The 10 Cities With The Most Ashley Madison Accounts In The United States

The cities with the most Ashley Madison accounts per capita in the US are Boston and Schenectady for 2024 based on Saturday Night Science.

Cities With Most Ashley Madison Accounts Per Capita In The United States Map
Do you know a potential cheater?

Odds are that if you live in one of the cities below, you do. At least, you probably know someone who created an account on Ashley Madison, or had an account set up in their name by a friend or colleague.

There were over 32 million accounts created on Ashley Madison, and the going consensus is that almost all of them were created by men.

After analyzing the 100 biggest cities in the United States with Saturday Night Science, we identified the cities with the most Ashley Madison accounts per capita.

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Many of these are wealthier cities with larger populations of professional men. Which means, in theory, they have a high number of people looking to discreetly hook up with a woman.

Check out more about America here:

The 10 Cities With The Highest Number Of Ashley Madison Accounts Per Capita

Boston, MA

Source: Flickr User Bert Kaufmann | CC BY 2.0
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Population Estimate: 135,047
Account Estimate: 23,799
Accounts Per Capita: 0.1762
More on Boston: Data | Crime | Cost Of Living

Wow, Boston men. Sounds like you’ve been pretty busy attempting to see what all the fuss was about on a site that specializes in helping you cheat on your wives.

Boston is actually one of the poorest cities of the 250 most population; residents average about $53K a year. So in this case, it wasn’t about wealthy men attempting to skirt around their familial duties.

The divorce rate is 7.8% in Boston, which is just about double the national average. But not the highest of cities on this list by any stretch.

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Schenectady, NY

Source: Wikipedia User Daniel Case | GFDL
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Population Estimate: 133,079
Account Estimate: 22,558
Accounts Per Capita: 0.1695
More on Schenectady: Data | Crime | Cost Of Living

Schenectady is an interesting situation, data wise. It’s a very blue collar place (not wealthy by any stretch), where there are a much higher percentage of women in the city than men.

In any event, you might be surprised to hear that there were more than 20,000 accounts created here. Yes, in a middle-of-nowhere city in Upstate New York.

The divorce rate in Schenectady is higher than 10%, and the unemployment rate is very high at 7.1%. Sometimes, cheating spouses do so because they’re depressed.

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New York, NY

Source: Wikipedia User Dmitry Avdeev | CC BY-SA 3.0
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Population Estimate: 1,220,436
Account Estimate: 184,891
Accounts Per Capita: 0.1515
More on New York: Data | Crime | Cost Of Living

No one is surprised that there were a high number of potential cheaters in New York City. You have a ton of rich, successful men who work and live here.

The percentage of New York City residents that’s married is 39%, which is far lower than the national average. The percent that’s divorced is 8%, which is far higher than the national average.

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Bad things would include the smell. The traffic.

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Albany, NY

Source: Wikipedia User UpstateNYer | CC BY-SA 3.0
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Population Estimate: 108,875
Account Estimate: 14,945
Accounts Per Capita: 0.1373
More on Albany: Data | Crime | Cost Of Living

There were a ton of accounts registered with a Albany address on Ashley Madison. And Albany is far from a wealthy, successful town. Most of the population is very blue collar.

Perhaps it’s just a matter of family values on the east coast.

5. Washington, DC

Washington, DC

Source: Public domain
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Population Estimate: 418,859
Account Estimate: 55,231
Accounts Per Capita: 0.1319
More on Washington:

Is there really a surprise that the nation’s capital has one of the highest numbers of cheating men in the nation? More than 50,000 accounts had Washington, D.C. addresses attributed to them.

The divorce rate for men in D.C. is at about 7%, which isn’t too far above average.

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Arlington, VA

Source: Wikipedia User Mariordo (Mario Roberto Durán Ortiz) | CC BY-SA 3.0
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Population Estimate: 165,826
Account Estimate: 15,550
Accounts Per Capita: 0.0938
More on Arlington: Data | Cost Of Living

Arlington is a very wealthy and privileged suburb of Washington, D.C. where 8% of the population is already divorced, and where it sounds like a lot of the population shouldn’t have been married in the first place.

There were a total of 15,500 Ashley Madison accounts created using an address from Arlington.

Roanoke, VA

Source: Wikipedia User Joe Ravi | CC BY-SA 3.0
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Population Estimate: 133,302
Account Estimate: 11,886
Accounts Per Capita: 0.0892
More on Roanoke: Data | Crime | Cost Of Living

What’s the deal with the number of cheaters in this part of the country? And, on the east coast in general?

Roanoke is a very blue collar town with a staggeringly high 13% divorce rate. And you can bet that number will continue to stay high, as long as husbands are creating Ashley Madison accounts. (Which is still up and running, by the way.)

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Irvine, CA

Source: Public domain
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Population Estimate: 159,661
Account Estimate: 13,977
Accounts Per Capita: 0.0875
More on Irvine: Data | Crime | Cost Of Living

Irvine can make a claim that it’s the king of west coast cheaters. Surprisingly, it’s the only city from California in the top 10. (Pasadena isn’t too far behind).

Irvine is an upper-middle class place in Orange County where people are highly educated, and where homes are far overpriced. The divorce rate is already inching towards 9% here.

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Tempe, AZ

Source: Wikipedia User Nick | CC BY-SA 3.0
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Population Estimate: 114,798
Account Estimate: 9,896
Accounts Per Capita: 0.0862
More on Tempe: Data | Crime | Cost Of Living

Tempe is a major college town in Arizona, so several of the 10,000 or so accounts created from Tempe may have been from obnoxiously nosy frat kids. But still, this middle class town already has a 10% divorce rate as it is.

Perhaps, based on the percent of the population that’s already looking to cheat, it’s a good thing that only 35% of the population is currently married.

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Alpharetta, GA

Source: Public domain
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Population Estimate: 133,696
Account Estimate: 11,357
Accounts Per Capita: 0.0849
More on Alpharetta: Data | Crime | Cost Of Living

Most of the residents of Alpharetta are white, successful, smart, rich working professionals who work in Atlanta.

There are a lot of married people in Alpharetta, and 10% of the population is divorced. There were a total of 11,357 accounts registered with an Alpharetta zip code.

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How We Determined The Cheaters of The United States

Want to know who is attempting to cheat? Go directly to the source of people actively trying to cheat — Ashley Madison users.

We used Saturday Night Science to analyze the Ashley Madison database leak. We counted how many accounts were created in each zip code. We are saying “accounts” and not “people” because it is possible to create dummy accounts assigned to a city or to have multiple accounts. However, we believe the number of accounts to be a solid proxy for the number of people trying to cheat.

We then matched each zip code to its corresponding city. If a zip code falls into more than one city, the accounts registered in that zip code were applied to each city.

Finally, we used an estimate for the population of the zip codes to identify the number of cheaters per capita.

After identifying the number of cheaters per capita in a city, we ranked each place from highest number of cheaters per capita to lowest. The place with the most cheaters per capita “earned” the title of cheating central of America.

We limited the analysis to only cities with greater than 100,000 people.

There You Have It — The Cities In The US Which Had The Most Ashley Madison Accounts

If you’re measuring the locations in the United States where there are a high number of Ashley Madison accounts registered per capita, and we can assume that people registering on the site are exploring the idea to cheat, then this is an accurate list.

The cities with the most Ashley Madison accounts in the United States are Boston, MA, Schenectady, NY, New York, NY, Albany, NY, Washington, DC, Arlington, VA, Roanoke, VA, Irvine, CA, Tempe, AZ, and Alpharetta, GA.

Here’s a look at the cities in America with the fewest accounts per capita according to the data:

  1. Mission
  2. Brownsville
  3. Laredo

Cities In The United States With The Most Ashley Madison Accounts

Rank City Population Estimate Account Estimate Accounts Per Capita
1 Boston, MA 135,047 23,799 0.1762
2 Schenectady, NY 133,079 22,558 0.1695
3 New York, NY 1,220,436 184,891 0.1515
4 Albany, NY 108,875 14,945 0.1373
5 Washington, DC 418,859 55,231 0.1319
6 Arlington, VA 165,826 15,550 0.0938
7 Roanoke, VA 133,302 11,886 0.0892
8 Irvine, CA 159,661 13,977 0.0875
9 Tempe, AZ 114,798 9,896 0.0862
10 Alpharetta, GA 133,696 11,357 0.0849
11 Buffalo, NY 416,797 35,335 0.0848
12 Irving, TX 167,856 13,951 0.0831
13 Ann Arbor, MI 112,137 9,071 0.0809
14 Pasadena, CA 116,540 9,313 0.0799
15 Scottsdale, AZ 224,351 17,779 0.0792
16 Charleston, SC 132,713 10,489 0.079
17 Clarksville, TN 117,454 9,166 0.078
18 Los Angeles, CA 1,591,134 123,092 0.0774
19 Charlotte, NC 610,946 46,750 0.0765
20 Lansing, MI 123,590 9,438 0.0764
21 Oceanside, CA 146,959 11,190 0.0761
22 Madison, WI 212,346 16,004 0.0754
23 Boca Raton, FL 173,183 12,945 0.0747
24 Atlanta, GA 814,885 60,469 0.0742
25 Austin, TX 698,371 51,663 0.074
26 Huntington Beach, CA 158,209 11,648 0.0736
27 Stamford, CT 100,204 7,352 0.0734
28 Worcester, MA 127,725 9,349 0.0732
29 Fairfax, VA 122,544 8,914 0.0727
30 Syracuse, NY 159,036 11,430 0.0719
31 Fayetteville, NC 184,639 13,083 0.0709
32 Springfield, MO 166,029 11,750 0.0708
33 Norfolk, VA 166,051 11,677 0.0703
34 New Orleans, LA 246,191 17,246 0.0701
35 San Diego, CA 959,307 66,947 0.0698
36 Lexington, KY 219,675 15,265 0.0695
37 Tampa, FL 564,553 39,223 0.0695
38 Rancho Cucamonga, CA 129,593 8,982 0.0693
39 Virginia Beach, VA 366,655 25,024 0.0682
40 Carrollton, TX 103,201 6,993 0.0678
41 Nashville, TN 327,225 22,053 0.0674
42 Harrisburg, PA 138,527 9,273 0.0669
43 Greenville, SC 151,122 10,115 0.0669
44 Marietta, GA 246,339 16,451 0.0668
45 Bellevue, WA 115,836 7,708 0.0665
46 Plano, TX 235,179 15,637 0.0665
47 Kansas City, MO 416,171 27,650 0.0664
48 Colorado Springs, CO 413,348 27,354 0.0662
49 Lafayette, LA 113,710 7,492 0.0659
50 Fort Lauderdale, FL 624,412 41,108 0.0658

Cheaters Places By State

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4 thoughts on “The 10 Cities With The Most Ashley Madison Accounts In The United States

  1. I suspect Schenectady’s spot on this list is simply due to it being the home of zip code 12345, a zip listed – I would think – by many who wanted to keep their location secret.

  2. Based on my research, the “user profiles” is not indicative of the amount of users per city. On average, ashleymadison users tended to have more then one profile, with many people having 5 or more.

    By using this number, the rates of cheaters for the cities is considerably off the real value. Also, the data dump included latitude and longitude data for users, however these are based on IP address generation services, and considerably inaccurate.

    This study should have calculated total individuals by their credit card data, and paired them to the profiles to get a much better reflection of the population.

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