8%
Percent White 2010: 82.5%
Percent Change: -11.0%
More on Arvada:  Data | Crime | Cost Of Living

Arvada, CO

Scottsdale, Arizona is 79.4% white, and getting less white every year. It has become 9.4% less white over the last ten years.

According to the US Census, white people work more hours than any other race – and they work slightly more total hours than Asian Americans each week. Based on research by job research site Zippia, Arizona is the 12th laziest state. So, that means Scottsdale is a bunch of lazy white people? No. Actually, Scottsdale residents probably work much harder than the rest of the state.

As such, the city has the nicknames Snobsville and Snotsville- considering that half of the wealthiest zip codes in Arizona are in the Scottsdale area. The Beverly Hills of the Desert? Nooo – I don’t think white people would want to live here…Of course they like it in Scottsdale, it has everything white people love.

Scottsdale has an abundance of country clubs, golf courses, like five nail salons per square mile, and of course, its retail crown jewel, the overpriced Scottsdale Fashion Square. So if you golf, this is heaven. And, in case you didn’t know, 80% of golfers are white.

Census numbers prove white americans are far more likely to indulge in the arts – stuff like theaters, art galleries and music performances. Scottsdale’s number of art galleries per capita is second only to New York City.

So, while Scottsdale is only the 10th whitest city in America, in terms of ‘white things’ to do, it ranks first by a long shot. Of note, in the 2016 election, Scottdale residents voted for Donald Trump, by a fairly large margin.

Overall SnackAbility


Population: 254,995
Percent White: 79.4%
Percent White 2010: 84.6%
Percent Change: -9.4%
More on Scottsdale:  Data | Crime | Cost Of Living

Scottsdale, AZ

Methodology: How We Determined The Most Whitest Large Cities in The US

When we analyze what it’s like to live in a certain place, we simply look at statistics. In particular, we can look to the recently released 2016-2020 American Community Survey for a detailed breakdown of race by city.

Specifically, we looked at table B03002 which has the breakdown of people by Hispanic/latino and race.

Limiting our analysis to only cities greater than 100,000 people, we looked at the percentage of the population of each city that identified as non-Hispanic/latino, white.

We then ranked each city from 1 to 272 in terms of that percentage with the city having the highest overall percentage being named the “Whitest City In America” — Billings, MT. You can download the data here.

The “least white” city according to the data? That would be East Los Angeles, CA which is only 1.78% white as of the latest data.

Summary: The Whitest Big Cities in America

After measuring the white population of every major city in America, we are left with Billings as the whitest of the white.

So don’t mind Billings “Wonder Bread” Montana as it goes and grabs a piece of avocado toast — it can’t help itself.

And for those playing at home, here’s a look at the least white cities in America:

  1. East Los Angeles
  2. Miami Gardens
  3. Hialeah

For more reading, check out:

White Population By City In America For 2022

City Rank % White
Springfield, MO 1 84.9%
Billings, MT 2 84.1%
Boise City, ID 3 82.6%
Sterling Heights, MI 4 81.5%
Fargo, ND 5 81.3%
Spokane, WA 6 80.6%
Sioux Falls, SD 7 80.3%
Cedar Rapids, IA 8 80.1%
Arvada, CO 9 79.8%
Scottsdale, AZ 10 79.4%
Lincoln, NE 11 79.0%
Fort Collins, CO 12 79.0%
Evansville, IN 13 78.2%
Eugene, OR 14 77.6%
Overland Park, KS 15 76.3%
Manchester, NH 16 75.5%
Olathe, KS 17 75.5%
Independence, MO 18 75.3%
Columbia, MO 19 73.7%
Rochester, MN 20 73.7%
Madison, WI 21 72.9%
Provo, UT 22 72.9%
Knoxville, TN 23 72.4%
Wilmington, NC 24 71.7%
Charleston, SC 25 71.4%
Norman, OK 26 71.1%
Springfield, IL 27 70.6%
Lexington, KY 28 70.3%
Vancouver, WA 29 70.0%
Metairie, LA 30 69.7%
Gilbert, AZ 31 69.5%
Cape Coral, FL 32 69.5%
Portland, OR 33 69.5%
Lakewood, CO 34 68.9%
Surprise, AZ 35 68.8%
Green Bay, WI 36 68.1%
Peoria, AZ 37 67.9%
Colorado Springs, CO 38 67.9%
Thousand Oaks, CA 39 67.7%
Topeka, KS 40 67.2%
Salem, OR 41 66.6%
Ann Arbor, MI 42 66.6%
Fort Wayne, IN 43 66.5%
Roseville, CA 44 66.4%
Omaha, NE 45 66.2%
Westminster, CO 46 65.8%
Murfreesboro, TN 47 65.8%
Clearwater, FL 48 65.7%
Naperville, IL 49 65.3%
Salt Lake City, UT 50 65.2%
Des Moines, IA 51 64.6%
Warren, MI 52 64.5%
Pittsburgh, PA 53 64.5%
Louisville, KY 54 64.5%
Gresham, OR 55 63.9%
St. Petersburg, FL 56 63.8%
Seattle, WA 57 62.6%
Wichita, KS 58 62.5%
Henderson, NV 59 62.5%
Glendale, CA 60 62.2%
Everett, WA 61 62.0%
Huntington Beach, CA 62 61.3%
Virginia Beach, VA 63 61.1%
Mesa, AZ 64 61.0%
Cary, NC 65 61.0%
Arlington, VA 66 60.8%
Lafayette, LA 67 60.7%
Reno, NV 68 60.3%
Wichita Falls, TX 69 59.7%
Minneapolis, MN 70 59.7%
Palm Bay, FL 71 58.7%
Cambridge, MA 72 58.6%
Chandler, AZ 73 58.4%
Simi Valley, CA 74 58.2%
Grand Rapids, MI 75 58.2%
Toledo, OH 76 58.1%
Mckinney, TX 77 58.0%
Abilene, TX 78 57.7%
Tacoma, WA 79 57.6%
Clarksville, TN 80 57.5%
Denton, TX 81 57.4%
Akron, OH 82 57.3%
Anchorage, AK 83 56.7%
Chattanooga, TN 84 56.5%
Huntsville, AL 85 56.5%
Chesapeake, VA 86 56.4%
Gainesville, FL 87 56.3%
Port St. Lucie, FL 88 56.1%
Peoria, IL 89 55.7%
Nashville, TN 90 55.3%
Kansas City, MO 91 55.1%
Burbank, CA 92 55.0%
Athens-Clarke County Unified Government (Balance), GA 93 54.7%
Tempe, AZ 94 54.4%
Worcester, MA 95 54.4%
Thornton, CO 96 54.4%
Columbus, OH 97 54.3%
Santa Rosa, CA 98 54.3%
Denver, CO 99 54.2%
Frisco, TX 100 53.9%