These Are The 10 Delaware Cities With The Most Ashley Madison Accounts

We analyzed the leaked Ashley Madison data to determine the cities in Delaware with the most accounts.

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Do you know a potential cheater in Delaware? Odds are that if you live in one of the cities below, you do. At least, you probably know someone who created an account on Ashley Madison, or had an account set up in their name by a friend or colleague.

There were over 32 million accounts created on Ashley Madison, and the going consensus is that almost all of them were created by men. In Delaware alone, there were over 33,953 accounts created, total. That's a lot, considering that the entire population of the state is 700,000.

After analyzing 34 cities, this is the list of the cities with the highest number of per capita Ashley Madison accounts in the First State:

  1. Dover (Photos)
  2. Newark (Photos)
  3. Rehoboth Bch
  4. Bethany Beach
  5. Wilmington (Photos)
  6. Claymont
  7. New Castle (Photos)
  8. Middletown
  9. Smyrna (Photos)
  10. Bear

Many of these are smaller cities in Delaware that have a high percentage of its residents with an account on Ashley Madison. Which means, in theory, they have a high number of people looking to discreetly hook up with a woman.

Read on below to see where your town ranked or skip to the end for a detailed chart.

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How We Determined The Cheaters In Delaware

Want to know who is attempting to cheat? Go directly to the source of people actively trying to cheat — Ashley Madison users.

We used the Ashley Madison database to count how many accounts were created in each zip code. We are saying “accounts” and not “people” because it is possible to create dummy accounts assigned to a city or to have multiple accounts. However, we believe the number of accounts to be a solid proxy for the number of people trying to cheat.

We then matched each zip code to its corresponding city in Delaware. If a zip code falls into more than one city, the accounts registered in that zip code were applied to each city.

Finally, we used an estimate for the population of the zip codes to identify the number of cheaters per capita.

After identifying the number of cheaters per capita in a city, we ranked each place from highest number of cheaters per capita to lowest. The place with the most cheaters per capita “earned” the title of cheating central of Delaware.

Note: We only looked at cities with more than 2,000 people.

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1. Dover

Dover, Delaware

Population: 51,544
Number Of Accounts: 3,518
% Accounts: 6.8%

2. Newark

Newark, Delaware

Population: 105,517
Number Of Accounts: 6,060
% Accounts: 5.7%

3. Rehoboth Bch

Source: Public Domain
Population: 9,925
Number Of Accounts: 561
% Accounts: 5.7%

4. Bethany Beach

Population: 2,321
Number Of Accounts: 128
% Accounts: 5.5%

5. Wilmington

Wilmington, Delaware

Population: 175,203
Number Of Accounts: 9,281
% Accounts: 5.3%

6. Claymont

Population: 11,662
Number Of Accounts: 555
% Accounts: 4.8%

7. New Castle

New Castle, Delaware

Population: 47,355
Number Of Accounts: 2,249
% Accounts: 4.7%

8. Middletown

Population: 29,310
Number Of Accounts: 1,373
% Accounts: 4.7%

9. Smyrna

Smyrna, Delaware

Population: 16,165
Number Of Accounts: 752
% Accounts: 4.7%

10. Bear

Population: 34,541
Number Of Accounts: 1,578
% Accounts: 4.6%

There You Have It, Delaware

If you're measuring the locations in Delaware where there are a high number of Ashley Madison accounts registered per capita, and we can assume that people registering on the site are exploring the idea to cheat, then Dover tops the list.

The city least likely to be on Ashley Madison? Dagsboro. So there's still hope out there that some people don't cheat on their spouse.

Detailed List Of Cities With The Most Ashley Madison Accounts In Delaware

CityRankPopulationNumber Of Accounts% Accounts
Rehoboth Bch39,9255615.7%
Bethany Beach42,3211285.5%
New Castle747,3552,2494.7%
Ocean View125,1262003.9%
Camden Wyoming2210,8843653.4%

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